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Vanessa Hudgens: LAX Landing with Mom Gina!

Vanessa Hudgens: LAX Landing with Mom Gina!

Vanessa Hudgens wears a hat and shades while landing at LAX Airport on Tuesday (April 5) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress flew in from Europe with her mom Gina.

Vanessa was in London, where she and her Sucker Punch co-stars promoted and premiered their new action flick.

Vanessa and Gina then headed over to Paris for a quick visit before returning home.

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58 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: LAX Landing with Mom Gina!”

  1. 1
    abcynth Says:


  2. 2
    Rose Says:

    @abcynth: Lol maybe you are cockroach face not only cockroach face rat face you are ,you don’t have eye she is beautiful and simple girl leaving in this world,w/lots of love from her friend and family,I love you Vanessa you rock girl.

  3. 3
    BARBARA Says:

    abcynth, are you jealous much! I’m so glad she had just a great time with her mother, she looks so cute. god bless her and her family always.

  4. 4
    eyda Says:

    talentless, booring girl…I really dont get why some of you think shes pretty…really dont get it

  5. 5
    Muki Says:

    shes so annoying, but in 3, 2, 1 her pathetic fans will leave comments ooo shes so beautiful, so cute bla bla, most annoying teen star right now

  6. 6
    kerri Says:


  7. 7
    kerri Says:

    @Muki: She isn’t a teen star. She is 22 years old. If you have so much hate inside of yourself then you are a ugly person.

  8. 8
    Rose Says:

    @eyda: At lest she stay in the circle of Hollywood , and she is not talentless ,she good actress not like you ,stay in the pront of your computer and saying bad to Vanessa ,pathetic comment like you,what ever haters says to her we Vanessa fan we stell love her 100000000000000000xxxxxxx,3x

  9. 9
    kristy99 Says:

    What an ugly glasses

  10. 10
    mrsdestinyhope Says:

    Dear haters,
    as the old cliche goes Don’t hate her cause she’s beautiful! Hate just makes u ugly” PEACE! And Vanessa Looks SEXY!

  11. 11
    mrsdestinyhope Says:

    Dear haters,
    as the old saying goes Don’t hate her cause she’s beautiful! Hate just makes u ugly” PEACE! And Vanessa Looks SEXY!

  12. 12
    kikay Says:

    Va nessa is beggining to look a lot that black cat comedian or singer that purrrr all the time when shes on tv.shes one ugly half/half of whatever.

  13. 13
    @1 Says:

    Not really a cockcroach but more more lke a bug: so bring it out more of some INSECTICIDE!

  14. 14
    rahrahrah Says:

    I bet 75% of her fans commenting on her posts are Filipinos who only like her because she’s filipino lol. Am I the only one who has noticed her choice of style has gotten kind of worse. She doesn’t dress as cute as she used to. And I’m sad to see her with short hair. But she can look really pretty at special events. She used to be one of my fashion style inspirations but I’m not feeling her look as of late. But I’ll still continue to check up on V-Hugde on celebrity blogs and stuff lol

  15. 15
    Vanessa143 Says:

    @rahrahrah: @@1: Stupid!!!!!!!! Not only Filipino fan can adore her I’m Arabic so what,I like her .

  16. 16
    rahrahrah Says:


    I said 75% you idiot, so obviously you would fall into the 25%

  17. 17
    chris Says:

    I find the photos of Vanessa and her mother wearing hats together cute.

  18. 18
    Vanessa143 Says:

    @rahrahrah: You pathetic comment on her ,why bcus she is half Filipino so 75% of her fan is Filipino lol you.

  19. 19
    Rose Says:

    @rahrahrah: Her style is deferent no body can waer,only Vanessa lol,that’s why I love her .

  20. 20
    kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:


  21. 21
    Bree Says:

    @rahrahrah: You said everything I’ve always thought.

  22. 22
    BOJI Says:

    @rahrahrah and Bree, you will be surprised to know that you thought wrong. Am not a filipino, myself and I know personally a good number of fans who post on one of the websites dedicated to Vanessa are in fact, caucasians from various parts of the world. Granted, she has patriotic filipino fans but there are a good many others who support her for reasons other than racial. So there.
    Glad to see her back with momma Gina. Nice mother’s day prezzie. Hoping to see what her next project will be.

