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Katie Holmes Promotes 'The Kennedys'

Katie Holmes Promotes 'The Kennedys'

Katie Holmes arrives at Jimmy Kimmel Live in a cute Dolce & Gabbana polka dot dress and a denim jacket by MiH on Monday (April 5).

The 32-year-old actress discussed The Kennedys, an 8-hour mini-series on the Reelz Channel. She stars as Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.

“We wanted to show the human side of this very famous family,” Katie told Jimmy Kimmel. “What was very daunting about taking on this project was that so many people looked up to them, had a relationship with them in their own way. So we had to say we had done all of our research and had to make these characters our own and do our best with it.”

Katie Holmes – Jimmy Kimmel Live – Part 1

Click inside to watch Parts 2 and 3 of Katie‘s JKL interview…

Katie Holmes – Jimmy Kimmel Live – Part 2

Katie Holmes – Jimmy Kimmel Live – Part 3
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katie holmes promotes the kennedys 02
katie holmes promotes the kennedys 03
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katie holmes promotes the kennedys 08
katie holmes promotes the kennedys 08
katie holmes promotes the kennedys 08
katie holmes promotes the kennedys 08
katie holmes promotes the kennedys 08
katie holmes promotes the kennedys 08

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  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    She looks old in video

  • r

    chunky thunder thighs….. she should really avoid wearing anything above the knees!

  • Kel

    She does look like Jackie in the Kennedy movie.

  • ck

    Pic #7 is one of the better pics “facially” I’ve seen of her in a while.
    Her legs though….chunky monkey.

  • ———

    i loved the interview. she’s so cute

  • AEP

    She makes me want to puke. And for Gods sake, sit up straight !! Slouching pig.

  • Vigo
  • Rocky

    She has her moments in the movie where she does look like Jackie, but her trying to put on Jackie’s accent was HORRIBLE!! She’s really an awful actress and there was no connection between her and RFK in this movie. I mean, they were supposed to be in love. It sure didn’t look it. Just a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE SERIES! Now I know why no one wanted to air it. JUST HORRIBLE!

  • oh no

    She`s like dead horse and her legs – unbearable to watch

  • true

    SOoo FAKE !! Now it’s promote time she smiles to the paparazzi ! What money can do !

  • LR

    Her legs look like telephone poles.

  • jilllyro

    Is she pigeon toed or knock-kneed or is it bowlegged?? Anybody?? Because she has the oddest legs. Chunky and crooked.

  • MangerBouger

    People, you’re just mean for no reasons !!! If you make an abstraction of the man she married and the choices she made for her life, in other words if you are trying to be objective: all you can admit is that she is a really pretty woman in that summer dress and with those marvellous red shoes.
    … can’t believe your venemenous and aggressive comments cause I’m pretty sure than most of you all are uglier than Ke$ha, lol.

  • joel

    Can’t she just sit back in the chair and relax. It’s painful to watch her slouch and move and shake and try to impress. She’s the most annoying person ever! So fake.

  • alicia

    Just because someone is “uglier than Kes$a” doesn’t mean they aren’t sayin it like it is, MangerBouger! Beside, your own remark about Kesha was pretty nasty, you hypocrite!

  • I’ve got to wonder

    Does Katie or her publicist find it at all annoying that at least two thirds of that interview was about Tom and Suri? I’m not a fan of Katie Holmes, but I though it was quite rude and douchey of Jimmy Kimmel to do that.

  • hhumh

    you guys are ridiculous. why are you so mean to the person you don’t even know? ok, her legs are a bit.. big, but so are emma watson’s and keira knightley’s, and for some reason you don’t go talking about it in such expressions. i bet you are not superslim yourself, but whatever; what i actually wanted to say is that even though i’m more than far from being a katie’s fan, she seems to be lovely and very down-to-earth. i don’t see any reason for you to say all those mean things you usually say about her, making yourself look extremely pathetic as groundless haters.

  • hhumh

    MangerBouger, you said it.

  • Romeo

    Get a life, #14.

    Right, #17.

  • Susie#1

    Instead of playing Jackie O, Holmes should be cast as the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Horrible posture, hand gestures, facial expressions, and her voice is annoying. However, this is one time when she sometimes spoke in complete sentences. BTW, Jackie O had a somewhat New York accent when she gave interviews.

