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Elisabetta Canalis: Lunch with a Friend!

Elisabetta Canalis: Lunch with a Friend!

Elisabetta Canalis steps out on Saturday (April 2) for lunch with a friend in Milan, Italy.

The 32-year-old model and actress had lunch at Nobu with friend Alessia Marcuzzi, who had spent the afternoon shopping with a pal.

Elisabetta‘s boyfriend, George Clooney, has been spending time across the midwest as he acts in and directs The Ides of March with Ryan Gosling, Evan Rachel Wood, and Marisa Tomei.

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Dirty body go go

  • Karih

    In Italian press, it was announced this week end that George Clooney and Elisabetta have split… but, well, it’s Italian press :)
    I don’t think she looks good, she quite looks skinny and masculine.

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    In fact her Friend don’t wants nasty bad girl like her

  • giulia

    She looks too skinny for her frame

  • http://A Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute


  • http://A Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    I dont want see

  • laverdadduele

    Once he dumps her, which will happen soon, she will disappear into oblivion. I’m so looking forward to it.

  • Gossippando

    Alessia Marcuzzi is host of Italian Big Brother :)

  • MilliePehnus

    shes hot but annoying famewh*re

  • HazyDaze

    Yikes! She has man hands and a Stephen Tyler mouth. She can be pretty when she is all fluffed up but but in these photos she looks mannish.

    There are always break up rumors that never prove to be true. They are probably just fine.

  • ugly jeans

    Those have got to be the ugliest jeans I’ve ever seen. Rear pockets on the backs of the thighs????? LMFAO!

  • Boston

    At what point in her relationship w/ Clooney did she become model/actress?

  • Mikado

    Wasn’t Clooney her -ex yet? Or she his?

  • Anonymous

    February 9, 2011
    Sources close to George Clooney announced today that back in early December, he ended a publicity agreement he had with Elisabetta Canalis. The agreement had lasted for nearly a year and a half, with the two having attended numerous events together during that time.
    A friend of the actor said that the end of Clooney’s agreement with Canalis had been coming for a long time, and that ultimately, it was Canalis’s dishonesty that pushed things well past the breaking point. “George is basically an honest person. When he entered into this agreement with Canalis, he saw it only as a publicity tool. He never planned to talk about the relationship, since in reality there never was a relationship other than in a business sense. Canalis took things to a level George never expected, talking about the relationship in interviews as if it were real. Her lies gradually escalated to the point of even lying about George’s beloved father. George never anticipated or intended for anyone to be hurt due to his publicity arrangement with Canalis, but he now realizes that people he cares about were hurt. George feels terrible that his friends and loved ones have been affected by what was supposed to be a simple arrangement of making public appearances together.”

  • mary

    so, George has broken up with her?

  • Anonymous

    @mary: They were never a couple. They had a business agreement which ended.

  • Notaweirdo

    Anonymous is Silverscreen….she’s been posting that all over the place for a couple of months…she made it up herself…..

  • marys

    What do you mean with: It’s italian press??
    US or UK press about gossip are even worse for sure

  • Scarlett

    Here’s a chronology of the latest events, if you have time to read:

    There have been split rumors for at least a couple of weeks now.
    Nothing in Italy, mostly in the Dutch and German press.
    The reason: he wants kids with her and she doesn’t. So ridicolous!!
    In Italy there are other rumors, i.e. that she’s pregnant and that Clooney himself
    has made an official declaration in the US stating that they decided to give the news themselves before rumors spread and that they are supersuper happy (here’s one of the links (
    Probably posted by Canalis’s herself or her staff.

    Listen here!
    The two haven’t seen each other since the Christmas vacations.
    They didn’t attend the Golden Globes in January as a start. Then she was in Italy making a fool of herself at San Remo Festival. That over, she went back as fast as seh could to the US and the Italian press said „of course, she has to attend the Oscars with Clooney“, but they didn’t show up at the Oscars. He was in Kentucky, Ohio etc. shooting his movie and she supposedly joined him for a few days, visiting his birth town and the Rosemary Clooney Foundation. It seems there are a couple of (blurred) photos of this event, but nobody seems to have seen them. Very strange. Then she appeared in Cabo, alone. In those days a French magazine published an article stating that their relationship is fake and they are under contract (they spoke of a Californian law firm). After that she lay low and that was when the news came that she and Clooney have been named as witnesses for the defense in Berlusconi’s trial (Italy’s shameful, horrible, embarassing PM).

