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Angelina Jolie: New United Nations Mission?

Angelina Jolie: New United Nations Mission?

A solo Angelina Jolie is escorted through a security checkpoint as she catches a departing flight out of LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (April 3).

The 35-year-old humanitarian and actress reportedly caught a flight to the Middle East for another United Nations mission. Angie has been a dedicated ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), a UN agency that currently assists 20 million refugees in approximately 120 countries.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie on another trip for the UN…

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angelina jolie united nations 01
angelina jolie united nations 02
angelina jolie united nations 03
angelina jolie united nations 04
angelina jolie united nations 05
angelina jolie united nations 06
angelina jolie united nations 07
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angelina jolie united nations 09
angelina jolie united nations 10
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Credit: GVK/Scott A; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Flynetonline
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  • busted

    I hate that they are reporting it.. Usually we know where she went after she returns..

    Travel safe Angie..


    JOLIE indeed.
    this woman is amazingly gorgeous. brad is the luckiest man ever!!!
    proud 2 be a fan of her’s.

  • interested

    poor children, never have the two parents together ;(

  • busted

    Looking at the pics.. I’m not sure about the UN thing. she has her laptop and she usually has a backpack..

    but we will see..

  • interested

    The bodyguard is hot

  • CanadaGirl

    Flawless – as usual.
    I don’t see how Angie finds time to take care of her own kids and help highlight the needs of those in impoverished countries. That shows true strength of character, and stamina.
    I admire her more and more.

  • Lara

    God bless Angie and keep her safe while she travels to highlight the suffering of others. She is a one-off, bravo to her!

  • angel aka lurker

    beautifu lwoman with a big heart God bless her and her family

  • yaya

    beautiful glowing skin, gorgeous woman. Angie don’t listen to the fools who like to fake-bake and slather that orange s.hit on their bodies that makes them look like oompa loompas. Keep protecting your gorgeous skin, you’ll look younger much longer.

  • Pri

    The bodyguard has Angelina jolie eyes…kkkk….HOT, HOT

  • AJJA

    Wouldn’t you love to be her for one day just to see what it’s like to be that beautiful, talented and adored? *sigh envy*

  • angel aka lurker

    angie is glowing

  • Click

    Some of those photos are TOO close. What do these paps think they’re doing? Don’t they know that they’re in the presence of Hollywood royalty? Give the woman more space.

  • She is going to Middle East

    Angelina Jolie was dropped off at LAX on Sunday afternoon to catch a flight to the Middle East, and after her recent trip to Afghanistan, the Oscar winner is set to do more humanitarian work as part of her involvement with the United Nations. Jolie was named a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador in August of 2001, and she’s taken the job very seriously over the past decade.

    This latest departure comes just days after the actress went on a quickie romantic getaway with partner Brad Pitt at the Amangiri resort in Lake Powell, Utah, so she’s definitely been spending a lot of time up in the air!


  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Angelina Always Loyal ,Dedicated & Humane 2 her fellow Brothers& Sisters in Need. & Goes wherever shes Needed Most.She Never 4gets.
    On Another Note, she looks AMAZING Her Skin is Gorgeous.
    You Go Angelina& we Fans thanku 4 Caring 4 People In Need& less Fortunate..
    Hi Lara, Muaah..Bbs.Hi Angel.Neleh.

  • new day

    Love her. Bless her and keep her safe.

  • Goopy

    What a wonderful, wonderful young woman!!! I bet she took just enough time to get Brad loved up for a couple of days.

    Blessings Angelina!

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Oh – Um Soooo EXCITED 2 SEE Angelina..booo yaaah..
    We Just ADORE her..Sooo Beautiful physically & spirit-she Inspires..

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Amazing woman.

  • Lara

    Hey Neleh, muah back and ((hugs)). You take care lady, and I agree Angie truly is an inspiring, loving and dedicated woman. God bless her and Brad and their children.

  • anustin

    May the angels be with you,anjie.


    If it’s in middle east, i only see Afghanistan.
    With the recent killings of her colleagues, it reminds me of the Irak war when they blew up the UN compound where a boss Sergio De Mello de Viera was in.
    I hate when any factions, be it, rebels, national army takes the UN in hostage, an organisation that is there to take care of the most vulnerable of their people and kill its employees !
    For what purpose ? For nothing. It’s not even politically symbolic since the UN is APOLITICAL
    Now they have killed some courageous men and women working at lessening the suffering of refugees because an idiot in the US burnt the Koran and advertise it like a politica gesture !

