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LeAnn Rimes: National Anthem at NCAA Championship Game!

LeAnn Rimes: National Anthem at NCAA Championship Game!

LeAnn Rimes performs the National Anthem at the NCAA Championship Game on Monday (April 4) held at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas.

The 28-year-old singer then watched the Butler Bulldogs take on the UConn Huskies with boyfriend Eddie Cibrian.

“Thank you ALL for your sweet tweets about the National Anthem. Hugs and sweeeeeeet kisses!,” LeAnn tweeted.

Eddie on one side and the CUTEST 4 lil boys on the other! Best seats!!!!” she wrote in another tweet.

FYI: LeAnn wore a Dolce & Gabbana dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Ippolita jewelry for her performance.

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Credit: Ronald Martinez; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes

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  • Debblyn

    JJ just broke a record on reporting PR news for Leann!

    I know Leann begged to sing at the Final Four as an early Christmas Gift for her giggolo Eddie!

  • Justine

    Did Racy sew Leann’s dress for this special night?

  • Justine

    LOTS of funny tweets on Twitter Search using Leann’s name.

    netw3rk: LeAnn Rimes broke up 5 marriages in the time it took Butler to score 3 points
    3 minutes ago via Echofon · Reply · View Tweet

    cwminer18: RT @JohnRadcliff: RT @tomfornelli: This game is so bad that Leann Rimes is throwing up. And not to lose weight.
    3 minutes ago via HootSuite · Reply · View Tweet

    Sveith: RT @SororityProblem: LeAnn Rimes should not be allowed to wear white. #SGP
    4 minutes ago via web · Reply · View Tweet

  • http://dnica Mann

    OMG she has a tit job!

  • commonsense

    Look at her legs! Is she in competition with Kate Bosworth?

  • Bradley

    Her voice is really good so…I don’t know what to say about this post.

  • gwen

    Wow who see this one coming? WEWE is highly upset that Reese is getting a lot of press on her wedding, so WEWE is going to bombard the media with tons of photos of her and her love because if the media and public see that she and her love are STILL together, then it will once and for all make people believe that it’s REAL love.
    LR and EC are JOKES.

    Don’t you just love how WEWE just had to tweet that her love was at the game with her? As if we didn’t already know that he would be there? WEWE is very insecure so we know that she wasn’t going to go anywhere without EC.

    Why does EC always look so sick? Like he has been throwing up?
    Leann is putting on a show and EC is just sitting there, like he wants to be somewhere else. Perhaps EC is thinking about his castmates or even better he isn’t even paying attention to the game because he is watching another woman.

    If JJ was really being honest, they would have posted what the public really thought of WEWE latest pr stunt.

    Why is WEWE constantly wearing wedding dresses to every event she performs at? To hype up her wedding because it’s still not getting as much interest from the public as she would like.

    Once again, WEWE Crazy Women single still isn’t in the top 100 country list, perhaps she needs to lay low for a long, long, long time.

  • Fake

    holy cow, those twig legs of hers look like they would break if she tripped. girl needs some real food not just a carrot.

  • she
  • speaktruth

    Oh my gosh girl! EAT!

  • gwen

    While other celebs are releasing their singles and videos and doing charity work because they really do care and not because they need to whitewash their images, WEWE is paying JJ and her mouthpieces to convince people that all is well in her relationship with a man who sells out his own kids for a trip to Cabo just because they were spotted at the NCAA together.

    That bunny was wrong, in EC and LR case ANY publicity is not good publicity. The more we see these two, the more the public dislikes them.

    So how long before Dailymail is writing a fluff piece about how EC and LR couldn’t keep their hands off of one another at the concessions stand and how long before JJ posts the airport photos of WEWE and EC?

  • matt

    she looks anorexic

  • Go Ask Alice

    Beautiful dress.
    The shoes do not match.
    Casual ,material looking shoes with a super dressy formal dress.
    Silver or gold strappy heeled sandals would have been better. Actually silver heeled strappy sandals, not gold ones.
    Her legs are bones.
    That is not shapely or fine.
    Knee caps and bones.
    She may eat a regular diet of a mixutre of high and low calorie foods,but, per her own words, she excercises like a maniac.
    It shows.
    She used to be shapley.