  23. 23
    yets Says:

    Nice to see her again.
    WE love you V.

  24. 24
    lauren Says:

    why is she wearing boys sunglasses and boy jeans?

  25. 25
    ... Says:

    @rahrahrah: @Bree: and i’m sure, 100% of vanessa’s haters came from PLANET IDIOT.

  26. 26
    Michael (The Man) Says:

    @kerri: Just like Muki you got your facts wrong. Muki’s post is just stating an opinion just like your post, yes she’s pretty and cool but so are the 6 billion population in the world in their own way. Also Muki she’s doing a lot of big things right now so expect her to be in the celebrity new a lot so don’t hate just congratulate.

    Peace y’all

  27. 27
    Lei Says:

    @eyda: and you think you are pretty!!! Oh God, see some of your people.

  28. 28
    Lei Says:

    @lauren: is it writen somewhere my dear???

  29. 29
    kerri Says:

    @Lauren: I also thought the same thing especially about her jeans.

  30. 30
    e Says:

    @Michael (The Man):

    Haha, wether or not that is true, with a lame and mean attitude like that he or she won’t get far, and your advise should be given to that person who said something bad first, and no, saying something mean or cruel about someone else wether it’s online or to someones face is not stating an opinion and it’s lame to claim it to be but an intentional way to try and hurt someone else, you should never claim that you’re only stating an opinion when it comes to looking down on someone else, in RL it’s called bullying and while you don’t know Vanessa or any other stars out there if you had it would definatly fly under bullying, and if Muki was so famous, why would he/she even have the time to spend on JJ anyway, so no, bullying is never stating an opinion, the same as it’s not claiming your right to freespeach, it’s nothing else then menat to hurt people.

  31. 31
    lauren Says:

    also how much longer is vanessa is her new lapdog josh*/ using him is she going to have him followed around for?

  32. 32
    Rose Says:

    @lauren: You are a troll ,you are there before jjj ,you say the same,what is your problem w/Josh ,he is waiting for her to come home,lol

  33. 33
    lauren Says:

    you clearly dont get my post,
    im being sarcastic,
    cus josh seems like the type that follows her around like a puppy dog and wtf is she hanging with a 18 yr old. yea he’s mature or whatever, but if vanessa wants ppl to take her more seriously date someone older and not a teenager and make better movies.

  34. 34
    Rose Says:

    @lauren: What wrong w/Josh ,and is not your business if she like Josh to hung out ,why every time you call him a lapdog how about you troll..leave them alone if she haPpy w/him it’s ok,and it’s not your business .

  35. 35
    lauren Says:

    wtf is a troll?
    guessing your a vanessa fan?
    so calling ppl a troll is cool now?

  36. 36

    @kikay: Are you a racist or something? Why you hate people for nothing?

  37. 37
    Rose Says:

    @lauren: I know you from before every time you bashing nessa bcus you don’t like her even z,now you are bashing Josh bcus he is w/Vanessa how about you who w/you ?? A goshhhhhhhhhh….ha..ha..ha.

  38. 38

    Wow, you really must be the farmer one here then. What she ever did to you anyway? Gosh, I’m not saying you should love her like her fans do, but no need for hating!

  39. 39
    lauren Says:

    your making no sense.
    stop with the ha. ha. ha.

  40. 40

    @rahrahrah: So what does that mean? In Europe they’re not Filipinos that’s for sure and they love her. I’m not a Filipino and I love her for what she is. Besides she’s not only Filipino, she has other background too.

  41. 41

    @lauren: Why? Is she gonna ask you what to wear? That’s the stupidest question ever.

  42. 42
    Rose Says:

    @lauren: Why ??? Bcus you are pathetic .

  43. 43

    @lauren: Well she hasn’t admitted that they’re dating. Next time read facts about her, not rumors. And you can’t judge someone because she HANGS OUT with someone younger.

  44. 44
    Iris Says:

    If haters hate her that much, maybe it’s better for them to not comment at all. They just raise the number of comments on articles about her, making angry fans to reply to them, trying to convince them that they’re HATERS.

    Face it HATERS, she has gone quite far since HSM. And I bet you loved HSM back at in 2006, 2007, 2008.
    WE ♥ Vanessa because she’s Amazingly Awesome

  45. 45
    Jen Says:

    Welcome back in LA V!Hope u had a nice time in Europe!

