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Zac Efron: The 'Stache is Back!

Zac Efron: The 'Stache is Back!

Zac Efron keeps it casual in a pair of Converse high-tops as he visits Fig & Olive restaurant on Tuesday (April 5) in West Hollywood.

The 23-year-old actor sported a mustache! Sources tell that Zac‘s growing out his facial hair for Coachella again, just like he did last year!

Late last month, Zac had the best seat in the house for the Lakers game – and even got trampled by Kobe Bryant during an intense play!

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  • mj

    I’ve never said anything negative about this guy, but that stache made me lol shave it bro or at least grow out a real beard

  • lindsey

    lmao! he looks hilarious!

  • lauren

    he loooks like a douche

  • beatriz

    i love him but he must shave his mustache.

  • Maori

    @mj: Yeah me too, I have absolutely NOTHING against him but this ‘stache has got to go. Now. It looks downright horrible. Does he even think he looks good with it? GET REAL, Efron! Nobody can pull off that awful look, even the most handsome man on Earth and you know why? Because the ‘stache is the ugliest form of facial there can be. I don’t know who got the idea to make it a trendy look back in old times but it’s so fugly. I’d leave my hubby / boyfriend if he even thought of going for that look. To say the least. Seriously. You have to be nuts to like it. A goatee can be damn sexy on a hot guy but a mustache, no way! Am I going a little too deep in my hatred comment against mustaches? :D

  • rocky

    WTF happened to this kid?

  • Bancroft

    Whats wrong with it? People make it seem like its a life decision. The dude just changed his hair up.

  • tay7
  • M

    simply ugly

  • http://aol Patti

    He wants to be grown up so bad. He looks rediculous.

  • Miss V

    What is happening to him, he looks like a sleazy dude. Wanna know who the mystery blonde was from the Roxy it was Candice a Victoria Secret model his picked up from the show earlier. His Ninjas friends let it slip she gave him some oral gratification. What a d-bag . No pics but what a player with friends that aren’t really friends at all.

  • pop86


  • wuill

    @Miss V: So if Candice Swan-whatever sucked his d ick, a personal choice, that makes him a douche? Wow

  • Julluf

    lolol his life is going downhill fast

  • hma2134

    I dont like this mustache….shave that off!

  • LMAO

    @wuill: Uh, yeah it does. What an a$$.

  • LMAO

    @Miss V: So, mystery blonde is revealed……he is a sleaze. He had to hide her in a VIP room, so he could get a BJ? What is wrong with him??? Has he totally lost every screw in his head???

  • so true

    BAHAHAHAHAHa – he looks like a short little boy playing adult dress up. – Where’s his ‘beard’?

  • Amber

    What’s it with Vanessa that attract crazies? She has some of the most obnoxious fans I’ve ever seen on the net. They create twitter accounts to trash Zac, his friends, and his rumored gf Teresa, and spread lies about them. They claim they know them personally, or they overheard them in their private conversations. The worse thing is, that some people are gullible enough to believe the lies. How pathetic.

  • http://none juddy

    its not from vanessa fans ..its from zac haters and dude
    all the news about him rumors lol of course not

  • wuill

    @LMAO: OHHHHH I’m sorry. He should of let her suck it right on Hollywood Boulevard. My mistake!

  • chris

    @Miss V: And you were there to witness the oral gratification? Where are the pics? Oh please, another one of those rumor-mongerers. lol.

  • Amber

    @juddy: Have you read tweets from them? They’re clearly Vanessa fans who think she’s a saint and Zac is a monster who dumped her. I don’t mind those “average” haters since they don’t go much further. But those crazy Vanessa fans? They act like they were personally betrayed by Zac and are so determined to destroy him. It’s scary actually.

  • maria

    @Amber: Hate to break it to ya….it’s not just Vanessa fans who hate on Zac. Seriously. Remember, a lot of her fans were also fans of his. Lots of people do NOT like Zac OR Vanessa. It’s rude to just accuse V’s fans. I would never say the only people who hate on Vanessa are just Zac’s fans. That’s stupid. Lots of losers like to patrol these boards and HATE on a lot of celebs. Go look at other threads. Some people live to hate. Sad, but true. But stop accusing all V fans. It’s just not true.

  • LMAO

    @chris: Again with needing pics. We never saw Zac and Vanessa do anything inappropriate publicly, yet we knew they were probably intimate. Did you need pics to prove that? Why do you need pics of everything? Don’t you think that’s an invasion of privacy?? So stupid. Just remember, some rumors DO turn out to be true. We will see.

