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Leonardo DiCaprio Runs For His Life

Leonardo DiCaprio Runs For His Life

Leonardo DiCaprio runs toward the camera on the set of a new advertisement in Paris, France on Monday (April 4).

Last week, the 36-year-old actor reportedly signed a $5 million deal to appear in a TV advertising campaign for a Chinese cell phone company, Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp, E! reported. The ad will be shot this month and is scheduled to begin airing in Asia later this year.

Leo has simultaneously been working on his upcoming film J. Edgar, which recently shot scenes on the steps of the George Washington Masonic Memorial.

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  • Sunee

    First! Leo not my style but one of my fav actors, go Leo!

  • http://A Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    Leonardo soo cute and sweet ^_^

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Me too .my favrou handsome leo :D

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    always gorgeous man in hollywood! :)

  • lol

    So… He is in Paris after all! lol I wonder if he is alone in the most romantic city in the world!

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Leo must pretty &handsome man in the world ,i ever seen

  • leo

    it should say, Leo runs for his life…from Bar.. and her thunder thighs. haha

  • Sandra

    I am SOOOO disappointed….
    Seriously??? Doing TV commercial for cash???
    It’s not like if he needed to.
    However I keep thinking the money will go to charity…

  • @7

    sure, 6 years were not enough for him to get away from her and her thunder thighs. has it ever occurred to you that he is just fine with her?

  • sab

    he is looking really good in these pics….very fresh. nice to see his baby blues. What is he advertising????…dont like the shoes much.. though.

  • Quince

    lookin old…

  • DiC

    Bar is the love of his life.

  • @12

    IF it`s true it`s pretty sad! If I was Leo I would be embarrassed to have a woman like that as `the love of my life`…

  • Dasha

    He’s the best, i love you Leo!!

  • Frozoid

    He looks terrible- puffy and dissipated. Is he a boozer?

    He looks 48, not 36.

  • Johanne

    Love the 3rd one *unf*

  • ha

    @Quince: He doesn’t look old at all to be honest.

  • for the record…

    wonder how long it takes to shoot these commercials? don’t think he’ll be overseas long ’cause he’s getting that award in DC this week…here is a list of the 11 recipients:

    This caught my eye from that press release:

    “Potential members must have a strong commitment to assisting those less fortunate and be willing to contribute to the mission of providing scholarships for younger generations.”

    one becomes a member by getting the award…so maybe Leo is gonna donate money from the commercial to the scholarship fund, and/or other charities? could totally see him doing that :)

    and you notice the recipients are all “power players,” who have money or can raise a lot if needed…

    maybe there will be some pics from that event for a new thread…

  • ha

    @Frozoid: Are you FCKING blind?

    There’s absolutely NO fcking way in hell that THIS guy even looks 35 years old, see for yourself:

  • for the record…


  • Nicky

    Leo must be pretty shallow and a lamea** for dating that so-called model. He is just wasting himself on that woman. I have to agree it`s pretty disappointing to see him doing a commercial like this.

  • Fantomas

    Eh M….. I don’t live in Paris maybe he will spend to say hello to me all the same .
    I am at home Léo :) .

    About Hoover :

  • ice queen NL
  • sab
  • anne

    hes been linked with lots of commercials latey, im from ireland and reprtedly her was supposed to be doing a commercial with this comic duo ‘jedward’ but that was denyed haha, hes working like crazy lately and looking GREAT!!! missed the leo pics…

  • ash

    leo looks HOT…..gets m all hot and bothered hehe!!

  • ….

    haha nice hoover hair :) according to e dwestwik he wears a fat suit and a TONNE of make up to make him look 60…CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS…i bet even in a fat suit and make up he could charm the knickers off any girl!!

  • born jaredian

    ok so know we KNOW lol=sparkly adi and she KNEW barf went to Paris with Leonardo. That’s what all this crap has been about. My guess, she’s been muzzled and has to be more careful about people making IDs. OK, so what, he;s making 5 million he can fly the ho in. why not??? also they are both the laughing stock of LA right now so they would meet overseas. As soon as they ever dare set foot there they will be again. We certainly can help. He needed his d i c k appurtenance.

    I’m ok with it. So what, I dont have to like her and I wish he would do better but he’s not ready yet. Same thing with her. so whateyo!

    if he’s ok with bar he shouldnt be, that is what we are saying. He can do better, and judging from his rolling stone interview he knows as well. But he cant get someone he can cheat on all the time and send back to another continent when he feels like.

    And yes, he is just ok with that !


    king schlong running down the street no wonder he’s scowling he knows where this is going.

    we love YOU anyway LEO, but bow wow wow wow wow !
    who let the dogs out who !

