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Angelina Jolie: Back in Los Angeles!

Angelina Jolie: Back in Los Angeles!

Angelina Jolie arrives at LAX Airport on a flight from Tunisia on Wednesday (April 6) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actress and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador has spent the past few days in the African country to meet with some of the 440,000 people who have crossed the border to Tunisia to escape violence in Libya.

The Jolie-Pitt Foundation has been very active in helping people involved in the situation in Libya.

While Angelina was abroad, Brad Pitt took a few of their kids out for a bite at an In-N-Out Burger!

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# 1

Good for her! Happy family time.

# 2
nakedoldjennifer @ 04/06/2011 at 11:58 pm

Keep up the good Work Jolie, you have a good Heart

# 3

Beautiful lady back home to her family. God bless you Angie.

# 4

Thank god, she’s back safely. So happy to see her.

# 5

Back home safe.

# 6
luvangie4ever @ 04/07/2011 at 12:06 am

Welcome home, Angie! Love the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, love everything you do and have done.

# 7
nakedoldjennifer @ 04/07/2011 at 12:07 am

She looks marvelous for someone who just spent hours on a plane
the crazies aren’t here yet, at least they are not First!

# 8

A closer look at Angelina Jolie’s tattoo in honor of Brad Pitt.

# 9

Welcome back to LA and thanks for the exceptional work that you are doing as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.

love love love

When did she leave? Saturday or Sunday? No more than three days apart. I’m glad they are keeping this rule to make their relationship work!

luvangie4ever @ 04/07/2011 at 12:13 am

She looks amazing, doesn’t she? She’ll always be a true beauty even when she’s a hundred years old because inner beauty stays with you all your life and beyond. She wil forever be remembered for the good she has done. There has never been anyone quite like Angelina Jolie and there never wll be.


She looks so Happy ;) Wonder how Happy Bradley will look ;););)

Angelina Jolie is an inspiration to millions around the world, giving millions more hope, help and awareness. Thank you Angelina and the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

A Mighty Heart @ 04/07/2011 at 12:23 am

Back home to her love and her 6 babies! She does more in a day than a lot of people do in a week or a month! I really admire her and wish I had her energy and tenacity.

AmnestyInternational @ 04/07/2011 at 12:26 am

she only stayed few days???? sorry but for someone who is part of unhcr and goodwill ambassador should stay more than few days to see all refugees. in tunisia it’s really a disaster. many refugees have lost everything in lybia because of khadafi. his army steal everything from refugees. they steal their money , their bagages and slap them like dogs. this is really terrible. in tunisia they live like animals. they doesn’t have food or water. they sleep on the floor or in small tents. can you imagine 10 people sleeping in a small tents.
for someone who pretend to have compassion for this people and be a part from unhcr shoud stay more than few days. maybe she missed the luxury that’s why she returned so soon in LA

Of course she is back safe, the people there are very nice. I lived there for 3 years. She looks great. :)

definitly right with @ amnestyinternational

Can someone give me some info on the JP foundation? I’m looking to make a donation but I’m not sure where exactly the money will go, as in to what cause. Thanks.

JewishAndProud @ 04/07/2011 at 12:36 am

HOW come she never help jewish people? She is racist, always helping those muslim slums and animals. Muslims go to hell. Why does she hate us??

thelookoflove1365 @ 04/07/2011 at 12:37 am

I’m glad Angie is home safe and sound. Pretty sure the kiddies are jumping in joy to see mommy; and one big kid (lol )is prolly very happy to see her and cuddle with her tonight… Let’s get it on…sugahhh..,let’s get it on…

why amnesty is in red,
oh my god this is fachist here or what. do you really thing that this celebrity or all celebrites will save you if something happened here in usa. NO!!!!!!!!

@JewishAndProud: sorry babe but she only helps people who deserve it. not people that have ancestors who’ve endured pain and yet inflict it upon others. ahem.

thelookoflove1365 @ 04/07/2011 at 12:43 am

amnesia-did you go in tunisia to help and how long did you stay? STFU, you hypocrite. She did her job, donate money, and now it is time to be with her family.

Yaawwn! I guess this means all the troubles are over in Tunisia and the rest of the Middle East..

thelookoflove1365 @ 04/07/2011 at 12:47 am

Losers are talking about their mom landing. Where? in a gentleman’s lap?

For the few days she stayed in Tunisia she accomplished more than 10 whiny people like you would accomplish in 10 years.
She is not a fraud like you “Pretending” as you are to have compassion for people as you hate and hide here in America spouting foolishness.
She was over there physically helping out while cowardly you are here whining from the safety of America finding fault and criticizing a woman who is doing more than you will ever do in your lifetime.
Who have you helped? Where is the humanitarian example you have set? All you can do is jump on a blog and screech hatefully.
What a vicious hater you are, making your hateful comments against a woman who has given of her own time and money to help those in need. This woman left her husband and children to go where she was needed and helped out.
Why aren’t you on Aniston’s thread asking WHY Aniston did not go and help people who are suffering and dying? And WHY Aniston has not donated the money she pledged in the press to give to those dying and suffering in Haiti? Aniston is a single woman with no one to care for but herself. Yet WHERE is she when people are in NEED?
Those are the questions you should be asking you foolish hateful thing.
You evil, hateful hypocrite. Go complain on your idol’s thread and leave this thread to those who can appreciate a woman who is really doing something to help those who are truly in need.
People like you and your idol are a DISGRACE to the human race.
You need to be shipped over to Libya and left there with your disgusting attitude and hateful comments. Go over there and talk your trash to the Libyans and see what response you will get from them. They will treat you with the contempt you deserve.

We should all be reminded how lucky and fortunate we are. Health, safety, and freedom are nothing to be taken for granted! <3

#18 pathetic @ 04/07/2011 at 12:49 am

@AmnestyInternational: You must be a “glass half empty” person to judge her for not staying longer. She did her job… it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. She is there to bring attention to what’s happening. With your attitude… if you have kids, I feel sorry for them. Probably can’t do enough to please you.

awww, angie back home and safe in brad’s loving arms! i can just imagine their children welcoming her back with plenty of hugs and kisses!

Yep Angelina ain’t no fool. She is extremely compassionate. She works for social justice. She helps those who are less fortunate and without ego. She doesn’t help corrupt causes and people who are backed by the government and countries around the globe. She helps my people who are dying every second of the day. I’m proud.

And you are no more Jewish than the man in the moon you lying slug.
Go talk to Daniel Pearl’s parents and his widow and learn first hand how much she has done for Jewish people.
You are the RACIST, calling people of another nationality and the same race as you, if you be Jewish, filthy names.
You trolls are the biggest liars and pretenders around. Take your hatred to Aniston’s thread and ask her WHY she has done NOTHING to help those in need? Ask her what she has done for Jews or muslims or the people she promised a donation to in Haiti.
Where is your incendiary Wrath against a woman like Aniston who makes promises and does not keep them?
Instead you are on this thread with your blind hatred that has made you completely stupid making racist and hateful comments. You are despicable.
You idiots are so stupid. Attacking a woman who IS helping out. Calling her names, while the biggest LIAR in Hollywood hears nothing negative from you. And you think you are really fooling people coming on this thread pretending to be what you are not.
May you experience all that the Libyian people are experiencing and worse for your lies. How can you use such a tragedy to attack the very person who is there trying to help and say nothing to the one who does nothing. You really are stupid and hateful hypocrites.

hey can we not even defend angelina to idiots? she needs no explaining. they won’t get it through their thick skulls anyway. ignore the fools.

thelookoflove1365 @ 04/07/2011 at 1:05 am

@reply | flag this
# 30 Jen @ 04/07/2011 at 12:48 am
+6 @AmnestyInternational:———————-
kudos to you for posting a thoughtful response to an idiot spewing nonsesne because they are miserable, hateful, and vile creatures. They always criticize people especially Angie who help others while they do nothing. And they will also demand from Angie to stay their and donate more money to their satisfaction. while they hide behind computers and spew ignorance and hate. Truly pathetic sub-human.

JewishAndProud @ 04/07/2011 at 1:11 am

are you stupid like muslims they are not our race they are trash like angelina and jennifer. they are jealous because they are not jews like us, more smart and beautiful. jewish people will never disappear.

Some ignorant uneducated people here should look up the meaning of AMBASSADOR.
Newsflash Liz Taylor and Elton John didn’t work in a lab helping scientists to find a cure for AIDS. Celebs involved in breast cancer awareness aren’t oncologics. OMG someone spread the news!!!
ROTFL dumbasses

Glad she’s home :D

How come everytime I come on here everyone is so Anti-Muslim? How disgusting. That is the furthest thing from what makes Angelina great. She doesn’t stand for Zionist crap and racism against people whom she supports.

thelookoflove1365 @ 04/07/2011 at 1:15 am

LOL it is really funny when a loony calls others racist but post racist comments herself . LOSING! Ignant fool.

b itches be crazy.

nice shades, ang

thelookoflove1365 @ 04/07/2011 at 1:23 am

You are not from human race. Peaceful Muslims are better than stupid and ignorant person like you. Real jewish people will be ashame of you. You are not kosher…

You are a Racist and a Hater. You speak for NO Jew!

Passing Through @ 04/07/2011 at 1:29 am

New Angie thread…same crackhead troll talking out her ass. The least she could do is get some new material.

to poster 25
Thank you for letting us know Aniston flew in on her broom.

thelookoflove1365 @ 04/07/2011 at 1:40 am

PT-it is late and talking points from their master will not be available until tomorrow morning;, they got no.choice but to use the same shiiit because they are stupid.

Popsugar has nice pictures of Angelina meeting the Tunisian Foreign Minister. She’s doing the best she can to help people in need, she’s the real deal.

Thank you God for bringing her home safely to her beloved family. Angie, you’re an inspiration to us all. May God bless you always.

Pic of Angie meeting the Tunisian Foreign Minister. She has a beautiful big smile —– Gorgeous.

I agree.
Welcome home Angie. We give thanks for your safe return.
Certain there is much joy and love being expressed in your home right now as hubby is thrilled and overjoyed to have wifey back home with him and all the little kiddies are so happy to feel mom’s loving arms hugging them, that is if they are still awake. If not, it is mommy and daddy time…..

# 38 JewishAndProud

The dumbest post I have ever read. Go back and reread your dumb comment and see how ignorant and stupid you look posting that.

Welcome home beautiful lady with a loving heart.

Tampon Jen @ 04/07/2011 at 3:04 am

isnt donating 1/3 of one’s income enough?
jenhags are stupid.
and the rest:
1/3 is invested for their childerns future.
1/3 is spent for living expenses (security, housing, travel, kids education, etc.)
sounds pretty darn awesome and generous to me.
donating and traveling to bring awareness (when she isnt paid to do it) is much more than so many others.
so critics can suck it and hold their heads in shame.