    Note that Canalis is a supporter of B’s political party (PdL), is a fervent admirer of B. as a man, works for B’s media empire and has publicly critized the womens’ demonstation which took place in Italy back in Febr. against B.
    Now she and Clooney are said to have taken part in B’s sex parties.
    And now she reappears in Milan…. And no trace of Clooney.

  • Toni


    Thanks for the great post, Scarlett!
    It’s long, but worth reading. Such news….

    Should she really be pregnant, Clooney doesn’t seem to be a very careful would-be-father…..

  • Lucy

    This Italian gossip website (link below) stated they were engaged, but then they wrote a comment that it was a prank for April fools’ day… Bu they have not denied the pregnancy gossip that was also reported on April fools’ day…

  • Bald IQ

    I’ll tell you why nobody denies pregnancy’ rumors, because with her IQ it is not hard at all to pass a pregnancy test!

  • Dr Sechaud

    Very lucky girl not to bellisima bu no ever discouraged purpose
    Loan has everything to make a success Trays without bikni
    In pink swimear with Apples….
    Plastic surgery not bad made !
    Injections of the botox in the reduction in the corners of the mouth
    The release of nostrils in the smile the side wrinkles of the nose
    for of the volume NYMPHOLASTIE
    Increase mammary

  • Berkley

    They have contract for 2 years. George on his part tries to avoid her every way possible, but then she hits a foul shot: he bought her a house, gave the ring, she’s pregnant, photoshop…. Behind Elisabetta there is special advertising company, up to Berlusconi, therefore no one gives George a possibility to end this contract. He skillfully managed to avoid appearing with her at Golden Globes, Oscars, and it will be interesting how he will able to do this at his anniversary.

  • max

    voi siete tutte delle racchie invidiose della bellissima e magnifica elisabetta. lei è una bravissima ragazza e non farebbe mai le schifezze che voi dite, per soldi. lei è innamoratissima di george e lui si deve ritenere fortunato ad avere trovato una ragazza così, con sani principi e attaccata alla famiglia. bye-bye INVIDIOSE

  • famigia don VITO

    Eè molto bello parole parole parole …!

    but w e have not seen some things
    not very Catholic for “con sani principi e attaccata alla famiglia…
    sorry this familia is of Berluconi?

  • Anonymous

    @Scarlett: Nice synopsis. Thanks.

  • Dog’s Whipcord

    STOP!!!!!! ………. Sorry Brutta………… BELLA Stevie……………
    If you want to learn English and improve your diction, starts from précipiter les mots
    “Carl pilfered from Clara clarinet
    And Clara pilfered from Carl minette”

  • Scarlett


    The umpteenth annoying and irritating post by one of Canalis’s morons!
    Their only argument is: we are “racchie” (an offensive and insulting word for “ugly”) and envious of the wonderful, beautiful, talented, intelligent Elisabetta! She would do nothing for money, she’s so in love with Clooney and bla bla….
    What a BORE!!!! Haven’t you got anything a bit more intelligent to say!??! Talented…. great performance in Leverage and San Remo, just to name an example.
    Not worth wasting time replying to you, poor morons!
    Go and hide yourself/ves!!!!

  • Whatever U Like
  • josh78

    @max: e tu sei attaccato alla stupida..ciao ciao !!

  • Stefano82


    Ridicolo difendere una cosi! Se ti vedesse ad un angolo di strada, affamato e assetato, ti darebbe solo un calcio e tirerebbe dritto.
    A meno che tu non sia un calciatore che guadagna miliardi.

  • maribell

    You just have to look at her in the face to understand what kind of a person she is: contemptous look, full of herself.

    By the way, from her gaunt face who would say she’s only 32??

  • Redboot

    Russian Mafia… Ocean’s 15… vigilante justice over Berlusconi

  • monique

    she’s really ugly and very masculine with her emaciated square face!
    she reallly looks like a anorexic toxic!
    I can’t believe Clooney loves a similar!!!
    when she began a actress and model???? she ‘s only a ex-velina for Berlusconi’s tv working into Milano’s night club (Hollywood and the Club)!!!
    she claims her name in a drug and ho0ker investigation sice 2008!

  • Пирожков aka George
  • Пирожков Paй 1
  • Dog’s Whipcord
  • Пирожков Paй 1

    Domage !
    I wanted to see Canalis with them …

  • Purefreak

    @Пирожков Paй 1: Oh Yeah! It would be such a success!
    and they could teach her some things….
    Freaking è una pura arte!

