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George Clooney & Ryan Gosling: Campaign Posters on Set!

George Clooney & Ryan Gosling: Campaign Posters on Set!

George Clooney and Ryan Gosling work on their new movie, The Ides of March, on Monday (April 4) in Detroit, Mich.

The duo shot scenes in front of George‘s character’s campaign headquarters. Campaign posters with George‘s face and the word “More” were posted in the windows!

Earlier in the day, George‘s girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, was spotted grabbing lunch with a friend in Milan, Italy.

FYI: Ryan is wearing Ferragamo black lace-up shoes.

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ryan gosling george clooney ides of march campaign poster 01
ryan gosling george clooney ides of march campaign poster 02
ryan gosling george clooney ides of march campaign poster 03
ryan gosling george clooney ides of march campaign poster 04
ryan gosling george clooney ides of march campaign poster 05

Credit: Miguel Aguilar; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • LOL

    those posters look laughable. and gosling is SO mediocre and bland looking. why do people actually think he’s attractive?

  • Sweet Justice

    I love me some Gosling. I have to disagree with you LOL. I think he’s a great actor (check out Half Nelson & Lars and the Real Girl) and incredibly attractive.

  • coffee_cup

    He’s not conventionally hansome, but there’s just something about him that’s very sexy and attractive.

  • Anna

    @coffee_cup The fact that he is so talented makes him sexy. :)

  • Darcy

    Ryan is a sexy man much better then many his age I will love to see this movie. And he is far from Mediocre he is incredible.

  • LOL

    TALENTED?! he plays the SAME damn character over and over again in the same crappy indie drama. that’s NOT talent. he has no range and indeed he is mediocre in both acting and looks.

    i wonder what he thinks about all the rumors between olivia wilde and justin timberlake. or was that another fake pr relationship like blake lively? gosling is as fake and overrated as it comes in hollywood.

  • Anonymous

    February 9, 2011
    Sources close to George Clooney announced today that back in early December, he ended a publicity agreement he had with Elisabetta Canalis. The agreement had lasted for nearly a year and a half, with the two having attended numerous events together during that time.
    A friend of the actor said that the end of Clooney’s agreement with Canalis had been coming for a long time, and that ultimately, it was Canalis’s dishonesty that pushed things well past the breaking point. “George is basically an honest person. When he entered into this agreement with Canalis, he saw it only as a publicity tool. He never planned to talk about the relationship, since in reality there never was a relationship other than in a business sense. Canalis took things to a level George never expected, talking about the relationship in interviews as if it were real. Her lies gradually escalated to the point of even lying about George’s beloved father. George never anticipated or intended for anyone to be hurt due to his publicity arrangement with Canalis, but he now realizes that people he cares about were hurt. George feels terrible that his friends and loved ones have been affected by what was supposed to be a simple arrangement of making public appearances together.”

  • to LOL

    fake and overrated? are you talking about yourself, dear?? or is it that you are actually a troll who is jealous of all the attention Ryan is getting in Hollywood. well, get used to it. many in Hollywood, including voting members of the Academy one who i know personally, cannot understand why he wasn’t nominated for Best Actor for Blue Valentine.

  • meh

    I used to LOVE him but he’s turned me off lately with all those Blake and now Olivia rumors. Ithought he had more class than to link himself with untalented “starlets”. Clearly he likes the attention and hollywood more tha he tries to say in all his interviews. And he seemsquite creepy and immature too. First Disneyland with Blake and then an aquarium with Olivia? How old is he? 12? Where’s he gonna take his next celebrity “date”, Chuck E. Cheese?

  • LOL

    What attention? He’s nothing but the “guy from the notebook” to the general public. All of his movies FLOP. He’s been hyped up for so long and he’s done jack shit with his career. And if academy voters were so disappointed , then why wasn’t he nominated? He didn’t deserve anything. He walked around and looked sad and brooded like he does in all his shitty movies. Blue Valentine was one of the most boring pointless pieces of garbage I’ve seen in a while. Michelle Williams didn’t deserve to get nominated either.

  • Anonymous

    @meh: How do you know that was a “date?” They probably had their “date” the night before, and the night after, and seeing the local sights was something to do in the daytime. Besides which, some people actually enjoy that kind of thing. I’d have more fun doing that than going to some overpriced snooty restaurant.

  • duh

    gosling is hot, Clooney is not.