I love shiloh and knox and vivie ^^

Really u have good heart i love u work with people lol

I’m so proud to be Angelina Jolie’s fan.

Why does she always look so freakin’ miserable? Then, while she’s away Brad is out smiling and clowning for the cameras. Hmmmmmm….

Trolls give it, you can never win. Angie is an ANGEL, you’re all wasting your time trying to beat down someone blessed and watched over by almighty God. You’ve all being trying so hard for 6yrs and failing miserably. When will you all learn and wise up.

why doesn’t this ***** donate money for the vitims in Japan?!!! They are victims as well as the poor Africans. F ucking hypocrites!!

Why all JWh@*e’s Dogs are still B@rking after 6+ years ???

JWh@*e had filed for Divorced since 25 Mar05,

JWh@*e is happy with Norman now , she can’t find any good man in her bed !!!

Since 09,JWh@*e on her back with Norman everynight and they had good Ding Ding Dong,

JWh@*e moved on with Norman !!!

Linadude, don’t be worry about Japan’s victims,just worried about yourself and your F*cking family mouths,When Jho don’t pay your B@rking salary,

What Linadoggy d*cky will gonna do when Jho S L U T stops paying her dogs ??? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,

Only Jho hum S L U T is an easy client in HW,that you can earn £££€€€$$$ from RIGHT ?????

Jen the HAG @ 04/07/2011 at 5:39 am

Lina @ 04/07/2011 at 4:42 am

Dumb hag the question is DID MANISTON donate to japan victims?? Angelina has been doing charity left and right while you the HAG brigades only think that Angelina can cure all the ills in the world. There are a lots of celebrity that has done nothing for Japan victimS like your FUGLY BARREN IDOL JEN why aren’t you making comments about them you IGNORANT FUGLY HAG!!

so glad to see her back safely….

she is such amazing woman,with beautiful heart…

love her!!!!!!!!

welcome home hot momma….gorgeous….and oh the ONLY MOTHER OF BRAD PITT’S CHILDREN…suck it haters……..

Lina, so in your way of thinking, if someone gives to a charity or supports a cause that means they have to give to EVERY CHARITY and support EVERY CAUSE, or they are hypocrites? That is very convenient for someone like yourself who probably gives to no one and only supports only your own self absorbed interests. Don’t want to be called a hypocrite, right? What a fcu ked up way of thinking. .

The party's over @ 04/07/2011 at 7:09 am

Brad no longer smiling :(

In-N-Out Mommy @ 04/07/2011 at 7:11 am

Ang will keep her bags packed.

Welcome home beautiful lady.

Yaaaaay, Angelina’s back in Brad and her bb’s loving arms!! Great work Angelina – you are amazing!!

Haters, the question is not what Angie is or has done for the refugees and the poor – UNHCR, the refugees, the poor and her fans know she and Brad have done plenty and still doing- that’s why UNHCR calls for Angie again and again and not for Aniston. We all know Aniston only cares for Aniston, she does not give her own money and will not compromise her yoga time for the poor. They are beneat her. The question you should all be asking is; why isn’t Aniston like Angie, she will still have plenty left for her $50k hair design and ass exhition in Meheeco..

I am starting to hate this woman and all the publicity she gets for what she does. Maybe she is the only one in Hollywood, otherwise I cannot understand why ppl worship her as an idol…

dark angel @ 04/07/2011 at 7:37 am

I won’t ask the haters what have Angie done to them to deserve such hatred. Won’t give them my time. They are sooooo stupid beyond reason.

Thanks t.m. delafonda! I am getting by with the help from family, friends, and cyber friends.

Long live the JPs! You rule!!!!

welcome back beautiful, thank god she has a safe journey back , keep up the good work you are in our prayers Angelina.

A shame that she had to carry a blood vial of her husband, make out with her brother in public, adopt an orphan or hook up with somebody else’s husband to get recognition in her career.

@jj why dont you bogg off on some other site and stop poluting this one with your poison u *****

hmhmhmh….envy is ur friend.talking to world leaders,diplomats and that is anjie.

it wasnt a vial, it was a locket with a drop of blood like when you prick your finger to become blood brothers. i think it was kind of sweet. they didnt make out, just a quick kiss on the lips… my family does the same in greetings, adoption is a wonderful thing, but i guess you also think mariska hargitay adopted her baby for publicity too? as for brad, he was and is a grown man who got out of an unhappy marriage and found happiness with a woman who truly loves and supports him. as a long time brad fan. i am glad he is finally with someone who deserves him and whom he deserves, not some self described neurotic who put him down repeatedly due to her own insecurities. a good man found a good woman and are living a great life. dont hate…appreciate.

it wasnt a vial, it was a locket with a drop of blood like when you prick your finger to become blood brothers. i think it was kind of sweet. they didnt make out, just a quick kiss on the lips… my family does the same in greetings, adoption is a wonderful thing, but i guess you also think mariska hargitay adopted her baby for publicity too? as for brad, he was and is a grown man who got out of an unhappy marriage and found happiness with a woman who truly loves and supports him. as a long time brad fan. i am glad he is finally with someone who deserves him and whom he deserves, not some self described neurotic who put him down repeatedly due to her own insecurities. a good man found a good woman and are living a great life. dont hate…appreciate.

hehehehe am seeing brads nekkid in bed last night!

why bother to even answer jj. It is just another troll changing their name and printing foolishness. Angelina Jolie is the standard for beautiful, talented, loving actresses. SHe is a loving mother and a terrific partner to her man. So let the jj’s of the world spew their hatred and lies because it only serves to make them look more delusional. The fact that they are Aniston fans means that they are delusional enough.

He he he,JWh@*e is still get angry huh ?BotoxNajimy that 6+ years JWh*e had been to on her back with Norman,

BotoxNajimy and T U R D Cøck are still B@rking about Angie’s past, JWh@*e’s dogs can’t move on b/c of £££€€€$$$ of their salary are so big ,ha ha ha ha ha ,

JWh@re is an easy client to get paid huh? WhamoHuvsyBotoxNajimy,

New names ,but all from ” BlogJen’sdogs “

Her anorexia and plastic surgery addiction, while manipulating the media and the people who follow her, is sickening.

She look like tranny fish face.

From Tunisia we send you a 10000000 Thanx
you are an inspiration for people around the world
you have such a big heart
we love you angie

everybody runs fr manny @ 04/07/2011 at 9:00 am

Brad wasn’t stolen like some purse- he RAN from manny- just like everyone else has- even her old “friend” Courtney. With each passing year, it becomes more & more evident why people run from manny- her desperate antics, coat tailing, name dropping, crying over grey hair, and psychotic narcisim are such a repellent to all!

If you notice the past few weeks the trolls are more vicious than usual. They have been lied to, manipulated by ICU the P_I_G for months while Angie was not seen publicly, editing her movie. They were led to believe something big happened behind the scene, and it will all come to light in a few weeks. His “PRIMO” sources informed him BRAD AND ANGIE are no more. They have been led to believe this BIG announcement is coming. Those fools are taking their misplaced frustration on ANGIE. Their will be no big announcement except maybe they got married, lol.

I can’t wait till Angelina writes another book, her last one was great. All proceeds went to charity.

I think you are right, Lurker. Their evil, deluded hopes have been dashed, and they have become seemingly psychotic with rage. They really are to be pitied.

I think you are right, Lurker. Their evil, deluded hopes have been dashed, and they have become seemingly psychotic with rage. They really are to be pitied.

Dang, why did it post twice? Sorry.

Isis Lara @ 04/07/2011 at 9:25 am

God… I adore this woman!!! I wish more people would take a page from her. I don’t think you have truly lived unless you step out of your comfort zone. Of course you’re allowed to make mistakes.. but also learn from it and grow to become a better person. It is so evident with Angelina! Although, I’m still undecided about Brad. I just don’t get the sense that he is as “reflective” of life as Angie.

Richard P @ 04/07/2011 at 9:37 am

My girl Angie is back safe .I love her

Even though I believe that Brad and Angie are married, it does not deter the haters like IUC who I don’t even know who they are by the way, from spewing their hatred of Angelina. Even Aniston professes not to hater anymore but these hens are relentless. Just like dogs after a bone or more like pigs in , well you know.

Beautiful Angie !

@ Lurker 9#91) and @ Jude (#93)
You guys have hit the proverbial nail on the head. ‘Psychotic rage’ is indeed what we are witnessing from the last remnants of the sick twisted freaks who have latched themselves on the lives of the JPS like their mothership – the Fame Fattened Tick herself. LOL
Actually, you could cal it ‘murderous psychotic rage’ because these morbidly obese stinking biitches would literally try to kill Angie if they could manage to lift move their lard-arses.
Yeah, they have been sold so frequently down the river by the IUCs of the world, both within and outside the yellow press, that they all now have stockholm syndrome. They literally have nothing to live for but to feed their irrational hate of a woman who doesnt even know they exist and would feel sorry for them if she did.
Anyhooo, c’est la vie! Their pain, our fun.

I have yet to see a lucid, literate remark from Angelina haters.

brad's bong @ 04/07/2011 at 10:05 am

Brad always looks so much more relaxed without her around. He’s going to have to hide the weed and the hookers now.

hypocrite angelina @ 04/07/2011 at 10:10 am

“she only stayed few days???? ”

She only goes for the photo op. Then it’s back to her A list luxury.

Lurker @ 04/07/2011 at 9:03 am

What’s funny to me is that Mr. Piggy, is sitting on the so-called information and hasn’t gone to the tabloids with it? Even the tabloids know he’s full of crap because you know he’s tried. They’ve been waiting on this big announcement for over a month. It’s not coming, at least, not the one they’re hoping for.

And what kinds of families did these people come from or have that they wish for a family with 6 children to break apart?

Glad that Angelina made it back safely and is back with her family.

I agree with a lot of the comments regarding the trolls. They have reached an a deadend so to speak.. yes that IUC Pig has been spewing on Angie for weeks. Mainly because his book tanked. And the fools that were posting on his site made him think they were large in number. Large enough to make his book a best seller. Well we all know how that worked out for him. They couldn’t nor did they purchase that book. And he deleted all that nasty stuff he had on his site because he was afraid that Angie/Brad had their legal team out and he was going to be sued. I would not be surprised if he got a letter from them. Especially after that NOTW lie was called out and they sued. He ran like the rat he is. And he is I’m sure on of the “sources” that was leaking all that filth to the rags. Well now it is months passed the time he was quoted VERY LOUDLY in his book that Brad and Angie would be over before the end of the year..Well what happened. OH he moved it to April..well?

And yes the fools on his site are idiots. He is I’m sure laughing his as& off at how they will believe any silly rambling crap he puts on his site. spending hours and weeks trying to make sense of something that makes no sense. NOT one thing he has ever printed is true. but of course they need to believe because to not believe would mean that all that sh*t they have held on for 6 years was a lie.

