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Taylor Swift & Garrett Hedlund: Date Night?

Taylor Swift & Garrett Hedlund: Date Night?

Are Taylor Swift and Garrett Hedlund making sweet music together?

The 21-year-old country cutie and the Country Strong actor, 26, were spotted going out to dinner together on Friday (April 1) in Nashville, Tenn.

“It was their first time going out,” a source told Us Weekly. “They’ve been emailing for a while, and she hinted they should get together.”

“She has actually spent time getting to know Garrett,” the source added. “He’s cute — and he’s into country music! [She] likes that he’s a normal guy.”

FYI: Garrett is currently in Nashville recording a CD!

DO YOU THINK Taylor and Garrett make a cute couple?

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91 Responses to “Taylor Swift & Garrett Hedlund: Date Night?”

  1. 1
    kerri Says:

    NO TAYLOR. WHY HIM? WHAT ABOUT CHORD? HE IS CUTE. I think it could just be a rumor.

  2. 2
    delilah Says:

    Maybe Gwyneth Paltrow “fixed her up” again. Don’t think Garrett’s into virgins, tho, so it’s just dinner.BTW: What ever happened to the budding romance with Chord Overstreet? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!
    Taylor and her PR are so fake! All this stuff is set up.

  3. 3
    Dubya Bush Says:

    Taylor dates A LOT! lol

  4. 4
    Juliana Says:

    Garrett is NOT recording a CD. Please leave his personal life alone.

  5. 5
    Oye Vey Says:

    I did not think Garrett Hedlund needed a beard…

  6. 6
    nina Says:

    she’s a year younger than me, has had more boyfriends than me and yet my relationships lasted longer than all of her “relationships” combined…

    Her famous friends and the media should stop blaming the guys she’s been with and realize that maybe she is the problem!

  7. 7
    Friends? Says:

    Ok for all of you going crazy going on a date with Garrett, Taylor stated last week in an interview and said she was single and happy. She also stated she enjoys being with friends who just so happen to be guys and she wasn’t going to let tabloids dictate her life. She has said she has been grouped with dudes that she hadn’t even dated before. Plus it’s US weekly. I have noticed that they do get a lot of stuff wrong.

  8. 8
    Taylor Says:

    Another rumour to add to the list. Garrett was in Nashville visiting friends and he definitely isn’t recording a CD. Just because they were seen in the same place doesn’t mean their dating. Also the information that was given by the so called insider doesn’t tally with the sightings tweeted on twitter. He can’t be in two places at once also Taylor went to Vegas either that night or the next day. To be honest I have never read just bullshit. If I didn’t know any better it’s probably the same person who started the Leighton and Rashida rumour. Yet again it one persons version of events and one persons sighting and why has it took 5 days to report this total crap. Everything about the details are just fiction. Barrette probably at home right now Laughing his **** off and enjoying the rumours.

  9. 9
    dwalker Says:

    Does this mean Garrett Hedlund is gay?

  10. 10
    They are friends Says:

    Calm down folks! I can see them totally being friends. They are both friends with Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill. Garrett has stated that he wants to move to Nashville and he is obsessed with Country music after he made Country Strong in Nashville.

  11. 11
    totally Says:

    @dwalker: Spot on!!

  12. 12
    Taylor Says:

    I mean’t Garrett. Spell check is shocking

  13. 13
    Sam Says:

    I think it is funny that Taylor goes on a date and people go CRAZY. You know the girl can have a personal life and be friends with guys.

  14. 14
    bee Says:

    Oh no Garrett! not whorelore Swift. This gal rolls around like a toilet paper.

  15. 15
    kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Good for they,if they want

  16. 16
    Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute Says:

    Couple sad and gitting cry

  17. 17
    Swifty Says:

    I think they are cute, but Taylor needs to keep her people from going to the tabloids. The tabloids will definately run this guy off. He is a very low key guy who doens’t like to share his private life to the public. He has even stated this in an interview. I hope she doens’t ruin it.

  18. 18
    Cammie Says:

    Going on dates with guys makes her a *****, you act like she has kids with every guy she went on a date with…

    The Hate for this girl is just stupid

  19. 19
    US weekly Says:

    US weekly got their information from twitter. I saw the tweets on Friday. Two women in town for Nashville’s fashion week saw them and another person separate from them saw Garrett in an elevator at a hotel. US weekly has to be the biggest annoyance for any celeb. I remember when Taylor was dating Jake a girl tweeted about seeing Jake and then later tweeted to US weekly that she would never giver her information to the magazine because she thought US weekly was creepy.

