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Gisele Bundchen: 2011 Ipanema Sandals

Gisele Bundchen: 2011 Ipanema Sandals

Gisele Bundchen launches the 2011 Ipanema sandal collection on Wednesday (April 6) in Istanbul, Turkey.

The 30-year-old Brazilian model has designed her own range including “Butterfly” and “Hot Beaches.”

The Ipanema Gisele B√ľndchen collection is continuing its support of ISA, the Socio-environmental Institute, now with its most transformative program: the Fight Against Climate Change Central Strategy. A program that is optimistic about people’s relationship with the planet and that proposes that we all think about what we can do right now, in practice, to improve our lives.

15+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen launching the 2011 Ipanema sandals collection…

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gisele bundchen 2011 ipanema sandals 01
gisele bundchen 2011 ipanema sandals 02
gisele bundchen 2011 ipanema sandals 03
gisele bundchen 2011 ipanema sandals 04
gisele bundchen 2011 ipanema sandals 05
gisele bundchen 2011 ipanema sandals 06
gisele bundchen 2011 ipanema sandals 07
gisele bundchen 2011 ipanema sandals 08
gisele bundchen 2011 ipanema sandals 09
gisele bundchen 2011 ipanema sandals 10
gisele bundchen 2011 ipanema sandals 11
gisele bundchen 2011 ipanema sandals 12
gisele bundchen 2011 ipanema sandals 13
gisele bundchen 2011 ipanema sandals 14
gisele bundchen 2011 ipanema sandals 15

Credit: Seskim; Photos: WENN
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  • RememberFan

    Can you say gorgeous?

  • luvme

    do I see a belly on gorgeous gisele?!!

  • olympia

    now that’s a supermodel

  • truedathomie

    Love her unique look. refreshing in plastic hollywood!

  • 399

    Love love love her!!!

  • Cheery

    Is she pregnant??

  • luvme

    dony minus me I love gisele! I didn’t mean fat but she look a little preggy that’s all. I would love to see her have another gorgeous baby with her gorgeous hubby. They are so in love and gorgeous. They need to reproduce more!

  • jannyColl1

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  • Super

    @nazsonmezz: She was extremely magnificent! I just can’t still believe it :)

    more than 600 people went to meet her!

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    Looks kind of rough

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    Not gorgeous

  • Laura

    We get it Sligo lambert. You only like Rosie. Wanker.

  • Tina

    The best model in the whole world.

  • John Rossi




    HEY GISELE,,,, BUFFET IS OPEN…CHaaaaaaaaaaaaarge!!!!!!!

    LATER ,



  • Ipa

    hi Sligo the resident troll! *waves*

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Candice better :)

  • Betty

    The sandals look like Turkish sandals.She does look beautiful. WOW!

  • Ipa

    @John Rossi:

    She is skinny in face,arms,legs. she is hardly fat stfu. lol. Its called her and her hot a** hubby gettin down all the time and have a bangin se* life.

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    Yes rosie is beast and i have other model name anaa

  • HKL

    i can’t get enough of her

  • L

    I can’t believe people are calling her fat… if she’s fat theres no hope for the rest of us!

  • hehe2

    She’s not fat AT ALL but she usually has a washboard stomach in anything and everything she wears, so it does make one wonder. Maybe its just the unflattering dress or a big lunch. Time will tell I guess!

  • GorgG

    a tummy on sub par models who don’t work much and have let them selves go is not surprising. a tummy on Gisele only means one thing!….

  • jilllyro

    Her looks are so overated, go to any mall dress shop and you will see tons of girls who look like her or much cuter. Never understood her appeal. Find she looks like Sarah Jessica’s Parkers’ taller sister, they both have the same long horsey face look.

  • mike


    tremendous amount of jealousy

  • booboston

    not everyone has to or will get her and its usually the people with cheap taste who only like those plastic clone types.

    Over 600 people went to meet Gisele,H&M sells are up, she sells anything she models for like crazy…I’d hardly call that overrated. Overrated is someone who is hyped up but never has anything to show for it (Paris Hilton,Kim Kardashian etc..). Gisele has plenty to show for. Forbe’s ain’t lyin!

  • wow

    she looks really old.

  • wow
  • nope


    Ambrosio looks like yes and Giselle looks like no

  • Frozoid

    She’s a MAN, baby!

  • lisali

    She looks really beautiful in these pics. Her legs…yowza.

  • Bridget Moinan

    Gisele isn’t that handsome. I’ve seen better.