Well now as many have said they are waiting for some big announcement. But not one of the idiots ever goes back to see that he is lying to them. Like Brad was seeing Aniston. That Aniston was waiting for Brad to leave and they could be together. Brad wearing black as a message. NOW Brad was holding up that envelop when the paps caught him out to dinner with Miller that he was telling Aniston that the papers have been filed. WTF..what papers..

They are idiots and it is scary how STUPID people can be and how easily led. I wonder if he is just seeing how gullible they can be. Notice that Morton has not been seen in over a year. He was another that made the hags think he was going to give them dirt. Well neither of their books did well. 1 because the fans of Angie/Brad wouldn’t have bought them if they were free, and 2.. when the hags realized that all that crap IUC was feeding them was not in the book.. because DUH IT WAS NOT TRUE. they abandoned ship and ran to other places to feed the hate. Well ranting about Angie is a full time job, and when one place is not vial enough they run somewhere else.

Well 6 years and the public in general is sick of the endless lies and dumb stories. Which is why they are running around to any site they can find that will listen. But those are few and far between. That kind of Crazy Hate can’t be fed nor fed enough to fill that silliness

They need to grow up and move on. They act as if Angie has done something to them. And this really has nothing to do with Aniston. They are not Aniston fans.. How could they be to think so low of her and that she is so pathetic. Well let them spew.. nothing has changed Brad/Angie are still happy and together.

That to me is the answer to all those silly vial things they say.. Live a loving life together as a couple and all that hate becomes White noise.

Roc On Angie!! So glad to hear you made it home safely to your hunky man and 6 beautiful chilies.

Angie and Brad both have millions of supporters all over the world
so news like this when you are a JPFan is wonderful.

Angie is home safe and sound now that’s truly the best news yet.

i’ma Love the JP Family.

To Lidija post #21, the JoliePitt Foundation is a foundation which funds projects through personal funds from the Jolie-Pitts. It does not seek funding from other sources since it does not manage its own projects. For example, the foundation has given funds to projects managed by the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Make It Right, SOS villages, etc… If you are interested in making donations to any of these organizations, I’m sure your money would be greatly appreciated!

Passing Through @ 04/07/2011 at 11:39 am

# 90 everybody runs fr manny @ 04/07/2011 at 9:00 am
Brad wasn’t stolen like some purse- he RAN from manny- just like everyone else has- even her old “friend” Courtney.
OH SNAP! A while back I had read that Ticky & CC still have dinner together every Sunday…but now that she’s doing Ticky’s sport fvck…well…awkward much? Wonder if Courteney-and-her-new-boobs will have Ticky over for dinner this week and ask Sport Fvck to join them. Nah…you know what…this probably isn’t a problem for these two twits. Courteney foisted Adam Duritz off on Ticky after she’d slept with him…and Ticky happily took Court’s sloppy seconds. So I doubt Ticky has a problem with having had the same sport fvck. After all…if you’re gonna be a middle-aged ho all bets are off. It’s every ho for herself.

Lidija is a troll, please do not answer her “questions”. Thank you.

The J-P foundation run the MJP project.

Angie is a gracious lady who is consistant in giving to the ppl living in third world countries . She is known all over the world for her kindness.
So it’s nice to see her and Brad back in each others arms.

MARIA FROM TEXAS @ 04/07/2011 at 11:59 am


I love the Angie and her man Brad. Hollywoods hottest sexiest most loving couple. Thk God Brad Pitt finally was able to escape from the chin.
Any woman who gives her husband a phoney pregnancy test for his BD as she laughs her A off becuz she knows they are splitting so why not give her ugly goddess circle HO friends a good laugh too IS A MEAN CYNICAL ****.

Congrats Brad! you have the best now. , the most beautiful and a women who won’t lie to you. You were in a real mess before you found Angie. Life is good now and my love goes out to you both.

Angie is awesome just gorgeous N so easy to love.
She will always be my favorite actress. I love reading her material, what she has to say about her and Brad’s life wiith their six children.
NOT what others have to say about her as is all lies but when she speaks she is so cool and one of the most interesting to read.
Actually i am just checking to see if she made it home safe and sound.
Am so glad she did.

Trolls are having meltdown – Poor miserale losers. They’re in so much pain. I bet Brad and Angie hit it off in bed last night while Anuston get to make out with Norman. Lol.

Passing Through @ 04/07/2011 at 12:47 pm

# 91 Lurker @ 04/07/2011 at 9:03 am
I agree up to a point. The main problem for the trolls is that not only are Brad and Angie still together, but they obviously intend to stay that way. sure, Mr. IUC and the tabs have strung them along with promises of a break up, but the root of their problem is that they’ve simply under-estimated the commitment Brad and Angie have BOTH made to the relationship and their family. That pisses the trolls off because, like Ticky and her hens, they believed all the negative media BS about Angie. The all thought Angie would chew Brad up and spit him out and he was just some cornfed schlub from Missouri and he’d never be able to “tame” the “wild child”. They spent years of listening to Ticky denegrate Brad in public and were under the misconception that he just some empty-headed stoner in love with his weed and his good looks – all flash, no substance. They miscalculated both Brad’s and Angie and didn’t realize how much the two of them actually had in common and that they both wanted the same thing out of life. What was it Angie said – that they both went on a lot of faith and could have been wrong, but each problem they’ve encountered has brought them closer? Well…there you have it – Brad and Angie’s relationship has gotten stronger due to asshats like Mr. IUC, the trolls, Ticky and whatever else haters and idiots have thrown at him. And that’s part of why the trolls are pissing themselves these days – they were W-R-O-N-G and it’s pissing them off. Too bad, so sad.

The Greek TICKSTER is comming out with this crap of wanting to hook up with GC as he is single .what hair brained world are you living in Anuston he IS NOT SINGLE ok get the messgae how disrespectful of her to say that she has no feelings for george clooneys girlfriend i’m very surprised the media hasnt pointed it out to her but they love her dont they if it was any other actress saying that they would have a field day ,she is such a dumb lame wonder she is single with that **** comming out of her mouth who wants her .NOBODY

Clarification: The Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation is a separate foundation from the Jolie Pitt foundation. While Angie created the now named Maddox Jolie Pitt Fdn., and serves on its executive board, it is a separate foundation. It is does receive money from the JP fdn but also from other sources. It has its own Board of Directers and manager.Being a foundation that grants monies to other organizations is important enough…not necessary to do it all.

Passing Through @ 04/07/2011 at 1:02 pm

# 104 Observer2 @ 04/07/2011 at 10:13 am
The only thing Mr. IUC is sitting on is his head. I’d bet Ticky’s next flop that Mr. IUC HAS tried to sell his fake “big announcement” to the tabloids – and got turned down flat. You know you’re in trouble when even the Globe won’t buy your lies. He’s sold them stories in the past, but after all that fake ass crap he had in his book and Brad & Angie NOT breaking up by the end of 2010 – they know he doesn’t have jackshite and has even fewer legit sources than they do. Wait…can 0 be fewer than itself? When a bottom feeding rag like the Globe says, “Sorry, dude, but you’ve blown your wad. We can’t use anything you have to say because as soon as people see your name they’re going to start laughing…” then you know your hustle is played out with the big boys. He wants to play in the shark tank, but in reality he’s playing in the kiddie pool and pissing in the water just to gross everybody out.

YUCK! She looks like the female version of her brother Jamie. Eww.

@Paige you must be talking about your self no wonder you lokk like that when you see your self in the mirror dont worry about it if you are ugly you are ugly Paige , just look at your idol MANISTON.

Love Angleina such a great person

Ms. Marla @ 04/07/2011 at 1:30 pm

SCARY..did she ever play a vampire in a movie..seriously all that black clothing..white pale skin..****** looking hair..all she needs is a the way I saw a movie the other eve..”Midnight Cowboy” her dad was very young in that movie, I can’t get over the resemblence..with her 3 non adopted children..beautiful..all her children are..honestly.people here I do not incite..just as I see Brad,always did ..he ages beautifully..and I am glad he has found happiness with his new family, that does not take away from the fact, that I enjoyed seeing him with his first wife..they looked wonderfully is what it is….

Thanks for the new pix Jared. As always, Angie is effortlessly gorgeous!

@Ms. Marla: Yeah they were so happy that’s why she said he wasn’t the love of her life, they were so happy that’s why he left her

I have never read any crap or bull at JJ’s re Angie and Brad.
Just wondering why JP Fans would give that other joint ICU and FF the time of day. I was warned by somebody here a long time ago about not visiting the new ICU group because it was so sickening with bold faced lies so i was glad i was prewarned and have never given them the time of day. Not one hit.
FF i had already been to many yrs previous but not anymore for yrs because it’s not difficult to see it is full of crazies who live with hate and lies , popping meds to keep up the crazy stories. A bunch of dimwits.
So, I guess my point is why give those sick groups a hit . Appparently FF has the same few ppl and is not popular by any means. As for ICU except for hearing about that name here i don’t know anybody who has a clue about the place.
Just a suggestion that was given to me yrs ago from a popular member here and it does work. Why not ignore those places and when you do you have no clue about the lies they tell about the JP’s. The lies that always are never heard of again ontill they start a new one . In the end they just have themselves and it gets extremely boring for them when they have noone to entertain(pisss off)
The ppl i know who don’t bother with celeb bds will ask me once and awhile, not so much anymore , if ever,.. if,.. what they read in a certain mag is true about Angie and Brad breaking up. They get the same answer from me and have for the past six yrs and i tell them if they want the whole scoop to go to JJ’s .
They have all heard of JJ’s and many are lurkers but none of them have heard of FF or ICU.
So i never get asked about the crazy stuff brought over here from those nutty groups. Just saying i don’t think those groups are very popular in fact i know they are not because a group of women i have known for the past 10 yrs from all over the world from when the old MSN groups were on bd never ever ask anything about things those groups have to say.
The only way i know about anything those dopes are yapping off about is if ppl bring it over here. So,..Why bother?? Nobody is interested. it’s always a sack of lies and same old same old every time.

I enjoy coming here . The posts are interesting and up to date. Conversations from old days and new days can erupt from things other ppl come here to talk about. The JP Fans don’t miss a beat. There is always somebody that has the proof or a link to anything said that maybe others don’t believe. And If another member makes an honest mistake with JP info there will always be another member who will be kind enough to correct the error so that anyone who comes here knows they always get the truth. The majority of the members have read every Angie and Brad article as well as the the ex was rapping off about at the beginning of the BU. There is nothing they don’t know about the JP’s if you are looking for the truth. It’s all here.

Lies ? Sure sometimes lots..BUT if you look at the posts that have red arrows. You can always skip them if you are not in the mood for BS because trust.. they are the lies.

