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Leonardo DiCaprio: Rainy Cell Phone Shoot

Leonardo DiCaprio: Rainy Cell Phone Shoot

Leonardo DiCaprio films some scenes in the rain for an upcoming cell phone commercial on Monday (April 4) in Paris, France.

The 36-year-old actor got to work on an ad for the Chinese company Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp. Leo‘s contract is reportedly worth $5 million!

Earlier in the day, Leo shot some additional scenes on the street in a different outfit.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio filming a cell phone commercial…

Just Jared on Facebook
leonardo dicaprio cell 01
leonardo dicaprio cell 02
leonardo dicaprio cell 03
leonardo dicaprio cell 04
leonardo dicaprio cell 05
leonardo dicaprio cell 06
leonardo dicaprio cell 07
leonardo dicaprio cell 08
leonardo dicaprio cell 09
leonardo dicaprio cell 10
leonardo dicaprio cell 11
leonardo dicaprio cell 12
leonardo dicaprio cell 13
leonardo dicaprio cell 14
leonardo dicaprio cell 15

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Gisele N. Bundchen
  • Gisele N. Bundchen

    HI @french:, @for the record…: @Fantomas: @here: @ice queen NL: @born jaredian: @curi2:
    Thanks for the link, fantomas. Those pictures are great.

  • Gisele N. Bundchen
  • Gisele N. Bundchen

    Sorry… the filming of the video NOT the commercial itself.

  • I ❤ GB

    Why, why, why are my tame comments being moderated? (sigh)

  • I ❤ GB

    Yeah. 36 pictures. There are a few that we haven’t seen yet.

  • Lindsey

    He should get married soon, and NursesDate was amazing

  • I ❤ GB

    So this has absolutely nothing to do with Leo, but if you want to see something funny… read on.
    PS – on an NSFW scale it’s a 1-2-ish for those on work computers.

  • born jaredian

    @for the record…:

    just a few comments – just like in poltergeist- “they’re heeee-reeee”

    you are getting moderating because I am spillling tea here–and i havent event gotten started yet. its not a conspiracy theory-they sign their names and everything. and they hate gisele because she has everything bar wants but cant get with leo.

    just keep posting on this thread i dont want to hear from them.

  • NYC

    Interesting video. What do you think @queen?

  • born jaredian

    there are more posts, more tea to spill, brace yourself.
    eating right is prt of your job as a model….

    also I love GB-they HATE GB and bash/ antagonize her threads all the time–because bar doesnt have it to copy her success

  • I ❤ GB

    I know.. that’s why I vowed not to go on her threads. What’s the point? Not a fan.
    Is Leo Stateside yet? I really like the x17 pics. He looks good and so trim. Someone said perhaps getting ready for Gatsby? Hmmm.
    As much as I like him, I have to say…. he’s not a runner. haha He’s better at giving intensity say… standing, walking, but I’m sure when it’s spliced together it’ll look great.

  • I ❤ GB

    ______________New Leo Thread________________

  • hoover fan


    wow, I actually love her philosophy. “You don’t acquire what you can’t afford.” Those are good words to live by, and I couldn’t agree with her more. I like her little pad, it’s cute :)… I love NY!!

    btw, Hi to all the leofans and thanks for all the links/updates/news!!

    @I ❤ GB:
    going there now :)

  • King sausage fan

    @born jaredian: @I ❤ GB:

    you guys are smart to stay away from her thread. I just get curious so I have to read what the comments say. Plus it’s fun and a good laugh. Their new angle apparently is that the Leo-fans are jealous of Barfy. That seems to be their new angle now. And what is it we’re supposed to be jealous of exactly? most of us just want to see him with someone who’s at his level professionally, and that’s not gonna use him up and that is a real looker as well..eye candy never hurt nobody LOL… I guess they are scared to lose their meal ticket and connections if he leaves her… we want to see him with someone that’s genuine and that has her sh*t together and that is beautiful, but yet we’re jealous? yeah that makes a lot of sense :S um, okay? LOL

  • curi2

    @King sausage fan:
    I’m the same way I just got to see what people are saying its a good laugh.Can you believe someone actually said she works as much as any other model and doesn’t need Leo’s low salary???WTF O and the pregnant comment.Somethings missing …. the weirdo who comes on all these threads with the Bar/Leo wedding 2011 where are Nice,going to the new thread.

  • born jaredian

    I like leonardo but honestly could not handle going out with him. i like to feel secure in my relationships and i wouldnt with him.but i would like to see him with someone else who is really beautiful, sexy/smart/talented and just…more……..

    i do find it insulting to women in general that he goes out with someone untalented and stupid as bar refaeli—its like only boobs not brains matter. i do have a problem with it.

    i’m not scheming on him for me personally, i’m scheming on him for the female half of the human race.

  • King sausage fan

    @born jaredian:

    I don’t think he will be like this when he finds someone he can respect and that is his equal partner. I may be mistaken, but I don’t think he’s a true pathological cheater or anything..I just think he has been doing it with Barf because he knows what she’s about, and that she puts up with all his sh*t because she loves the attention and money too much to let him go. Who would respect someone like that? I think he needs one of his friends or family to pump him up and let him know his worth and how much better he should be doing for himself. Instead of just settling for this dead end arrangement with Barfy he should be going out there and meeting new people and weighing his options. There are so many women with great careers, that are successful, not opportunistic and that are easy on the eyes as well… Model or no model, just someone that is good for him instead of someone that is leeching off him… I think he’s just gotten so used to being used that it’s like second nature to him. He’s just resigned himself to being around these type of people and that’s all he knows… I think this happens to a lot of famous people, it’s like they lose faith in people and think everyone they meet is the same…
    Well guess what, everyone is not the same and that’s what his PR and so called people who care about him should be telling him. I don’t think anyone bothers to talk to him about these things.

  • born jaredian

    @King sausage fan: i hope so too, i’m as jaded as the rest but i hope so.

  • here

    a BIG hello to u too! @Gisele N. Bundchen.. :)

  • Brandi-Gee

    WOW!…. Seriously? Dosent anyone think that some of these comments are cruel and unnesseseary like really ” big stomach” isint that kinda mean! Personally i Love and Respect Leonardo so if anyone has anything to say to me or comment on my comment do it i want your opinion!!!! (better not be nothing mean about him!!!!)

  • http://google Bimal Das

    I think, you know somthing which should suport to climb up world one acctors… Becouse i fill you… You are so…. i don’t explane it…