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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: LAX Lovebirds

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: LAX Lovebirds

LeAnn Rimes and her fiance, Eddie Cibrian, arrive at LAX airport after a flight from Houston on Tuesday (April 5).

The 28-year-old singer performed the National Anthem at the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship the night before!

“Always an honor to honor our country. Very proud of last night. Still on a bit of a high. Thx you all for such kind kind words,” LeAnn tweeted earlier today.

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Photos: Flynetonline
Posted to: Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes

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  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^______^ cute

    How’s they ? Where photo here

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^______^ cute

    Imean why photo here

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Ohh what is this

  • she

    do you have a life kaz/sligo???

  • Brenda

    Do these two work or do they get compensated for stories about adultery and anorexia?

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Did someone say something to me.

  • gwen

    Of course they arrived at LAX after their flight to Houston, WEWE and EC are FAMEWHORES, the QUEEN and KING of ridiculously staged photo-ops. The FAMEWHORES are wearing their crown proudly.

    Did anyone think that they were going to sneak back into LA quietly? We already predicted the top 3 sites that were going to post them, Gossip Celeb, Dailymail, and JJ. As always.

    Leann is on a mission-to outdo Reese because she is jealous of all the coverage she is getting for her wedding. I wouldn’t be shocked if WEWE even told Dailymail to start up the skinny articles again because she just has to be the center attention, including when it involves two little boys that EC ditched so that he could go the game because sitting on a coach and watching the game at home with his sons wouldn’t have benefited him in any way.

    Of course WEWE is on a bit of high, she was gearing up for her next installment of media blitz because she can’t have the press paying more attention to Reese.

    Didn’t we see EC walking through airports holding BG hands? So why in the world would we believe that he cares about LR because he holds her hand and LR clings to his arm as if he is her protector? Don’t tell me that this is LR attempt to fix how people are pointing out how EC never defends her? Is this the best she could come up with? So we are supposed to believe that EC loves LR and isn’t cheating on her because he holds her hand and grabs onto his arm for dear life?

    Look at the tension in their hands. And the look on EC face? EC looks like he would rather be somewhere else. Why does EC always look so sick? He looks like his life has literally been sucked right out of him.

    Leann complains how people don’t have a right to judge them, yet she keeps staging these photo-ops.

  • Michaela

    Sick to death of seeing stories & coverage of these two on JJ. Surely her PR people should understand that “less is more”. Stay out of the limelight for a few months because the public is really sick of you!

    They have made a career out of a cheap affair in which they betrayed their partners in a very nasty way and dragged them through a media frenzy. It could have been done quietly and with discretion but they choose to blatantly hurt those closest to them and now they are desperately trying to whitewash their behaviour. They should learn from Sienna Miller who disappeared for months after “her affair” and has been able to regain some of her standing.

  • kerri

    why can’t they go away. Fame seekers.
    @She: Kaz/sligo is still a kid he is only 15.

  • John Rossi







  • blair

    Gwen…you saw this one coming…JJ is so predictable…and so is leann.

  • Cass

    Can’t wait for her to lose so much weight that she disappears! Just another example of how bad a “person” can be. Bad people don’t deserve best wishes.

  • gwen

    WEWE people are doing some major damage control.

    1) They are posting comments like, “she looks healthy” or “you are all just fat’.

    2) More “move on” posts.

    3) I even saw some posters trying to make it look like all this talk about being skinny is all Brandi’s fault.

    4) More “you are just jealous” posts.

  • gwen


    That is just what baffles me, what pr team or publicist would allow their clients to get the point where you can predict their every move because their so called “romance” is just that much of a farce?

    I think that WEWE must have been lurking here because she didn’t give the photos to JJ first, she passed them along to Dailymail/Celeb Gossip site first and then to JJ last. It’s almost as if someone was trying to once again fix what we say.

  • Lana

    Over 90% of comments about LR are negative. Truth is most don’t like her. She sure does like forcing herself on the public. Attention whore.

  • NA

    WOW–LR looks seriously ill!

    Maybe she should follow in the steps of many of the other gals blinded by
    Hollywood and check herself into a treatment center.

    speaking from experience.