Sorry for the length , Have a good day and finally HAIL HAIL Angie Is Home!:)

homeof the D @ 04/07/2011 at 1:59 pm

that’s it then!
Problem in Libya solved!
well done Angie….

Ms. Marla @ 04/07/2011 at 2:00 pm

they were happy,it did not work is and was the way,did anyonere think it was “interesting’ ,that she, always wears coverups when she is visiting other countries,but, this time wearing makeup, and a sleeveless shirt to show off her new tat,the girl knows how to work the publicity machine..she is very shrewd.maybe thats what bugs me about her..smaks of phoniness..publicity about your chairity is one thing,flaunting what you have is another..just my opinion..I have a right to say because she is a public figure.

lurkersville @ 04/07/2011 at 2:01 pm

Welcome Back!

homeof the D @ 04/07/2011 at 2:01 pm

so many of you say she is back safely
People have war in Libya and Angie got home safe? really?
as if anything could happen to her…she has signed a contract of keeping her extremely safe where she goes

Great post #126 catsup! Agree totally. I never go to those sites and refuse to give them hits.

Passing Through @ 04/07/2011 at 2:02 pm

# 105 busted @ 04/07/2011 at 10:34 am
NOW Brad was holding up that envelop when the paps caught him out to dinner with Miller that he was telling Aniston that the papers have been filed. WTF..what papers..
BBBBBBWWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! No shite? Those idiots really think that? What a bunch of morons! What did it mean when Brad was in NOLA last week and held the book over his head? To the rest of the world it just meant he didn’t want to get rained on. But to those losers it was probably a sign for Ticky to meet him back at his French Quarter house. Or he was giving her the okay to name their frozen embryo baby after her BFF – his mother Jane. I wonder if they have a secret decoder ring or sumpin’?

Well said Catsup! That should also apply to the other hater sites like Lamey, HufPo, HWLife, D-list etc etc. Otherwise they are just getting more attention and more hits, making them appear relevant when the reality is so very different.
Waving to Neleh ((hugs)). Hope you’re having a good day and enjoying the family time when work doesn’t get in the way, bless you. Bet Brad and Angie and family have been having a great time.

those papers says”jen is really a Man.

Wow ! Marladoggy T U R D Cøck + BotoxNajimy must B@rking huh ?

How nice that your JWh@re on her back with Norman the dog for 6+ yrs ?

JWh@re’s career is dying dying dying and dying,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,

Ms.MarlaBotoxNajimy will always be the B@rking dogs for JWh@re forever !!!

Thanks Lara, #133! So right not to give those sites like Lamey and HufPo hits!! We JP fans number in the millions and we don’t want to draw attention to those hate sites!

joliepittwatchpostersareinsane @ 04/07/2011 at 2:45 pm

if u ever want a laugh, read a poster called “jolie-pitt-fanatic” posts at

truely the most funny, insane posts i have every seen, she questions every thing brad and angelina do as parents and worries so much about the kids lives.

JPF, you are insane.

sherry is a nazi.

between the haters and fans @ 04/07/2011 at 2:56 pm

i do find some fans prasing the lord that angie is safe, it does seem a bit disrespectful to refugees.

guli1 and m4 also say “i wonder when angelina will return home” and this is when angelina has left LAX TO GO ON A UNHCR MISSION.
pathetic. angie’s not gone 5 minutes and they want angie to stay at home…

LOL at haters, how much have u donated trolls? or do u just whine behind a computer on ur fat asses?

the trolls are crazy cray,,,,but some fans can give brangelina fandom a bad name…both sides annoy the people in the middle.

between the haters and fans @ 04/07/2011 at 2:59 pm

angelina at a jewel show a day after being in tunisia? does uncomfortable timing

i hope beverlyhills fails in her stalking, for many reason tbh.

Jen'spostersareSycopants, @ 04/07/2011 at 3:01 pm

Jennifer Aniston admitted to VF 05 that she needs The Therapist !!!

” I have worked with this Therapist for a long time ” (15-25yrs ?)

tks Dakpta and Lara, How true there are millions of us JP Fans so that is a tremendous amt. of hits. Boy,.. would all of those other nasty a@s places you mentioned as in other hater sites ‘ like Lamey, HufPo, HWLife, D-list etc etc feel the pain if we skipped visiting their sites.
Actually i gave up on Lamey a long time ago too. Once her true colors came out i emailed her told her why i was leaving and NEVER coming back and to be honest i never have. She’s a phoney baloney, pissses me off she makes other canucks look bad the bytch.
So yeah it hurts them losing hits so we should consider that before going to these places…Lets Do IT JP FANS!! YEAH!!:):)
It would be noticable from day one to them.

Lets BAN ALL JP HATER SITES!! just a thought but danmm i would do it in a NY heart beat…in fact going to start right now…..done:)

Okie Doke…Be well FANS and Howdy to Miss Nelah who takes the time to say hello to all. You are a sweetheart and i hope all is well on your end.
big hugz xo


i see nothing strange about being glad that a mom of six young children has returned safely from such a trip. Jolie does a lot for refugees and others with her work and charities. The world is much better with her in it.

Thanks Jared, For All the JP News.Hello JP Fans.
Just Stopped for a Moment to read the Latest on
The Gorgeous Angelina Jolie.What A Lady .The
X could Never or Ever hold a Candle to This Gorgeous
Mother of Six.Brad is So Lucky to Have Found this Gem,
Angelina Jolie.Brad and Angie were Made for Each Other.
She Walks Her Talk.Okay, Bye.Keep Up
The Great Comments here at Jareds.The Haters Know
they are Just Blowing Hot Air.

God Bless Angelina ,Brad and The Children.

Tampon Jen @ 04/07/2011 at 3:41 pm

ticky called george clooney “baby” in her Allure mag interview (the one with the pedophile, teddy bear pics).
she called him “Baby”.
lol. such a sad woman.

George Clooney twitted: “Man, stop dragging me into your pathetic magazine interviews”

Welcome back angelina!! Love ya always!!

Angelina accomplished so much in Tunisia. She brought her much needed attention to her latest coordinate arm tattoo.

No I’m not a troll. I was looking to make a donation so I asked my question. Thank you post 107 for giving me info. I’ll look into Doctors Without Borders today. :)

JewishAndProud @ 04/07/2011 at 4:54 pm

yes im real jew and proud. you dont know but all jews we think like this but we dont tell you. we hate muslims forever and u cant stop

Ms.Marla T U R D Cøck+BotoxNajimy gone and StarbugGuest25NE comes such a good B@rking dogs team huh? WhamoHuvsyThe HalfMan ,

Hi Neleh,
Thanks for the shout out and the links,Take care my sweet girl,

Big Hugs from DK,

Angelina Big Veinsolie @ 04/07/2011 at 5:11 pm

I’m glad she’s covering up the vein explosion in her arms and hands.

#150@JewishAndPround(a coward dogjew from StarbugNE,Pigian)
yes im real dogjew and pround,you dont know but all fake dogjews think like this but we dont tell you.we fake dogjews hate muslims forever and you cant stop,
Fake dogjew (Mrs.Norman Forever)

JewishAndProud @ 04/07/2011 at 5:20 pm

@NAN: shut up we jews will spit on you with netanyahus help that is what he wants and so do we.

He he he,JWh@re on her back with Norman No Baby or Babies !!!

Angie making love with Brad have Baby and Babies,

I’m glad that Brad’s Ex cannot Producing any Baby for him maybe she thinking thoughts that man will love you forever b/c of your vain,arms,hands not the good Poosey which can Producing Babies ,

Poor JW@re Anuston is still be on her back with Norman,No one wants her Ez Ez Loosy Poosey ,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I hope she gets tried for treason. Helping Al Qaeda like this is awful. Jennifer Anniston loves America and is anti-Al Qaeda.

dlisted @ 04/07/2011 at 5:30 pm

Hopefully teh Brad doesn’t build any of those awful houses for libyans like he did for the people of new orleans.

dlisted @ 04/07/2011 at 5:30 pm
Wow, you are beyond S T U P I D……… Why don’t you tell that to OBAMA and the UNHCR!!!!!!

Wow! Fake dogjews answered me huh? Whamo T U R D Cøck BotoxNajimy .

Come to Denmark dogjews ,i have a lot of muslim friends ,they can give you a lesson ,use your real name Fake dogjews,don’t be a coward like your Sycophant’s boss,

@AJfan: I skype with POTUS all the time and told him to ship Angie HO to GuantanaMO.

…netanyahu is knows his place, so s hut-up with your foolishness…hahahahahaha…

I truly believe, do to her ecent actions, that Angie Ho may be funding the Taliban.

JewishAndProud @ 04/07/2011 at 5:46 pm

yea al muslim are terrorists and thats why they are friends with angelina. all liars and ugly scarf on their head even angelina wear ugly scarf like them. animal muslim

@TEAM HEN: Good point Team Hen. She funds them directly with her heroin habit. She was obviously in libya to secure opiates for her and teh Brad. I sure hope pax doesn’t mistakenly think her “H” is candy. : (

Sessy Poosey @ 04/07/2011 at 5:49 pm

Jennifer will have the last laugh when one of Brangie’s wandering nomad children stabs everyone to death in the family yurt at the airport.

JewishAndProud @ 04/07/2011 at 5:50 pm

netanyahu is with us to take over palestine we are better than muslims we are guna be free and take over we are the best better people of the world

HatersRNincompoops @ 04/07/2011 at 5:50 pm

Haters are I D I O T S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hate Breeds Hate, Violence Breeds Violence, Indifference Breeds Catastrophe
Archbishop Lazar

I don’t think those children even know how to read, or maybe they know how to read Swahili or Urdu or something Communist like that

…at least angelina has friends, ugly…hahahahahahahahahaha…


Bellatrix @ 04/07/2011 at 5:54 pm

Just because Angelina is not like the American government, funding illegal Israeli government military that means she is a terrorist? Oh please, stop with this us vs. them mentality. It is the death of us. Angelina just has morals.

You should be arrested for stupidity

@Bellatrix: Pipe down, anti-semite. Maybe there’s a Mel Gibson thread you should be posting on!

Bellatrix @ 04/07/2011 at 6:03 pm

@dlisted: What? I never said anything about Jewish people, but Israelis. Who are not semetic. So the term “anti-semite” doesn’t apply. Nice try though.


…you’re still ugly…hahahahahahahahaha…

@Bellatrix: Racism towards Jewish people is anti-semitism. Which surprise, surprise, are what the vast majority of Israelis are, bigot!

He he he,JWh@re got angry that she on her back with Norman for 6+ yrs ,but can’t Producing any Baby or Babies,

JWh@re promised Norman ,The Love Of Her Life !

