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Kate Bosworth's Jean Jacket

Kate Bosworth's Jean Jacket

Kate Bosworth arrives at Los Angeles International Airport wearing a jean jacket on Sunday (April 3).

The 28-year-old actress recently auditioned for one of the female leads in the reboot of Total Recall.

Kate is currently preparing for the upcoming film Serpent Girl, co-starring Malin Akerman, Armie Hammer, and Helen Hunt. The movie is based on the book, which centers on “Bailey Quinn, a 22-year-old college dropout, who wakes up in the Columbia River Basin high on peyote and sans pants. A scabbed slash across his neck reminds him that his buddies threw him over after they robbed the payroll at Bailey’s place of employment, Circus Maximus, a poor man’s Ringling Brothers ruthlessly run by its freak show performers.”

FYI: Kate is wearing Burberry boots.

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  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Liar liar

  • #1 ?

    Kate please please
    you was so gorgeous , so please eat something!!

  • ENR

    I will NEVER understand how anyone on earth can consider her a “fashion icon”. B*tch, please. It looks like she wakes up and just throws sh*t on. And don’t even get me started on her hair.

  • and the award goes to……

    Why no mention of her big award ceremony this weekend? Embarrassed?…..

  • annie

    It’s a shirt not a jacket

  • Hype

    @3 Yes please send her a shipment of cooked burgers and steaks and someone to shove them down her throat and watch her eat it, help her out.
    @4 I am so there with you That’s why I NEVER believe the hype this chick COULDN’T dress herself with the village people as assistants. She needs more than the queer eye for the dumb guide.
    @5 She so wanted to show her award look, so lame but still NO ONE cares, people with talent were at other IMPORTANT parties. I would be embarrassed to stoop to this low to get something but I guess she is used to stooping *winks*
    Still no ALex huh, please I am so loving the rumors but I’m sure she will put a stop to it and break into his bedroom AGAIN!! LOL

  • Bunny’s cottontail

    …wearing a jean SHIRT on Sunday (April 3).

    …recently AUDITIONED for one of the female leads in the REBOOT of Total Recall.

    …currently preparing for an upcoming SOME film.

  • reveal

    I am surprised that she didn’t do the GREAT REVEAL and show it off like she did the russian book. Maybe there are photos that she showed it to the paps like look guys I got something shiny.

  • Bored of this chick

    Wouldn’t hurt to wash your hair from time to time, Kate. And get this: she just got back from getting an “Excellence in Acting Award”. What a f-ing joke. Looks like every f-ing moron gets an award these days for doing absolutley nothing.

  • kitty

    just another shitemint photo op.

  • Mamabear

    So is she playing the 22 year old or one of the circus freaks?

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  • Whatever

    She really tried but can’t hold back smirking it away. At least the horrible boots had a break. Is this another film as the one announced with Josh Lucas? Can we hope that due to her work (*snort*) she won’t be available to go to Cannes and the TB premiere.

  • Bunny’s cottontail

    I thinks Kate’s posts are pathetic, her attempts (on movies, jewlery, love, clothes, photoshoots) make me cringe.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • elfin

    She has a cute face but such a big forehead and wide neck.

  • Mamabear

    @elfin: At least these are candids and she isn’t posing. When she poses she always tilts her head and crosses her legs like she has to pee or something.

  • elfin

    Why does she slick her hair back at that? It just emphasizes her least attractive features

  • mossy

    It’s sad that she has to get Kevin Spacey to buy her awards. I’m not saying she’s a terrible actress but she doesn’t have a filmography to warrant a Best Actress Award.

  • H.

    balding ho


    In breaking news, SuperSuck returns from Vail with her award for for Excellence in Famewhor*ng which was of given to her Kevin Spacey, who has given her roles in numerous projects despite the fact she can’t act..

    Her triumphant return from her victory was noted by….no one. No matter, like Charlie Peen..Duh, she’s winning!

  • Marge C.

    @Mamabear: She looks like a botoxed, f*c*k doll when she does that.

  • Wilson

    She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it She could help a lot of women.

  • Tanter

    She sure loves the cameras..

    And she got a job! Wow. An actual job as an actress. I wonder if it’ll ever make it to the theaters though. So far very few of her latest films have. All this posing for paps hasn’t helped one bit..

  • Mamabear

    @elfin: That’s not a forehead, it’s a fivehead at least!

  • hunting alex down

    well I have no doubt kate will be hunting alex down to make sure alex has not ran off with a new women that puts an actual smile on his face (and I am not going to include that recent joan’s smily pic because other pple were at the table) other wise her fame will quickly fade with-out alex!
    she has certainly come back to LA really quick after claiming her shit award for acting. lol lol no BOYFRIEND SUPPORT at vail, well at-least alex showed up to that nylon party!! 2 pics none with her, nice BOYFRIEND kate lol lol carn’t say I blaim him
    notice alex has been MIA since she has been gone

    expect some new pics of the happy couple very soon from JJ in 3..2…1

  • Lost417

    Hey does anyone know the address of the new site created by the former members of WoS? That place has gotten too scary for me and all my favorite posters are gone. I didn’t get “the e-mail” with all the info so if anyone knows where to go I’d appreciate it. I don’t wanna cause any trouble I’d just feel kinda adrift now with no Askars online home/safe haven anymore. BTW Kate looks really scary to me in these photos, even more than usual. I’m afraid for this woman’s health.