  • suzyQ

    The UN is stocked full of communist and dictators. I would be embarrassed to be so stupid to do missions for the UN. There is a name for people like Jolie in politicis, its called a usefull TOOL.

  • African Girl

    I agree with you busted.
    I’m hoping they got the info wrong. . .either way, wishing her a safe trip

  • Meg

    if you enlarge the photo you will see that her shirt it is very transparent, You can almost see the black bra

  • interested



  • Richard P

    I Love her

  • running again

    wow, she over did those lips this time. She looks almost zombielike and upset. Didn’t waste anytime I see getting the hell out of doge and ditching her kids again.

  • Marie Bachicha

    she does not do humanitarian work…she just “reports” on what we already know…

  • anustin

    abandoned?look at Maniston,lots of ‘peen abandoned her azz!!!!! ejit!

  • justabitch

    AJ seems done with Pitt, moving on, wants people to see her as single, humanitarian. She did not look happy in photo op for N.O. a couple weeks ago. She looks to have had plastic surgery also, probably for Cleopatra movie.

  • Jen

    The Angels of God watch over you beautiful Angelina. Taking you safely to your destination, keeping you safe while there, and returning you safely to your loving family.
    Warm greetings to you Neleh. And thank you for your greeting.

  • publicity

    There are no photos of romantic getaway

  • justabitch


    You mean Pitt’s little thing? haha

  • A fan

    I hate they report her UN trip before her return. Safe trip Angie.

  • Jones

    This woman is amazing, gorgeous, smart, sexy, talented, sophisticated, articulate, has a loving partner and family and knows what’s important in life. No one even comes close. Go Angie!

  • busted


    This thread you have picked the perfect name for yourself.


    Brad took the kids to see HOP today. So there you go..


    TO UNEDUCATED justabitch:

  • publicity

    The bodyguard is her new lover ?

  • bdj

    Jen two hens are too funny. Baby Jane(alias Whiny Jen) is hiding out until the swelling goes down from over botox science experiment on her face. Mama Angie is beautiful. Many blessings on her trip.

  • Jess

    Angelina is an amazing woman. This is why Brad loves her so much.

  • bdj

    Or one pitiful hen spamming on Just Jared and JJB. Go post some old pixs hen and feel better.

  • http://deleted LAURA

    TO DIRTY publicity :

  • justabitch


    hahahaha, you are soooo stupid. I don’t think Angelina would want your depraved ass as a fan, so go ahead and spew your hate. You are the one fat and fug and probably have six kids yourself, but unlike your idol, you cannot afford them and are most likely on welfare.

  • angel aka lurker

    yea that is why they spend a weekend having hot sex,you trolls need urgent help

  • Hannah

    Brad has finished his film. He takes care of kids so Angie can go on her UN work. They support each other in everything. I am in awe of them.

  • gracie

    Amazing Angie, she has a heart of gold and never lets those in need down. You go Angie, the Angels are watching over you and God will bring you back home to your family safely.

  • angel aka lurker

    looking for nexts week tabloid cover sorry idiot try something else
    nice to see trolls having a meltdown,may i say one or two trolls changing names and spamming the thread

  • busted

    Wow there are some seriously screwed up people out tonight

    and to think they probably have families, friends, jobs.. I would love for the people they know to see the filthy hate they spew behind the computer.

    I’m sure some of this things are woman with children or maybe one day will be a parent. They could have nieces and nephews and such. Can you imagine.. they are closeted and use the internet to spew vial disgusting things. Well what you do in the dark will come to light one day.

    YOU should be ashamed.. but to feel that you have to be human. and you nuts are below the lowest of human scum..

  • jmho

    X-17 says she is going to the Middle East. Pop-Sugar says she is arriving in LA from NOLA. These idiots are just guessing and really don’t know anything. I think she is heading to Bosnia to show her movie to a select few of the actors in her movie. She no doubt has the file on her laptop. She does not need to go to the middle east on a UNHCR mission right now, she usually goes to bring attention to forgotten places, and the middle east is getting more than enough attention at the moment.