  • famigia don VITO

    Madona madona i love this shoe
    ohh o trovare o trovare
    e Cicile
    prego prego Aiutare un giubbotto trovare anche per mia mogli

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Gwen you called it right again. If the rumors about her weight loss are not true why is she so defensive. She is so emotionally dependent on Eddie its sickening and you are right about Eddie appearing emotionally drained. If they are so happy and in love why would they need constant coverage of their activities. Show and tell is for kids> Leann is really childish and Eddie is selfish and not any better.

  • Bella

    I got very thin like her when was in a bad relatinship. She is literally starving for his affection.
    However, who am I to say they are in a bad relationship.
    If they are love, leave them alone, who cares. I was never married to either one of them.

  • brianna

    think she has serious mental problems she just put a pic on her twitter page of herself from the waist down in a bikini exactly like the one Brandi put on her FB page in march. anyone who thinks she doesn’t have a problem is in denial. she even has the same knee up in the picture. doesn’t Eddie care that the woman is obsessed with his ex? guess not

  • oh
  • mamma mia

    she twitted a pic of her crotch in a bikini OMG XD

  • Speak Now

    Gwen is a secret Leann fan. People don’t analyze every move a celeb make sunless they are fans. Let’s call Dr Phil so gwen can get the help she needs to stop living her life to analyze Leann.

    Hating is a very ugly passtime, it turns your soul black. Truth always hurts!

  • gwen


    Come on, this can not seriously be love because his ex-wife went through the same thing. So are you telling me that LR lied when she said that EC marriages was already having problems before she entered the picture? More than likely that guy is cheating.

    If this is Leann’s business, then she needs to stop airing it.

    People will leave these two alone when they leave the public alone. If WEWE is going to be foolish enough to keep tipping off the paps and then putting her PRIVATE info on a public forum, then she needs to deal with the consequences.

    We already know that her relationship with EC is bad, look at how much time she spends talking about her relationship on twitter and EC doesn’t even care that she interrupts time with him just to tweet.

  • gwen

    @mamma mia:

    Wow, Leann is dumb.

    So she wants people to leave her alone and mind her own business, but then she tweets photos of herself in a bikini?

    This bella is why people don’t like Leann and Eddie. If Leann wanted to live her life, the twitter account would be closed by now.

    Did you see the photo of EC standing behind her while they were in some sort of shower? And they just can’t figure out wny no one likes them.

  • gwen

    @Speak Now:

    RACY(aka irena, a, cbme, lemons suck and anniedog poster)

    Wow, I am shocked that JJ is still allowing you to post, after you made that threat against mysterious and then put that threat into action by posting someone else’s info from your phone and encouraging people to stalk that person. But I guess that is JJ loyality to you, right. No matter what you do to the posters on this site, JJ is still going to let you post because they love your money just as much as EC does.

    1) “Gwen is a secret Leann fan. ”

    Oh WEWE, is that what you have to tell yourself? It’s sorta like how you keep tweeting over and over that people are only “hating” on you because they are just jealous.

    2)”don’t analyze every move a celeb make sunless they are fans. ”

    You analyze the every move of BG, mysterious, the BBs, and DS, so then by your own logic does that mean that you are their secret fan?

    So that is why you opened the witchy account and then took to stalking mysterious after you made a threat on this site?

    3)”Let’s call Dr Phil so WEWE/lelecib can get the help she needs to stop living her life to analyze BG, mysterious, the BBs, and DS.

    4)”Hating is a very ugly passtime, it turns your soul black. And who knows that more than SPEAK NOW, who uses her passtime to stalk and harass BG and anyone who supporters?

    5) WEWE, we know that the truth always hurts, it’s why you are losing so much weight. It hurts WEWE to see that EC is cheating and there is nothing she can do about it.

    I’m laughing at the fact that you posted a photo of you in a bikini and of EC in the background in the shower you with you, I guess that really proves that EC is not cheating on you right or out with his mistress while you are tweeting. Why are you tweeting? If your life with EC was that good, you wouldn’t have to bother with the tweets about your happy life.

    BTW, was that why you were spamming in that other thread because your soul is black? Yes we know it’s you. When I even reported the tweet with the name of the posters you are stalking to JJ, now lets see just how loyal they are to you. Are they going to pick your money or the safety of their posters?

  • Samm

    I love how so many people are ranting about how much she bugs them…yet they are looking at this post and adding a comment. I’m not saying I’m pro or anti them-I don’t know them or anything about their relationship that hasn’t come from the National Enquirer…does anyone else have any evidence against them?