    I’m really surprised that JJ didn’t mention the “award” and new role Kevin Spacey/ Ryan Kavanaugh gave her . However, looking at the lack of smirk on her face, she may actually finally know how low she’s sunk. Then again, I think that she’s carrying the”award’ in that blue box she’s holding.

  • what new alex forum

    what new alex forum created by former members at WOS??? I
    to would like to join??
    I agree Lost417I certain forms are geting really scary these days!!!

    I would like nice forum to talk about alex!!

  • Cute

    She looked beautiful in those Vail pictures.

  • Mike

    She looks cute and congrats to her on her award this passed weekend. :)

  • ceci


    stalk much? gee maybe Kate can take some lessons from you? HOW’S THE YUKU CUKOO FORUM? enjoy the gloating……can’t wait ’til you carzy bitches get yours:)

  • danielik25

    She is wearing jeans shirt and black boots, maybe she wants to look like little Alex, her dear BF!

  • @Lost417

    if your account with wos is activated then why don’t U just login/ post a message on the board/forum or what ever. sum one may forward what ever it is your looking for!!

  • JealousMuch

    The bitterness towards a complete stranger is mind boggling. Are you all green with jealousy or just a bunch of bitches?

  • Doreen

    LOL, stop the presses Kate goes somewhere wearing a jean jacket (which is really a shirt). How is this important at ALL? Oh and as per usual, she looks like shat!

  • JealousMuch

    And for those who will surely reply “But I’m not jealous, I’m just a doctor from _____”, bullsh*t.
    A person makes a negative or hateful comment and gets a million thumbs up. A person makes even a remotely positive comment and gets a million thumbs down. I never saw a group of more jealous and hateful people. Do you not have jobs? No life? Nothing to amuse yourself?

  • HaHa

    @Jealous: Their job is to make fun of Kate Bosworth. They are jealous of her boyfriend, her lifestyle. They said retarded things about her hair because they probably are bald themselves.
    They make fun of her clothes because they can’t afford anything more expensive than Target.

    They have no life. They have no use, either. They are the cockroaches of the internet.

  • seeshay

    interesting no mention of Alex. Usually all the JJ posts for either one manage to work in the other’s name, I guess because of shared PR rep. I’m no KB fan but this outfit looks ok to me and comfortable for travel.

  • Camille

    Yuku much? You’re the one who got into a fight last week with someone who claimed they were a doctor. Still coming on here to be a hypocrit? You’re bitter toward people on this board, who are as you put it, complete strangers…so what’s the difference? Please tell us what brand of shirt that is, and what boots, because we know you all know this crap. You look it up.

  • @Merrick

    Wow. You must be a complete and utter failure at life when you can disparage (<-I’ll wait while you look up the meaning…got it yet or are you too dumb to use a dictionary) someone for winning an award.

    But, I guess if you never won anything, you have to be jealous of people who do. What other reason would you have for your post?

  • Love It

    @Mike: I agree

    *waits for the 204 thumbs down for being positive*

    I’m truly sorry I can’t join in your hatefest. I just can’t imagine being that obsessed with a celebrity that I have to be nasty in every comment.

  • Camille

    37, 30, 40,43, and 44…same person. Yawn.

  • Camille

    Oops, that’s supposed to be #39, not #30.

  • @JealousMuch

    They are all jealous.

    She has money-they don’t.
    She has a house in Hollywood-they live in cheap rentals.
    She has Alexander Skarsgard-they have nobody.

    Why? If they had money, they wouldn’t give a crap about what someone else spends on clothes. What difference would it make.
    If they had a house, a good job, a LIFE, they wouldn’t care about Kate’s life. They would be too busy with their own.
    They have NOBODY because no man in his right mind could ever put up with the morons who post here. Talk about ridiculous people with no life at all.

  • I’m so confused

    Can someone explain how this works to me?…she’s obviously following a man who is carrying her luggage to a car at the airport, right? Sooo, she doesn’t park at the airport and handle her own luggage, or have Alex or a friend pick her up at the airport- she hires someone to wheel her suitcase around and drive her home? Why? I could understand if it was Brad & Angelina, or Britney Spears or someone like that, but why does someone of her “caliber” need to show off like this? Is this guy a luggage handler/bodyguard? Do other “D” listers do this too? Wait a minute- I think I’ve figured it out! She went to “Total Recall” and had them implant a fake memory of her being popular and important and now she’s living in that dream world! Maybe if we’re lucky she’ll get her a** to Mars!

  • boop


  • boop