  • PAPZ SUCK never saw this before HELL YEAH LEO!!!

  • born jaredian

    glad to have leo thread though, I thought we were never gon’ have one of those again.

    adi, cut out with the lol crap. we’d mind a lot less if you guys just said, bar is with leo in Paris this weekend. Period. you dont have to do all this snarky crap, we dont like her but we can accept reality.

  • lol

    @28: How can you possibly know that, dummy? Please, enlighten us. I wanna know what makes me `sparkley adi`. I can`t wait to read it! I`m gonna be lmao because you are so off with your conspiracy theory. You are beyond pathetic! Get help and a life!

  • hey

    `Between shots, Winslet says, she and DiCaprio would snuggle under a blanket in his trailer and talk about sex. “You know, some very, very personal things, asking each other for advice,” she says. “Not necessarily comparing notes but sort of, `No, don’t do it like that, do it like this.’ He’s very good at that. I have to say, a lot of those sexual tips he’s given me have worked. And I know it’s vice versa;”

    these to sooooo hooked up before like COME ON….kates obsessed with leo it has to be admitted the evidance is all there, however i dont feel he fee;s the same about her for him its purely a btother sister thing, poor kate she never has luck with guys, THESE TWO WOULD BE SUCH A GREAT COUPLE ITS SO FRUSTRATING!!!! p.s bet leos great in bed hehe!

  • born jaredian

    that face looks beaten but resigned to me. not talking by barfie, but by the paparazzi/gossip columnists

  • lol

    @born jaredian ( or whatever your screen name is these days ): I seriously feel sorry for you. You are the craziest and most obsessed of all the Leo fans who still believe that he is just playing with her and she is gonna be kicked out soon. You have all these crazy theories about bar and her friends&family posting here but you have no proof or no idea what you are talking about. Sorry but your posts don`t makes sense, you are analyzing someone you never met and I don`t even think even the remaining Leo fans bother to read them most of the time… Face the music already. I doubt anyone close to barfy bothers to come here and post. Why would she or those close to her be bothered about a couple of Leo fans on JJ? You overestimate yourself!

  • born jaredian


    OK, GENIUS, who are you then??? Prove it.

    Where do you live?
    What do you do?
    What do you look like? What’s your ethnicity?

    otherwise you are sparkly adi to me and will stay that way. not that is matters…a barfly is a barfly is a barfly. Enjoy !

    lemme guess

    you live in tel aviv
    you are barf’s personal slave
    you are short and dumpy and jewish.

    if not, WHO ARE YOU????

  • born jaredian

    You would have to look really close to find those tweets etc…..the barf squad has a couple of strategies, just so all who read this thread know.

    1. SCREAMING ALL CAPS – I still feel this is Tzipi because it is so racist and throwback..the one who tells me to get my nappy head straightened.

    2. The “RANDOM ENCOUNTER”- someone pretends to be a random viewer and talks about how great barf is/looks aka “Bergdorf shopper” and “Yankees fan.”

    3., The “MULTIPLE ALIASES GAME” Kaz and Slig, Mari, Michael, Tal, lol hahaha, there used to be a ruth, etc. Fake posts saying how gorgeous bar is. When no one else thinks so.

    4. “CHANGE THE DATE” buy random paparazzi pictures and change the date to su[pport a point of view

    5. “RERUN OLD STUFF” – run pictures that came out in 2007 and claim they were yesterday.

    6. “HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT” – pretending to not like bar but saying things that support her anyway.

    Question lol, if you aren’t on the barfie team, why waste so much time trying to prove your point?

    Can I get a witness???? who agrees with me???

  • Yum
  • born jaredian

    YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. Later I’ll come up with the posts.



    @born jaredian ( or whatever your screen name is these days ): I seriously feel sorry for you. You are the craziest and most obsessed of all the Leo fans


    who still believe that he is just playing with her and she is gonna be kicked out soon.


    You have all these crazy theories about bar and her friends&family posting here


    but you have no proof or no idea what you are talking about.


    Sorry but your posts don`t makes sense, you are analyzing someone you never met

    AND DONT CARE TO EITHER, ALTHOUGH I AM A WOMAN OF THE WORLD AND KNOW A FEW BARFIES. Also some of it is just sarcastic but I am not the only one, am I? SHe will never be liked or appreciated here, why not just stop posting? As for crazy, i know what true crazy is having worked in medicine for years…and you and Mommy Fattest could qualify for the DSM V OK?

    and I don`t even think even the remaining Leo fans bother to read them most of the time…


    Face the music already.

    I HAVE It’s Rachmaninoff. Very technically difficult.