” I Did I Do And I will “( Baby dogs on the way)


why she s always like that very stiff with the people around her..that poor woman beside her at least deserves a smile..but nooo god forbid…SMILE angie u r bk to your family and to your country…smiling s good u should try it someday…

I can not believe what comes out of the mouth of haters. Their mouth are like city sewage. A lot of things come out of it but most of it is **** .

The postings of Ticky’s fans proves that they are a bunch of hate mongers. Brad better up the security of his family from these bunch of hate mongers.

Bellatrix @ 04/07/2011 at 6:17 pm

@dlisted: I don’t think you know what “semetic” means. Just because people have used it to describe racism towards Jews does not mean it is a correct term.

Those who think they are defending Jen’s honor or even Christians or Jewish–should think again. Many sit back and watch who does the provoking and who cries foul, plays the victim and whom are the real victims. 50+ years of silencing people’s opinions or muddying questions/answers are slowly eroding. The corrupt media owned by the same cannot even pervert the truth anymore.
dlisted racist making quite the reputation for whathisname, Michael? Is he a Muslim hating, child hating, UN hating, Jolie hating provocateur too?
Or just Jewish? Gay? Same old, like the rest of media/gossip stirrers. Interesting.

Here’s to when that little cabal in the media made of wannabe ‘queenly’, mean ‘girls’ is exposed. Hate takes so much of your soul, make you a prisoner of yourself. All peaceful, loving people already know this, why don’t the Jen fans and PR team get it?

Wow these so called fans of Ticky are really a scary bunch so full of hate. I feel so sorry for you hateful mongers, you all seem to have a very sad hateful life, hating on someone you don’t know and haven’t done anything bad to you.

brange fan from greece @ 04/07/2011 at 6:26 pm

oh my God.what is going on in this thread.the haters are really getting are disgusting.leave the children im sure you haters don’t have any children because if you have you wont say those thing about the JP kids.can’t believe this kind of people really are mentally needed better stop your afraid of karma.this are children we’re talking about.if you still believe in God , stop this…you are so angry because inspite all the attack on angie,people still love and adore her and she is still so blessed.being admire all over the are expecting the opposite will happen that is why you turn your hate on the innocent children as well.God help your soul.

brange fan from greece @ 04/07/2011 at 6:35 pm

please haters, move on .if your lives are miserable it will be more miserable because of the hate in your are very frustrated because the break up that you wished for is not happening.instead brad and angie continue to be strong and so blessed with these beautiful children and continue to be successful.just accept it and you will be blessed one day have to let it go.its been six years already.

Welcome back most gorgeous one glad to see hat you made it home safe…You rock…

Are you Jen huh? TEAM HEN #189,04/07/2011at 6:31 pm,

That’s why God never give you any baby to catching the good man !

Your life will down down down and down never succeeds in life again !!!

brange fan from greece @ 04/07/2011 at 6:47 pm

haters , can’t you see that the more you spread hate and atack angelina jolie, the more we will love her and support her and the rest of the world.the world is not judgemental like you, who keep on bringing her past as if you are know what, this is the reason why me and all her fans admire her more.she never hide her past and always honest and turn her life around and become a better person.i never heard this woman speak bad of other people.instead she help people in can we not love and depend this amazing woman.

brange fan from greece @ 04/07/2011 at 6:57 pm

btw, hello JP fans.glad that angie is back home safe.i keep on praying for her safety.was really worried on her trip.such a brave and compassionate woman. continue what you are doing angie . many people love you and admire you.

JUST STOP @ 04/07/2011 at 6:57 pm

Its one thing to not like a celebrity but there is NO PLACE ANYWHERE FOR RACISM AND BIGOTRY!!

@TEAM HEN: racist or bitter……. fit of madness……….take your meds…….

Reply to “The ***** Has Landed”…….hey you, whoever you are….YOU ARE THE ***** and YOU KNOW IT. Look in the mirror and you’ll be disgusted with your reflection. You’re so sick of yourself that you have to lash out to people………tsk tsk

Tree of Life @ 04/07/2011 at 7:20 pm

Fox Searchlight Launches Mesmerizing ‘Tree of Life’ Experience Site

There are two ways through life. Whoa. Fox Searchlight has launched a website in promotion of Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life – it’s called Two Ways Through Life and is described as an “experience” and it definitely is. Starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain, and written and directed by Terrence Malick, this impressionistic story follows the life journey of a young boy

@dlisted: @Sessy Poosey: @JewishAndProud: @TEAM HEN: the world ( Christian, Jew muslims…..) does not need a racist like you…………

hey stupid jewishproud go see a shrewk. you speak like hitler. i’am so grateful that angelina jolie has seen the refugees in tunisia. she is the only celebrity who cares about arabs. i have many respect for her. i wish many celebrities could do the same things like her.

@brange fan from greece:
Your comments are always so kind and intelligent. I am so happy you are a JoliePitt fan.
What you say to the haters is so true.
They are miserable haters who will never find any happiness in life.

wow there are many islamophobe here. for some jewish who treat muslims and christians of anti-semite; just look at yourself. you are the cancer of the world. you insulting muslims but you didn’t see l what you have done in palestine. you are making the same things like hitler has made for you. disguted jewish religion. i’am so proud that i’am not jewish. the evil you will all going to the HELL. so proud of angelina she is with us. i will defend her even if she is a celebrity. she is fabulous not like you jewish of sh!t.



Jolie not caught in riot: U.N. rep

A representative for the United Nations has dismissed rumours Angelina Jolie was forced to cut short her visit to the Libyan border after she was caught up in a riot.

Hollywood actress, who is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations’ refugee agency, flew to Tunisia this week to visit Libyans who have fled across the border to escape ongoing violence in country.

Subsequent reports suggested Jolie found herself in the midst of a security scare after a riot broke out at the refugee camp she was visiting.

But Tim Irwin, a spokesman for the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), has confirmed Jolie is safe and was not caught up in any trouble. He tells E! Online, “I’m not aware of any security issues surrounding her visit.”

she is better than Audrey Hepburn.

reality check @ 04/07/2011 at 7:45 pm

She cares? She shows her face, makes like she cares, and then gets on a private jet and flies back to her high-priced, over-indulgent life style.

What is all this nonsense on this thread? Please Angelina is back with her family and getting ready to do the whole Cannes thing with Brad next month.

OT Congrats to Law and Order SVU’s Mariska Hargitay on being a mom for a second time. She adopted a little girl and named her Amaya Josephine.,,20479935,00.html

Re-posting this very sensible comment from another blog.
Many people in this world recognize the good Brad and Angelina do.
Don’t rip on someone for adopting a child, regardless of where that child was born. Angelina and Brad do more humanitarian work than almost all the celebrities in Hollywood combined. The way I see it, Brad and Angelina are setting an example that being famous should be less about vanity and more about helping others. By her drawing attention to suffering people, more can be done to help them!

bahaahaha…dont worry fanistons, anjie is happily lying in brad middle legz…..suck it!!!!

@reality check: And you ??? behind your computer , you care ??? idiot……………

reality check @ 04/07/2011 at 8:06 pm

I’m not the hypocrite…she is. I don’t live a life of luxury, and pretend to give a **** about others who could use a hot meal and a safe place to call home. How can anyone who lives in a multi-million dollar home, flies all over the world in private jets, buy over-priced clothes, etc., etc., claim to care so much? Does she realize how many children starve to death while she is sitting in her private jet?

reality check @ 04/07/2011 at 8:06 pm
Your thinking is so messed up . Do you think rich humanitarians should all live like a pauper? Why don’t you tell that to Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Bono, Clooney, Madonna & other rich humanitarians. Ask yourself the question of children starving. Have you sent any donation to these starving children? AJ have donated a lot of her own money to help the plight of the refugees and poor people around the world. And you’re here criticizing her when I bet you haven’t done anything to help these starving children’s causes.

@reality check: Don’t judge and you will not be judged………..and yes you’re a hypocrite………

#210 is ignorant @ 04/07/2011 at 8:23 pm

@reality check: So, your philosophy is if you donate money and time to a charity, you should try to live below your means like the ones you help. So, if you are middle class and you donate to a lower class society, you should live a lower class life. Your bottom line philosophy is: Do this or don’t do any charity at all like you.

Stop judging with your nonsensical logic.

Dear JP fans, please don’t let these psychopaths distract us from expressing our joy for Angie’s successful trip to Tunisia. These scumbags who impose themselves on us on JP threads will try their best to distract us by throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Angie. All their efforts will fail as in the past. We must not let them control this thread. They can rant and rave but Brad and Angie will still be together and will continue to grow stronger and live their lives as they please. We as JP fans have a lot to celebrate and be happy for. Trolls are mad b/c they have failed miserably in their efforts to destroy Brad and Angie’s relationship and careers but instead these two wonderful gorgeous people are tighter and more in love today and their respective career have blossomed. Haters are in pain and hurting but they deserve every pain/hurt they feel —– KARMA!

Back home safe & sound to the arms of her husband & kids. God bless her & her family.

Agitated Trolls @ 04/07/2011 at 8:29 pm

Trolls always become agitated whenever they see sweet, happy people that are so in love w/ each other like Brad & Angie; add six beautiful JP babies, and their bile is increased one hundred fold. Trolls clearly lead very sad and empty lives- they prove it every time they spew their lies and hate. Here is a gorgeous JP video that can calm even the most agitated troll:

@Jen: ITA with you. I wish, we have more Brad & Angie in HW to help others.

Brad and Angelina being happy and in love sure drive haters over the edge.

@reality check:
Take your complaints over to Jennifer Aniston’s thread.
That woman is desperately trying to get $42million dollars for a home she paid 13 million for and she still has NOT donated the money she promised to the people of Haiti!
WHY does she need another $42million dollars to sit on her huge arrrse growing old and even more ugly, looking more and more like humpty dumpty, doing nothing to help anyone but herself? No wonder she can’t even BUY a man.
You are on Angelina’s thread talking nonsense as Angelina and Brad just paid to transport 177 people in that war torn region back to their homes and they also purchased an ambulance to help the sick and dying. And they are building homes for people in New Orleans.
What is your idol Aniston doing or ever has done to help anyone?
She does not leave her high-priced, over indulgent lifestyle to lift a finger to help anyone. She flies her friends to Mexico where she sticks her but up in the air to have photos taken in hopes of attracting ANY man. So far in SIX years it has NOT worked. She is still single, old, and ugly.
She is the world’s biggest hypocrite right along with you and her hater, racist fans.
Here’s a Reality check for you – go try and convince Aniston to part with a few of her coins to help the sick and dying in Lybia, better yet tell her about her over indulgent lifestyle and how you think SHE is a hypocrite and a liar for never doing what she promises to do and see if she does not kick your skin crawling butt right out the door.

reality zhit!! braindead and fcuk up!!! anjie wore a 26 # r.c. dress ejit!

