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Rachel Bilson: Home from North Carolina!

Rachel Bilson: Home from North Carolina!

Rachel Bilson gets a little camera shy as she arrives home and hides behind a pillow on Thursday (April 7) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress has recently teamed up with JewelMint, the jewelry collection designed by Kate Bosworth, to kick off the brand’s new charity initiative – the JewelMint Celebrity Guest Curator Series.

“I am so privileged to be working on this project with Kate as I’m a huge JewelMint fan,” Rachel told InStyle.

Rachel has also started filming her CW pilot, Hart of Dixie, in North Carolina with co-star Jaime King.

FYI: Rachel is carrying a Burberry bag.

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  • JayEnGee

    seriously, she’s 29??

  • lexy hates bilson

    LMAO!!! Seriously is Hayden around?? Is that why she’s pretending to be so upset about the paps??

  • JC

    Camera shy? This is the best acting she’s ever done.

  • Toonie

    Her agent called the ppl she shouldn’t really complain she is doing the hide behind the pillow for her few fans out there to gain attention. Lets hope HC is no fool to come running back to be around her. Really another Jewelry design like the last one wasn’t bad enough.

  • Regina George

    ohhh The OC… : /
    She’s a fan of Jewelmint? I would be hiding my face too.

  • Jax

    She’s so ridiculously dumb. As if the paps have just been camped out in front of her house for the last two weeks waiting for her. Please. Anyone who reads the gossip blogs should be insulted by this stupid little tw*t trying to play the privacy card. Ugh.

  • santa

    Jewelmint haha loserware…how much do you get paid to mention it Jared

  • moe

    Is Hayden gay? For goodness sakes what is he doing with this loser.

  • Cindy

    Child please. The paps haven’t been around for your place for weeks and you expect us to believe they just so happened to show up at your house unannounced after you’ve been gone all this time? And that you’re bothered by it? Yeah right.

  • TheBourneAmy

    I wish I was as adorable as her :)

  • Jessica

    Yeah right. I’d like her a lot more if she just owned her inner famewhore and worked it.

  • Toonie

    What the hell is she wearing it’s not cold in LA and she is dressed for the Alaskan Tundra. God and those boots are soo last year..

  • the truth

    @lexy hates bilson: Do you see him around? She is hiding because her rep lied and said that they was still together when they was not. Her rep made people assume that they was together and they was not. Her rep should have told people the truth about her working. That ‘s what she was doing anyway.@Toonie: If they have broken up again he won’t she said that it was for good. Her rep just lied for her while she was away.And didn’t tell people what she was really doing . You know that they asked her questiions about what she said about what said about her and breaking up again. She knew that it was going to happen. Her rep should have not said anything about that. They ae done.

  • Jax

    @12, you are certainly misinformed, non? She’s a fashion “icon.” She’s the second coming of Coco Chanel, didn’t you get the memo? You must bow down and honor her supreme fashion genius, she obviously knows far more than you, lowly worm. This is of course why she’s been on the cover of every notable fashion magazine out there. Not. She’s laughable at best and needs to just GO AWAY.

  • Insider

    She spent a couple of days at his farm trying to get back into his life….Just saying. He is so over her and has some business to deal with.
    Please be kind, she’s just been dumped.
    I wish her luck with her series.

  • deshaun

    This little entity has no effect on me. I guess my hormones are broken.

  • Pepto

    I wish her luck hooking up with some other dumb^ss b^st&rd that she can use for attention. That’s all this girl is good for.

  • sidony

    Surprise, surprise, surprise! NON!
    Well get off your high horse Douchel!
    You’re boring & talentless as hell. You’re still here in the biz only becoz of “whom you know & not what you know”.
    You could go away and stay gone forever or even lived in North Carolina and retire there already.

  • LisaM

    I guess she feels that famewh*res need to stick together!

  • Rose

    She’s adorable, has a wonderful sense of fashion, and seems like a perfectly nice person. Why are you so mean to her? Are there any nice people at the JJ message boards?

