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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: CinemaCon Awards 2011

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: CinemaCon Awards 2011

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley arrives at the 2011 CinemaCon Awards held at Pure in Caesars Palace on Thursday (March 31) in Las Vegas.

The 23-year-old British model and Transformers actress accepted the award for Female Star of Tomorrow in a black silk crepe and chiffon gown by Kevork Kiledjian.

Rosie recently expressed her thoughts on going from model to actress for Transformers – Dark of the Moon.

“You have to unlearn everything you know as a model. As an actress you have to be unselfconscious and being a great model is being conscious of your body and conscious of what you’re selling,” Rosie said (via Variety). “It’s a double-edged sword, it helps and it doesn’t help.”

FYI: Rosie is wearing the Jimmy Choo “Quiet” platform sandal and carrying the Jimmy Choo “Chandra” clutch.

10+ pictures inside of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at CinemaCon…

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Credit: Ethan Miller; Photos: Getty
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  • HIH

    Nice dress!

  • liz

    the movie has not even come out yet and she got an award? I dunno I was not a huge fan of megan fox but I already prefer her to rosie :/

  • Jime

    needs a necklace

  • Natalie Never

    ‘Star of Tomorrow’ hahahahahaha what a nice joke

  • Carmen

    she looks thrilled.

  • hollywood

    these awards are weird half these people’s careers die after they get award haha…the award didn’t help Brandon Routh…he got replaced in superman

  • scarjofan

    i bet she will be so bad… oh wait i bet the movie will suck! Ha

  • http://J Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Woow!! Rosie look pretty and cute sweet ^_^

  • http://J Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Thankx jared for post ^_^

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    She’s beautiful! ,her face like 12 yrs and fresh :D

  • MangerBouger

    Female star of tomorrow ??!! … yeah right LOL !!!

  • W

    Rosie is so beautiful and down to earth!

  • Amanda

    love the image shes trying to project here. but i prefer the pics of her getting high.

  • karina

    GOOD LUCK to her. she’s gorgeous.

  • Tfan

    can’t wait to watch her in transformers !!

  • Mary

    That she has a big nose and ugly lips already I knew it, but that she has different sizes of eyes, that is new for me.

  • John

    Star of tomorrow???? LMAO

  • Hans

    Holy kleavage Batman!!!

  • Dilma

    Wait, wait, wait a minute, star of tomorrow? What the hell???? Go to the Runway butterface or go to pose in topless like you do a LOT of times, do what you prefer of this two things.

  • obs

    Shes a star already because of all these haters shes got …
    (just like Gisele)

  • Yurena

    HOW IN THE EARTH is this chick a star of tomorrow? She is NOT an actress, I saw her in Chicago in front of me and I swear to God she sucks I mean a lot, I think this is disrespectful for the others real actresses.
    God and I thought Megan Fox sucks, Megan is Julia Roberts next to her.

  • Jean

    her expression in the featured photo is so serene. . .

  • rosiesucks

    OMG what a WANNABE serious actress. i see a panty model blabbering shit about a job she doesn’t know. even her tiny appearence in the trailer was already bad! GO HOME

  • Mary

    When TF3 cames out and everybody see her “acting” the brain of the people are gonna explode for her bad acting and when Tf3 fail I bet Shia Labeouf are gonna say that is her fault that the movie fail

  • George

    Who is she? oh yeah Megan Fox wannabe
    PS: Yurena are you serious? She is too much bad or just too bad?
    What kind of trilogy doesn’t have in the third one the girl who has been in the first two, WHAT KIND???

  • mia

    hmmm…all awards are arranged..just as portman got an award for being a “dance prodigy” in under a year, this model deserve model deserves her own award for whatever…..nipple slip waiting to happen

  • sara

    Everything in this girl is beautiful: face, body, skin, hair, legs, hands. She’s really beautiful, charming and classy. She can be the next Charlize Theron IMO. And I’m not going to judge her as an actress until July 1st.

  • haha

    you know you have arrived when your haters double! hahaha. I remember rosie first being posted about on here and she got like mmm 12 comments max. and now loook! yep she’s a STAR! I just hope she continues to model as well. She is a good model, unlike Bar who I can see why doesn’t get modeling jobs, but Rosie surely can and does!

  • Justice

    Love her bone structure and cheekbones! WOW!! Her nose can take some getting used to but it helps her look unique and not “cookie cutter” which is always refreshing to see in Hollywood.