    Sad. She is singing Nat. Athemat Reliant Center. I saw her there a few years when she was an opening act for Kenny Chesney on Pirates Tour. I posted that yesterday.

    This is what LeAnn’s career has become: Eddie Loser Cibrian’s caretaker,benfactor.
    The girl is serioulsy messed up ,deluisonal.
    Ruined her careerforEddie.

    Karam is getting her and Eddie and they seem to know it yet.

  • Andree

    LeaAnn Rimes’ outfit does not look good, IMO. The dress looks too much like a slip, and is too short for her skinny legs, plus the strap-on shoes don’t look good either! The whole getup seems out of place for the event she is singing at.

  • Not Mature just silly

    Can someone please tell me when she got her nose job? seriously, I don’t remember it and am wondering why I can’t understand her words sometimes.

    And she WILL be one of those in 10 years in a mag or book talking about how she “lost” herself and took things too far for a man and how she “has now” put herself first and learned her lesson. So many of them that do that then write a book. Oh, well, she’ll learn. Looks like this is her “first adult love”. EC already had one. She’s not realizing how immature she comes across. Learn a little class like Eva and others. ACT MATURE…not silly please. And talk about advertising for those future wedding pictures. Surgery and all! LMAO

  • mj

    @Not Mature just silly:

    Why do you care loser?

  • gwen


    Hey RACY(aka CBME/Speak now/a)!!!!!!!

    What’s wrong WEWE, are you upset because someone noticed that you got a nose job?

    WEWE, you tweet about another woman’s kids after she asked you to stop, so doesn’t that make you the loser?

  • Justine

    Oh wow! Eddie’s hair is going GRAY.

    Her knees are so weird. The kneecaps are popping out due to no fat at all around them. THAT’S supposed to be attractive? Eddie is sick

  • nerd

    @Not Mature just silly:

    HERE HERE brilliantly said!!!!!!!

    Future Celebrity Gossip wrote that this was exactly what was going to happen. Eddie just creeps me out big time.

    Hey Leann
    Tick tock tick tock….

  • Paige

    Did Eddie dump the kids again after not being with them for 4 weeks?

    Looks like Leann treated Eddie to seats at the NCAA game. She’s so good to her bought piece.

  • Paige

    Kate Bosworth’s legs are fuller than Leann’s!
    How crazy is that?

    Leann is seriously withering away before our very eyes.
    She’s smaller than a size 0.

  • Go Ask Alice
  • marnie

    what happened to this girl? im sure she was just a normal ‘country’ singer who did a stint on touched by an angel! sad times when a lady has to change herself up so much.

  • Amah

    she did a great job!

  • Marieme

    She is a really unattractive human. Seems to me her outside is in perfect match with her rotted, ugly insides. No matter how much she preaches about “love” what she actually means is lust. Anyone who acts like a cat in heat around a man (in this case boy) with kids has no idea what love means. Wh ore!

  • gwen


    At what?

    Wearing a wedding dress to get attention for her wedding?

  • Gwen Rocks!


    You called it ! We could’nt reach 1 as we were counting down for another JJ post ! LOL ! It was more like 3…2…..BAM ! Another Leann post!
    Wow, she is SO desperate to show us all how in “love” she is that her “sweets” EC went with her. Shows what scum he is. He was away shooting the pilot for how long – 3-4 weeks? Does’nt really see his kids only to go out of town AGAIN?! But he probably did’nt have a choice. Her leash is so short on him now. I wont be surprised if he goes with her to Canada to film her CMT movie.
    As for her asking her “fans” to download that horrible song…she needs to give up! The song sucked then and it STILL sucks ! I would rather listen to Kim Kardashian’s single ! At least proceeds of that song go to charity!
    You say that she should lay low for a long long time. I say lay low forever! She dug her own hole and keeps digging deeper. Her bony arms will not be able to dig herself out !

  • lovelydee

    She is looking rather thin lately.

  • Ruth

    # 1 Debblyn @ 04/04/2011 at 11:29 pm +5

    JJ just broke a record on reporting PR news for Leann!
    Her PR people have a contract with JJ – he gets PAID to post daily “news” about her.

    Just wanted to say that as much as I don’t like her, I felt sick looking at that photo – the woman has a serious eating disorder and I hope she is getting treatment.