    I doubt anyone close to barfy bothers to come here and post


    . Why would she or those close to her be bothered about a couple of Leo fans on JJ? You overestimate yourself!

    NOT ME. BAR IS A NO-TALENT FAME WHORE WHO WILL DO ANYTHING FOR ATTENTION. HER OWN AGENT TOLD HER TO GET BACK WITH LEO BECAUSE HER CAREER TANKED WHEN THEY BROKE UP. if they arent obsessed with her internet presence, then why all the spurious posts? They sent those Terry Emerson pictures around to like 30 websites saying they were recent when they were three years old. Dont even front about it. Why pose with her ass in the air on yacht trips? why call in the paps when she goes out with him?

    Someone from her agency outed her- she calls her agent, he calls the paps.

    so if you dont know this, you havent been reading for long or paying attention. everyone else does. And since you’re pissing me off today I am not letting you get away with it, not this round.

    you can say what you want, I’m not going away. You should just stop wasting your time– all of you, here. Capitalize on bellazon and all that stupidity. You will not ever be able to pose here unopposed. EVER!

    Just tell your employers that !

    As far as them “being together” – yes, I believe they were in Paris together. Who was there in between? Who came during? Who will come after? That is what is more interesting.

    Ashley Wade? Jessica Simpson, the red head in Vegas, the girls in Italy, the model in London? those are just random sighting – i think leo looks pissed because his hook-ups are now seriously curtailed for a while and he’s stuck with you know who. that might be enough to break it, who knows? he has no distraction.

  • Fantomas

    @lol I learnt in preview here that LDC would be in Paris for the shooting of this ad, even the journalists did not know him ( see the French article which I join) thus only somebody close of him was able to post this information, what is very bizarre….

  • born jaredian

    anyway, if you seriously psychotically hate bar, then what you want is for her to BE WITH LEO, not for him to dump her.

    because eventually he’ll get herpes or oral HPV, condoms dont protect him from getting or from giving. you think this is theoretical? Syph and gonorrhea not so much…but when the health department calls…..Try reading big city medical records for four years. also, its difficult emotionally to be on this rollercoaster, depressing, and damaging to self-esteem. so let her stay with him. also, the longer she stays the more time she wastes not looking for someone else or developing her own life. she’ll be devastated when it finally does end and she IS 30….paging sondra locke…. so let her be with him. ca me fait egal!

    us older chicks have already been there and done this with other emotionally unavailable men… we know the real deal. If you werent a DUFF and had men of you own you would too.

  • Make that bank

    Why shouldn’t he make $5 mill. for a commercial?They are leaning on his name and prestige and marketing a product with his celebrity allure. He most certainly should be financially compensated for his work. Do yo have any idea how much money that company will make on this product once this ad runs? Tons.

  • born jaredian

    @Fantomas: exactly, but she cant do that, theyve been told not too. So they have to look really hard for tweets and other gossip links to come up with it. Its happened before.

    I dont really care about the information, so what, I dont really care about who’s giving it, i just dont like the self-promotion and lying. That’s what bothers me is the surreptiousness and dishonesty of this squad.

    What I really think is they’ll toodle on for a year or too. Until Barfie’s clock starts to really tick. Models retire at 30, so they think in shorter terms than civilians- they want to get hooked up EARLY. I dont really care. the glue that keeps them together is not love but some other dysfunctional nonsense, which is obvious to everyone else in the universe but the barf squad, who are obviously,of course, IN DENIAL.

    Just dont lie to me this Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, Vivien Leigh and Lawrence Olivier. (although leigh did go to a crazy bin and lombard died on USO trip- not happy stories) or Tracy-Hepburn…Hepburn was beautiful and smart. but he was also emotiobally unavailable, never divorced to marry Hep because of catholicism.

  • lol

    Oh, you guys need some serious help. Where do I live or what do I do? I don`t owe you explanation. You are the one who is accusing people being part of the barfie clan but you have no proof. It`s only your scary ideas and probably the voices in your head that makes you say something so ridiculously stupid. Why don`t you answer my question. Why do you think you are so special or important that the people close to her feel the need to come here and post? I don`t see the point but I`m sure one of your short stories will answer that question. I won`t even start with your blabbing ( #35 and 38 ). You sound sheer stupid ( do you really believe everything you read on the internet? awww, so cute and DUMB ) and seems like you are the one who is obsessed with barfie. Go and get a life but before that go and see a doctor. You are really scary!

  • born jaredian

    Why dont you just call Jared and ask him to post the “DUAL PANEL WE CANT GET THEM IN THE SAME SHOT” photos? You know like the last time they were in Paris and the paps followed him to his car even though he made her (quite humiliatingly) take the back entrance? You know those ones?