  • Down

    she kind of has a piggy face

  • Michael

    ALERT ALERT !!! Butterface coming….

  • Not A Fan

    Finally other people noticing her not good looks! Her eyes are crossed in some pics, different sizes. Her nose is very unattractive and that mouth give the lip injections a rest for awhile!!!

  • Butter_Fly

    Well, whether you think she is pretty or not is up to the individual but you gotta admit, she’s got perfect cheekbones!


    I think these types of awards are unecessary and don’t make sense before poeple have had the chance to see how she is acting.

    That’s why i find equally ridiculous the selfrighteous people in here who already hate herJUST for being as bad an actress or even worst that ttrashy megan. Based on what ? Nobody have seen this girl acting, nobody has heard her spouting nonsense and obscenities or being trashy.
    She looks pretty decent to me and the few footages I have seen about her in the backstage of photoshooting paint her as a clown, the girl that makes models, photographers, hair stylists laughing and smiling cause she doesn’t take herself seriously,; hence she is the good buddy and nice gal, her model entourage described as extremely sympathetic, down to earth, smiley, UNdiva like and funny as hell.
    Not To mention her co stars, Tyrese, Shia and Josh have all praise her for being professional and a darling, ‘a real sweet girl’ (from Tyreses own mouth)
    That’s all I have seen from her and about her. And that’s makes her a lot better person than Megan anyday.
    For her acting, T3 will not reveal much but if she does better than Megan it will be a plus and if the movie is better than the previous one, even more.
    One thing for sure, this one will not use obscenities and refuse to sign autograph to a 13years old. She doesn’t strike me as being vain and arrogant a la Megan….And she probably will keep the same face for the coming three years….

  • not a fan

    #34, GET REAL!!! We don’t agree with you, no matter how long your post is!!!



  • not a fan

    #36 Amen to that!!!

  • not a fan

    Actually the only thing , she has going ,is Jason. And he is of course the best thing.

  • Speak Now

    You haters are seriously funny, keep drinking the haterade!

  • not a fan

    #39 Yes, we will continue with a slice of lemon, Thank You so much!!!

  • Jordan

    You guys are so fat and mad. Rosie is gorgeous and natural.


    not a fan @ 04/01/2011 at 11:04 am -3

    #34, GET REAL!!! We don’t agree with you, no matter how long your post is!!!
    Get over yourself, just because you have to write it over and over agaiin that you are not a fan, Won’t make several of us change our mind !
    Wether you agree with me or not won’t change the way I want to write or to give MY opinion !
    Get used to it and stop being arrogant thinking it’s all about YOU, rewriting your haterade like a parot ! It’s not about YOU. Your opinion is still an opinion. Get a clue and get over yourself !

  • Vi

    GREAT POST #34. AGREE WITH YOU a 100%.

  • Peter

    STAR OF WHATTTTTTT??????? Seriously what is happening in this world?

  • not a fan

    #42, Bully for you!!! I have an opinion also and I will state it as often as I like. You feel compelled to write long essays good for you.Please learn how to spell also PARROT. If ANYONE needs to get over themself and get their head out of their anal cavity, it’s you. And I will continue to do as I damn well please thank you!!!!!!And as for that NO TALENT . Whether check your spelling did you go to school or what? Just proves my point loud and clear.. It’s not about me and how ignorant are you? My god the rhw lovers are an ignorant lot. You started it I wasn’t goinbg to act stupid, but to bad.. I sunk to your level.

  • not a fan

    The only thing she’s good at taking her clothes off. It’s really hard to be a GREAT model standing naked. That must have been the way she got the role in the first place casting couch bed or whatever!!!!!!I mis spelled going on last point, At least I realize I did.

  • not a fan

    The only thing she’s good at removing her clothes. I ‘m sure that’s how she got the role in the first place. Casting couch bed or whatever!!! high class she is. I’m sure you have something to say about all her naked pics don’t you???? Must be Art right?

  • Megan

    You sound mad not a fan, get a life and stop hanging out in Rosie posts

  • Sara

    Ewwwwww ugly nose and ugly lips, and WTF, she has different sizes of eyes

  • Luc

    She is NOT an actress nor will ever be. She did casting couch with notorious pig director et voila’ she got a job she’s totally unfitting for. Her face is awful, btw, and she clearly is dumb too. 23 years old with an old bag like JS?
    She probably’s got the typical airhead IQ of models.
    Can’t wait to see her “acting”.
    They will be as remarkable as Boobie Decker’s.
    A zero.