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Megan Fox: Let's Go Lakers!

Megan Fox: Let's Go Lakers!

Megan Fox holds hands with hubby Brian Austin Green as they arrive at the Staples Center on Sunday (April 3) in Los Angeles.

The happy couple watched as the L.A. Lakers took on the Denver Nuggets! Although the home team lost 90-95, the game was packed with celebs.

Also pictured inside and attending the game: Ellen Pompeo and hubby Chris Ivery, Will Ferrell, Adam Levine and girlfriend Anne V, Anna Paquin, Eliza Dushku and beau Rick Fox, and Jessica Szohr!

FYI: Jessica is wearing Nobody‘s “Boyfriend” jean in Grinder.

25+ pics inside…

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megan fox lakers game celebs 20
megan fox lakers game celebs 21
megan fox lakers game celebs 22
megan fox lakers game celebs 23
megan fox lakers game celebs 24
megan fox lakers game celebs 25
megan fox lakers game celebs 26

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  • mmmmm


    Lots of stars out (I like them all), shame the L.A. Lakers lost.

  • An


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  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Her face can’t movie

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    horrible face

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Ohh how depressing

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    She like sick plastic surgery

  • Jess

    JustJared, for Christ’s sake you need to get on the case of banning “Sligo Lambert” and “kaz Simply Amazing” as they are obviously the same person and always post negative comments in basically anyone but Rosie-Huntington Whiteley’s posts.

  • Annie

    Dang, I still keep a hope out for Megan Fox to return to her 2007 self but every time I see her her face looks stranger and more frozen.

  • Adam lambert

    Plastic girl

  • Adam lambert

    Sligo >33

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Im not same person sligo lambert, and i don’t like Rosie
    , and bad adriana ,miranda, black levely and ….more

  • me

    And once again her face looks different. i swear she has some sort of monthly treatments or something. Why didnt she just leave her pretty face alone. She is soooooooooo plastic she looks ugly now. I don’t know why men still fuss over her. Almost everyone else in Hollywood is more attractive then her now.

  • Liz

    Love Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer, and Ellen Pompeo & Chris Ivery! :)

  • Lo

    Kaz loved candice swanepol

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    I mean, I have more celebs my favrout

  • Duh

    I almost always agree with kaz and Sligo.

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    Hay u why inslut for rosie? i sad rosie better than fake megan vapid

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  • Duh

    @Cassie: Her age is showing? Isn’t she like early 20s? Lol I think she just a younger Nicole Kidman addicted to Botox and other plastic surgery

  • Joy

    Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are a lovely couple. ( You left out Stephen’s name JJ. )

  • Holly

    Asian hate hollywood just jealous almost from girl

  • From Paris with Love

    Megan looks like a japanese real life doll now.
    Adam Levine’s super skinny jeans look gross and gay, hate them on men. His girl looks hot though.

  • I see London, I see France

    I see there’s nothing in Adam’s underpants!

  • realist

    G O
    L A K E R S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    Whoever said Megan Fox looks like an Asian doll is delusional. I’m Asian and she doesn’t look like a Japanese doll. She is full of botox and plastic surgery which is really sad. Poor girl.. she probably doesn’t even realize how bad her face now looks. That is not going to help her book acting jobs nor is her acting any good.

  • 99

    @Cassie: Zip it, your racism is showing.

  • Helena

    Wow she’s becoming more plastic in the face

  • Angela

    Wow she looks so sad and tired. Also seems to be gaining weight now that her armani thing is would be funny to see her fat. She used to be very pretty until about late 2009

  • Jess

    wow, Megan definitely ruined her face. she was gorgeous before and now it’s just wrong. and she’s not even 25! whyyyyyy I ask! whyyyyy!?!??! she must have KNOWN that all people thought she was hot before, why would she mess with that??? I just do not understand!!! ah well her loss. RIP Hot Megan.

  • gtd

    whoa she kind of looks bloated! whf happened to this beauty? maybe she is a cokie head.

  • wonder

    @I see London, I see France:
    “I see there’s nothing in Adam’s underpants!”


  • Adele

    Megan is so hot!

  • From Paris with Love

    LMAO You must not know what dolls I’m talking about. It wasn’t a compliment, it means she looks computer generated. Real dolls are dolls for men if you see what I mean. Very realistic, very expensive.

  • Jordan

    Anne V. looks like a big ugly man.

