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Kate Gosselin: 'Kate Plus 8' Sneak Peek!

Kate Gosselin: 'Kate Plus 8' Sneak Peek!

Check out this sneak peek of Kate Gosselin and her children in the return of Kate Plus 8.

In the new episode, Kate and the family travel to Australia and New Zealand for their New Year’s vacation.

While in Australia, the family got to feed elephants at the zoo, visit with Bindi and Terri Irwin, and Kate even had the opportunity to swim with sharks!

Kate Plus 8 returns to TLC on Monday, April 4 at 10/9c!

‘Kate Plus 8′ Sneak Peek
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  • Kerri

    Fame seeker. Go look after your kids!!!!!!!

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    ;@ what’s this now

  • Callie

    Why do have so much hate people?
    I give you advice
    Instead of saying mean things, shut up and smile :)
    Or tell your friends sth nice :)
    And see the results

  • Annie

    Kate, when will you get the message – next to no-one in Australia knows who you are except those who really follow celeb gossip and even then they all hate your guts. She thinks that because she got unpopular in the US she can come here and have people really like her. She couldn’t be more wrong. I would say go home but I wouldn’t wish this woman on any country so I’ll just say drop off the planet instead.

  • Lucy

    boycott TLC and hateful Kate. This women needs to go away and stay away. The show isn’t cute anymore – it’s sad and pathetic how she uses those kids and puts them on display for her own gain. Shut her down for the sake of the kids.

  • Janey

    She’s WITH her kids, Kerri. That show provides them opportunities and a lifestyle they wouldn’t have, and it’s no big deal, there are lots of shows out there like Kate Plus 8. They are not set apart in any way, except that for some reason people are crazy jealous of what KATE and her kids get to do, yet for some reason are fine with how the Sister Wives or 19 Kids and Counting or the Kardashians or the Housewives or Tori Spelling or any number of other reality shows film the kids on those shows, yet when Kate does it, it’s WRONG!!!

    It’s a fun show, and it looks like the trip to Australia was great. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. But it’s nice of the haters to comment on the show. It’s what keeps the articles coming. Your comments. :)

  • rhonda

    I thought this bitch was over and gone! She was so embarrassing on Sarah Palins Alaska, I thought for sure they would yank her off TLC. Seems must TLC must be desperate at this point.

  • Mary

    I like the show. I like the kids. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Simple as that.
    Also, I would watch this over “Jersey Shore” any day.

  • susy

    then have a show WITHOUT Kate, it would be so much better. The kids all speak well, I might watch if I didn’t have to look at her.

  • naomi

    @Annie: WTF? you’re so dumb!! She went there to visit, she wasn’t expecting people to know who she!

  • Jan

    I saw when they were at an animal show, THEY were under a covered tent in the stands. The rest of the viewers were sitting in the soon. Kate HAS to have VIP treatment or she has melt downs like she did in Alaska.The kids are cute but I am sick of Kate the Fake.

  • Macchiato

    this bitch is over

  • JMO

    So this crazy woman has a litter of kids, uses them to get her ‘fame’, pretends to be a celebrity because she has a ton of kids,while she totes all those little Jon lookalikes around the world, he has a real job to support her and those kids. Something is very wrong with that picture.

  • Kate

    Kate go get your own job and stop making your kids earn a living for you.

  • Marisa

    I will never watch that awful show. It should be called “KHate Plus 8 and her lover the fake Security Guard.”

  • Marisa

    Those kids are school age they should be in school. She should be working on a job to earn money to support them. Instead those poor kids are on TV trying to earn money to support her.

  • Sandy

    Pay very close attention to Kate’s children. The younger ones have a learning disability; which is why two were expelled from school. They should be getting therapy not spending their time working to feed the whole family. When are these children going to get the help they deserve.

  • Helena

    I think she should have stopped the show thing after the divorce and get a real job. It might not pay as well, but at least she wouldn’t be exploiting her kids anymore.

  • Lucy

    Kate Gosselin has to keep working those kids. How will she pay for all her clothes, shoes, nails, hair, tanning and surgeries? What a joke!

  • NotKate

    Did you see kate in a bikini? Wow-ser, yessir! Although I might recommend that she get a butt implant. I mean, wow-ser. If only she had used some of the money she used for her breast rejuvenation and applied it to the backside…look out world. what man wouldn’t want a package like that? I mean sure, she has eight kids to compliment her despicable and delusional attitude but with a….what was my point again? Oh well. And what exactly is the point of the australian trip? to see the kids play with animals? why couldn’t they do that in PA? there aren’t zoos in PA? Soon, very soon my sweet. You will no longer have paid speaking engagements, a TV show, or endorsements of any sore coming in and then we shall see you in Playboy and subsequently People where the headline will read, “Why can’t a mom have some fun too?”.

  • suzyQ

    Kate should be in Playboy and get it over with, you know she wants to.

  • Kathy K.

    There is no hate for Kate, just concerned individuals who care about her children more than she does. She continues to show complete disregard for her children by having them on TV for much too long. The children exhibit anger, hitting, academic problems, and a few of the 8 have speech difficulties.

    Kate Gosselin’s continual dysfunctional behavior forces those who see child abuse to defend the children and speak out.

  • Jan

    Those 8 kids have TWO HORRIBLE PARENTS. Of the 2, Kate is a better role model than Jon. The only reason Jon is not on TV now is NO ONE WILL HIRE HIS SORRY BUTT. The kids are use to VIP treatment on all these trips and 2 of them could not adjust to being “one of the crowd” in a normal school environment and were expelled. As far as being developmentally delayed, Kate DID have them start pre-K at 5 and K at 6 due to their pre-mature births.