  20. 20
    kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    I think they want …..ehehehehe ;-)

  21. 21
    Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute Says:

    Fake smile is strong .congratulation to all fans both

  22. 22
    Nicks Says:

    Just because Taylor is seen with a boy doesn’t make her a loose girl. I think some of you think that if you sit next to a boy, your dating them. Let the girl live her life. They might just be FRIENDS!!! Don’t beleive everything you read.

  23. 23
    Your Weird! Says:

    @kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!: Do you get high and then get on the computer and post crap?

  24. 24
    scarjofan Says:

    damn she needs to find another way to write songs!!!

  25. 25
    Sarah Says:

    didn’t just jared say he was with rashida and then us said he was with leighton meester? LOL

    Hes not recording a Cd, c’mon.

  26. 26
    Hmmm.... Says:

    Hmmm, When it is stated that Taylor likes him because he is a normal guy, I think she is taking a dig at Jake. Reese said something very similar after she became engaged to Jim Toth. Reese said she was very glad to be with someone who was very real. I wonder what Jake really did to these girls to make them say that. Garrett is a really nice guy. He is friends with a lot of the musicians in Nashville including Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw. I can totally see them dating.

  27. 27
    Rairai Says:

    Garrett is unstoppable :S

  28. 28
    So Says:


    If he wants his personal life alone…going out with Taylor Swift of all people that will write songs about him and get tabloids articles and paparazzi stalking their every movie is NOT the way to do it.

  29. 29
    Casey Says:

    I remember back in December when US weekly had to retract their infromation about Jake being at Taylor’s birthday party. I dont’ beleive everything that they print. I did see the twitter feed from the people who saw them together. They might have gone on one date but all the extra information from US weekly is wrong. Garrett has stated he is not going to become a country music artist. Also Taylor is just friends with Chord. She never dated him. Chord even said on Ellen that he was single and Taylor said last week in London that she was single. Taylor has worked with Chord’s brother in the past.

  30. 30
    hmm Says:

    this won’t help the garrett is gay rumors, a beard?

  31. 31
    Howdy Folks Says:

    I think it is funny how so many ladies and gay men get their feathers ruffled everytime Taylor even talks to a famous guy. Let the girl live her life folks.

  32. 32
    kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Did someone say something to me

  33. 33
    cam Says:

    Rashida, Leighton, and now Taylor…why does he keep getting linked with so many people??

  34. 34
    Sky Says:

    Wait. It originated from twitter? On April 1st? Maybe at the time it was an April Fools joke…

  35. 35
    jane Says:

    That tight eyed woman is not pretty, and she can’t sing.

  36. 36
    Jaimie Says:

    I think it is weird that a guy can go and flirt/date with as many girls as he wants without being labled a ****. A girl could go one date with one guy one month and realize halfway through the date that it will never work out. So she then finds another guy two months later and decides to go on a date with him and gets labled a ****.

  37. 37
    kami Says:

    i know lots of ppl like to make fun of taylor, but she seems like one of the most grounded ppl in show business. the girl works her butt off and she’s not into bar hopping and drinking herself silly. she seems very down to earth and normal. and there’s nothing wrong with her going out on a date with some guy. she hasn’t jumped into a serious relationship yet cause she hasn’t found the right guy. that’s very smart of her. it’s better to be choosy than to settle for the first dude that comes along just to prove she has a boyfriend.

  38. 38
    Juliana Says:


    He shouldn’t rule what to do and what not to do because people will start a crappy rumour about it. If they want to meet up is totally up to them, not the tabloids and not to us.

  39. 39
    It's pretty outside Says:

    I totally support this couple.They are both friends with Tim Mcgraw, Faith Hill, Gweneth Paltrow, and Chris Martin. Garrett loves Nashville and has said he is looking for a home there. They could just be friends and US weekly saw some people tweeting about it and went crazy with the info. I want beleive they are truly a couple unless they start hanging out more.

  40. 40
    Adorbs!! Says:

    Adorable. I really do hope she takes it SLOW. She is known for moving too fast with guys and it scares them off. They were both at the Vanity Fair party in February. I wonder if they were set up by Gweneth at the party.

  41. 41
    porny Says:


    Be careful of twitter. I remember very clear that Taylor’s “robofans” were tweeting things that weren’t true. Fake sightings of her with Joe or Jake.

    The way it works is that a PR person will plant something with twitter, then the “fans” which are really shadow site repeatedly spam twitter. It is a marketing device a lot of brands use. Now it is being used to promote celebrities. It is a techno thing for marketing.