WHO IS SALT ? @ 04/07/2011 at 9:02 pm

Yes you are a hypocrit just like your idole who goes tanning in Mehicco while calling it a humanitarian act to help those people.
You and you’re idole need a reality check. You and your idole are hypocrit to the core playing all dood people while you are the contrary !
As for Jolie she doesn’t aonly show her face as your sumplisdtic fawniston cretin mind assume. she implementing oart of a role in a plan that involved several colleague and political. She gather information that only her apolitical status give her and add it to others from political ones.
But again, as a one digit IQ hen, you wouldn’t know that. Adter all you are a fan of a mega bimbo who can’t think thought properly and think of charity as a tanning session in 5 stars hotels !

they really turn on him now @ 04/07/2011 at 9:24 pm

Brad Pitt is lost a lot of fans in a very short amount of time. Now the Ffers hate him because the necklace they thought was from jennifer aniston turns out to be from Angelina jolie. I bet he’s pizzed that guy told on him…. he’s slowly losing his old golden couple fans. what will he do without them? without them he’ll only have brangelina like Angelina because her fans left her a long time ago and so she only has brangtards now. sad for brad

they really turn on him now @ 04/07/2011 at 9:27 pm

Look for In touch and star to start the old Brad going back to jennifer articles. brad desperately needs them now.

Gorgeous Angie @ 04/07/2011 at 9:29 pm

one year ago, we watching the JPs, do so many fun things in Venice- many, many awesome pictures…well, we were also just starting to see press for Angie’s “new” movie SALT- she looked so hot on this cover:
In a rare interview inside Entertainment Weekly‘s new Summer Movie Preview issue, Angelina Jolie talks about her thriller Salt – and a whole lot more! “I was simply looking for the best action script that was going around,” says the 34-year-old actress/mom/philanthropist/wife.

they really turn on him now @ 04/07/2011 at 9:32 pm

@brange fan from greece: @JUBILEE: they are very angry today. wonder why? Brad better start talking about jennifer.

they (pitt and jolie) have a fortune of $300.000.000 (and maybe more). And they gave to Haiti $1 million. ..mmmm…

they really turn on him now @ 04/07/2011 at 9:35 pm

The star cover was a DISASTAH! Brad’s only fans left(brangetards) are not gonna wanna watch his gangster movie now . Sad for brad

Love, Love, LOVE Salt!! @ 04/07/2011 at 9:45 pm

#226- Thanks for the Salt memories- what a FABULOUS movie!! Angie did such an amazing job. Also, I really loved the LA red carpet- Brad & Angie were adorable!

@ 230, “Thanks for the Salt memories- what a FABULOUS movie!! ” BETTER THAN “THE GODFATHER” “Angie did such an amazing job” SHE IS FAR BETTER THAN MARLON BRANDO, AL PACINO, JAMES DEAN, MONTY CLIFT, ROBERT DE NIRO, BETTE DAVIS, KATHARINE HEPBURN, GERALDINE PAGE, MERYL STREEP, AND BETTE DAVIS TOGETHER . Oh what an artist, what a fantastic and so amazing movies she does. She is like Charlie Chaplin. .. xDDDDDD

she doesnt look happy. maybe ‘cuz Brad is with Bella.

i dont like her. I mean, she is doing things for a lot of people. But .. i dont know why.. she seems like a manipulative person

Wow….there are a few delusional and truly jealous Angie and Brad haters on the site today. Love Angie and her ability to draw attention to and support for those less fortunate. Would love to be a fly on the grotto wall when she got back :)

I hate to say it, but I believe it’s easy to be selfless with her life. I’m much more impressed by the “regular” people who quietly and diligently do this everyday. It’s easy to be a billionaire, and fly to visit a childrens hospital (with photos being taken, of course!) and wear a burka, sari etc. and look sympathetic. Sorry, she is very contrived to me…..

I don’t know anybody who didn’t go crazy just aloven the film”Salt”
Angie was fabulous in that movie. Changling too was another fantastic movie. Angie has a list of great movies a mile long on her belt that are all BO Hits.
She’s a great movie star, wonderful caring partner to Brad Pitt with 6 sweet children, is so well known for her work with the UN as a philanthropist, a pilots who rides airplanes all over the world, loves to ride her motorcycle with her man for fun, loves having her partner Brad’s babies and as they get older they all travel around the world to learn about the cultures of other countries.
Angie is a supastar!

Glad to hear she is home and back in brad’s arms.

SALT Blu-Ray @ 04/07/2011 at 10:14 pm

If you loved SALT, make sure you see the director’s cut, too. We got it on the blu-ray, but I think it is on the 2 disc dvd set, too. We loved SALT in the theater, but liked the directors cut version even better- a great treat!!

Official Tree of Life Site @ 04/07/2011 at 10:16 pm

The official Tree of Life website has just gone live- it’s SO BEAUTIFUL!!

Praise Angie and Brad! @ 04/07/2011 at 10:18 pm

I live my whole life on what Angie and Brad do. I would kill myself if they were dead.

I just love her! What a great video ‘just agitated’ – they are both gorgeous yet so cute together. I can’t wait for Cannes! The carpets are nadda w/out the Brad and Angelina show. And they don’t even have to try. Thank you both for all you do. I wish I was in a place where I could. Trolls keep on trolling you can’t touch this power couple, they are truly the real thing.

Salt water for tiny peens @ 04/07/2011 at 10:21 pm

I saw Brad’s naked ****** when he was in the outdoor shower with Qwen. It is very teeny tiny. Just like his and Angelina’s brains.

toilet talk @ 04/07/2011 at 10:24 pm

I think I just farted.

Also, I just watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith AGAIN such a great show. I loved Salt and the Tourist but I must say Mr. and Mrs. Smith is the best! Though the butt-kicking in Salt was awesome and the gorgeousness/ cute-funny in Tourist. Love them both in everything.

Kudos to Angelina Jolie for all her exemplary work for The UNHCR!

I love her. I wish I could marry her and make 500,0000 babies with her. I need to break her and Brad up. Stay tuned.

Angie and Brad are smiling today. What a lucky sob. Would love to borrow her man. ha…purrrrr
They have made such a wonderful life for themselves and yet never forget to give to the downtrodden. You give and be a good person and it all comes back to you. Angie and Brad are living proof of that saying.

The trailer of Tree of Life is so captivating. Can’t wait to see the movie. Looks like a real good movie.

GOD BLESS THE JOLIE PITTS! Anyone who hates them are foolish trolls who will ************ with satan!!!!!!!!!!!! MORONS! HATERS!!!!!!!!

I have more respect for people who donate money and adopt needy children without shouting it to the world to make themselves look better. #Cough# Angie #Cough# Pitt stain#.

Angie is awesome. It’s good to know she is back home.

@233@239@242,et al

Go to Rehab get some help you have become Toxic it is affecting your brain

I guess if you are the most powerful women in Hollywood you are bound to have jealous lowlifes blabbing on about you.
I am happy for Angie and Brad too that they don’t care one way or the other what the jealous naysayers have to say about them.
They are worth a ton of money but tis nice to see and read the way they share with the rest of the ppl on this earth who need it.

Bless Them, No wonder they are happy within themselves.

@reality check:
You know your comment is so stupid and makes absolutely no sense.
And you know as well as we do that your comments make no sense.
You are not kidding anyone with your false complaints against Angelina.
All the twisted lies you tell yourself and try to spread against Angelina do nothing to get rid of that ONE excruciatingly painful reason WHY you hate her so much.
You hate her ONLY because she is Brad Pitt’s WIFE and the mother of Brad Pitt’s children and this is more than you RACISTS can bear.
How DARE Angelina make Brad to become the father of her adopted children.
This is why you haters are so desperate for them to split and for Brad to take the bio children only and run back to your ugly, and just as hateful as you, idol Aniston.
And as Lurker said, all the lies mr iuc has told you have not come true and never will and you are hopping mad because you realize you are a fool. So you rush to the JP thread in a rage and attack the fans and spew out even more hatred thinking it will make you feel better.
Well do you feel better you idiot?

Angie and Brad are the most hunted couple in Hollywood.
No wonder they moved to France for the better part of the yr..
I love seeing them and their adorablle kiddies but don’t blame them one bit for wanting some peace living in another country where the pap laws are tighter.

Welcome Home Angie ! Can’t thank you enough for all of the good you do from the bottom of your heart. We need more ppl like Angelina Jolie in this world. What an angel.

Brad's Super Hero @ 04/07/2011 at 11:12 pm

This is a great video- they use the clip where Brad says that his super hero is the mommy of his children- swoon! It’s also very artistic:

Is that you Aniston?
You just can’t bear it can you old girl when all the DIRTY lies you make up and try to have others use to attack someone else with are thrown right back into your ugly old face where they truly belong.
You can dish it out, now take it like the man you are.

Jen @ 257

LoriLori was responding back to posters at @233@239@242,and not to you.

what is that PAINFUL SHRIEK heard??? the jenhags crying all over the internet showing the www their CRAY CRAY!!!

I love this sexy woman. Brad Pitt is one lucky man.

He must be thankful he got rid of the needy one with the big chin.

I enjoyed hearing Brad say he chased Angie all over the world to make her his woman. Winning!

ignore the trolls fellow JP fans it is not worth it. That JewishPerson is full of crap I think Angie is half Jewish from her father side (Voight). So ignore the stupid troll.

Where does it say that it is Angie’s responsibility to take care of all the world . She doesn’t not owe the world anything she does it because she wants to. She gives what she can. The whole argument about Angie only giving a $1M to Haiti is dumb. I don’t care if she has a billion stash away somewhere the fact that she gave at all is a testament to her character as a human being. Plus Angie is savvy on how she chooses to donate because pouring tons of money into a system with no infrastructure is inviting corruption and mismanagement. It is like pouring money down a black hole. This will not help those in needs (just ask Madonna). Angie has always taken her time and assess the situation herself before helping in a most strategic effective long term manner. That is the way to donate. Get a clue troll. Go back to school and learn something.

Angelina’s beuatiful jewelry inspired by the pendant she made for Brad.
Thank you Dulcinea13 for the article.
Gosh, their love for each other makes them so creative in so many ways. What an incredibly loving couple they are. They just make me want to swoon.
Angelina Jolie: Actress, Humanitarian, Jewelry Designer
Posted 4/7/2011 4:01:00 PM

“The goal was to create something artistic and meaningful”, says Angelina Jolie of her new design collaboration with Beverly Hills jeweler and longtime design partner Robert Procop. On Tuesday, I met with the jeweler at Julien’s Gallery on Wilshire Boulevard (where the 40-plus sparkling jewels will be on display and on sale until April 12, when they’ll begin a worldwide tour) to preview “Style of Jolie” which launched yesterday.

The decade-long partnership between the actress and the jeweler began when Procop started designing special red carpet pieces for Jolie (most notably, the emerald earrings and ring she wore to this year’s Golden Globes).