  • gwen


    Is this the REAL Samm or is this RACY using samm name(yes RACY has done that before. A post appeared in samm name and then the real samm showed up and said that she didn’t write that post).

    Don’t you just love how people rant about how it bugs them when people don’t write nice things about EC and LR, yet those very same people keep looking at the posts and writing posts about how they despise that people would dare post on a gossip site or boo hoo about how we don’t have any evidence against LR and EC despite the fact that LR and EC do a really good job at providing that evidence for us via their tweets and staged photo-ops?

    BTW, didn’t the National Equirer break John E affair and love child story?

    Seriously, if you are so tired of reading our posts because we have no evidence about EC and LR, then why come here? Aren’t you contradicting yourself?

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Samm Where have you been Leann tweets everything. Most of the sites quote her tweets also there is video proof of the lies and deceit. If anyone needs Dr.Phil Leann does she is desperate for attention. Since she did not attend the ACM awards and was only the butt of a joke she tries to compensate by using NCAA finals as her moment to shine but it wasn’t for her vocals but her weight. It was on all the sites again .Anyone that craves attention like Leann needs help.When you don’t want attention you will keep on the down low. .

  • Go Ask Alice

    No Bella, you are right. You are not wrong.
    Glad to know you are better and snapped out of that relationship.

  • gwen

    @mamma mia:

    Did you see that someone pointed out that thatphoto of Leann is yet another Brandi Glanville Single White Female moment? There is a shot of BG doing the same pose.

    So much for WEWE being in lovE.

    Why SWF BG if all is well in her relationship with EC?

  • Go Ask Alice

    I knowya’ll are tired of reading my same post and I used to criticize gwen.

    Different take….
    LeAnn Rimes has talent. A great voice with range, tone, different levels. I was a fan of hers.I can still listen to her music.
    LeAnn sings and not shouts and stretches one-syllable words into 24.
    She was so pretty and really grew up in CM(countrymusic) before fansof hers and the industry and did not act crazy stupid or have troubles like some.
    Google her on you tube.

    Different question…
    How long do you think this thing will last with pretty boy? I give them until next April or even Dec.this year.O-V_E_R.

    I think this is the begininng of the end.
    She has forsaken her career, reputation for pretty boy. He is a pretty boy, a handsome man who is a pretty boy as in a giggolo.
    Before he hooked up with her, he was an unknown and still is on the fringes of the acting world.
    She is not making big shows,big hits, cd sales, and was not at the ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS. Twitting about honroing your country , that is her bs spin. If it were Grammys. Amer.Music awards, ok,you could say. This was ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS, her industry.
    She has lost her cute looks, Got boobs and is all bones. She has recieved nothing but negative press.
    I do not think she is as happy as she says.
    She isdelusional, mixed up and doesn’t even know it.
    It shows in her career and apperance.

  • Go Ask Alice

    New comments…

    LeAnnRimes on tour…at an airport near you.
    That is where she is appearing on a regular basis…walkibg through an aiport,arriving and leaving LAX.

  • gwen

    @Go Ask Alice:

    Yeah that was always so funny. You would show up criticizing me for posting and then minutes later make over 5 posts. No hard feelings though.

    I honestly think that EC and LR will last a long time but only because EC has gotten use to the “good life”. He doesn’t have to watch the game on his coach, he can get good seats via LR connections.

    I think that Leann isn’t going to admit to her eating disorder because it would be admiting that something is wrong with her relationship with EC and she is too proud to admit that EC isn’t the prize she and JJ want us all to believe he is.

    I also think that LR has “I don’t want to hear I told you so-itis” so she is going to give all appearances that they are LAX/soccer field/dinner lovebirds just like JJ wants us all to believe for years to come.

  • mamma mia

    Why do you hate her so much? lol The day Cibrian cheats on her or dumps her she’s gonna lose it big time and it’ll be a crazy tweet fest. XD
    Brandi’s latest tweet:
    “Traveling is great on occasion, but if you have kids they must come first. Although I am very happy to have had my kids so often lately.”
    LMAO Why tweet this? Talk to your kids’ father in private or SHUT UP. She aint no saint, she keeps adding fuel to the flames.

  • Racy

    @gwen: Blah, blah and blah blah and blah and ……..And on and on and on!!!!

