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Liam Hemsworth & Josh Hutcherson: 'Hunger Games' Roles Confirmed!

Liam Hemsworth & Josh Hutcherson: 'Hunger Games' Roles Confirmed!

Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth have landed roles in the upcoming film adaptation of The Hunger Games, can confirm.

The actors will join previously cast actress Jennifer Lawrence in the film, set for a March 23, 2012 release.

Josh, 18, will play Peeta Mellark, a District 12 tribute who confesses his feelings for Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) at the outset of the Hunger Games.

Liam, 21, is set to play Gale Hawthorne, a longtime friend of Katniss’ who hopes that she’ll make it out of the arena alive.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Hunger Games casting news?

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115 Responses to “Liam Hemsworth & Josh Hutcherson: 'Hunger Games' Roles Confirmed!”

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  1. 76
    Sarah Wu Says:

    Why couldn’t they have cast good looking people to play Peeta and Gale? Peeta and Gale are supposed to be good looking. This just kills the whole thing for me now

  2. 77
    heaven Says:

    DUDE!!!!!! WTH!!!!! – Chord Overstreet should be Peeta or Gale!!!! They should have casted him for either role.


  3. 78
    whatever Says:

    Any excitement I had for this movie has just died a bit. Sure they haven’t started filming the movie yet and yeah I know I should wait until I see the movie to pass judgement by right now I’m disappoint. I don’t understand how these kinds of casting decisions are made.

    Well at least we’ll always have the books and are imaginations on what we thought would have been good choices for casting.

  4. 79
    Ari Says:

    WTF?! No way! They totally ruined the casting! Hunter Parrish is better for Peeta and I think Kaya Scodelario should get the part instead of Jennifer Lawrence.

  5. 80
    Shannon Says:

    Awful casting decision. Just awful.

  6. 81
    Trace Says:

    Right, because soooo many people wanted to see Josh and Liam cast. NOT. Way to kill all the excitement that fans had built up for this movie, Lionsgate.

  7. 82
    timetraveller Says:

    …I just screamed and punched my pillow for 10 minutes after reading this. I thought Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss was a bit of a stretch, but I got over it. But this is just rediculous. Now you’ve cast three actors who don’t fit the description of the characters in the book at all, as the three main leads. And hair dye can only do so much. I wish looks didn’t matter so much, but they do. I want to be able to see on screen what we all imagined and fell in love with in the books. Liam is too emotionless looking and not clever enough looking to be Gale, and Josh is too dark looking, and not handsome enough to be Peeta… Its like they’re making whole new characters. I can think of so many more actors who would have been appropriate in both appearance and personality for these parts. I don’t understand at all why they thought Josh and Liam would be the best choice. I just give up on this movie, they’re not doing anything right

  8. 83
    grace Says:

    cue internet explosion in 3…2…1…..

  9. 84
    Z Says:


  10. 85
    chacha Says:


  11. 86
    kar Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! i hate this noo..i wanted hunter parrrish.waaaaahhhhhh!!! stupid idiots, its gonna end up like a crappy disney movie now

  12. 87
    disappointed Says:

    Josh is ok for peeta but LIAM For GALE? SERIOUSLY?!
    I thought Gale would be hot! not some random actor! DAYMN!

  13. 88
    L Says:

    I can’t believe it! Thats absolutely wrong!!! Stop ruining the movie!

  14. 89
    Indy Says:

    Im sooooo upset about this casting news.
    Liam? Really? and im team Peeta!
    How could they not have cast Hunter Parrish, he would be the perfect Peeta. This is so upsetting!
    I honestly cant imagine Jennifer and Josh acting together, i just it will be awkward.

  15. 90
    ms grey Says:

    unfortunately for those of us who read and loved the books the casting of the movie have been thoughtless and without care. Though the skill of the individuals may be exceptional the main characters of Katniss, Peeta and Gale are described in specific detail, the casting of Jennifer Lawrence and now Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth have completely ignored the books. I was disheartened when I heard Jennifer Lawrence had been casted as Katniss but still held out a glimmer of hope. The movie(s) which I had so looked forward too …gulping in the MTV short as I know many of us did….will not be unrecognizable as the Hunger Games. I will be sitting these out.