  • gimme

    @Frozoid: Frodo = one of those Boston freaks.

    Ambrosio has 1 vogue cover gisele has 100 pls dont compare.

  • So annoying!!

    Oh get your ass back to Boston. Are you too good for Boston? Who do you think you are you South American jungle monkey

  • Bridget Manahan

    @Bridget Moinan:

    go away fool. Bridget is so 2006 lol.

  • underthebridge

    Gisele is distinctive and unique looking and I hope you know that is what has made her SOOOO successful. If she were some California college co ed looking thing she would not be famous. Yeah those girls are hot but not supermodel hot. got it? there is a BIG difference. Almost as big a difference as the size of Giseles a** and your own.

  • Jen

    She doesn’t seem kind or compassionate. A complete narcissist.

    And why aren’t she and Tom ever in Boston? Do they think they’re too good for that town?

  • faceitnow


    yes someone who always wears flats,messy hair,t shirts and jeans, no makeup and donates alot of money to Haiti and Japan is the exact definition of a narcissist I totally agree.

  • nnn

    Horse face.

  • MIKE


  • craig stairs

    Saving the world one shopping mall sized home at a time.

    She outta bring the homes she has up at these conferences.

  • mouth

    so a the worlds richest supermodel and quarterback can’t live in a mansion? If they lived in a trailer park beside yours, then it would be news…until then *yawn*

  • nina

    @nnn: no its called bone structure. and yes its rare amongst all the double chinned women out there. Supermodels have it, average women don’t.

  • gimme

    @nope: funny you say that bc Ambro went to Turkey many times and still cant get a Vogue turkey cover. Gisele has never been there until now and got a Vogue turkey cover months ago, HAHAHA. Movie star vs. soap opera actress. just don’t even.

  • JJ

    The haters mean Gisele is doing something right.

    Gisele is laughing all the way to the bank with her $150 Million


  • handledatroof

    You know you famous when the haters get on it. So haters get on job

    Uh just because he plays in Boston doesn’t mean they have to spend their lives in Boston. Ain’t nothing there but colleges, pubs and bad weather, oh yeah and fans who wants Tom’s autograph. He’s least recognizable in places like Cali, you idiots, so why not go there? It used to be New York until that sea hag witch ran to Cali to keep Tom away from his son. Oh yeah then she finally got a job after he started building his mega mansion, that I’m sorry to say, none of ya’ll will ever live in or anything like it, but anyway now he’s stuck in Cali and B town. Surely Bridget will be unemployed again, cause her character ain’t much to the show anyway and tryna find a crib in the b-town to block Thomas and he shall build another mega mansion in Boston and make you haters continue to show him love by hating.

    Gi was anorexic last week, now she’s fat? That scrawny girl is fat? jeez, I bet ya’ll haters probably 2x her size. Go take a bath, ya’ll hating is startin’ ta stank real bad. If Gi pregnant good for her.

  • handledatroof

    Rosie a flat nosed, too much space between the eyes big lip duck tranny wannabe.

    Candice is a fat-faced, anorexic ugly version of Rosie. (which is terrible)

    And who is Anaaa? Oh nobody.

    Gi 4 life baby!!!

  • Princess


    Also don’t forget Ale is publicizing her 30th birthday at some huge night club in Vegas. Tom said in an interview,they celebrated Gisele’s 30th bday at a restaurant in Boston w/ their kids and Toms parents . Not only big difference in careers, but big differences in lifestyles as well.

  • Princess

    Ale also posts links all about people saying how great she is on her twitter (like she googles herself all the time, lol) while Gisele doesn’t even have a twitter or shows personal pictures of her son 24/7! Ale may be hot but she is a famew*ore to the max.

  • Truth

    To the losers:

    Gisele is the complete oposite of vain. FYI, Tom started building that huge home well before he started even dating Gisele so it’s not her fault. She didn’t select it.. It’s Tom’s house and if that’s what she wants, she will live in it. Gisele lived in much smaller houses in NYC, her NYC home was even cheaper than Tom’s $15 million dollar apartment in NYC which he barely even lived in despite Gisele being richer than Tom Brady.
    Tom may very well have over the top tastes, but don’t blame it on Gisele.

    Also 99% of the time you see Gisele with no makeup, no heels, no designer clothes. She lives in jeans, t shirt and sandals. She even admited that despite being a high fashion model, she doesn’t even like wearing designer labels.

    Let’s see, she gave $1 million to Haiti amd $1 million to Japan.

    Why? Because you wish you were her? Hah.