  • Jordan

    Adam is pathetic

  • unknown

    I notice a change in Adam. When he is away from his GF he isnt waving at paps or even aknowledge them. Now she is with him he is smiling and waving! Either he is really happy with her or he is full of it and just doing it because she is there. Notice the look she is giving him like she doesnt like the fact he is getting the attention and not her or is it just me. Megan..I dont know what to think about whats going on with her. MAybe she is tired or whatever!

  • Fat Ass

    any celeb who walks around with a frown and looks down at the ground is a lil spoiled beach !

  • unknown

    Photos never tell the true story, but i notice in the fact he acts like all private when he isnt around her, but when Anne V is around he acts like all animated. I dont know what to think about that couple but I am beginning to agree with certain people when they call them media whores and fake! Oh yea Stephen and Anne so adorable!

  • handledatroof

    Megan looks gorgeous as usual. It’s obvious looking that way, even though she’s trying to tone down her look now, is still gonna generate the hate. Face it, even the offended asian,


    Anyway I’m so glad she’s putting on more weight, she was looking so much skinnier before. Kaz The Amazing whatever your name is, you and that other one, I meant your other name, need ta get a reality chick. You think that dried up, swole face duck looking Candice is hot, when she looks just like an uglier Rosie. All the Vicky Secret girls is ugly now that Gi has played that junk out. If Megan Fox modeled for Vicky, men be ordering the catalog for the photos and women be selling them draws out, like they did Armani after seeing Megan’s nice body in it, (hoping they will look like her in it) which is why her face has spread throughout the Armani line to cosmetics, colognes, jeans and everything else. What is your faves doing? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    Megan’s got 3 movies coming soon an Armani campaign and a stepson to raise. Stop hating already, she ain’t going nowhere yet, she here to stay for another 10 years. Thank goodness, cause Hollywood would suck without her.

  • unknown

    I dont know if Megan had plastic surgery, and personally I dont have a problem with anyone who does. If its only for the right reasons, and doesnt look plastic. Let it be natural. If she did I think its actually sad, because she is naturally a very beautiful woman, and I think if she keeps it up, if she did have it. She may have insecurity issues, and again thats sad. But alas its not really for anyone to judge as far as that goes. As for everyone else. Well I already said Anne and Stephen to cute for wordds, and I dont even watch True Blood anymore, and I still think they are adorable!

  • Shannon


    If you look at pictures of Adam at the game from April 5th, he’s not all hyped up and showing out for the paps…it’s definitely only when Anne is around; which is kind of sad, because he’s not being himself. It just looks like he’s giving them what they want: a 24/7 happy couple and I know a couple can’t be happy 24/7.

    I just think something is amiss; and is it true that he always seem more happier via Twitter when she’s out of sight?

  • unknown

    And if you also noticed that when he is with his friends he isnt showing off in front of the paps and doesnt even aknowledge them. I saw the pics of Adam with his lil brother. Total 360. He needs to stop being what she and her family wants and be himself. other wise he wont find happiness. Because if he is lying to himself and figure out what he truly wants instead of whats an infatuation. he isnt going anywhere but with a woman thats gonna plaster pics every chance she gets. ANd judging by the way he is with his brother coming in and out of the game he is in a protective stance. VEry serious. Dont think he is going to like her putting pics off their love life everywhere. He will grow tired of her, or maybe he is acting that way to get rid of her. Ive heard men in relationships go way out so that the woman can break up with them, and she dont even look that happy in the pics either. EVen when she is smiling. Its not as wide or geniune as it once was. The pics of them at the game where he is looking at her and she is looking straight ahead at the camera. not being mean but this couple even lasts 6 months I Will be amazed! @Shannon: @Shannon: @Shannon:

  • unknown

    I notice a complete different person hell I dont have to look at her tweets to know when she is gone. Its like all serious with a litle bit of sense of humor then she is gone its like relaxation and time to talk crap. So i agree with you 1000 percent. Its a phase he is going through but when he acts fake he starts to resent it. you can tell and he is so going to grow tired of her sulking and pouting to get her way. I mean anyone who posts about the fact she wants ice cream and yoga but someone wont let me and not even 1 hour she tweets something to the fact yay i got both. I knew i would or something of that nature but you can easily tell lil princess doesn’t get her way when she wants it. And trust me and that’s not just Adam its any man and even women who in their right mind would put hup with that kind of crap for a long time!@Shannon: