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Gisele Bundchen: Workout Woman!

Gisele Bundchen: Workout Woman!

Gisele Bundchen leaves the gym after a workout session on Friday (April 1) in Studio City, Calif.

The 30-year-old Brazilian model has been working hard on her fitness this week. Gisele hit the gym up earlier in the week to keep her body in tip-top shape.

The security guards who shot at two photographers who staked out at Gisele‘s wedding to Tom Brady in 2009 will soon be going to trial for attempted murder.

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  • chik

    when she is in LA it usually means she is also doing some photoshoots.

    Models either constantly falling out of clubs all the time or stuffing their faces and gaining weight; and their fans wonder why they don’t have Gisele’s career. Get it Gisele!

  • HKLlovesGisele

    Bridget,Bar,Aadriana stalkers in 4,3,2,1….

  • Kagan

    I hope Gisele does more movies from now on. I hope she has a cameo in Star Trek 12.

  • mary

    She is shooting for Vogue and a high fashion ad campaign for the fall/winter season.

  • Sweet Justice

    This is how you do it. You don’t have G’s career by sitting on your a**.
    Btw, she’s not sunburned. That’s what people look like after working out.

  • Party One

    Her baby doesn’t look like Tom Brady, but her baby Ben looks like her male friend.

  • Glamourous

    Gisele even makes work out clothes look amazing. I wonder what she’s doing in Cali?

  • Hereafter

    Best model in the world!

  • Glee

    What brand are her glasses? Anyone know?

  • AJJA

    Popsugar has some cute pictures of Tom training. They’re such a sexy couple.

  • bjv

    @ Party One you stupid person Ben look a lot like Tom.
    And her male friend is a gay everyone know that.

    @Glamourous She and Tom live in LA in the offseason

  • Pins and needles

    Blake Lively and Gisele have the nicest legs – long and thin.

  • Sara

    @Glamourous: She shot Vogue Korea,Mexico and Roberto Cavalli campaigns out there last year, at studios by her house. Im sure she is working.

  • Madonna

    @mary: What country is she shooting for? She just did Japan didn’t she?

  • HKL

    Directed at “HKL loves Gisele” — since, for some strange reason, you have chosen to use my name, you can have it. I think you have some disturbing issues trying to pretend to be somebody else. But that’s not my problem. It’s yours and your therapist.

    Going forward, my name is changing. Why would I want someone to listen to your garbage and think it was me saying stuff.

    And for those who think that I have posted under any other name in the past, you are sadly mistaken. Sorry, Gisele lovers make a lot of things up in your head.

  • HKLlovesGisele

    @Party One: Lol I saw Orlando Bllom fangirls saying the same thing about he and Miranda’s son flynn. Some girls are so strange! Ben looks alot like his brother Jack whom looks alot like Tom. stfu weirdo.

  • #

    She reminds me of someone I know

  • @15

    I get the feeling you aren’t a fan. Why bother to be here if you don’t like Gisele’s work?
    Love Gisele and Tom and baby Ben. :)

  • mary

    @Madonna: You never know with Gisele ALL Vogue editions love her. She works for them ALL. :) Also campaigns for Fall 2011 are always shot in the spring so chances could also be she is shooting a campaign too.

  • @16

    It’s funny that you say that. My sister’s daughter looks nothing like her and she looks almost exactly like ME! lol. Genetics are funny that way.
    I think Ben is adorable and a baby’s looks change as he gets older. He does look a lot like Gisele, but that might change.

  • Party One

    Gisele’s male friend Helly Nahmad isn’t gay. He’s been dating with models and he looks like Gisele’s baby Ben, who doesn’t look like Tom Brady at all.

  • HKLlovesGisele

    @HKL: wow how did I know you would already be here, lol.

    @18 she is a Boston Stalker still living in 2006. They obsess about Gisele over there.

  • Madonna

    On the last thread, someone posted all the Vogue covers she’s had. 100 or more it’s said. That’s amazing and way more than any other model.

  • HKL

    @15 Typically, I am on JJ for other reasons, and only make comments when Gisele says something stupid and hypocritical, which is often. But then I noticed in the past couple of articles, “HKL loves gisele” pretending to be me.