    I know one thing about her, Taylor says a lot of stuff, like, “I don’t talk about my personal life” but then she makes sure her personal life gets out there. It is always about making her look like she is really popular and being with all these cool people. Her mother is her manager, so don’t blame Taylor.

  42. 42
    Windy Says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing after I read that Taylor and Garrett went on a date on Friday and two days later Jake G is spotted on a date with a Taylor Swift look a like. LOL!!

  43. 43
    true Says:

    She’s a big b*tch. Look at her evil eyes! No wonder why nobody wants to remain for long with her.

  44. 44
    What! Says:

    @true: To quote Taylor’s song Mean. “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Unless your in the relationship also, then you have no idea what is going on.

  45. 45
    Whatever Says:

    @porny: And you know this how…… Taylor is a very famous celebrity. This girl does not need a guy to gain publicity. She is a household name. She just won one of the biggest awards in Country Music and just came off her world tour. She doesn’t need the extra fame.

  46. 46
    Cole Says:

    Thank GOD he is making an album! His songs were incredible on the Country Strong soundtrack!! I’m so happy!

  47. 47
    true Says:

    @What!: Its obvious this girl has a problem with guys. No one wants to be her formal bf!

  48. 48
    Emma Says:

    she will scare him away, then write a song about it. This is how she gets her kicks. By scaring men. teheheheeeeeee

  49. 49
    senseless Says:

    Taylor & Garret are another odd couple. I think she and Cord are a better match even though she likes older guys. And I wish you would quit hooking her up with everyone she goes out with. When I was her age I had a lot of male friends who were not BFs, just friends.

  50. 50
    jj1234 Says:

    I wonder if she would ever date someone not in the entertainment industry?

  51. 51
    Bethany Says:

    For all we know, they went on one date. They could have realized that they were not meant to be and maybe they are friends. Maybe they are just friends to begin with. It is US weekly that came out with this story and they are not a reliable news source.

  52. 52
    cam Says:

    I cannot believe the BITCHY people on this site. Why all the hate for Taylor? Because she is rich, famous, and beautiful. She is obviously the winner her and not all you nasty losers.

    The song Mean is about nasties like you all.

    But it is ok because Taylor is already “livin in a big old city & all your’e ever gonna be is mean”. & Taylor will keep laughing all the way to the bank. Way to go Taylor Swift, you have my support.

  53. 53
    porny Says:

    @Whatever: I know this because i work in advertising and there is marketing technology now that is adapting to twitter and it s called social media marketing.

    All you have to do is monitor the tweets. And I also happen to know that on Taylor’s website her fans are asked to go out here and make sure they go after people who are being “negative ” towards Taylor.
    It’s like a cult. LOL! The robospams usually have several messages and rotate them. There was anarticle on this stuff a couple weeks ago. Do you live under a rock?

    BTW: The reason Taylor is so successful is because she is grinding out publicity 24/7. There is no such thing as “enough publicity”. When you say “Taylor doesn’t need to” you sound so foolish. That is the first thing her people would say. Of course she “needs to. Any marketing professional will tell you that.

    It is a really awesome operation. Politicians will probably be using it in the future.

  54. 54
    HellNo Says:

    She needs to get the hell away from him. He’s a nice, down-to-earth guy, and all she wants is a new person to write about.

  55. 55
    So Says:


    Then don’t whine that people should leave him alone…If he’s gonna be with Taylor he CHOSE to make all his life public and in the papers

  56. 56
    Chel Says:

    No Garrett not her. I would prefer him to be with someone not famous. And how can she say she goes for normal guys with John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhall she’s jsut in it for attention

  57. 57
    Jane Anders Says:

    @porny: I also work in Marketing and no, those tweets about Garrett and Taylor were not fake. My daughter saw the tweets and your message on here and I thought I should correct you and say that the tweets were real. I have the links if you want to check them out. Please also let everyone know where on Taylor’s website are they saying that people should go after people who make negative comments about her??

  58. 58
    mari Says:

    I think this is for publicity. I think it will help Garrett get better known by being with Taylor. Even they can like each other and be friends it is still good for publicity too. There is no harm to it. They are both young and single why is it such problems of so many peoples.

  59. 59
    Madeline Says:

    Just because you go on one date does not mean you are boyfriend and girlfriend. There is already a website stating that Taylor and Garrett’s children will be blond and talented. Seriously? It was just one date. It was no big deal. I actually feel sorry for Taylor sometimes. Everything she does gets talked about and put in a tabloid. I remeber a couple of weeks ago when Taylor was photographed coming out of Publix and people got in an argument over the fact that she had a Bob Dylan shirt on. This girl is entitled to live a life without people gripping over every little thing she does. Good luck for both of them if they are dating.

