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Leonardo DiCaprio: Rainy Cell Phone Shoot

Leonardo DiCaprio: Rainy Cell Phone Shoot

Leonardo DiCaprio films some scenes in the rain for an upcoming cell phone commercial on Monday (April 4) in Paris, France.

The 36-year-old actor got to work on an ad for the Chinese company Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp. Leo‘s contract is reportedly worth $5 million!

Earlier in the day, Leo shot some additional scenes on the street in a different outfit.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio filming a cell phone commercial…

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122 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Rainy Cell Phone Shoot”

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  1. 51
    Fantomas Says:

    About Hoover : J. Edgar looks to reach theaters by late 2011!!!!

    Has anybody news of Gastby?

  2. 52
    Ms. D. Archer Says:

    Thanks, @Fantomas:. I keep hearing go and no-go, so I’m not too sure. I guess we’ll have to keep our ear to the ground and keep the thread posted. :)

  3. 53
    Fantomas Says:

    @Ms. D. Archer : thanks, i heard the same :)

  4. 54
    born jaredian Says:

    lollie, you’re wasting your time. but go ahead, its a free board.

  5. 55
    lol Says:

    I believe it`s you who is wasting time with all the conspiracy theories and short stories. I know it`s a free board I`m not bothered by you and I don`t need your permission to post.
    Have you seen the new barfie post? It must make all the delusionals really mad that Leo is still with her. lol

  6. 56
    Baby Blues Says:

    Leo makes it to Hot Dong Friday – of course.

  7. 57
    js Says:

    @Fantomas: Gatsby will be filmed in August in Sydney, Australia and will be released in the spring of 2012. Leonardo will go back to looking like a stick-thin, young sweetheart for the movie.. and Carey Mulligan is still unfortunately attached to play Daisy.

  8. 58
    sab Says:

    @Baby Blues:
    another great load of photo’s baby blues…thanks for these. he is looking seriosly hot and dapper in these pics….not sure about the hair being that slicked back…you can see his receding hairline….he still looks good though..especially that smile…makes me wanna smile with him.
    anyways, is this a commercial hes filming or a mini-series…i havent seen so many costume changes in one commercial before……cant wait to see the final product, speaking of….have not noticed him holding any mobile phone device or anything throughout the shoot…he could be advertising menswear with all the costume changes for all we know?????

  9. 59
    Ms. D. Archer Says:

    There ARE a lot of costume changes. It sort of looks like the premise of the commercial is Leo evading the paps. I get this vibe based on the motorcycle pics linked to yesterday. Maybe it’s clothing changes in order to avoid being snapped? Hopefully, it gets posted somewhere so we can see it too.

  10. 60
    Ms. D. Archer Says:

    Maybe we’ll get psyched out and Kate will make an Inception like appearance in the commercial ….
    Love this look on Kate. Very chic.

  11. 61
    ice queen NL Says:

    see more pics of Leonardo in Paris

  12. 62
    ice queen NL Says:

    more pics of Leonardo in Paris

  13. 63
    ice queen NL Says:

    oops sorry for the double post

  14. 64
    dudeness Says:

    @kerri: well said :D i love the man !!!

  15. 65
    here Says:

    WHAT JUST HAPPEN HERE???……. two posts back-to-back of Leo….. i loveeeeee!!!!!!! but if i knew i was goin to get my wish i would have wished for something MY-HEART-DEEPLY-DESIRES!!!! but JUST MY LUCK!!!!………. yeh! we get it she was there….. so WHAT???…….. there’s been this constant HATRED towards Leo in this thread, i wonder why????……… from Pro-Bars that is……. hmmmmmmmmm……… something wrong Bar/Herflies????????………… i just love it when she’s not with him……… and @lol, YES! it does tell A LOT about the type of woman who’d put up with IT!!!!!!…………. either way, she’s seen as a Gold-Digger!!!!!!!!!……… and yes! i like to believe that it’s all just an arrangement!!!!!……. i have nothin personal aganist jews, but i heard that a jew woman sleeps with a man within an hour of meeting him and vice-versa, some jew girl said so herself………. if it’s true IMAGINE all the things bar is before posting anymore comments against LEO……… they both are getting what they want from each other – THIS arrangement!!!!………. end of story!!!!!!!………

  16. 66
    here Says:

    amazingly just when another break-up rumor started we get another info of them being together…….. WHY ARE THEY SO FREAKIN’ WORRIED ABOUT THE SPLIT RUMORS????????………… if they r rumors then so be it! what i STILL don’t understand WHY do they get so worked up by them????????……… any truth to them??????………. i came across one artcile….. read for urselves…………. we KNOW they are still together, why all the tension then???