  • Toonie

    @ JAX

    I hear you and truly my grandmother has more fashion sense thne this twit..Let her be on as many covers as her agent can score for her bottom line is ppl could care less about her, her style and her on off bff

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    Typical (H)actress… once turned her back on TV to do movies when she feels that she gets a little famous (as self-claimed)…… now “”crawling”” back hard on TV when she failed to become a movie star or more like that she can’t get acting job/s on movies at all; coz her connections are just connected on TV shows & Media PR & Gossip Blogs – KARMA!

  • Sallie


  • Tina

    LMAO Everyone come to the Rachel thread. Here you will find the most obviously jealous, envious and anal retentive attention seeking commenters around the net.

    Free enemas this way ———>

  • she shall remain nameless

    Once again, these talentless goonies have teamed up again because they don’t have any offers coming their way. Pathetic!!!

  • Domino

    Seriously Jared, does she pay you? Why do you always post this no-career woman? I don’t get it. She does nothing anymore but dress like c***.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I don’t know why she doesn’t hire mother Kardashian-Jenner or Papa Joe to rep her – she could at least be making some money for her media-wh*ring – Jessica and the Kardashian girls are making millions! Granted she’s not as pretty as Kim or even Jessica and she doesn’t have the personality of Khloe or Kourtney but if anyone could make her a few bucks it would be Kris or Joe!

  • kosher

    @ 1 –
    Seriously too; that she’s still thinks that she’s an actress?!?!

    @23 –
    Hear Ye… Hear Ye… Hear Ye…
    “”Hollywood’s Talentless Famewh*res United”".
    A match made up of a (1) dollar store’s bubble gum & cotton candy – Wowza!!!

  • chris23

    I doubt her and Hayden called it quits. Obviously if they did she’d be spotted trying to leach on to someone else. I can only guess he came home to Toronto because she left to film her show or what not. Up until then he was in LA. I’m sure one reason was business but another was probably her because she kept a very low profile for a while.

    I think he’s still hung up on her. Obviously there’s something about her we don’t get to see, but I just figured he likes them stupid and talentless.

  • Sela

    It has always stayed with me that Hayden was quoted in an interview while promoting Jumper, describing Rachel as being “kind”. There are quotes from long ago that Hayden thinks kindness is a very important quality.

  • Toonie

    @ 30

    yea KIND a dumb, but he also said he didn’t believe in dating his co-star b/c if it went bad he would be stuck in a sequel with them. The man lies plenty as does Bilho. I would never stand behind a quote he made over many years ago ppl change their prospective over time. And not necessarily would she get another man right away not all men are pushovers she tried Gosling and he didn’t want her. It would take time for this woman to find another man who is looking for dumb as dirt. HC might have better luck with another woman if he is so inclined to want one right away. And not always when either of them disappear does it mean they are together if this series pans out then she won’t be doing much with HC anymore. Hopefully ppl can count the days till showmance can come to a permanent end.

  • Chelly

    Holy crap what is she wearing? She looks like she’s 3ft tall and put on 30 lbs! Short people should never wear crap like that! What a joke that she’s trying to hide herself from the cameras…as if she’s ever really done that.

  • Sela

    I admire Hayden’s thoughts about kindness.
    There were any number of ways he could have complimented his co-star but saying she is kind meant something to him.

  • Hoody

    @JC: I know.

  • Teacher’s Pet

    This girl has obviously gotten tutored on the ways of famewh@ring by Bozho. Same fake pap apprehension, same hand gestures, same fugly black boots, same crapmint jewelry….
    If I wanted to see all this crap, I’d visit a Boswh@re post. Unfortunately, she’s prepping for her Coachella papfest. Wonder if the Swedish tree will prop her skeletal body on top of his shoulders, and rudely block the view of everyone behind them, again this year?