  • mamma mia

    Brandi’s latest tweets:
    There are certain people that I just don’t EVER want to see naked. We are a naked household so I see enough flesh if u know what I mean.
    Mom is here & had a cold reception from my x n-laws at baseball! So sad, I love them so much & alway’s will! Grown ups behaving badly! YUK!!
    So happy to not be dating or marrying an actor! Every new job is a new hook up / affair. Iv’e been set FREE! Someone else’s probs now! Hehe!
    LMAO this is better than The young and the restless

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Mama mia If Leann can tweet so can Brandi what does she keep private, Just calling that sperm donor out for what he is. Your kids always come first.Like I always said Eddie and his pleasures always came first.!!!!

  • Racy

    @betty: Have you told Eddie that he is emotionally drained? Bet he would like to know about that. Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • gwen

    @mamma mia:


    BTW, mia isn’t that the name you used on E to post a “LR looks healthy” post?

    WEWE you are losing it. Like I said it looks awfully suspcious that all these different people are coming out to defend Leann, especially when we know that RACY/speak now is spamming the site.

    WEWE should talk to EC in private and SHUT UP.

    BG is adding fuel to fire? Oh WEWE you just want BG to shut up because you have must have something “important” coming up.

  • Racy

    @mamma mia: What is wrong with showing your lower half in a bikini – didn’t your great leader do the same thing? You people ar A** H**** and you are showing the world!!!! Doesn’t seem to bother you.

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE(aka RACY/cbme/irena/a/speak now)

    So is that why you and EC RARELY argue because instead of talking to you he says, “Blah, blah and blah blah and blah and ……..And on and on and on!!!!”.

    Wait, why does that blah, blah, blah post sound familiar? Oh RACY/irena=uhhh really/krissi?

    WEWE you can’t possibly be that dumb and delusional. EC is emotionally drained, look at his face. It looks like you are sucking the life out of him.

    EC is so emotionally drained that he doesn’t even argue with you, he just sends you on to tweet and tweet and tweet.

    But I guess that is why you are here spamming.

    So why does JJ still allow you to post even when they are aware that you are stalking and harassing other posters? I heard that another twitter account has popped up to stalk and harass BG and her followers.

    And then you wonder why we think that you are Leann.

  • mamma mia

    lol good one! yeah healthy like a corpse. Don’t worry Brandi if I had to pick sides I’d pick yours heehee XD but if your kids do come first you should take the high road and remain private at all costs, no matter how nasty Leann is, people can see it anyways.

  • gwen



    Oh WEWE, what’s the matter is EC off somewhere with his mistress?

    What’s wrong with your bikini shot?

    Well for starters, it’s a direct rip off of the one from BG, so now it comes off as if you are SWF her.

    Secondly, I thought you told people to mind your own business, so it looks odd that you would then tweet something so private.

    Third, I thought you said that you don’t need the opinions of others to live your life, so why then would you post these photos in response to the skinny articles?

    Wow now you are calling us AH and JJ sits by and does nothing. So let me guess you are going to open up yet another twitter account?

    You are really making a bad name for JJ.

    Strange that mamma mia would even make that comment about BG being a saint because I have seen you make that comment how many times?

  • gwen

    @mamma mia:

    No really, a mia popped up on E using the last part of your name to write Leann is healthy posts. Just wondering if it was you.

    So when all else fails and you still can’t get people to feel sorry for WEWE, just argue that the backlash is caused by Brandi.

    Yes we get it, you want BG quiet because WEWE must have something else “important” to promote this week.

    If you support BG, why are you trying to make her out to be the villian.

    BTW, EC and LR made things public. It’s not like we weren’t able to figure out for ourselves that EC had ditched the kids on his custody day, it’s quite obvious to figure out from LR tweets. But if blaming BG, while claiming that you are on her side helps you get through the night, then by all means.

  • Racy

    @gwen: Surprise!! I really don’t care what you think of me – really!! You are pointing fingers and flapping your lips just like you always have. As I have said before, you say everybody is LeAnn because you think that only the recognized and famous would dare confront yo – well, guess again. As far as “Alice” goes – she just bends with the wind. You people should just continue with this crazy stuff you put out because, I would just bet, you still don’t have anything else to do. Bunch of miserable housewives who depend on a man to bring home the support so you can be critics of everybody else. No, I don’t have anything against most housewives – I am one myself. Good night, ugly people, parting is such sweet sorrow!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • gwen


    Someone is messing with the votes again?

    So how come when RACY makes an appearance on this site, the voting system gets unstable?