  • Sara

    If you go thru her “dating resumè” you’ll find out that she was (almost) always dumped by her partners. In the end they all want to get rid of her. She mustn’tr be so wonderful after all.

    She has lost weight in the last couple of years, beforehand she looked better, at least more healthy. With those tatooed arms and gaunt face she really looks masculine, no one could deny it. She sure looks older than 32.

  • April

    Strange, and nobody (no US, Italian or European press) seems to realize it. Clooney and Canalis haven’t seen each other since the Christmas vacation. Not normal for a couple, isn’t it?
    Clooney is busy shooting his movie. So what!?
    When he was busy shooting other movies (The American in Italy, The Descendants in Hawaii, etc.) she was stuck at his side the whole time.
    An now????

  • Eva


    Common sense teaches us that good, simple, down-to-earth girls, who wouldn’t do things
    for money and fame, don’t pose with no clothes on since a young age or appear in questionable movies playing the role of nuns (again) with no clothes on.
    They don’t have an endless string of flings or shallow relationships exclusively with rich/famous soccer players.
    Good girls’ reputation is spotless and their name doesn’t show up in drugs and pro.stitu.tion scandals.
    They are not named as defense witnesses in a shameful s.e.x trial to defend de.sgu.sting, horrible men.
    Good, intelligent girls have some degree of self-criticism and can recognize their limits, e.g. they wouldn’t state they speak perfect English just to make a fool of themselves the moment they have to prove it.
    Good girls are a bit less arrogant and full of themselves than Miss Canalis.

  • Ivy


    Right! They haven’t seen each other for ages and nobody talks about it! Apart European press: they say they split back in January. No word of this in Italy, though, where they want to believe the fairy tale of the two of them being in love and happy.
    How long has George been shooting his movie?
    His parents visited him on the set, his sister, friends, acquaintances, but no Canalis. Is it possible? She was never seen on the set of the Ides of March and he’s been shooting since the end of January or start of Febraury, she was hanging around in L.A. doing nothing. She’s now in Italy because the she has been officially summoned by the Italian judicial authorities to appear in court as a defense witness in Berlusconi’s trial. She was subpoenaed also in February before she left for the US and last year, too (co.caine and pro.stitu.tion scandal). She’s well known by Italian law authorities.

  • Anonymous

    @April: She actually was not stuck at his side even when he shot the other movies. She flew in to Hawaii for just a few days and did photo ops at about three locations. They gave the usual photographer access to the Descendants set for the photo ops on the set. In Italy when he was filming The American, it was the same. Canalis was only on set for a couple of photo ops. The ONLY time they’ve ever been around each other is for photo ops. Think about how many times we’ve seen weird staged photos with one or both of them looking directly into the camera and posing. Add to that all the photoshopped pics, and all the stupid publicity stunts Canalis has pulled with fake rings, photoshopped pics, and ridiculous press releases. It’s more than obvious that this was a publicity agreement. George actually can’t the skank, and he ended the agreement in December, which was the last time he let her near him.

  • monique

    Can’t GC say to media that he has broke with the skan.kie cokewo.hre???

  • Anonymous

    LOL! She flew straight to L.A. from Italy right after Sanremo, when George was in Cincinnati. Read this on another site:
    Regarding her final trip to L.A., I heard that she even requested George’s favorite limo driver to pick her up at LAX for her final photo op in the pathetic hopes that anyone remotely connected to George would help her get some publicity. The poor driver then hauled her and all the empty suitcases she brought with her to her apartment so she could pack up and go back to Italy.

  • Scarlett

    Didn’t know this…. Pathetic….
    She went back to the US so in a hurry that in Italy people expected
    to see her on the Oscars red carpet with “her George” a few days later. But, same as for the Golden Globes, no sign of them.

    After L.A. she didn’t go back to Italy immediately, though.
    She appeared in Cabo where she stayed at a resort and NOT at Clooney’s house or in the wonderful seashore luxury mansion that Clooney had, according the Italian press, bought for her.
    Besides that, in L.A. she has always rented an apartment, she never stayed at Clooney’s place. Press releases on their “love nest”, where they spent time together “cuddling” and bla bla…. ALL bulls…!!
    She never visited him in Kentucky (his birthplace) at the end of February, there was a lot of talking going on, but no evidence whatsoever. FAKE. PATHETIC