  17. 67
    curi2 Says:

    @here: Are you talking about the article or the posters on here?I think the posters on here were just @born jaredian,you called it yesterday,like magic a thread for you know who appeared.Seems to be alot of hate on this thread.Not going to run me off though,cause I like looking at the pics.I’m sticking around I want to see if us delusional fans are right and he dumps

  18. 68
    Marvin Says:

    I don’t get it either. What’s the point? There is NO way that there is a rabid Bar fan out there. She hasn’t done anything noteworthy enough to warrant that ferocious loyalty – unlike the VS girls or the 90s supermodels. I could care less if they split. I’m so weary of this silliness. Let’s just talk about Leo and ignore her crap.

  19. 69
    born jaredian Says:

    leo is looking kind of tired and resigned and so am I—i dont really care about them anymore, i just hate the lying and hyperbole. there aint nothing to see anyway, just a kind of average looking girl from idaho or kansas.

    marvin, you’re right – her fans are usually fake either her assistant or mom posting under mutiple names. its not a “conspiracy theory” – ths isnt jfk we are talking about- just they outed themselves or were outed by others numerous times.

    SO PLEASE STAY ON THIS THREAD leo fans, dont give barfie any traffic. the usual fake mommikers are at it again. im not!

    and i’m not going to respond to lol anymore, i invite you to put her on “ignore” mode too.

    remember nothing ever stays the same, particularly not in hollywood. once he’s alone the games begin again.

  20. 70
    born jaredian Says:


    i am suprised it wasnt the double panel approach, but it was basically the same thing. just so you know, “Nicki” on the bar thread is one of the monnikers they use over and over. -t here are a couple of others, “tal” “ruth” “Lisa rose” (she started out as “lisa” then “rose” tipi levine was posting as “michael” early on until someone outed her. it didnt occur to me that it was tzipi until she was outed on this site,
    on huffington post, that x17 online san tropez post, and on several israeli entertainment sites- once by her own cousin. then i went back and looked at the older threads her and a definite pattern/history emerged. also similiar “voices” “Styles” etc— we got to know who was who in camp barfie. Bar even signed her initials to one or two…

  21. 71
    curi2 Says:

    It’s still early….we’ll probably get a post like that too.

    Interesting article about Kate and her nudity
    This part compliment or not about Leo are we comparing his model to a french prostitute?
    “Winslet’s career took off with TITANIC and an infamous nude scene with Leonardo DiCaprio who was super skilled at drawing French prostitutes, a prelude to his relationship with that foreign model.”lol

    Anyway enough on that.Hope he shows for the award thing.

  22. 72
    for the record... Says:

    @ice queen NL: thanks for the link…seems like there are more pics from this commercial shoot than the entire J. Edgar shoot…but i ain’t complaining :)

    @born jaredian: i saw the “double-panel” approach used on another site today…it’s all the blogs can do when they are not photo’d together for MONTHS…

  23. 73
    for the record... Says:

    @curi2: great article on Kate…is anyone watching Mildred Pierce? The final two parts are this coming Sunday…she is fantastic in the role…if she gets an Emmy it is much deserved!

    but to answer your question, i think it was a dig at you-know-who, ’cause the words “foreign model” linked to her website, lmao!!!! but whatevs…that award thing has been televised in prior years…hope he goes (solo) and if it’s on TV i’m watching!

  24. 74
    King sausage fan Says:

    hey guys, i must say it’s been a fun day at JJ today. Lots to read and lots of laughs especially on the Barfy thread. And I agree that there was some hate on the Leo thread today so there were def. some flies hovering.
    I don’t get the black stockings with blue jean shorts look that Barfs got going there. Maybe she’s trying to hide her thick legs? i dunno. It looks tacky though. And than there’s Irina Shayk, I was looking at the pics on celebrity of that woman and I was like DAMN, all I can say is DAMN.
    I don’t care about Leo dating a model anymore either, but please god just let her be a REAL model and not a leech next time around. I would love to see him transition to someone with their own career and who has their sh*t together… but I will miss the Barfy posts when she’s out of the picture..i must admit I enjoy poking fun at her. Her one fan and her PR are just so damn obnoxious in every way. I love getting back at those idiots. hehehe *evil horns* :)

  25. 75
    King sausage fan Says:


    thank you JS, that’s great news… I can’t wait for Gatsby..!!!! AND HOOVER, I hope it comes out this year, waiting till 2012 would be ridiculous!!!

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