  • suz

    PREGNANT! Did you see the size of her boobs? She’s not usually that “jiggly”……!

  • Jordyn

    Maybe if Katie had gotten where she is today based on her own hard work and talent, people wouldn’t mind her so much. She’s pretty but there’s nothing special about her – except being Mrs. Tom Cruise.

  • Bertiebot

    i miss her bob.

  • annie

    She’s gorgeous, and that’s exactly how she was pre -Tom.
    I read good and bad reviews, but I believe it scored really really well on a little known channel, than the other mini series around.
    Go Katie!

  • OMG

    Gosh, this bimbo looked so boring and stupid, why she touched her hair and keep it on the back of the ear over and over, she’s so annoying.
    Maybe that’s why I never like her.

  • Miss Mary

    I wonder how long Katie spent rehearsing the entire interview. It all sounds so practiced. If this woman has such a perfect life, I wonder why she looks completely miserable most of the time? Sorry Katie, but no one is buying the BS you spout about your perfect little hubby. We get that he pays you to do PR for him, but maybe you ought to focus on being a better parent and getting out of Scientology (reuniting with your family would be nice too).

    I come from Toledo just like you, Katie and I know your family very well. Atleast you talk to and see your Mom occasionally (once every few months as long as she keeps her mouth shut). Maybe you should try talking to your Dad, Brother and sisters sometime too. Its very, very sad that you let Cruise influence you so much that you turned your back on your family, your friends, your religion AND your morals by taking money to be his “wife”. Those of us who knew you in the old days are embarrassed for you and ashamed of you. Was it worth a couple of movies and a TV miniseries to give up everything you were taught?

    To be honest, you were always a brat, even in High School and thought way more of yourself than anyone else did. I’m glad you think yourself a success, but none of us do.


    # 17 will get a life shortly AFTER you do. LOL!

    I have never seen anyone so delusional and nasty as you on any board anywhere. These people are commenting on public figures. You are not attacking their opinions. You attack them PERSONALLY which is wrong. Your opinion is no better than anyone else’s.

    You’re a very sick and nasty person and a huge laughingstock, just like the people you idolize.

  • !!!!!

    “I wanna make her happy”… then stop whoring her out in front of the paps… she HATES it.

  • Sasha

    She´s lovely and classy. Period. Love her. And lets admit it, she´s hot right now, if she wasnt you would not be commenting in her posts, JJ is super anti Tom and Katie anyway.

  • J

    You people are so rude, there is no need to talk so poorly about Katie Holmes and her appearance….Didn’t your mother’s teach you if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut! Get a life…

  • Audrey

    I really love her dress and shoes! Great look!

  • Romeo

    She was already famous when she met Tom Cruise, #22. I don’t get why she annoys you so much. She never did anything to anyone ever.

    Get a life, #25.

    Get real, #26.

  • joel

    What’s with the hair behind the ears and touching the ear? She has nervous ticks. She thinks she’s the cat’s bananas. In the mean time a pathetic actress.

  • LOL

    Notice how when JK begins to talk about crazy Tom, Katie starts to hunch and turn her face away from the camera/audience. Why wouldn’t she act proud and sit up straight and face the camera/audience? Very strange!

    Suri is now a party planner, fashion icon, ruler of the house and oh so ‘magical’ at 5…Good grief!

  • Romy
  • tps reports

    Bottles, paci, pull-ups, cupcakes, heels, make-up et……..

  • Pamela

    @MangerBouger: sooooooo agree with that! she is a beautiful woman, no matter she is married to “that” guy

  • Lindsey

    Wow, she is so lucky to have Tom, and FiremenDate was amazing

  • unknown

    Watching that interview was sooo painful!! Someone should tell her to sit up, that posture is horrible. It’s a shame her life seems to focus around only Tom and Suri. MEETINGS? WTF? They don’t have a real relationship at all, she has more of a relationship with her Blackberry!

  • katarina

    I’d be lying if I said I watched all three segments through but every time I stopped at a point she had her face turned away from the camera. Didn’t really want to be there?