    How about the “BAR WALKING DOWN THE STREET FOR NO REASON PHOTO” with the Leo photo in the inset???? Just for something new this time, to liven up the “I GOT THIS GIG THROUGH LEO’s CONNECTION WITH ARMANI” pix and the “THIRD RATE CLOTHING LINE OR FOREIGN DEPARTMENT STORE CHAIN FASHION SHOOT” pictures.

    Sorry, something set me off and I was dealing with some serious issues for people this mornign.

  • Ri-DIC-u-lous

    What aggravates me is this used to be a nice board to come to. We’d share links and chat; then it changed with screaming caps and Bar promotion even when it’s not her thread. This is NOT Bar’s forum, yet, she’s constantly crammed down our throats even though we’ve constantly said stop and post on her threads. If she has fans… real fans… then they’d keep an older thread alive like those who admire Leo’s work. It’s nice to discuss a topic of interest with like minded people, but you Bar fans just sh-t on almost every Leo thread. It’s nauseatingly ridiculous. I’m done talking about her. Not worth the aggravation. I will still continue to thumb you down @lol:.

  • lol

    @45: Seriously? You will continue to thumb me down? I`m crushed! Really! I don`t know how I`m ever gonna get over that. My life is in ruins now. lol Who cares about your stupid thumbs? Are you in 5th grade or something?
    `you Bar fans`. I guess you are just to dumb to understand that I`m not a fan of hers I`m just not as delusional as most of the Leo fans here. I think they need a serious reality check but all you read is that I`m a barf fan. Now that`s Ri-DIC-u-lous!

  • born jaredian

    You write exactly like adi too. what do the other regs say?

    barf squad or no??? Please vote.

    Why don`t you answer my question. Why do you think you are so special or important that the people close to her feel the need to come here and post?

    Because unlike you, I’ve actually known some famous people and I know they are basically like you and me, and according to people who would know like perez hilton they are EXTREMELY aware of what is written about them. I’ve also been written about on gossip sites myself and I know how devastatingly difficult it is to stay away from them.

    And yes they do read and post all the time…not just the bar squad either. We are not “so special” or important, what you’re naive about is the six degrees of separation. We are not separate–and everyone who says something in a savvy advertiser’s mind is representing 20 other people who havent bothered to write. they teach you that in any customer service position. So the flacks pay attention and so do the celebs. Barfie doesnt do much and has plenty of time on her hands and people she pays to do it for her- her “assistant” adi ronen and her mother who is her mis-manager.

    If controlling your image on a particular site ment one or two $300,000 contract or not you would do it too. those are the terms they think it. Leo has a team — and what PR people do everyday is start by reading the web.

    Bar’s entire business has been self promotion. she doesnt have anything to sell otherwise…its been one long hype routine. her mother used to write all kinds of BS in the early years and got outed by people in Israel who knew her. We are not so special…and neither are they.

    Iheart, who works in PR in LA, has been at events with Leo. She said even for that you have to sign a non-disclosure to even do that..Their image is everything, and Jared is one of the most vocal, out there HONEST web sites. Not only that d u m b a s s these folks actually signed their names ! dumb dumb.

    I think the one that is naive is you. I dont care who writes it, its just offensive nonsense, what I hate is when people try to lie me…it says they think I am an idiot and I am not.

    today I helped a new immigrant get thousands back on his taxes and filed them because a completed tax return is required for naturalization. I helped a man care for his elderly mother and helped a russian immigrant save $1000 and open a pension fund. wtf did you do but write blather about barfie??

  • Georgia

    @born jaredian
    Please stop saying that Leo will get herpes or other STDs, that’s how nasty rumors start!

  • lol

    @47: It`s not like I bothered to read your newest short story. I picked a couple of sentences and they are really entertaining. I can`t stop laughing. I write exactly like adi? Is that all you`ve got? It`s funny because I have been posting on JJ forever and you never noticed that. Only when I try to give you a reality check and when I did believe that Leo is in Paris ( possible with barfie ) tweets unlike you. Then I suddenly started writing exactly like adi. What a coincidence!
    Please, keep blabbing about you knowing famous people and about your theory that I`m adi or barf herself. I`ll have more entertainment for tonight. You might as well thumb me down if that`s what makes you fell better. Not like I care because I`m already out of high school but apparently it has crucial importance for some here…

  • @47

    That is real work. Helping someone else. Extending yourself to assist people in need. I admire that. As far as @lol: is concerned, this fly does not exist to me. Blather on and on, but your frozen out. Blank.
    On to the stuff that matters. Do you think that Leo will attend the award event that was linked to? It’d be nice if he did. How excited will that honor student be to have him at the same ceremony? Now that’d be an event to remember!