  60. 60
    Kat Says:


    So, you say he has to choose his friends/lovers (whatever) according to whether he wants to keep his privacy or not instead of if he likes a person or not?
    That’s if you were saying someone should stop complaining about people protesting against racist statement about a ethnical mixed couple because those 2 people could always stop dating, so it’s their own fault some idiots throw mud on them.
    Interesting. (please note I don’t think your statement was either racist or insulting, I just try to make my point clear)

    Actually I don’t care about Taylor Swift. Don’t know if she’s supposed to be nice or bitchy or whatever.
    But, poor girl, if your point was true. (no one who doesn’t want to keep his privacy is even allowed to go out with her)
    Because this would doom her to only date exhibitionists, arrogant ********, or at least people who want to date her because they want to become more famous, well… or no one.^^

  61. 61
    mandy Says:

    while I do think the pairing is a bit odd, if they are together, I don’t think it’s the same as her previous relationships. Garrett isn’t really the type to get involved in “fake” relationships. He’s extremely low key and I don’t think he has ever talked about any of his previous relationships. oh and btw, he denied both the rashida and leighton rumors so those weren’t true.

    I think people are too harsh about taylor. She doesn’t seem that clingy or annoying in real life judging by the awesome people she’s friends with (eg. emma stone). Yes she wrote some bad breakup songs about john mayor and joe jonas but can you blame her? I don’t even have to date joe or john to know that they’re both ********. She even blamed herself in her song about taylor lautner.

  62. 62
    Lindsey Says:

    Wow, what a popular girl, and FiremenDate was amazing

  63. 63
    faith Says:

    There’s something about this girl that I respect, but that also perplexes me at the same time. She’s 21. Relationships are not fairytales, you’re not a princess, it’s real life and you work on them. That’s not to say you should have low standards and choose horrible boyfriends. Know your worth, but don’t expect flowers and candlelit dinners every night! Maybe that’s the reason she has had so many boyfriends, because she holds on to that myth and she gets disappointed after the fresh and cuteness of the beginning rubs off. I respect that she doesn’t feel the need to sex/trash it up to be a respected artist, but there’s something about her that is off. I feel like, she’s a real life naiive Princess Giselle from that Disney movie.

  64. 64
    Cindy Says:

    I was hoping he was dating leighton!

  65. 65
    NOOOOOOO!!!! Says:

    Run, Garrett, Run!!!! Taylor gets around and I don’t want you to be another notch in her bedpost. Taylor, please stop going through men like water and take care of yourself.

  66. 66
    Cami Says:

    She is so ugly. She’ll probably end up marrying one of her cousins!!!

  67. 67
    Sofia Says:

    @bee: I couldn’t have said it better!

  68. 68
    mia Says:


    i do believe the leighton rumour. i really think there’ s something happening between the these two. their chemistry was too much too handle. i bet they’re hidding something:D

  69. 69
    rocky Says:

    she’s doing every man in the business….slow down girl!

  70. 70
    Alexandra Says:

    @jane: I guarantee you ain’t no oil painting yourself.

  71. 71
    AA11 Says:

    i really wish garrett would just date leighton!!!! they look so good together!!

  72. 72
    So Says:

    @Kat: My response was to Julian who was complaing we should leave his personal life alone. If he’s gonna day the girl who writes songs about ALL her breakups with CELEBRITY guys. She talks about all her relationships, she poses for the paparazzi like its a photo shoot (walking with Jake with her arms wrapped around him) and ALL of it always ends up being an US Magazine exclusive. Then he’s gonna get his personal life talked about
    Coincidence? Nope. If he wants to date her

  73. 73
    diandra Says:

    yeah, I also always wish he dating Leighton. they’re will be cute couple

  74. 74
    Josy Says:

    I HOPE this is a rumor
    Did not give a sh!t when she was with the:
    -Jonas child
    -Lautner man-child
    -Fake charmer Gyllenhaal
    But Garrett is another situation because I don’t want Taylor’s boycrazy ways, writing cheesy songs for Garrett Hedlund.
    Garrett is too good for her.

  75. 75
    armyofkitties Says:

    taylor jusrt cannot stay single can she? little ****.

  76. 76
    Mina Says:

    Is it me or this chick will soon have all the hot and normal guys on her ex-list? I mean seriously can’t she be alone for a day or two? Tramp.