  • Amber

    @maria: I clearly stated “some” of her fans are obnoxious. Of course there are sweet ones too.

  • IMO

    He looks like a gay dress designer.

  • Amber

    @LMAO: It’s called evidence. Anyone can make up rumors in the internet era. Without proof, they mean nothing. You’re jumping on the conclusion way too fast. Follow your own advice before accusing Zac of doing something.

  • Yanis


  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • Susan

    I think he’s cute with or without the stache. ;O)

  • true lies

    Why do we keep getting this type of news about Zac just about every week? Either there is some truth to all of this and he’s making up for lost time or his PR people are spreading lies to make him seem more grown up and like a bad boy. Whatever twisted mess is going on, its making him like immature and less of a man then what he was before. All these rumors could destroy his reputation and character because he was such a nice guy before. How can someone change their look, personality, and morals all in a matter of a couple of months? This makes me believe that he is a follower (ryan and alex), he has no sense of self identity (know who he is), and is quickly becoming another hollywood statistic. I hope he can handle all this attention from women. Hopefully all this fame is not making him big headed

    Finally, I hope if he’s absent from Ashley’s premiere that its not because he’s ashamed of HSM and where he came from. I mean, Ryan is from Nickelodeon! How is hanging with him, drinking, and sleeping with multiple women going to make him a big star again? He’s made several steps down Mt. Everest since breaking up with Vanessa. He needs to work more and play less. Idol time is the devil’s workshop. What he needs (if the rumors are true), is to spend his free time auditioning for movies and working on new projects for his production company.

  • my2cents

    fyi Zac and Vanessa are still very good friends and whether the fans like it or not there’s no animosity between them, they’re just enjoying life as single people. If they get back together then good for them. Fans should not waste time making up stories, innuendos and what not. Both are happy in their own right. They don’t need each other to be happy. They have their own families that love and support them.

  • Question

    @Miss V: Wow classy people shouldn’t that be kept behind closed doors? No wonder he needed them to open the private VIP section. Next time get a room somwhere. Blame it on the tequila.

  • Tiptoes

    Looks like he came from a business meeting. Hopefully it will be to finalize his movie project which is in pre-production.

  • Amber

    @true lies: We’re getting this type of “news” because some pathetic haters love to spread them constantly. In fact, they are not even respectable “news” other than slandering since they appear only on comment section of some gossip blog. General public outside of some people obsessed with his personal life, never even heard of his supposed “new life”. Seriously , where did you hear about his “sleeping with multiple women”? Lets’ see. He was “rumored” to be with Taylor Schilling(his The Lucky One costar), Brittany Snow, Rumor Willis(also friends with Brittany), Teresa Palmer and Victoria P(a randome girl just stading with Zac in some pics). Out of these girls, I’d say only Teresa counts as his supposed hookup. She could very well be the mystery blonde Zac was spotted with recently. That’s hardly womanizing. All these rumors are blown out of proportion. So, he’s enjoying casual dating after getting out of long-term relationship. What’s wrong with that? Let the young man enjoy his life. He’s not doing anything unacceptable.

  • true lies


    My statement doesn’t have anything to do with Vanessa. If they want to be single, then that’s fine. What I don’t get is why is his business getting out? Are his friends selling him out? What about all these blonds….are they spreading the rumors? If Zac wants to be a man hoe, its his business. My personal opinion is that he needs to be careful as a celebrity. When people are out to get you by posting photos on Perez and spreading lies, maybe his friends really aren’t his friends. I mean who can he really trust? It just seems to me that he’s gotten really sloppy and created this don’t care attitude. He once stated that he admired Shia for not caring. Isn’t Shia known for his DUIs and club going ways? I guess he’s really living the life of his dreams. I guess he’s young and he can destroy his body if he wants by sleeping around and polluting it with alcohol. Its just so sad hearing about it all. At least since he decided to do it and live this way, he’s fully committing to it 100%. Go Zac! Show the world how bad ASS you really are. lol.