  • MaryBeth

    Kate Gosselin is a one-sided media mess. She distorts the truth and projects false illusions as if the public is stupid enough to believe her mess. Her own life speaks for itself and chronicles the real Kate Gosselin who is insecure, had few friends, alienated family and friends on a regular basis, stalked former boyfriends, had weight management issues, and lived for money. She is just an LVN and not an RN.

    As soon as Kate Gosselin takes the children off the air and stops abusing them, those that disagree with Kate Gosselin will leave her alone to handle her own career in show business (what talent?) but get the children off of TV already!

  • MaryBeth

    Any fan supporters of Kate Gosselin need to look at themselves and their own values. It is completely nonsense that the Kate fans cannot give logical and level headed reasons why Kate Gosselin is great and that child abuse is OK. I could get it when the show first started she and Jon both had some redeeming qualities, but at this child exploitation phase (6 years later), it is a joke and pathetic. Why TLC still has her and the kids on TV is baffling to the mind.

  • frankie

    Why would ANYONE want to watch this self absorbed B– — go on yet another vacation is beyond comprehension. Because she had six kids at one time, why should that warrant her going on Dancing with the Stars, The View etc. It is disgusting to think this woman has gone this far on the backs of her children, exploiting their lives, placing their lives out their in the public eye for ratings fodder just goes to show how sick this woman is and how pathetic our country is to allow this woman to grace the covers of magazines for this. Sick if you ask me. Why is it considered “Reality” tv to watch this entitled family to go on vacation after vacation. Reality my butt, how many families do you know do this. Last but not lhast, there is NOTHING appealing about Kate Gosselin in the least. SHe has no friends, no family and there is a reason for this. She does not deserve the money she got from doing all of this. If you ask me, she sold herself and her kids out to the devil. She is PURE YUCK!!

  • Linda

    @frankie: DITTO!!!!!!! I could have not said it better myself.

  • Annie

    The today show interview was sad. She was saying that she wants the kids to see Jon more but she schedules them to work during his custody time. She did it for New Years and for spring break. She also has a baby sitter stay with the kids when she is out of town instead of having Jon watch them.

  • donna

    why is she on again doesnt tlc know by now that she isnt a role model for anyone and if anyone watch the show is because they feel sorry for those poor kids, maybe you should take her off the show and tell her to be a mom first and quit doing what she is doing to the poor kids because he returning to the show only shows how desparte she is for the money…

  • debintucson

    As all of us we are sick of the Gosselins, Kate has proven herself to be disfunctional,hateful,and a money hungry bitch the more I read about her the more I see how wasteful she is,a trip to New Zeland and Austrailia come on and she complains shes broke my as- your not broke! I in this time I can’t even afford to fly home to Chicago to help my mother that has recently had a stroke hey money is tight I’m awaiting disibility and my hubby bless his sole works his buns off to keep important things like a roof over our heads health insurance food a car ect,and these celebs ooooooh don’t get me started Your kids are no longer cute they are spoiled little whinney brats that need a good spanking like the good ol days when you were naughty mom or dad gave you a licken! You lost Jon the only unpaid guy that would ever put up with your crap and your paid screw Steve that is there cause you pay him more than he’s worth! You are so self centered you don’t care about anyone but your bank book to bad that you don’t help others out of your heart and not because it will make a next episode Get this ridiculouis show off the air it was cute when they were 1 but now it’s sad and abusive and Kate you can’t dance,and you can’t be a faithful wife.and your going to lose those looks so book your playboy centerfold and get on with it maybe ol Hugh Heifner will take you in he likes the psyso types lol get some therepy and pull the show let your kids go and stay with Jon at least he seems to love them and want to care for them that way you and Steve can run away get married have another half dozen kids and put them in front of the camera get where were goin here????

  • http://website JADI

    So if these 8 children were on a regular television series, say like The Brady Bunch, no one would have issue with them being on tv? But because if an effort to afford ALL of her children and give them a good life and by the nudging from the executives of TLC and the offer of MONEY (you know that green stuff you cant eat but cant eat without) this woman is scowled at and made out to be a money hungry attention grabbing uncaring mother? She may not be your bestest friend but she is doing what she can to keep her family going. Especially in the economy we all struggle to keep our heads above water in these days you are going to fault a mother of 8 for making sure her children eat? How else is she going to feed and provide everyday essentials for 8 children? I was a single mother of 1 and struggled for years to pay rent and provide for just the 2 of us. So go ahead and judge……she knows her heart……and does not answer to you. And although I may not always agree with her daily decisions (which she certainly has her hands full of) I commend her for assuring her ability to provide for her family.

  • Shelly

    I just watched 5 min. Of kate +8. She was a bi#$@ to her daughter and to camera crew. I had to turn it off. If she was a nice person, mother, friend, wife she might still have a show. Keep up the same attitude kate and your kids will hate you. Kind of like your relationship with your own parents. I would have left you long ago.

  • Shelly

    I just watched 5 min. Of kate +8. She was a bi#$@ to her daughter and to camera crew. I had to turn it off. If she was a nice person, mother, friend, wife she might still have a show. Keep up the same attitude kate and your kids will hate you. Kind of like your relationship with your own parents. I would have left you long ago.

  • Nancy

    The other day she was on Dr. Drew and she says “My kids still miss going on the ‘Hairpane”!She admits they still talk like toddlers and thinks it is cute. I find it disturbing that she thinks it is normal for nearly EIGHT year olds to stil be saying “hairpane”! That disturbs me.