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Leonardo DiCaprio: MTV Movie Awards Potential Nominee!

Leonardo DiCaprio: MTV Movie Awards Potential Nominee!

Leonardo DiCaprio continues to film scenes for an ad for the Chinese company Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp on Wednesday (April 6) in Paris, France.

The 36-year-old actor shot scenes for the commercial in a rainy downpour earlier in the week.

Leonardo is one of the potential nominees for the 2011 MTV Movie Awards! Voting on nominees just closed and the official list of who made the cut will be revealed on May 3.

Here are the categories that Leo is up for: Best Male Performance, Best Line from a Movie, and Best Jaw Dropping Moment, all for his work in Inception.

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  • I ❤ GB


  • Ms. Archer
  • Great Gatsby

    Can’t wait for this slick to start filming. Is it still going to be filmed in NZ?

  • CanadaGirl

    Ohh… there’s our fella. Someone better put this commercial on YouTube. We’re getting more posts about this than J. Edgar. Speaking of which, any new news L-fans?

  • MoDeL CiTiZeN

    great actor. when this guy going to get his oscar?

  • John Rossi







  • Back to blues

    So glad that he’s got those brown contacts out. They made him look really different (which is the point I guess) but it was weird to see him in the Hoover character. If that picture of Leo in body padding is real then this movie will be one to see. Going ugly puts you in Oscar contention right?

  • Commercial Pics
  • Jane

    I love how they are all the same in Hollywood, hypocrisy till the end!

    They all claim they are such thespians, and their art is SO important, and actors should act, not be celebrities, and how they are like us. Then someone throws you millions of dollars, and you find yourself doing cell phone commercials, or like Kate Winslet, who is such a serious actress, and sooo incredibly normal, and not unlike us all. As she likes to go on and on in her interviews, so she ends up selling lipsticks, and watches……hey as long as the price is right!! I will take a desperate celeb who is honest with their fame***** over this BS!


  • ?

    Who is in the picture with Leo?

  • $$$

    I have zero problems with him doing this commercial. If someone threw $5 mil. clams at me for a couple days work then I’d jump on it. I find that less hypocritical than say the (Paris Hilton) prosecuting attorney who got busted for coke possession. Now that’s hypocrisy. Leo’s making a living.

  • ClearPerspective

    Easy cash. I wonder if he has to keep pinching himself on how easy it is to make a fortune off his talents. I’m proud he’s a philanthropist.

  • LC

    I truly doubt he gives a crap about the MTV movie awards…

  • curi2

    Ya!!Three new post in a row.Nice!!!His eyes look really blue in these shots.Not a big fan of the MTV Movie Awards,but good luck to him.

  • curi2
  • I ❤ GB

    Hi @curi2: Yeah! Three Leo in a row (although all these pictures have been posted already). Thanks, JJ.
    the MTV awards are a fan award, so he should care. Bigger question is if he’d go if he won. Has he gone before?

  • curious

    love Leo.
    A fantastic actor, watched The Aviator and Revolutionary Road again recently..
    he is soooooooo good.

  • I ❤ GB

    Eek. It would be very awkward to do this in front of such a large crowd and there are way more paps running around in Europe than NA.
    His bum looks tight in that picture tho’. ;)

  • Sizzle Hiss Fizz

    Revolutionary Road is excellent. I’ll have to re-watch that too. I saw Gilbert Grape last week. He’s very sweet as Arnie and the character’s hand movements and other characteristics are true to life for a developmentally challenged person.

  • Little Romeo

    wondering why we didn’t see Naomi Watts doing any filming. i can’t wait to see leo and armie making out. that’ll be so hot.

  • lilooo

    i can’t help but see Jack Dawson! He did great films after titanic but still Jack Dawson!!!

  • Morphing

    Zac continues his slow but steady morph into Leo DiCaprio. Pretty soon we won’t be able to tell them apart.

  • J. Edgar

    There are a few J. Edgar pictures that I haven’t seen before in this compilation.

  • I ❤ GB

    the board hasn’t posted any set photos of Dame Judi Dench yet:

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Leo looks handsome and Best actor ever :D

  • born jaredian

    more leo by himself posts…..please……no more bar posts- she really isnt a celebrity anyways. im just posti g on leo anyways.dont empower her anyways.

  • Guess who’s missing

    …. guess the name of the poster who didn’t make the front page.

  • Guess who’s missing

    F*CK!!!!!!!!!!! Not fast enough. LOL

  • born jaredian

    uh, he’s a lefty, hunh? very promising looki g too. agreed about the ass. nice andnchunky. he gets jelly around the middle sometimes but the a s s stays pretty solid

  • Ms. D. Archer

    someone’s been doing his lunges. (grin) I don’t mind a little meat on a fella…. O.o Keep it PG kids. Lefty? What are you referring to??? Should I ask???

  • born jaredian

    i like the scene in the aviator where hes stand g naked and you can see the derriere. sorry butt I do!

    am i wrong but lol=adi/bar, right? thought so. trying to cover their tracks

    he gets the junk in the trunk award from me!

  • born jaredian

    he hangs left in his pants. for a nice ways too. eff pg iwant nc-17!!!!!!

  • born jaredian

    hangs left in his pants——no pg, iwant nc1-7!!!!

  • Anon

    @I ❤ GB:


  • n

    he should be with a muslim girl and make babies with her.

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    Leonardo so cute and sweet

  • carrie

    @MoDeL CiTiZeN: when he will take riskier roles?

  • here

    hello to Team-Leo…. good to see another thread on LEO DiCAPRIO!!!!…… yeh!… hoover didn’t get as much publicity as compared to this one ad…… i’m really looking forward to it airing here in South-East Asia…… :D…….. can anyone tell me how’s Karate Kid????……..

  • JayEnGee

    mmm I love me some Leo

  • Ms. D. Archer

    Hi @here: Hi everyone. I haven’t seen or herd a lot about Karate Kid. I’m sure it would be a light, fun move to see.
    LOL…. I thought that’s what you were thinking. Those pants have been distracting me for a few days…. Leo’s going all Ryan Gosling trouser distraction…. RG…. now there’s a fella that looks good in his britches…..

  • hey

    haha i noticed the same thing an in other pics to, thats a nice amm ‘bulge’ u got there leo. . .its halfway down his frickin leg. . .i must go take an ice bath i need to cool down :)

  • …..
  • …..
  • @43

    I dunno, but that look is sex, dangerous.

  • @43

    Jesus… this damn commercial is as highly anticipated as J. Edgar. A few new pictures.

  • born jaredian

    just do HIM (nike slogan)

  • e

    He is so hot and sexy!


    I love everything he’s done and glad he’s skinny again!

    too gorgeous!

  • haha

    love him, definitely the most attractive guy ever!

  • Leo back home

    Don’t know why I can’t cute and past the link… but whatever. Leo’s back in NY flew in today.

  • Leo back home

    Nope… won’t let me post a link directly. I’ll try this.. (crosses fingers)