“Style of Jolie” boasts cushion-cut stones including Rubellites and Columbian Emeralds, which are set in yellow and rose gold in the form of various necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. The pieces were originally inspired by a bauble Jolie designed as a gift for Brad Pitt. “She wanted to create something meaningful so we worked with the idea of a tablet for Brad, engraving a message onto a diamond with a laser and then took it to the next level with the collection,” says the former CEO of crown jeweler Asprey and Gerrard.

Jolie was hands on with the collection, designing everything from the shape of the stones to suggesting the way a necklace should rest on the collarbone. “She would come in lugging piles of books for us to research Victorian cushion cuts and Roman tablets,” says Procop. Standouts include a 186-carat Citrine pendant and a cushion-cut Spinel necklace.

Proceeds from the collection will benefit children living in regions affected by conflict. “Angie and I have always shared our compassion,” says Procop, who has been building homeless shelters all over L.A. for the past 20 years.

See “Style of Jolie” by appointment only.

Oh. Thank you anny.

LoriLori, I apologize sincerely for mistaking you for Aniston. I have the highest regard for all JP fans.
My response was meant solely for Aniston.

Jen the HAG @ 04/08/2011 at 1:26 am

reality check @ 04/07/2011 at 7:45 pm

Reality CHECK Angelina has been to many trouble spot in the world making people aware of what’s been happening to those refugees whereas MANISTON has only been to MEHICO .. sunning her sagging UGLY A S S and pretending to help MEXICO economy by staying in a luxurious hotel and making mexicans her slave bwahahahh!!!

Thank God, this thread is back to normality. A bunch of loons tried to distract us with some crazy ranting.

Brad, Angie and their kids must be having a quiet family time together and out of public eyes. Love conquers everything, hope Anuston loons learn that but again most of them are without love in their lives. Long live the Queen and King of Hw.

Glad she’s back safe to her family. Haters can take their twinkies and shove it up their fat @sses.

Angie does amazing work and she has inspired many people, that is one of the reasons she is admired by millions. There is no one like her.

God bless joliepitt family .


Awwwww this is the part LOVED..

The pieces were originally inspired by a bauble Jolie designed as a gift for Brad Pitt. “She wanted to create something meaningful so we worked with the idea of a tablet for Brad,

Well now it is very clear who gave Brad the necklace and who did not. LOL Angie gave it to him.. and she based her jewelry line on this.. I saw some of the pieces and you can see that octagon shape on manyl of them.

Well it is obvious that Brad loves the necklace. He has been wearing it pretty much every single day for 3 years now. I bet the message is really something else. And I saw that Brad had him makes something for Angie too for Christmas. The fools need to just let it go. Brad/Angie have a strong connection. And it is not just because of their children. They have something very special.

reality check @ 04/08/2011 at 6:59 am

Who the hell was talking about Aniston…I was talking about Skankelnina on the Skankellina thread. I don’t give a flying f… who gives to what cause, that’s their prerogative. My comment was about Skankelina…and I don’t think she needs to live like a pauper…just don’t be a hypocrite.

Who the hell was talking about JWh@re Anuston, I was taliking about JWh@re a 1 night EZ Loosey Poosey on her back with Norman since 09 ,i don’t give a flying f….. of her Lonely Vaj.

My comment was about JWh@re an EZ EZ Loosey Poosey can find only Norman and Husbians to DING DONG with ,I don’t think she can catching any A-list’s pinns like her agent did in May 98 ,all A-listers scared of her mouth and dogs. Just saying don’t be ga ga reality hag,

t.m.delafonda @ 04/08/2011 at 8:01 am

@Reality check: It is obvious that you are a paid poster. No one else would post for 24 hours straight. I lurk on this site- A LOT- and don’t post that much. Sooooo….. your constant spamming is understandable. What is NOT, is your working so hard for pennies while the company which employs you is making MILLIONS ( of dollars). This signifies to me that you are lazy or have minimal education, thus, your options are limited. I won’t waste my time telling you that Angelina is admirable. You know it and the persons whom hired you, know it. This is just smear tactics to pull in misogynistic, bitter, and psychopathic people who need an outlet for their own self/hate.

you know….when Maniston tasted all the “peen thinking those peen’s will love her…instead,,,,just urinated and called out a sport fcuk!!! gotta love the reality of her fuggyness!!!!

Maniston is trying to look younger to taste the young once….efron,pattinson,biever you name it.its not working.

LOVE that biitchslap you just threw down on that stinking pile of shiit calling itself ‘reality check’!
Where in the name of all that is sane and logical do these rotting pieces of protoplasm come from???? Ye gads! its been 6 long years!!!
But guess what: we do know for a fact that jennifer anustain is a grudge-holding expert. Just ask her mother. Now the joke is on her because she said she didnt want to become a bitter old woman like her mother.
So here we are, with anustain’s paid and unpaid (because they too have their man-hate going on) proxies, prepared to spend the rest of their life writing cr@p on a blog because their life has no meaning.
In truth, we really ought to feel sorry for them but………we’re having too much fun ridiculing them, arent we? LMFAO!

Maniston is as ugly as her heart and soul.period.

Angie is so busy multi tasking, loving, mothering, designing, editing and writing. Who knows what else she is doing, with her you only see the finished poduct. It is never I can, I do and I will. So while haters are busy dissecting her life, she is living a full life. So you see, no matter what you throw at her, she rises above it. No wonder, the paid posters are having a nervous breakdown.

brange fan from greece @ 04/08/2011 at 10:16 am


thank you for your kind words.that’s so sweet of you.though i know i still have to work on my english especially the grammar.i haven’t have time to read some grammar books coz im really so busy with family and work.sometimes there are things i want to say but canot find the right words.reading about the JP’s is my only vice.never thought i will be this interested in hollywood stars like them.never imagined i will post comments in a blog just to defend them though i seldom post but i always lurk to see if there are new pics and news.they are worth admiring of course.i just want to lurk last night but unfortunately saw the trolls attack on the JP kids.that made me really mad because how can this people attck kids.i have a little girl and i will give my life for her.i will protect her in any way i could so seeing this trolls turn their hate on innocent children make me really mad.i just hope they will spare the children.

everytime anjie got goodies….Maniston comes out from hiding.

oh well…..its her only time to get noticed.she is a zhit!

but u know…Maniston get dump,urinated in holly wood…….whose gonna date her azz? heffner and sheen.

April 8, 2011 9:18 AM
Angelina Jolie’s new jewelry line to benefit charity

CBS) Angelina Jolie has teamed up with jeweler Robert Procop to release a new line of necklaces, rings and bracelets for a good cause.

All proceeds made will be donated to Jolie’s charity, Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, which helps children who are victims of national conflict or natural disasters.

The jewelry was displayed at the “Style of Jolie Exhibition” in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Wednesday.

According to WWD, Procop has been designing jewelry for Jolie for the past decade, and the pair began their collaboration over the past year.

The Oscar-winning actress has been sporting the jewelry at red carpet events, including the premiere of her film “Salt” in Germany and the 2011 Academy Awards.

If you’re looking to buy a piece of this jewelry collection, you won’t be able to find it on sale anywhere – the line will be sold privately to Procop’s clients.

Passing Through @ 04/08/2011 at 10:59 am

# 269 busted @ 04/08/2011 at 5:51 am
Well now it is very clear who gave Brad the necklace and who did not. LOL Angie gave it to him.. and she based her jewelry line on this.
Busted -
I have to correct you – It’s ALWAYS been clear who gave Brad that necklace. The only thing that’s changed is that now the hens, trolls and Mel’sAFvckingIdiot will have to accept that Ticky had nothing to do with that necklace. Mel’sALyingBitch knew that when she wrote the story. She and her former bosses at OuttaTouch didn’t and don’t give a shite about the truth. Come judgement day these asshats are going to find out that there’s a very special private corner of Hell waiting for them. They’re going to be stuck there for eternity making up fake stories about each other.

Jennifer Aniston jokes about dating Brad Pitt’s best friend

Aniston recently joked with ‘Red Magazine’ that she should consider marrying George Clooney since they are both so famous for being single, states Hollyscoop.

Angelina Jolie cover, Elle February 2011

(wearing one of her designs)

everybody runs fr manny @ 04/08/2011 at 11:13 am

Saw reference to planned attack on jj at troll site- they were very “proud”. You read their posts and it clear that the posters of the most vile lies are truly life’s losers- bad men, no men, bad kids- lousy jobs, no jobs. Instead of trying to fix things or at least be happy about what they DO have, they ATTACK people that are content and/or happy- it’s such a very sad way to go through life. No wonder so many of them relate to manny- she is the personification of this negativy, blaming everybody else for problems, whining all day, every day..

woman spanish @ 04/08/2011 at 11:41 am

Good afternoon to all JP fans!
Hi Neleh I hope you have a good day.

I’m catching up on comments and a pleasure to read as fans respond with arguments and without insulting the stupidity of the haters in a manner so visceral and racist.
Sorry because my English is very limited and sometimes I would vouch for such rubbish, but I’m very proud to belong to a group of people like you with as much sense

Angie’s jewel line inspired by her designing a necklace as a Christmas gift for Brad 3 years ago. Brad designed a stunning bracelet as Angie’s Christmas gift.

fuglyniston always in jealousy @ jolie gorgeous looks!

It’s obvious that Brad is a control freak and he’s controlling Angelina’s every move. The only thing she gets to do is her humanitarian work.

Brad's pimple butt @ 04/08/2011 at 12:31 pm

…in diapers. lol

He’s even talked Angelina into getting that terrible tattoo as way to prove she’s committed to him. SICK! She already did that with Billy. I think that’s why she’s so skinny because brad orders her around and threatens to leave her if she doesn’t do what he wants.

I just read on jjb some fans accounts of Angelina Jewel exhibition. I wish I lived in LA. Lucky them.

@HOT: Lame. Angelina doesn’t wear the jewelery brad gives her. lol that’s why she was forced into getting that tacky tattoo. Lucky for her if they breakup she can just add that ribbon design she has around her other tattoos over brad’s coordinates. Simple.

Brad loves Angie @ 04/08/2011 at 12:39 pm

Oh, wow- that jewelry collection is fabulous!! A lady from one the megas went & saw it already. The designer said that Brad was just there on Monday making suggestions- mainly, add pictures of Angie to the displays- Brad loves his baby mamma soooo much!

The Tree of Life, interactive website

For several weeks, day by day, Fox Searchlight has been slowly doling out images from The Tree of Life on a tumblr site mysteriously called “two ways through life“. Today we get signposts to those two paths (“the father’s way” vs “the mother’s way”) as the official website premieres, expanding Don Draper’s famous carousel pitch to the level of a cosmic slide-show presentation. 20 images rotate hypnotically on an elegant wheel of fortune featuring 20 moments from the film. Clicking each photo causes a clip to play like elusive snippets of memory. Feels a bit like shelling pistachio nuts but the bite-site kernels sure look tasty.

btw, the ribbon design was obviously brad’s idea cause it’s TACKY and stupid just like brad’s tattoos. Angelina used to have good taste in tats until… well you know…

Remember BILD interveiw Brad did for IB? So Sweet.