  • duh

    @LOL: who is your favorite male actor?

  • duh

    @Anonymous: what do they mean by “publicity agreement” ? does that mean George is gay?

  • Sweet Justice

    @Anonymous: link please :)

  • Anonymous

    @duh: Gee, the trolls are here already. George is not gay, not at all. He’s completely straight. George was having three movies come out when he did the publicity agreement. The publicity agreement was supposed to help with promoting the movies as George attended various film festivals, premieres, awards shows, etc. He was also making a fourth movie soon to come out called “The American,” filmed in Italy, in which the American main character becomes involved with an Italian prostitute. The American actor who plays the main character doing photo ops with an Italian of questionable background would provide publicity. And there was “the Italian” character written for the Warner/TNT show “Leverage,” which also benefitted from and was part of the publicity agreement. Add to all of that the fact that Hollywood and modern culture in general unfortunately ridicule people who choose not to be in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship. People who aren’t in a relationship are for some reason viewed as not as successful as people in relationships, when actually those people are more secure in themselves if not being in a relationship is by choice. George isn’t some partying womanizing maniac; that’s just a persona that’s been created by Hollweird for the purposes of promotion. He’s actually a quiet, reserved, secure-in-himself person who doesn’t have relationships unless he’s really into them, and let’s face it, for a guy of George’s high intelligence, sense of humor, etc., that doesn’t happen very often. It’s easier, then, for him to just have a publicity agreement with a girl than to answer all the questions from the press about who he’s dating, why he’s not dating, etc., as well as the added publicity for his movies such a publicity agreement, in lieu of a real relationship, creates.

  • gay

    gosling always looks and acts like a pansy based on his girly love story movies. and doesn’t he do ballet? wouldn’t suprised me if he’s bent over for clooney on the set of this film.

  • gay like tom

    usually a contract relationship means GAY in hollywood

  • Minx

    Gosling’s acting range obviously suits the role he’s cast in, ie, the idealistic staffer on the presidential campaign trail. Not EVERY actor can pull off sex appeal. It’s something certain people are born with, like Clooney, who’s a natural.
    But that doesn’t mean Ryan’s not considered attractive to many people.

  • Anonymous

    @gay like tom: No, that’s just your opinion. Lots of straight people do them too, for all the reasons I gave.

  • monique

    @Sweet Justice:

    There is no link – “anonymous” is a psycho who goes around the web placing that fiction wherever she can, hoping that people will eventually believe it. It’s really nasty, but that’s who she is – someone with no life who imagines that she is “the one” for GC and hates any woman he’s with in real life- she’s a troll

  • Double Talking Jive

    @gay like tom: Think outside the box!! Read comment #16. It explains motive.

    Ask any gay guy, and he’ll tell you his gaydar doesn’t pick any signals when he reads Clooney’s body language in photos.

    Not gay! Just a highly intelligent individual who is complicated and non-conformist.

  • Anonymous

    @monique: “monique” is katiebutt, who runs a Clooney-obsessed datamining forum that she uses for trashing Clooney and spying on his real fans. She’s a psychopath.

  • gay like tom

    @Double Talking Jive: i have a a very high frequency Gaydar and it most definitely pings very loud when I see Clooney.

  • gay like tom

    @Anonymous: this sounds interesting/entertaining. can I have a link?

  • Go hard or go home

    Wow. George’s PR is going hard tonight.

  • gay like tom

    my gaydar is stronger than Spidermans Spidey-sense

  • Anonymous


    Funny you should say that. My friend, who’s gay and quite good looking, lives in LA and was working out at a gym. Ryan was there and my friend said TWICE he caught Ryan checking him out and staring at him. Take that as you will but my gaydar on Ryan has gone off ever since I was told that. Maybe he’s bi, there are a TON of bi actors still in the closet in hollywood.

  • gay like tom

    @Go hard or go home: I know they got two or more computers clicking the thumbs lol

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Already werid and boring

  • Anonymous

    ryan is fug and always looks like he’s smelling a huge fart. and he’s a gross womanizer. sorry ladies, i see him all the time around silver lake (where he lives) and he’s NOWHERE near the sweet, tender gentleman from the notebook and blue valentine that you all think he is. after he was caught with both blake and olivia, i bet he got rid of them and moved on to the next one. he’s disgusting.

  • gtd

    hottttt boys!