  • amaakaaa i want pepsi

    ikkenas bbq , grill, burgers, pop corn shrmp astrovan glass jar for water to astroworld

  • my2cents

    @true lies: food for thought: never ever even one iota believe what you read about celebrity news unless you know them personaly and/or have seen genuine pictures of them in black and white so to speak ruining their reputation. (example: Tiger Woods busted clear as day – that was a classic example of vivid evidence, not even gossip that I lost respect for him as a person and as a father although not his golf sport) . As for V and Zac, I will remain a fan regardless of whether they behave morally or not, I’d still go see their movies because I enjoy watching them as actors.

  • truth

    he can barely grow hair on his chinny chin chin. when he had his silly goatee the whole middle of his chin was hairless. lol can barely grow a stache. kate winslet facial hair is thicker

  • truth

    Who grows better facial hair? madonna, Zac , of Kate? lol not zac

  • true lies


    There has to be some truth to all of this. I say let him handle his business! Its his life! What I don’t get is if he’s showing up at the club, who are these sources that are stretching the truth? I’m sure other celebs are there but why is Zac so important that he’s being singled out weekly or everytime he steps foot into a club? Is it because he’s former HSM? Is it because of his friends, or his lady friends? I would presume that it can’t be the club owners or else other celebs would be reported. Seems to me that poor Zac may have a mole in his group. If any of it is true, he should start caring a little more and re-evaluate his company. That would be the mature thing to do. But hey its his single life. I hope the sacrifices he’s making to have fun will be worth it in the end.

  • zacusestheprcard

    For your information I work at one of the night clubs where celebs go to in LA they do not leak out information or they get fired. We would lose Hollywood clientele if we opened our mouths about what goes on there. We want to attract celeb club goers not alienate them. Far as this Zac douche bag go I can say that the only time a celeb gets VIP for any reason with a girl is to get some asp. I do not doubt the BJ story Candace who is a Victorias Secret model is shopping around for a celeb and she has targeted other celebs before. Zac is known for his drinking around the circuit now and Ryan does powder I am surprised his nose has not caved in that is who Zac Efron hangs around if he is hanging with that dude that much he will get caught up in the scene.

  • http://dnica Looky

    Nice 80′s porn stache ;)

  • Ashlee

    Sources tell that Zac’s growing out his facial hair for Coachella again, just like he did last year!

    Duh!! Looks like whoever gave JJ that info lied. Zac shaved for the premiere of Ashley’s movie tonight. And Coachell is in like two weeks.

  • Question

    LOl he must have shaved after reading these comments. Also great PR move to go the premiere I’m sure he had to go since he is handled by Gina who also handles Ashley. He only did one interview took a pic with Ashley then bailed. How sad he isn’t even friends with Vanessa at all he couldn’t even say hello. It’s also a slap in the face that he went to this DVD premiere and he went to Teresa Palmers premiere and he never went to any of his ex girlfriends of five years.He was a good guy before what happened?

  • xo

    zac shaved and lukn great

  • xo

    zac shaved for ashley’s premiere and lukn great

  • florence

    @Question: True it was a great PR move and an even better one to let him only do 1 interview, and I bet he never answered any questions about Vanessa or the break up, where as she has had months of reporters asking her about it no wonder she look’s pi**ed of in some of them. Typical Zac does’nt open his mouth even to say that they are still friends like Vanessa has numerous times he just keep’s it shut. Guess he’s proved that he’s not that loyal after all, only to his stupid ninja boys.

    I’m not suprised that there are no photo’s of him and Vanessa together at Ashley’s night or even the three of them together, to me this confirms that he and Vanessa can’t stand to be near each other and certainly aren’t friends. Vanessa needs to stop being so polite about him after all he’s let her take all the flack and heat from the press.

    And he look’s so cocky in these photo’s and think’s he’s all it. Wonder what blonde he was in the restaraunt with, he su[pposedly left a meeting earlier becuase he was ‘ so ill’ yea I bet, should’nt let a blonde go down on you then Zac maybe you caught something.

    Agree to that he can go to other friends things but Vanessas he has always convinetly been working, personally he did’nt like the fact that Vanessa got more attention than him when they did go to things together, she was alright as long as she was in the background. So I’m glad that she is doing so well without him and her movies have done good, I’m off tonight to see SP can’t wait.

    Zac should spend less time clubbing and getting down with bloneds which seem to be his new flavour and get back to work.

  • kerri

    I love zac. Haters leave him the f*ck alone. He is living his life. I loved zanessa but they aren’t together anymore. That doesn’t mean that i don’t love them both individually. The moustache is a very different look but hell who cares the person behind it is a complete hottie and he has a good heart.