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JJ Music Monday: Jennifer Lopez & Wiz Khalifa!

JJ Music Monday: Jennifer Lopez & Wiz Khalifa!

L.A.’s #1 hit music station 102.7 KIIS FM is teaming up with for JJ Music Mondays!

Every week, we’ll be picking a few of our favorite tracks from new and emerging artists to ones you already know and love.

This week, JJ and KIIS present “I’m Into You” from Jennifer Lopez (feat. Lil Wayne). It’s the second single off of her summer must-have album, LOVE?.

Our second selection is “Roll Up” from Wiz Khalifa. He had us hooked with his smash hit “Black and Yellow” and we’ll soon have these new lyrics in our heads.

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Jennifer Lopez – “I’m Into You”

Wiz Khalifa – “Roll Up”
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Credit: Fusco/Loccisano/Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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