  • kerri

    Lee Ann go jump in a lake and also go eat something.

  • blair

    Too bad it wasn’t windy there because her skinny legs would have been blown right out of Houston. She looks bad.

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^______^ cute


  • Grandma of Four

    LeAnn states over and over that she is healthy! I am not so sure! And, this new “look” may not be the right message to any of her young gal fans! Super Skinny is not always best! I preferred LeAnn about 15 pounds or so ago! :- ) Also, her dress and shoes did not go together and were inappropriate for The Finals of The Final Four! The event, the attire, and the National Anthem just did not go together. The dress was perfect for a cocktail party! Should have been something more business like! Perhaps a little red, white, and blue!? Just a thought! However, to the positive, she did a great job in her singing!
    :- )

  • Mickey

    @gwen: Agreed. What does WEWE stand for. I know itts Leanne but wondering how came to be nickname for her?! Not a slam, just curious.

  • s

    I’ve seen her pictures when she was 16, and she was 3 times fatter than now. It’s ok to be skinny, but for her body type it’s just too much, she looks starved. She is not naturally skinny, she must gain some weight to look good.

  • blah

    she looks great here :) Hates F OFF :)

  • Kel

    So bottom line is Leann pays JJ for insults from posters. Genius! Works for me.

  • Danica

    LeAnn Rimes has made herself a target and it is all her own fault. If she had been quiet after going after another woman’s husband and laid low for a while, people may have been more forgiving but she instead made the choice to launch a campaign intended to insult and degrade his wife, flaunt her new relationship all over and even use the “poison pen” method to do her dirty work. She must be an incredibly insecure person. I think that it is sad because she does have a good voice and she did have a career before. Now she just looks like a mean spirited, pathetic, skinny to the point of looking ill, publicity seeker. No one is buying what she’s trying to sell as they are not stupid and she is just making herself look more and more pathetic with each photo op and tweet.

  • Jean

    well i for one am done with this site. . . leann rimes pisses me off and the low interest in her doesn’t justify the coverage she gets here – jj’s a PR tool.

  • brianna

    she thinks she has” model legs” now and she really does look like someone who is either just not eating or is taking too many diet pills. as for Eddie, he’s wearing the cap cus he hasn’t dyed his hair yet. he’s going grey. he looks like he wants to tell her to shut up so he can watch the game.

  • Kel

    @brianna lol! He’s probably thinking “when is she gonna shut up?”

  • Brenda

    What an ugly excuse for a human being.

  • gwen


    Hey RACY(aka CBME/speak now/irena)

    Wow, one would think that JJ would keep you as far from their site as possible, seeing as how you lovE to stalk and harass other posters and even make threats here on this site.

    Of course YOU think that you look great, you also think that you have a right to tweet about another woman’s kids.

    Telling other posters to ******** isn’t going to make the backlash go away. You shouldn’t have even bothered to stage this pathetic attempt to convince people that all is well with you and EC. You might as well cancel all of the other photo-ops that you have planned with EC because when JJ posts those you will be slammed once again.

  • gwen


    The story I got from one of WEWE “fans” is that WEWE is what EC youngest son called Leann because he couldn’t pronouce Le(which is their nickname for Leann).

    Leann then used the WEWE nickname to open up an unofficial twitter account(WEWENLOVE) which she then used to stalk and harass BG because BG called LR out on trying to take over her son’s birthday party planning.

    After being slammed by many twitter people and then called out by DS (how could she be celebrating an anniversity with EC when she was married and with him at the time she is claiming was the start of her and EC relationship) , she closed that account and started using the Leann Rimes twitter account as her “home base”.

  • blair

    @gwen…wait til their wedding…epic backlash.

  • gwen

    @Gwen Rocks!:

    I also am wondering why EC is even at the game with Leann when according to Leann’s twitter timeline(because she makes it a habit to tweet about those kids like crazy), I am guessing he has only spent about 4 days with his kids. What was the purpose in asking for joint custody when he is just going to ditch them for great seats to the NCAA tournament? EC is a lowlife scum and it shows on his face. He only wanted joint custody to get back at BG, not because he really cares about those kids.