  16. 91
    Tina Says:

    I’m in love with Peeta and Gale in the books, but I don’t find Josh or Liam attractive at all.. that ruins it for me. You can try and convince me all you want that looks aren’t important, but let’s be honest, they are. It would be like casting an ugly Edward Cullen, and then trying to justify it by saying he’s a good actor. You could be the best actor in the world, but if you aren’t good looking, you aren’t Edward Cullen. You know? I really don’t care to watch a movie where Josh and Liam are romantic leads… blah.

  17. 92
    Brandon Says:

    Polls and serveys showed that around 70% of people wanted Hunter as Peeta, and Josh only ever snagged like 5% of the vote. And looking at the comments here, like every comment that dissagrees with this casting gets major thumbs up. And yet, they still thought it would be a good idea to cast these two. Man, the casting directors appear to be intent on making a movie that nobody wants to see. And it’s working, I don’t even really want to see it anymore, I wouldn’t care about a Josh/Jennifer/Liam romance at all. I don’t care home much you dye Josh’s hair blonde, it’s still the same, nobody wants to see him as Peeta. Ugh, what a bummer.

  18. 93
    L Says:

    Actually, I think that Josh Hutcher would make an ok Peeta, but Liam can’t be Gale! I thought Gale would be someone who’s a littlebit tan, thick black hair which reach to his shoulders and with brown eyes. Liam is the complete opposite. Just because he dated Miley Cyrus doesn’t mean that he can ruin a movie, and just take that part.
    And I would like Danielle Chuchran to be Katniss. If everyone could see the short film with her, they would understand that she’s absolutely perfect!

  19. 94
    dizzy Says:

    Is Liam even a good actor? All I know him as is Miley’s ex….He just doesn’t resemble the Gale from the books. Liam looks too old for the part. They seriously couldn’t find an a decent actor who resembled the gorgeous Gale from the books? They had to settle with Liam. Ugh.

    As for Josh, I don’t know…Again, the resemblance isn’t there. Does he have the Peeta charisma? We’ll see.

  20. 95
    Bree Says:

    Well, that kills it for me. Who wants to watch a movie with Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth as romantic leads? ugh.

  21. 96
    Amy Says:

    Don’t believe all the BS about these two being the best for the part acting-wise. I know for a fact that there were other fantastic actors who ALSO looked the part who were in the running. It’s not like Josh is the only young actor in this world with any talent, and they had no choice but to give it to him because everyone else who tried out sucks at acting. I don’t believe that for a minute. They chose these two because they are trying to appeal to a younger audience. Josh is famous because of all the kids movies he’s done, and Liam’s famous basically because he dated Miley Cyrus. They’re both under kid’s and teen’s radars, and that’s why they chose them. I can’t help but feel that this has been teen popstar-ified. Dissapointed… I don’t like this casting at all.

  22. 97
    cierra Says:

    oh sweet… josh & jennifer are the same height. how the hell is that going to work out, huh, gary ross? i like them as actors, but they better do a damn good job as who they are all casted as. this movie means so much to me. so if they f*ck it up, we’re out to get ‘em. fingers crossed they will at leasssst die josh’s hair a little lighter. come on now!

  23. 98
    sci fic fans Says:

    I am in love with Peeta and gale. They are Heros as katniss. Not just hero, gale is handsome guy as we all know. Peeta is charming and handsome guy too. Not that look is the most important. But when they pick Josh as Peeta as love interest pair with Jennifer Lawrence in a movie, and Jennifer lawrence looks even bigger to Josh, Now pick Liam– he looks like a giant comparing to Josh. Why they butch the beloved Peeta so much.

  24. 99
    Sharon Xia Says:

    Next to Jennifer, Josh looks like a younger brother, or a best friend. Not a lover. And next to 6’3 Liam, Josh looks like a weak little boy that Liam could crush with his finger. What an awkward trio. This is the worst casting I have ever seen. No amount of hair dye, spray tan, and contact lenses is going to change the fact that they don’t look like their characters, and the fact that the three of them don’t look good together. Just awful.

  25. 100
    Mandy Says:

    Even if you dye Josh’s hair, and give him blue contacts, he will never be as good of a Peeta as Hunter Parrish would have been. This is really dissapointing to me, I was so excited for these movies, now i’m just… not.

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