  77. 77
    RTD Says:

    It looks like so many lies. But it wouldn’t be the first crazy story that US Weekly invented, right?
    I could buy Rashilda’s (which is flawed) and Leighton’s (that can be just lies) rumours, but this one? Never.

  78. 78
    Rizeefa Says:

    Give it a few weeks and they’ll go through a nasty break-up, which will turn into a Billboard hit song for Taylor. I swear she’s not really looking for love, she’s using men to fatten her pay check. Dirty girl.

  79. 79
    gg fan Says:

    Garrett isnt dating with Leighton or Rashida its all obviously coined

  80. 80
    #1 Says:

    are you kidding? This is what she wants. She dates a new celebrity every week I mean think about all the guys she has dated. Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, the two guys from Glee, jake gyllenhaal, and im sure theres a couple Im missing. She does it so she will constantly be in the media so no one will forget about her, therefore making her more exposed to get more fans, therefore more awards, more money etc. Shes the biggest FAME ***** I have ever seen.

  81. 81
    Cherry Says:

    Although i am a huge fan of Taylor, i still can’t bear her short-lasted relationships with guys, there is no one of her relationships lasting for more than a year, no i mean 3 months. She just needs to stop and find someone she truely loves other than jumping from guy to guy.

  82. 82
    kelly Says:

    Calling Taylor Swift a ****/tramp is really uncalled for. She’s only been on one date with Garrett Hedlund. Most girls aren’t going to sleep with guys on the first date.

    For the record, I don’t think she slept with Chord Overstreet, either. So they went out on one frickin’ date (2/24), that’s it. And the Montblanc Cocktail Party two days later, they’re not really ‘together.”

    And Taylor was gone practically the whole month of March for her Speak Now World Tour. She came back what….3/31? Definitely not shagging Chord that whole time. Just my 2 cents.

  83. 83
    Maddie Says:

    Chord and Cory from glee have both stated that they have never dated Taylor. They are just friends. I personally think Taylor hung out with Chord together so that the press would stop pairing her with Jake repeatedly. I read an interview that Taylor did in England in which she said she was friends with the Glee kids. I personally think Taylor and Garrett are a cute couple if they are a couple. It was only one date though. You never know what will happen.

  84. 84
    Underwater Basket Weaving Says:

    I personally think Taylor and Garrett are cute. They both love Nashville and country music. They both grew up on farms and pursued their dreams in the entertainment industry. I just hope Taylor stops blabbing to her friends who love to go to the tabloids with the information they have. I am glad to hear that she is taking things slow because the last thing this girl needs is a public breakup.

  85. 85
    shelly Says:

    What’s off about this whole thing is that Garrett Hedlund is very private about his personal life and Taylor Swift lets almost everyone know what’s going on with each relationship she has been in. Then again they could be friends just hanging out.

  86. 86
    guest10 Says:

    it was just a dinner date…lol…let’s not jump to conclusions…isn’t it normal for a 21 year old to date???? last month, she went to a hockey game with chord…what’s wrong with that…haven’t any of you gone to a game or dinner with a friend…

  87. 87
    nicki Says:

    No matter what Taylor still gorgeous. and she needs to date like a guy on this video.

  88. 88
    brrrr Says:

    Hey rpatz twitard, just because your gay idol is so effeminate you’re trying to compensate on Garrett. Not sticking yeah? LMAO Pathetic.

  89. 89
    bir Says:

    OK.. now we have a picture in star magazine!
    I don’t hate her.. I actually think she has a couple of nice songs, especially in fearless and her first album,, he current album is a let down compared to the 1st two!
    as for her well documented, publicized dates since January.. trust me it’s all for the sake of her next album!! you’ll see, it has become predictable and boring..
    I don’t blame her for these dates.. thisis how Hollywood works unfortunately
    BTW, I’m not buying the good girl/angelic forced public image.. she started natural and sweet, now she’s just… blah! and i guess that’s why her peers are ticked whenever she wins something! any way.. I wish her luck! and i wish she gets better with time..

  90. 90
    wtf Says:

    this is terrible. taywhore sucks and she may as well be a prosti for all the guys shes been with. if i saw her walkin in public, id kick her ***** ass. garretts too good for her. hes a good person and deserves waaaayyyyy better than her.

  91. 91
    yosra Says:

    okay..after few months ..they will break up and Sure Taylor will be the victim as usual and her heart broken ect,,,and she would write a pathetic song about him…such boring thing…to hear her whining everytime …Grow up taylor…
    i wish some of those guys would write a ****** song about her …

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