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Charlie Sheen: Shirtless for 'Violent Torpedo' Tour

Charlie Sheen: Shirtless for 'Violent Torpedo' Tour

Charlie Sheen goes shirtless onstage during his My Violent Torpedo of Truth tour on Sunday (April 3) in Chicago, Ill.

The 45-year-old actor kicked off his one-man show on Saturday in Detroit, which got negative reviews from critics and several media outlets. Many ticket holders also reportedly walked out.

“#TruthTorpedo hello windy city..!!! Thank you for the HERO’s welcome!! I’ll bring it,” Charlie tweeted before his show on Sunday.

Also pictured: Charlie with his two “goddesses” on stage, Natalie Kenley and Rachel Oberlin.

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  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    This brad pitt

  • Judy

    SOOO disgusting!

  • ilia

    Ouch! That is really hard to look at.

  • jilllyro

    My friends and I were saying this past weekend we would be so ashamed to admit buying tickets and paying $$ to see this wacko (especially because all his rants can be seen for free online). It says alot about a person if they are paying to see this. Yeah Charlie is a loon, but his “fans” paying for this are missing their own brain cells.
    But guess it’s like a car wreck, many want to be able to say they saw it.

  • laverdadduele

    I can’t believe people actually pay to see this worthless POS. WTF is wrong with this country?????

  • Mozy Promo COdes

    Anyone know if a video from Charlie’s tour is online? I wonder who is backup will be?

  • Annie

    The only people who would go to see this show that I can think of would be:

    a) Delusional fans who are living under the same rock as Sheen himself.

    b) People who get some perverse pleasure out of watching another human self destruct.

  • Anna

    I feel really bad for this guy. I mean, it´s pretty obvious he has some sort of mental disorder. I can´t believe his family isn´t doing anything to help him, and furthermore, he´s been exploited and encouraged to indulge his illness through a tour like this. I hope somebody that loves him steps up and gives him some tough love. Unfortunately, it´s also true that he´s pretty much burned all bridges with those that really loved and/or cared for him like Denise Richards or even his dad and brother. Honestly, my prayers go out to him.

  • chandan hassan

    I dont understand that why he is always doing disgusting things.He should understand that he is not kate winselet.

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^______^ cute

    He is brad

  • blah

    I think he is using some drug, or something like that? Heroin?

  • wild

    He is way too old for this.

  • Lame

    This is getting sadder and sadder
    Those that are hanging with him and profiting from him should be ashamed.
    He needs HELP. I feel bad for DR and her kids.

  • jaye

    His family has tried to help, but you can’t help someone who doesn’t think he has a problem. They’d got him to go to rehab at least once, but he’s an adult and he does what he pleases, unfortunately, he has no dial back button, he’s on full bore. This isn’t sudden behavior for this guy, he’s been living this lifestyle (p*rostitutes, drugs and booze) for at least 20 years. He family has tried intervention, tried pleading with him to get help, but he’s basically told them to F*off.
    As for people supporting this so-called tour, there apparently are many who like to see train wrecks. They see this as an adult doing what he wants and apparently what some of them want. Doesn’t matter if this guy ends up dead, they just want to say they were there when it happened. Sad for him and for THEM.
    I can’t see anyone wanting to hire him again knowing this is what he’s like when he’s FORCED to be sober and he can’t have his way. They’d be stupid to even entertain the idea of hiring him. He doesn’t think the drugs and booze have caused him damage, but then again a truly crazy person seldom knows he’s crazy, he thinks the rest of the world are insane.
    People really should stop blaming the family when someone like Sheen goes off the rail, this man is GROWN and he has said he doesn’t have a problem, what do you expect his family to do form a Conservatorship? Not happening, he’s not Britney; Britney was a harm to herself and in danger of being robbed ( of her wealth) and exploited. Frankly she didn’t know up from down, right from wrong.
    Sheen on the other hand knows right from wrong, but he’s a big old narcissist and doesn’t give a d*amn. He wants to live his life as he please and doesn’t care who he hurts. He’s a user, not the one being used. So, before you start saying what he family hasn’t done, learn some facts. After over 20 years, I’d be d*amn tired of this s*hit myself. People like him can ruin the lives of the people who love him and try to help him, at some point you have to let him go. It’s up to him how he lives his life, not his family.

  • Frida

    He is disgusting. I can’t believe people are buying his crap.

  • Lalalove


  • Oye Vey

    Cocaine does a body good…

  • Ehm

    I feel ill. And those are some plain looking “goddesses”. Some people will do anything for a little money and fame.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I can’t believe there are dummies out there who would pay money to see him. THAT is the scary part!!

  • Lindsey

    Wow, he is still hot after all these years, and FiremenDate was amazing

  • rajeev verma

    This man is mad.Probably he will drop his pants next time.

  • vanita singh

    This man is disgusting.Please dont write anything on him.

  • Sara Angel

    This man is mad.Probably he will drop his pants next time. Superb.