    So if she can’t make us say nice things, then she is going to manipulate the voting system so that only the positive posts receive favorable votes?

    You did that before and it backfired. But if you think that this will help you by all means, you are just making people question the credibility of this site.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Yeah, but I agree with you. LOL!!!
    Yeah,I said you posted so much,but we all do. I do.
    I agree with you and everybody about this LeAnnEddie.
    Watching a trainwreck…
    Sorry I said that way back when about your postings.

  • gwen


    WEWE(aka irena, cbme, speak now, a, krissy, racy)

    1) ” Surprise!! I really don’t care what you think of me – really!! ”

    Oh WEWE yes you do care. If you didn’t care what I thought of you, you wouldn’t be here spamming under all these different names.

    2)”You are pointing fingers and flapping your lips just like you always have.”

    And we have every reason to point fingers and flap our lips at you. Need we remind you iof CBME?

    If you weren’t dumb enough to post the same comments that you are posting on other sites or on twitter, no one would have to accuse of you anything. You posted the blah, blah, blah post and now you are mad because it connects you right back to krissy?

    3)” As I have said before, you say everybody is LeAnn because you think that only the recognized and famous would dare confront yo – well, guess again.”

    No I say you are Leann for a varity of reasons.

    You are always saying that we can’t comment on Leann because we don’t know her, yet here you are always commenting. So for you to comment that means you would have to be LR or someone who knows her.

    Secondly, you wrote a post telling me that you had me banned. I was banned. But then when I sent JJ the letter from the BBs, I was unbanned. What does that say?

    Thirdly, you are always stalking and making threats, yet JJ allows it. Why would they do that? Why would they allow you to post when they know that you make threats against others?

    Fourth, you slipped up many times when you were posting as alisonj. She knew things that only LR could know, plus she was writing the same things on twitter that you were writing on JJ.

    Fifth, these “LR supporters” show up when we all know that you are spamming on account that you are posting the very same lists of names of the people you are stalking that you use to make on E and x17.

    4)” As far as “Alice” goes – she just bends with the wind.”

    And your point? Oh I get it, now you are making a threat against Alice?

    5)”You people should just continue with this crazy stuff you put out because, I would just bet, you still don’t have anything else to do.”

    Oh WEWE, you are tweeting about another woman’s kids, so what does that say about you?

    You follow EC all around Chicago.

    And what about all those tweets you made on twitter today?

    I guess that means that it’s you who doesn’t have anything else to do.

    Funny that you would make that comment about not having anything else better to do because it sounds just like that post you made as krissy.

    6)” Bunch of miserable housewives who depend on a man to bring home the support so you can be critics of everybody else.”

    WEWE, I thought you said that EC wasn’t miserable. So EC is a miserable housewife who depends on a man, opps I mean Leann to bring home the support so WEWE can be critics of everybody else.

    WEWE no one would be criticizing you if you would just lay low and shut up.

    7)”No, I don’t have anything against most housewives – I am one myself. ”

    That is a lie. You are not a housewife. Just because you use EC lastname on your tweetgrams, it doesn’t mean that you are married.

    You do hate housewives, BTW, CBME use to always boo hoo about housewives. Thanks for once again proving that you are spamming under different names.

    8)”Good night, ugly people, parting is such sweet sorrow!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha”

    Is that what EC said to you? No wonder you are in such a bad mood.

    So who did EC depart with?

  • Gwen Rocks!


    Wow these two just don’t stop ! I used to think Heidi and Spencer were bad, but these two take the cake!
    I think it’s comical how all of a sudden all these “leann fans” come on board to support her. If they were her REAL fans they would be downloading her crap song like you said that TRUE fans should. Instead, her peeps are probably downloading and buying it themselves then they can write it off as a LOSS for taxes !
    How pathetic that Iguana Face has to “appear” as all kinds of different “fans” here on JJ and other sites as well. As for her rapidly dropping weight, the FIRST sign of any addiction/problem is DENIAL ! I mean to tweet about WHAT she ate and taking pics of her food – before and after… I mean really? Any person can see she has a PROBLEM. Sad thing is, everyone around her does’nt want to rock the money boat. If they say something, no more checks!
    You are so right about EC sticking around. No way in hell will he give up the good life.
    As for the pic of Iguana ONCE AGAIN copying BG…looks like Iguana is OBSESSED with BG. Not only does she have physical issues, but mental as well.