  • born jaredian

    Anonymous- do you know anything about dicaprio and bar refaeli- do they have a similar “arrangement?” come to the lateset leo thread and tell us.

  • to LOL

    you obviously don’t understand how the nomination process works. i would explain it to you but that would be like explaining the facts of life to a three year old

  • to gay like tom

    you have a very high frequency Gaydar?? oh are you out to lunch!! listen very carefully, everyone here in Hollywood knows that George is straight and has always been . he loves women. and if i have to spell it out for you then you have a problem.

  • to gay like tom

    oh, i forgot, thanks for giving those of who know better something a good laugh.

  • misty

    How does Ryan act when you see him around Silver Lake? Is he a jerk?
    Just curious.

  • Dang!

    Never in my life I’ve seen a gayman with such chin
    I never heard in conversations with gays that they find him attractive, they often use other actors for their literature, even recently I came across a story where main characters were Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling. Man, that’s something!

  • Helen

    Clooney is great!
    But I must admit he has lost a lot of points since he hooked up with that trashy airhead. Wat a choice! I wonder if he realizes that he’s losing lots of fans owing to that woman. Now he’ll probably have to appear in court in Milan. All her fault. She’s dragging him in the mud and s…!
    If he doesn’t get rid of her soon his reputation will be ruined.

  • Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney

    @Helen- You are right, but if Clooney is at usual best, he will be dragged in the mud. He was warned and well like usual he did not listen. It is going to get even more ugly. That is what happens when you hire professional bed warmers…. hmmmm

    I wonder what is it going to take before Clooney gets a clue? He needs to rely on himself and stop listening to the paid noodle heads that he does. They create nothing but havoc and mayhem.

  • Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney

    Yeah this sounds real good! She is even worse than Canalis in a different way! Gee I wonder if she is still getting security guards fired because she is “out of it”? Jennifer ummmm…shut up dear.

  • Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney

    @Paddy/george- If this b.i.t.c.h. shows her face around my apartment like she did last time. I will kick her a.s.s. You are a dik!,0,0#7

  • Anonymous

    @Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney: I guess he had Sarah flown in for the Ides of March wrap party. I wonder how long he’s been seeing her again?

  • Lucy

    @Pandora and Anonymous: Are you sure is her? I thought she was taller…

  • Lucy

    I meant to ask: are you sure this is Sarah?*

  • Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney

    @Lucy- Who knows! George plays far too many games and I am pretty fed up with it all. Sarah caused me a lot of grief as well as others connected to George. Enough is enough.

  • Lucy

    @Pandora: Thanks for the reply! If this is Sarah Larson (call me stubborn, I still don’t think it is. I think it is an extra), GC probably read some comments his fans made recently saying that anyone would be better than EC. SO, Why not go back to the previous one? he has done that before, right?! going back to exes or “hanging out” with them, whatever…

  • Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney

    @Lucy- Yes and also making promises to other women that he has no intention of keeping, or making deals for more money/power. You know the drill.

    Funny thing though, it is so interesting how I AM THE ONE WITH THE ISSUES..ETC

    Have Mr. Clooney ever took a second to think about what has he done, said, or participated in that would give someone a pessimistic view? UMMM… Probably not. LOL

    Hanging out? You mean having sex? LOL

  • Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney

    @Lucy- Why go back to previous one? Well they are easy and opportunistic and you know what the payout is then why not? Someone has to keep the bills paid and George is more than interested in doing that. Is that what you are saying? He likes the sugar daddy role?

    Please elaborate….

  • Lucy

    @Pandora: only GC and his exes/friends know what they want or do. But it seems easier in his public status to go back to someone he already knows and again, I don’t know if these recent girlfriends are paid or not. It might be hard to be all the time in the public view, being stalked by paparazzi. I guess it requires more efforts to maintain a serious relationship (if that’s what he really wants). If he likes the sugar daddy role? I don’t know, I don’t know him. Deep down, I doubt he does, but as for the moment it might suits him best. Who knows?!

    If one of his former or current girlfriends were paid, they are not being hurt. They know what they are signing up for it.

    As I said in previous posts in this blog and another one, it really bothers me how much attention they get just for dating him. I have followed his career since I was a teen watching ER and it is annoying that focus are given to people who have not earned it and the attention is taken from his career and causes he’s been advocating for a while… For these reasons, I still doubt it he has contracts. But then again, I might be naive.