  • Atlqueen

    @30 In all seriousness you can’t control who you fall for. They’ve been together for a long time. It’s to let all of that go. So he went against he said. How many times have you done that in your life?? If you have such a huge problem with it and it effects your life so much, SUE HIS ASS!

  • Atlqueen

    Oh and another thing. So it’s okay for him to date any other of his co-stars just not this one?? Think about how many of them are our there he was rumored with that you all swear by the book that was real. It’s okay to date them but when he makes something serious with Rachel everybody wants to roll over and die about it. Your problem isn’t with what he said, it’s with who he’s with. Let it go already. Their here, their together and their ain’t ish you can do about it.

  • Sela


    Are you addressing my @30 or someone else?
    I wasn’t criticizing Hayden. As I said above, I admire him.
    Someone commented there must be something about Rachel we don’t get to see and I just remembered that Jumper interview.
    If he thinks she is kind and kindness is one of things that is important to him than it’s pretty simple to see.

  • Toonie

    @ Sela

    No she was speaking to me and to be fair here AT whatever knowone would give a dick about who he dated if she was more of a woman and less of a teenager. Hell the man could date a woman from walmart if he was so infatuated with her someone that is more true to herself and him and not press selling them out for her own personal benefit. I think what pisses you off is because ppl can see through a stage show and you still believe in the easter bunny. Also when the media see them all they see is a bad sales pitch and being they know more then us I would trust in the fact they claim that this is a contract arrangement to boost her career. He sure as hell doesn’t need much of a hand in that. She only gets work via ppl she can hustle to give her jobs. Her marketing skills suck, her fashion is copies off of then next top model, and she can’t act so what does she have left…..HC and that could end when he is sick and tired enough of her brainstupid ideas.

  • Atlqueen

    Is it really that important what she does though? Does it bother everyone that much to the point where you have to troll about it? It isn’t really that serious what she does to promote herself. To be honest she isn’t that all over the place. She’s one of those people who you have to google or visit JJ to find out about. No one cares for her enough. I think the reason everyone is upset is because Rachel is not everyone’s dreamgirl for Hayden. My thing if that’s who he chose then so be it. A relationship normally runs it’s course and we should just respect that those chose one another for the time being. Geez, everyone is behaving like she is Kim K., Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan. Get a grip!

  • Dance

    @ atiqueen

    Your here trolling so I think your the pot calling the kettle black if you don’t like the comment please feel free to go to the Rayden fan board and comment to your hearts content. I don’t think you will find too much love for your idol here.

  • Deborah

    First of all, go to the facebook page of Hayden Christensen. It’s on Hay
    Christensen. He has admitted that they are no longer a couple. He was here in L.A. a couple of days ago which is evidenced on JJ. He was with a male friend and just went to a restaurant and picked up a drink afterwards. She was not here and after his visit to L.A. he has now gone to Vancouver. She is here now and he isn’t so THEY ARE OVER! His fans are the ones getting him through it and he is appreciative of them.

  • Deborah

    He deserves better. Someone who cares more about him and his life than her own and visa versa. He deserves a girl who loves him only for himself and not what they can get from him. She is a media whore.

  • screwed

    @8 & 43
    A loser would BEGETS another loser – case closed.

  • Lolz

    Ok…so i had no idea what JewelMint was or looked like, so I looked it up. Holy crap…it’s ugly. I’ll stick with real jewelry designers. This looks like stuff the sell at craft shows…ack!

  • Lina

    OMFG her cating in these pics are just ridiculous. She is a nobody.

  • Rachel()

    I would much rather see Rachel fame-whoring it up than KB. RB isn’t shoved in your face as much for being a “fashion icon”. I will concede that Rachel is almost entirely irrelevent, probably can’t act too well, and calls the paps(b/c really why would they hunt her?), but the O.C. was a big guilty pleasure of mine and I loved her character! I can also buy that Rachel is “kind”. She doesn’t seem like a self important diva, KB on the other hand… Also, I haven’t seen HC in anything in a long time either. Has he been doing much more than RB?