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Lily Collins: 'Snow White' Lead!

Lily Collins: 'Snow White' Lead!

Lily Collins is set to star as Snow White in The Brothers Grimm: Snow White, can confirm.

The 22-year-old actress, and daughter of rocker Phil Collins, “is said to have blown away Relativity [Media] execs with her audition,” THR reports.

“Yes! I just got cast today!” Lily told

Armie Hammer is set to play the Prince, while Julia Roberts will take on the role of the Queen.

Lily previously played Sandra Bullock‘s daughter in 2009′s The Blind Side.

FYI: Kristen Stewart will reportedly be playing same title character in a different movie, Snow White and the Huntsman.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lily Collins playing Snow White?

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  • Lilly

    Lilly collins is Ridiculously beautiful. Im sure with the pale make up and black hair she will be stunning. Julia Roberts however…… she isn’t sleek enough.

  • krystel

    this girl is hoarding roles :) she’s that awesome

  • Celia

    Good. Sounds like a Snow White movie that I may actually watch.


    THANK GOD Kristen Stewart is not snow white!!! There was a rumor for a while she was cast and she would have tainted everything pure and beautiful about the character! SO again, THANK GOD that Lilly Collins was cast! She is so beautiful, talented, and perfect for the roll!!

  • Cheery

    Had no idea she existed before this, but I like her look; very pretty! Hope this movie will be good :)

  • sue

    SO glad it’s not stupid kirsten stewart!!!

  • anirak

    I though Kristen Stewart was playing snow white? Or is that another movie?

  • Cheery

    Another thing, just googled her and she looks a LOT like Emma Roberts in several pictures. I bet she even auditioned and Julia probably pushed hard to get her niece cast, glad they went with this girl though.

  • reba

    Nepotism at its best – gotta love it!

  • Shy

    People – can you read? Kristen Stewart will play in Snow White in another movie. There will be two movies about Snow White coming out next year.

  • kikay

    good ,she got cast,theyll be no competition for kstew!

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^______^cute


  • Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    In this movie more girls playing snow white??

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • Jonesy

    A tan girl cast to play a girl who’s meant to be pale….. of course

  • rebecca

    would rather have had Saoirse Ronan playing Snow White…I think she would be better…
    However lilly i say will be good :)

  • justjulia

    There are two Snow White films. One is called The Brothers Grimm: Snow White with Collins as Snow White and Julia Roberts (I suspect) as wicked queen but more importantly it has Tarsem as the director!!!!!

    The other is called Snow White and the Huntsmen with Kristen Stewt and Charl. Theron. in the same roles as above. The title sounds like a porn flick lol!

  • samanthar

    what about soirse ronan

  • V

    FYI: Kristen Stewart will reportedly be playing same title character in a different movie, Snow White and the Huntsman.

  • JJ

    How is no one mentioning the ironic fact that Lilly Collins is dating Taylor Lautner?

  • Coli

    Anyone is better than Kristen

  • krystel

    actually. kstew will be playing grumpy. LOL

  • Bombi
  • Emma

    Lily is becoming one GREAT actress. LILY S FABULOUS

  • Emma


  • Dee

    I’ll be seeing this Snow White. The one with Kristen Stewart can just fade, like her career will after Breaking Dawn.

  • Lisa

    Good for Lily. she is a good actress

  • Lisa

    Lily new film PRIEST will be release on May 13, can’t wait

  • niagirl

    Can anyone say awkward. I wonder what is being said on the BD set since Lily is Taylor’s girlfriend. I am looking forward to both. Lily seems less timid than Kristen,but Kristen is more experienced. I’ll give both a chance.

  • Drew

    meh. Remakes, remakes, remakes…

  • pup

    She is stunning! Her version of Snow White will blow the one with stewart out of the water.

  • Lilly

    They are obviously focusing on the queen and the prince in this version of Snow White, because Lily is not a box office draw nor is she a critic favorite, which Kristen is both! If you are showing up because of the name ‘Snow White’ in the title, you are mistaken! Julia Roberts will just make the movie all about herself, and the producers will fall for it because she is the highest billed and the box office draw, mark my words!

  • boston61


  • People

    Why do people still want to watch a Snow White that needs saving from a prince because she couldn’t fight her own fight? We’re living in the 21st century already. Why do they want the princesses to be submissive and pleasing? This is not the 1950′s where it was okay for girls to need saving. Don’t you want to watch a Snow White who can fight her own battles, train to fight, and plot to take back the crown from the evil queen? With the help of the seven dwarfs, not so much wait for them to come to her rescue? Evidently this Snow White will be about the damsel in distress and make the female gender look bad. Look at Lily Collins, she looks as harmless as a doe. No wonder she was cast.

  • Lisa

    @Lilly: You TWIT, Lily is fast becoming a box office draw. and she is a better actress then Kristen her last movie was a BIG DUD. IT WAS CALL THE RUNNAWAYS NOW THAT WAS A BIG BOMB

  • Nora

    I always thought Snow White looked a bit Asian. Pale skin as white as snow, jet black hair, red lips. Sounds a lot like they ideal Asian beauty. Like a geisha. How many Caucasians are there with that color combination, and how many Asian people are there with that combination? At least Kristen has the short black hair and pale skin. Lily Collins look like another typical California white girl. Let’s hope they make this Snow White have jet black hair and pale skin, not that brown hair nonsense like they did with Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter. He was always described as sporting jet black and messy hair with bright green eyes. EVERY. SINGLE. BOOK.