    Which, in my opinion, is more than a little odd and freakish. Hence, that brings me back here, because I knew she would continue to use my name. I am calling her/him out on it. It is enough. Onto a new handel, though I haven’t figured out what it will be yet. But, it is probably better off that way, since this person seems like a crazy online stalker.

  • Brazilian Bombshell

    I love when we get a new Gisele post. she’s my workout inspiration. I know that I’ll never look as good as her, but I can try! haha

  • HKLlovesGisele

    @Party One: right. he has curly jet black hair,dark skin and looks more middle eastern. Benjamin has Tom’s skin and hair color,light eyes and is pure white. really Im not even going to waste my time on this, lol.

  • @24

    How about the name Bitter? Oh.. how about Obsessed? Delusional? Vapid? Hag? Slag? Dimwit? If you need more suggestions, I have a few.

  • Pinkgirl

    She is my workout inspiration too! I have been slacking and bikini season is right around the corner, so thanks Gisele!

  • #

    I have a friend who looks like her but shorter. Damn,I must call her!

  • mary

    Yes Gisele has been on more covers than any model and also has more Vogue cover than anyone. She has broken many modeling records that’s why she is iconic.

  • Mr and Mrs Brady
    Gisele gets to have sex with this any time she wants. HOT.

  • Party One

    Lol! Orlando’s son is way too young to see the resemblance to anyone and I don’t care.

    Look at Ben, this baby’s eyes are dark brown and brown hair while Gisele and Tom have both blue eyes. Moynahan’s kid has blue eyes and blond just like Tom Brady’s baby picture. Too obvious.

  • Party One

    Ben Brady has not light eyes. He has dark brown eyes while his parents have blue eyes. Actually, the baby is slightly dark, not pure white. Not blond. Gisele is actually a German white. And Gisele’s male friend has actually very light white skin, although his hair is dark (not curly) , dark brown eyes just like Ben.

  • bjv

    @ patry one helly is gay. We saw him with his boyfriend in NYC
    And Ben look like Tom

    Gisele would never cheat on Tom . They are very much in love

  • bjv

    @ party one ben is a mix from Tom and Gisele

  • steffi

    @ party one

    you are a very very stupid person.
    You hates them so much. Everyone see Ben in Tom

  • wow

    partyone = get off this delusional fantasy you dreamt up in your mind. Quit wishing bad upon them. Karma hits anyone hard when they do that!

  • Party One

    He’d been dating a series of Brazilian models. He is not gay, and YOU saw him? LOL!!!! By the way, he is a cocasian, no curly hair .

  • cece

    @Party One: um I am well aware Miranda and Orlnado’s son is too young to tell; that wasn’t my point. My point was is; that doesn’t stop the delusional fangirls from dreaming up stories in their minds of infidelity and unhappiness etc…

    Gisele has been friend’s with Helly since 2000. She met him through Leo; he is also an acquaintance of Leo’s. She has been seen hanging out with him many times before. Tom even laughed at the stories the press like to make up.

  • bjv

    @Party One and we saw him in NYC in his Gallery. HE IS A GAY. Whats your problem?
    Bem look a lot like Tom .

  • bjv

    @Party One and we saw him in NYC in his Gallery. HE IS A GAY. Whats your problem? The KISS WAS FRIENDLY AND ON THE CHEEK. Tom do that a lot. And kiss is not cheating. You are more stupid than Boston Herald
    Ben look a lot like Tom .
    I have a lot of pics from them



    this person seems like a crazy online stalker

    No, that’s you. Crazy as a shithouse rat.

  • super


    ……..(’(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.•´

  • Fake

    She’s obsessed. In Psych terms her condition is called Exercise Bulimia…

  • lisali

    Gisele looks great as usual.. wish I looked like that after working out!

  • lisali

    In response to all the weird comments about Giseles and Helly, yes,Helly is straight,but Gisele definitely has not cheated with him..he is an art dealer. She & Tom are buying a pretty large amount of art through him for their new home in LA.

  • Meerkat

    Tom has green eyes,Gisele blue,their son brown. Green+Blue eyes very often results in a brown eyed child. The little guy looks like a lovely mix of Tom & Gisele! Peace out…

  • Meerkat
  • Frozoid

    She’s a MAN, baby!!

  • Frozoid

    Why are they never ever in Boston? City not good enough for them?