BILD: Your necklace?
Brad Pitt: “From my girl.“

@nona: oh is that why brad pitt has been in publicity over drive? Oye! Imagine when it’s just a few weeks until the release? Get ready for some botoxed baby daddy Pr photos.

Love Angelina response on this one:

Boxers or briefs?
Angelina: That’s my business, man.

Brad loves Angie @ 04/08/2011 at 12:39 pm

Thumb up Thumb down +4

Oh, wow- that jewelry collection is fabulous!! A lady from one the megas went & saw it already. The designer said that Brad was just there on Monday making suggestions- mainly, add pictures of Angie to the displays- Brad loves his baby mamma soooo much!
Brad is so proud of Angie. Swoon.

Miles @ 04/07/2011 at 10:56 pm

Thumb up Thumb down +24

Angie and Brad are the most hunted couple in Hollywood.
No wonder they moved to France for the better part of the yr..
I love seeing them and their adorablle kiddies but don’t blame them one bit for wanting some peace living in another country where the pap laws are tighter.
Surprisingly Angelina is fine in Los Angeles especially when Brad is not in town. notice Angelina and her children were not seen in LA the whole time brad was in NOLA? it wasn’t until brad showed up that the children are photographed and so is brad. He’s a paparazzi caller.

I hear the hater are screaming at ocean. hahaha. Apparently Brad and Angelina adore each other that is the reason the haters are in pain.

Flashback Five – Angelina Jolie’s Best Movies

In a Hollywood bereft of gutsy female heroines, Angelina Jolie is the exception to nearly every rule. She plays edgy rebels who go pistol to pistol with guys like Johnny Depp and Nic Cage. Ladies like Megan Fox are merely walking in Jolie’s stilettos. That she is set to play Cleopatra in David Fincher’s upcoming biopic is hardly a surprise. Whether in CGI-enhanced form (Beowulf) or, fetchingly, in the raw (Original Sin), Jolie is a sight to behold. But her talents are more than skin-deep — as one might learn from this list of her best roles.

1. Girl, Interrupted (1999)
Before the term was invented, Angelina Jolie was the quintessential “hot mess.” She plays a charismatic rabble-rousing nut job in this mental-hospital drama — instantly becoming a pinup for fellas with a penchant for emotionally disturbed women. Her sociopath matches Jack Nicholson’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest performance *** for tat, adding pouty lips, of course.

2. A Mighty Heart (2007)
Although Jolie’s physical transformation for A Mighty Heart did not net her an Oscar nod (as is the tradition — see Charlize Theron in Monster), her performance was worthy of the honor. As Mariane Pearl — the wife of kidnapped journalist Daniel Pearl — Jolie took audiences through a gamut of emotions: from uncertainty over her husband’s fate to devastating grief upon learning the news of his execution. She makes you feel it all.

3. Hackers (1995)
Jolie does the impossible, making sitting in front of a computer seem sexy. Years before The Social Network, the actress got noticed as a high-school computer nerd fond of see-through shirts and putting down fellow hacker Jonny Lee Miller. Better known as Acid Burn on the Net, Jolie leaves a trail of hard drives and broken hearts in her wake before a campaign against a sellout corporate hacker (Fisher Stevens) helps bring her together with Miller.

4. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)
The explosions onscreen don’t trump the real fireworks: the sexual chemistry between Jolie and Brad Pitt. They play a married couple who are both secretly secret agents. Casting the most lusted-after movie stars of their time was actually something of a gamble. One can easily imagine the movie having too much star power, but their looks weave a romantic spell in this fun thriller. Oh, and you may have heard that they got together in real life while filming and since then have single-handedly kept the tabloid business afloat.

5. The Bone Collector (1999)
Imagine someone with the body of Angelina Jolie and the mind of Denzel Washington. Well, the scenario isn’t just the stuff of science fiction: it’s the conceit behind this smart serial-killer potboiler in which Angelina plays a novice cop assisting a paralyzed forensics detective (Washington). Washington solves the mystery while Jolie does all the legwork. Such is the lot of women. But the flick is nonetheless excellent.

Honorable Mentions

1. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001): Could anyone else have played this role? Jolie has a body seemingly designed by hormonal computer nerds and just the right amount of badass attitude to make it work.

2. Changeling (2008): In between action roles, Jolie excels in stylish period flicks like this Clint Eastwood gem, in which she plays a women looking for her missing son.

3. The Good Shepherd (2006): Another period piece, this time opposite Matt Damon. Jolie manages to make you forget she’s the world’s most sought-after babe and becomes her character, an angry wife and devoted mother, with startling ease.

4. Salt (2010): Jolie is a secret agent. Ignore the plot holes and what you have is a deliciously wicked piece of entertainment.

5. Foxfire (1996): In a movie as dangerous and edgy as Jolie’s early-career persona, you can already see her cinematic talents and bad-girl reputation. She also earned kudos from Variety as the “female James Dean.”

Biitches cant wait for Brad to start doing promos for TOL. Their stinky old dirty drawers are already in a nasty bunch. LOL

It seems Jolie Pitts will be in France this summer.
“A trusted anonymous source says that Goran Jevtic will not be able to go to Los Angeles to meet with Angie and Brad and see the first cut of Angie’s Bosnian war movie.

This is due to his involvement in, and commitment to, the play Exiles, in which he is starring.

Instead, Brad and Angie have invited Goran to come to France this summer and be their guest, when the theater season is over.”

the usual tricks @ 04/08/2011 at 1:31 pm

The interviewer is stupid the answerer is more stupid. Isn’t forgie has a girlfriend or something currently? how stupid is that trying to joke about someone who is seeing someone? It is another way of Maniston trying to get noticed . When everytime Brad and Angie gets a good coverage the ho will be out of hiding and using her usual tricks that attaches her to the JP. The stories are not about she wants to date forgie but she wants to date Brad’s friend. I bet the interviewer might even given the question. I don’t trust her and her peeps. She know what is her bread and butter. what keep her in the news.
I am 100% sure Angie won’t be saying about forgie. He is the last person she wants to date even for the joke. who in Hollywood didn’t fcuk clooney? why would Angie wants to touch that?anyways, why would Brad care if the two known hos married or not? I admit forgie is nothing gross like Maniston who stay relevant because the tabloids has no other choice except to keep the ho alive to make money attaching her and selling it to their shitt eater readers.
If the media won’t give it to her, she will be living her life by now but that is too much money to lose. They know their psychos and they have to feed them shitt . How many woman divorced after her some with cheating involved but each one of them seems to find love and living their life by taking their asses out from their exes life’s. Why she is the only un- date -able old annoying one who ride the JP always?? why??

so sad you are really a sad person. Feel sorry for you that you hate so much people you don’t even know based on tabloids and lies. But I guess that’s why you chose a name like”so sad” because you know you are pathetic.

the usual tricks @ 04/08/2011 at 1:36 pm

btw Angie line looks beautiful and elegant.


LOL!! How did someone from the MEGAS see this exhibition of AJ’s jewelry? I thought it was ‘invitation only’?

@From JJB: Brad should start filming World War Z in June or July. Also they have to be in France in May for TOL premiere in Cannes.

@cee: Cee shut up. You are just mad at the truth. If you can’t handle the truth don’t read it., Cee, I’m surprised you’re not reporting on the latest negative Angie news. that’s the only thing you’re good at. What has Bonny Fooler said today about Angie? lol

@cee: btw, if I was basing my comments on tabloids and Lies i would be an Angelina hater and brad lover. Duh. I believe the exact opposite of what the tabloids tell us.

Maniston ***** made the comment about calling Clooney and getting together with him as a couple forever for one reason only.
Reason being G. Clooney’s g/f Elizabeth Canalis tweeted that Maniston resembled IggyPop and it made the world laugh b/c it couldn’t be more true.
Stupid Manny thinks she is making Clooney’s g/f jealous by commenting AS IF G. Clooney would give her a sec or first look.

Poor Manny ***** should just come out of the closet . Tell the world she is more man then woman and i don’t think anyone would be shocked b/c in reality nobody gives a crap what Manny is or is not.

What ppl do care about is Brad Pitt and his sweetheart Angelina Jolie and their amazing family of 6 . Hollywood’s hottest Family, most hunted and adored family.
This too makes Manny the ***** jealous so she crys for sympathy.
She just can’t seem to win tho.. She will take her clothes off for all if she thought that would help make her popular but really peeps are sick of her 42 yr old body with that 52 yr old face. No man wants her due to her nasty personality not now not ever.
Elizabeth Canalis is laughing at her. As usual Manny the ***** is boo hoo..

MARIA FROM TEXAS @ 04/08/2011 at 2:05 pm



@reality check:
Anytime you open your mouth to call any woman in Hollywood a Hypocrite, remember there is ONLY one woman you could possibly be talking about. It is SKANKIEANISTON.
SKANKIEANISTON is the ONLY one who opened her mouth to the National media and made a promise to donate thousands to help the sick and dying in Haiti many months ago and NEVER DID IT.
She is not only a HYPOCRITE, she is also a LIAR and a FRAUD.

“I won’t waste my time telling you that Angelina is admirable. You know it and the persons whom hired you, know it. This is just smear tactics to pull in misogynistic, bitter, and psychopathic people who need an outlet for their own self/hate.”

I love Angie she is my favorite actress in HW. I like reading about her life with Brad and even before Brad. Waiting for their first born (bio) was so exciting. Not hearing anything from Brad for a couple of yrs about the BU was weird but that must have been the deal he made after he told his side of the story which was very brief. You could tell he felt like it was his life ,his biz and he is a private man so was not going to go on Oprah like his banana nose ex and cry about his ****.ty marriage.
I think Brad was so happy to finally be rid of the chin and her so called friends who hung out at his house being told every oz of his private life while banana nose laughed at him for complaining about it on national tv.
Again chinnnnnnnnnnnnn laughed when Brad said he was nervous to tell her private* intimate things becuz he knew the next day he would hear them all giggling in the other room and he knew right away they were laughing at him as banana nose got the biggest laugh out of telling them Brad’s every word. What a dirty bi.tych.

Well all i can say is look whos laughing now Banana Nose!?

———————————-New Angie Thread—————————————–

@AJ ROCKS u rock your post is very funny but TRUE lol

The witch b itch is back:(
lock up your husbands and children of ethnic minorities and avoid her…
yuck she looks like barf..


Talking about yourself again?

So gorgeous!!! Love the sunglasses – very hot!

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