    I won’t be shocked if or when JJ posts another WEWE thread. The thing that baffles me the most, is that we know that posting about Leann doesn’t get JJ any major hits. How? Because Leann isn’t inlcuded in the top 5 celeb list off to the side, she isn’t even in the top celeb list. At the end of 2010 JJ made a most popular thread and celeb list and despite the fact that LR threads were hitting over 200 posts, they didn’t include her name ANYWHERE on their list. She wasn’t even in the top 20 section on those lists. I thought that was odd, JJ clearly isn’t benefitting from hits in regards to posting about LR, so the that must mean that are being paid to post about Leann.

    Did you get a chance to see Dailymail’s take on WEWE and EC at the NCAA? They totally surprised me. I was expecting them to write up some fluff about how in love WEWE and EClooked, yet they once again focused on her dramatic weight loss. They are still insisting that it’s for her wedding though, but we all know that isn’t it at all. They even pointed out how she made a reference to food and how much she ate when a fan expressed concern over her weight loss. I don’t even think that they mentioned her performance. Isn’t that sad though, people are not talking about how “great” she sounded at the game, but about how skinny she looked and her homewrecking.

  • gwen


    Can you image WEWE disappointment when the public doesn’t and ah over her wedding the way they did Reeses? The internet might crash because we all know that WEWE is going to bombard EVERY media outlet with photos and details of her wedding.

    Any takes on how WEWE will play out? Here’s my take.

    The internet gets slammed with rumors that EC and LR are getting married around end of April, May(somewhere around the day that EC married BG or probably on mother’s day), or June(EC birthday, father’s day).

    WEWE takes to twitter to deny it, putting on a big show just like she did with her engagment denial. Meanwhile, photos(or “couples sited” story from People mag) of her and EC families arriving to their wedding destination pop up all over the internet. Leann continues to deny and deny on twitter of course.

    One day, WEWE gets on twitter and writes about how happy she is. She then goes on to talk about how she is crying happy tears and is so blessed. She tweets photos of her dinner table and talks about how good it is to be surrounded by two sets of families. BTW, it will be easy to pinpoint the day and time because it will be day that WEWE disappears from twitter(unless of course she is planning on twitting and taking twitpics the during the whole ceremony).

    Somehow (aka Leann ) photos of WEWE and EC wedding are leaked onto the internet. They will feature WEWE slobbering all over EC as his sons stand nearby.

    WEWE expresses anger over how the paps “invaded” her privacy. She then makes the pap photo of her wedding her icon for twitter.

    Within minutes of the “leaked” wedding photos, People mag will release an article on their website about the details of WEWE and EC wedding. Meanwhile WEWE is making sure that EVERY media outlet is posting something about her and EC wedding.

    Then a week later, People mag will do an exclusive of WEWE and EC wedding (with a complete spread showing the place, EC kids, EC parents, EC family, etc…) and put a photo of WEWE and EC doing a pose that WEWE copied from EC and BG wedding on their cover.

    She then annouces a reality tv show. But since she denied that she and EC were in works for a reality tv show, she will have to disguise it as a show that covers her journey as a artist. So it will be a show about her and EC marriage/wedding, but they will sell it as a show about WEWE making music/albums.

    If they don’t do a reality tv show, I can also see them doing some type of wedding tv special either before/after the wedding.

  • gwen

    I just looked at the bottom of this site and now US Weekly is reporting on WEWE dramatic weight loss.

    This is why WEWE needs to lay low and shut up.

    LR went through the trouble to set up this concert at the NCAA (we all know that it was to promote her wedding which is why she is dressed in yet another wedding dress and put her relationship with EC on display) and it has all backfired. Instead of talking about how “great” LR sounded or how in love she and EC looked, people are talking about how skinny she looks. That isn’t a good sign. Isn’t she trying to release her album and a new song? See once again LR proves that ANY publicity is not good publicity.

  • blair

    @gwen…just read the US article….that should be her name “Gaunt Leann Rimes”. She better get married soon before she’s too weak to walk down the aisle.

  • gwen


    I have to make a correction.

    I just read the article and US Weekly dedicated the 1st paragraph(which was about 2-3 sentences long) to talking about WEWE talent.
    The rest of the article was about how WEWE is losing weight for her wedding to EC.