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Kate Gosselin on Dating: He'd Have to be Superman

Kate Gosselin on Dating: He'd Have to be Superman

Kate Gosselin arrives at the Today show studio on Monday (April 4) in New York City.

The 36-year-old reality mom stopped by the NBC morning show to promote the new episode of Kate Plus 8.

Kate also talked about dating, telling anchor Matt Lauer that she doesn’t “have a lot of time for myself.”

“I do have eight kids. I feel like I have my life together, pretty much. But let’s be honest. It’s going to take a strong person to wrangle this mess,” she said, adding, “If he can pass the test, he’s got to be Superman.”

As for her ex Jon Gosselin, Kate says they’re communicating but she wishes “he would see [the kids] more often to be honest.”

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  • mike

    Evil Woman! Go Home To Your Children

  • rhonda

    better become a lesbian, I don’t see any Supermen in your future.

  • Candice

    He would also have to have been living in total isolation without access to tv. Any man who saw how she treated her husband would run a mile.

  • Maria

    I actually like her answers in this interview, much better than before. She’s also looking prettier. I’m not a fan of hers, but I do like her Superman answer.

  • Hater

    She is much prettier than her ugly kids.
    Those kids happen when you marry someone ugly.

  • Krista

    The Mess is what you created Kate!!!!!
    Now go home and look after it and stop polluting the airwaves.

  • MaryBeth

    Why is it that we always, and I mean always, only get Kate’s take on her family, John, etc.? It is rather bizarre. Kate is a known liar and spins the truth to suit her ego and pocket book (and TLC’s $). I commend family members, Jon, former nannies, school teachers, that never utter a word against this disgraceful and child abusing mother (if you could call her that). She may be attractive on the outside but she is pathetic on the inside. Superman, don’t think so but weak man, yes.

  • kerri

    @Krista: You are so right.
    WHY CAN’T SHE JUST GO AWAY. Poor kids have her as a mom. I feel more for them then i would ever for her.

  • Rene

    Poor man I would say. Today Kate looks great (go back and look and old pictures and high school). But it is unfortunate she has paid for better looks and clothes on the backs of her pitiful children who suffer from behavior, learning disorders, delayed social skills, and speech problems, all of course she will deny, but the world sees it because she has continued filming her children for 6 years claiming it is great. Such a lousy mother and human being.

  • ughh

    Such A Catch!…….. like reeling in an old toilet seat

  • Dee

    The con never stops. “No time for myself”

  • Kate Go Away

    This woman makes me nuts! Why is it that she always, always makes sure she berates the childrens’ father on national television, but he has gag orders and cannot defend himself against this witch. Talk about parental alienation. Just another sign she could care less about her children. What man in his right mind would want to be with this heartless woman? It won’t be superman but it could be another fame seeking idiot — how about the Lohan dad!

  • JB


  • deke

    She looks weird to me. Her makeup reminds me of someone from the 60′s.

  • Oh I Forgot

    Superman or stupidman?

  • Aussie

    Can’t get over how rude and crude some of you are! Kate was lovely, just lovely when she visited here. Her children are cherubs. Everyone who met them commented on how kind Kate is and how well behaved the wee ones are.

  • Sharon

    You are so right Rene! Remember all the Bible verses on yellow sticky notes all over the house, and Church on Sundays? Remember the thousands and thousands of dollars donated to the family even when they were moving into a 1.5 million dollar home? Now she says that they are ”Too Famous” to go to church…….What a SNAKE.

  • Oh I Forgot

    @Aussie: Right Kate, oh the lies we weave. Do we have any tape to prove your statements? I am sure the hotel staff said the same about the lovely Gosselin clan (and the extended hired help from TLC).

  • Go Ask Alice

    Why are her minions still supporting her, beats me.
    They sure do not post here like they used to honoring her.
    The snide comment about Jon, well,what does want.
    Now,she says she wants him to spend more time with the kids, but it has been reported before she does not want him around that much.
    What lie is it? Oh,yeah, depending on how she can screw over dumped women, bitter women, her target audience.
    As far superman, well,she already has him. His name is Steve Nelid bodyguard.

  • Birds of a feather

    meanwhile she must own one of them battery-operated things in her bedroom drawers..

  • barron797

    I’m sorry, i just saw her on ET and she is a rude bitch. She will probably be alone for a very long time. She thinks she’s better than everyone because she’s making all this money.

  • Jo

    After the way she belittled her husband on that show, who in their right mind would want to be with her? When are they gonna cancel this craziness..? go be a nurse and live within your means , you’re not an actress..

  • teri

    She’s still around?

  • Ha Ha!

    Too funny. This woman is probably hitting 40, she has a houseload of children, yet she looks better than all Jon’s young “things” put together. Jon sure dates fugly girls. Kate looks really great. I just can’t believe how divorce has made her blossom. She can get a man anytime, let me tell ya. Women are 10xs worse than her in attitude and looks and they still get a man. Kate doesn’t have to worry. The problem is not that. She’s HOT MAMA! Lots of men who don’t know the show would follow her. The problem for Kate is finding a man who she can trust. They should meet HER standards. But she should wait a while and let the kids get older. She has the rest of her life to date and find romance.

  • m

    justjared please just don’t post about her

  • Oh I Forgot

    Yea, good news for today. Kate Plus 8 ratings are way down for premier show, despite media hype and travel destinations. Cancel Kate Plus 8 — please.

  • http://none Hannahlightfoot

    Don’t have tow worry about her stepping foot in a church anymore. Evangelicals don’t have their breasticles hanging out in Church.

  • Chelsea

    Jon doesn’t see the kids because he GOT A CLUE and searched out a real job to support Kate’s overspending, selfish self.

  • sara


  • Sandy

    @Ha Ha!: Ha Ha just goes to show what you what money will buy; your children’s money that is.

  • Mary


    stop lying YOU the one whi will not let Jon see the kids. Ok your taking the kids away on all these vacations How can Jon see them if your draging them some where. Kate why are these children not in school. How many spring breaks do the get

  • Jackie Jensen

    No Darling…………..He’d have to be an idiot!

  • Michelle

    This lady is vile.. and her kids are the ones who are now suffering.. with behavorial issues etc. Kate needs to put her kids first since they need stability.. and having cameras around all the time is not a good thing since it’s not normal..

  • read up u stupid sheep

    you ought to read the crap she is spewing on twitter. amazing how she can gab about anything, but jon is busted. what a biatch. those morons fawning over her at twitter are real losers. again we are all supposedly jealous.

  • read up u stupid sheep

    they are worshipping her over on twitter. @kateplusmy8

  • Twatter

    Kate even has her own stalker on Twitter named Iwanadatekate. She asked him to send her a picture. Jon better be heading in for emergency custody first thing Monday. What a crazy bitch.