  • Lily

    No, you fat Twit, Lily Collins is definitely NOT a better actress than Kristen. Don’t be delusional. You may have a vendetta against Kristen, but trust me, Kristen won a BAFTA for her acting career, after she’s already done Twilight and New Moon (let’s not get into the Twilight folks voting obsessively for her, she was nominated by the Bafta committee as one out of the five top young actors in 2010). If we are going to measure their worth in the eyes of Hollywood, Kristen is getting 50 millions in total for her work in the Twilight Saga, and she is the top billed in the Snow White with Universal, AND she is going to be paid more to act in Snow White than Lily Collin, who is just another actress who wishes that she got picked for the role. Kristen was begged by the producers (who also was behind the billion dollar Alice in Wonderland) to take the role and only accepted after hearing Viggo Mortensen was in talks to take on the role of the Huntsmen.

  • anybody?anybody?

    I, like a lot of you, was a little disappointed because I thought KS had won the role of Snow White. but then I got it all straight that there will be TWO films about Snow White (btw, why the sudden interest in the same remake??). I’m actually glad I’ll have the option of seeing Lily Collins as Snow, mostly because I think KS is a horrible actress. all of the roles she plays seem to me to be the same, but that’s my opinion. I think Lily will look GORGEOUS, with her hair and eyebrows and the pale skin… can’t wait! but can you imagine Roberts as an evil queen?? I think if Theron were in this movie and Roberts with KS it would be better lol. But either way, we’ll see who makes the better Snow, won’t we? besides, can you imagine KS as a bright, loving princess??? laughable!!

  • Seee

    Snow White and the Huntsmen is a modern remake where the princess won’t be bright and loving. Alice in Wonderland with Mia was very dark and foreboding. As long as she looks the part, the costumes are similar like Alice in her blue gown (the same costume designer from Alice in Wonderland will design the costumes for Kristen’s Snow White- didn’t she win an Oscar for best costume design at this year’s Oscars?), she will be believable as Snow White. We don’t need to transplant her personality into the role. That would be tedious and boring. Kristen is growing up and becoming more of a women now. We will get a glimpse of that in Breaking Dawn when she becomes a wife and mother. She is very suitable for the role I imagine. A Snow White that is headlined by an actress who is the true star, not Johnny Depp in a movie about Alice, or Julia Roberts in a movie about Snow White.

  • aquarius64

    Lily Collins is primarily in the news because she is Taylor Lautner’s current girlfriend. The paps weren’t checking for her before she got with him. The fact that she is Phil Collins’ daughter is on occassion brought up. This story is being run all over the place because over the past six months or so all you heard about her is that she was hanging out on the Breaking Dawn set so much you’d think she’s a member of the cast. I’m glad her PR team is pushing this; get known for WHAT you do not so much WHO you do.

    Now the movie. There’s THREE Snow Whites coming out. I saw Red Riding Hood (total bomb) and I hope these studios are not counting on Twilight-like lightening to strike twice (or three times) to make box office gold. The public may get burned out from this. I’m not sure this is a particularly smart career move.

  • Lisa


  • BeeGee

    Lisa, you should start a Lily Collins fan club, although I don’t know who else would stan for that girl besides you and her mama. You need to get your head out of the clouds and your neck out of her @ss.
    The Runaways was an indie film, rated R, and targeted a very small section of the population. Indie films are never meant to be box office success. They are made for the craft and the story telling. If it is a box office success, then that’s a bonus. Studios tend to make tent pole films so that they can invest in smaller films that needs to have its story told, even if it doesn’t appeal to the wider audience.

  • C

    @Nora: Are you serious? Snow White looks Asian? Are we talking about the same Snow white who has ROUND eyes, Black WAVY hair, pale white ROSY skin.
    Asians have slanted eyes, Black bone straight hair, and yellow tinted skin which is not pale white, sorry, but Snow White is nowhere near Asian and looks 100% Caucasian which she is. The only person who should play her is someone who looks White and I am saying this as a non White person.

  • B

    Armie Hammer is 6’5, Lily Collins is 5’5 and looks about 16. Might be a bit strange…Ah well I’ll watch it for Armie Hammer.

  • aquarius64

    This Snow White is scheduled to open on 6/29/12, and I just found out it’s the same day STAR TREK XII (Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana) opens! Don’t these studios check for potential competition before they chose a release date? Even with a bad script and acting Star Trek will trounce this movie at the box office because its long- term and broad fan base. Now this Snow White is going to have to fight for a respectable (better yet close) 2nd place finish. Choose another release date.

  • JoeBlow

    To words fr the role of queen: Helen Mirren

  • anybody?anybody?

    @BeeGee: don’t be be bitter, it’s not becoming. i don’t think you’re in any position to belittle anyone’s opinion. i happen to agree that Lily might have potential and that she makes a whole lot more sense for this kind of role than KS, who i happen to think is a crap actress as well. little advice: if you don’t like Lily then don’t read her posts and don’t watch her movies. but some people do like her, since she’s starting to get roles and fans. KS just happens to appeal to you more, all the power to her. but she’s not going to be great for every role, no actor is.

  • anybody?anybody?

    @Seee: i agree that an actor’s personality SHOULDN’T be transplanted into their roles, but that’s my point: KS is always KS, not the role. or maybe she just always gets the same type of roles, moody and dark. i dunno. but whatever, if that’s the direction the film is taking, then maybe she’s a good for that part. but I personally don’t think of Snow as pouty and hormonal, like I said, my opinion. I’ll just have to watch both versions then lol

  • Amanda

    @aquarius64 Maybe they figured that the audience that wants to see Star Trek is not the same audience that wants to see Snow White.

  • Alexandra

    @Sligo lambert ^______^cute: You don’t even know the meaning of the word, you illiterate waste of space.