  46. 46
    Susan Says:

    Have Gina and Greg split up? I noticed she isn’t wearing her wedding ring anymore and it’s been a while since I’ve seen Greg with Gina or the girls.

  47. 47
    mig345 Says:

    she looks sad

  48. 48
    andi Says:

    Love vanessa she looks amazing as usual – hope she had a great time in Paris its an amazing city.

  49. 49
    Tomahawk Says:

    It is very cute that she still hangs with her Mom love that … she is enormously pretty anyone saying anything to the contrary are obviously jealous or blind in the eyes or both, LOL the only thing i can say negatively is that she should be nicer in the streets and not hide her face so much …. that is pretty lame !

  50. 50
    Al Says:

    @Rose: Learn to spell please. None of your comments make any sense. You look like an idiot with all your spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

  51. 51
    RAC Says:

    She’s so sweet to have taken her Mom. That was lovely, I’m sure they had a wonderful time. Haters are a waste of time. Vanessa is lovely and I hope she has a wonderful happy life both personal and in her career.

  52. 52
    maria Says:

    People are idiots who assume things about others. Just because Vanessa is FRIENDS with Josh, doesn’t mean she is dating him. Friends don’t have to be any particular age. I have friends of ALL ages, younger, my age, and older. There is no age requirement for friendship. They just spent almost 5 months filming a movie together, and were the only young people on set. I’m sure they had some good times together, and he was the shoulder to cry on after her relationship ended. He’s a good guy and has been there for her. And IF they were dating, we’d see them on DATES, like dinner, movies, etc. NOT hanging with her friends and family, taking her sister for a motorcycle ride. Oh, and yeah, she went to a basketball game with him……so? SHe also went with Emily Browning AND her sister. That means NOTHING. People need to just stop assuming.

  53. 53
    Danielle Says:

    I really don’t get it why you think she is not a beauty…. that’s the question??? Vanessa has a natural beauty

  54. 54
    Alex Says:

    I sell her the Panama hat in m’y shop in Paris
    11 rue sainte croix de la bretonnerie 75003 Paris
    The price is 40€ !

  55. 55
    Etana Says:

    i’ve lost all respect for her after the scandals and the whole “sock it to me” quote to michael caine and stuff. like who says that? now people are gonna think filipino girls are just desperate to get knocked up by old white men

  56. 56
    Cloud Says:

    love her baggy jeans =D

  57. 57
    Ella Selina Says:

    Don’t you people have some style? I mean common! The shades matched perfectly with those tops and the shoes’ color CAN definitely go with that boyish jeans. And it’s nice to wear under shirts with that beautiful pattern of designs of her white top and the jacket with a little cottony on a shoulder and not to mention, her hat is so cute! Although I would recommend for her to get a bag that would match her style because holding the water bottle and the book together, made her style JUST A LITTLE ugly…
    | — |
    And it’s so cute to find Nessa and Tita Gina hanging out together! What a cute mother and daughter bonding! I wish Stella and Tito Greg were also there so that it would be a one big happy family… :D
    | — |
    I so <3 Vanessa. Not because she and I shares the same kind, Filipino, but there is a kindhearted, gentle, happy, warm and very talented woman inside and outside of her that haters don’t really feel and don’t really see.
    | — |
    Haters, why don’t you guys try to open your damn hard stone of mind and stone of heart and try to clear up all the hatred and anger on inside you and try to consider and understand that everyone is different from everyone else because not all people are the same and I know that not all people can please everyone. Including you, haters. Maybe your hate comments please someone (because they are also a hater) but do you even realize how big of a sin you are doing by saying unpleasant words to others that can even destroy their lives??? Geez, just leave a person alone if you don’t like her/him and especially IF YOU’RE NOT CLOSE to her/him and don’t know the real them in real life. Don’t just barge into their lives and pull them down because bad karma is just watching around the corner, waiting for its next target…

  58. 58
    Ella Selina Says:

    @Etana: Only stupid people will believe that Filipino women are like that. If they want to believe Filipino women are like that, let them believe because we know the truth. And I just want to say if you’re putting the blame on Nessa, don’t put all the blame on her because I’m pretty much sure that she has her own reason for doing that and TRUST ME, it’s not her intention to do that … She also had to go through many decisions that she knows will affect a lot of people in her life and that’s a big sacrifice for her…

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