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Angelina Jolie: Style of Jolie Exhibition!

Angelina Jolie: Style of Jolie Exhibition!

Check out this video preview of Angelina Jolie‘s new jewelry collection, Style of Jolie, in collaboration with designer Robert Procop.

“This is a collaboration between Angelina Jolie and myself in designing beautiful jewels as a piece of an art form,” Robert said. “What we’re showing here is a collection that Angelina and I have been working on for the last nine months or so.”

The collection was displayed in a museum quality exhibition earlier this week for an invitation only crowd.

Angelina Jolie: Style of Jolie Exhibition

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796 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: Style of Jolie Exhibition!”

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  1. 76
    Duh Says:

    @worked 9 mos. for that?: no, brad did.

  2. 77
    oh no no Says:

    angie is a stupid *****

    shes a ho

  3. 78
    good work AJ Says:

    the pursuit of precious gems enslaves many, including child workers, and causes violence throughout the world

  4. 79
    Jen Says:

    What a beautiful setting they have chosen and prepared to display and present this gorgeous jewelry by the Jewel herself, Angelina Jolie.
    Angelina’s heart is so BIG and so GENEROUS and so BEAUTIFUL and so LOVING that all of those qualities in her are naturally expressed here in the jewelry she has designed for the purpose of raising money to not only help the children but to also help raise other people’s awareness of the need to help Children in Conflict.
    These big, bold, gorgeous pieces speak volumes about her loving, generous, kind heart. And her overwhelming desire to help children in whatever capacity she can. This is truly amazing!
    This woman is so incredibly smart, and practical and wise and helpful and knows how to use her talents and skills in the most natural way to accomplish her goals. She does not sit around whining about “woe is me and why is everyone picking on me.” She looks to see how she can help and then she DOES IT!.
    Angelina you astound the world with your unlimited focus, your fearlessness, your creativity, your determination to forge ahead despite obstacles put in your way and you let nothing deter you. And with Brad at your side giving you his full support you are doing things more boldly and beautifully than ever. What an incredible team you two make.
    Angelina’s focus has always been on helping those who are vulnerable and need help like the children, and doing her very best to contribute in a very meaningful way by first learning as much as she could about the problems and searching for ways to solve them.
    I think that is why her focus was at first on adopting children to give them as much as she could.
    But I think since she has been with Brad, and with both of them collaborating on projects to help each other, they both see how they can do even MORE for the many orphaned and homeless children in this world by supporting those groups and causes that ARE already making a positive difference in many more children’s lives than she and Brad could ever do by themselves.
    Brad and Angelina can only adopt so many, but with the SOS Children’s Villages and now Children in Conflict groups taking in more and more children daily and seeing excellent results being had by these groups it only makes sense to support them fully so they can bring help and comfort to thousands more than two people working on their own ever could hope to do.

    What an incredibly generous thing she is doing here by contributing the proceeds from the sale of these beautifully designed baubles to help children in conflict. This is one amazing woman.

  5. 80
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Hows troll ? I’m or sligo ??

  6. 81
    So Sweet Says:

    Angie designs jewel. I can see Brad’s influence on her. Brad have had experience of designing jewels. They really influence one another in the best way. They are soul mates.

  7. 82
    prrrrrrr Says:

    @Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!: Sligo is gay, you are a troll

  8. 83
    Duh Says:

    @Jen: I always knew Jennifer loved Angelina.

  9. 84
    Tish Says:

    I love the jewellry it”s gorgeous and so flattering for dress up dos.
    I don’t see Angie as a jewellry person and it’s not like she has any reason not to be except she must be fussy about what she wears.
    Some of Angie’s pieces of art she has worn to red carpet affairs tho
    really stood out as absolutely gorgeous. I can see why other stars started wearing her same pieces after they saw them on her.
    I do believe her jewellry line will sell well to other actresses now that it is out there.
    Ppl who buy the stuff will feel good to know that what they bought and now own actually put a few children in school.
    Great idea on Angie’s part. The woman is a genius.

  10. 85
    Jen Says:

    I agree with your comment.
    Brad summed up his miserable life with the Fattened Tick (Aniston) with the only word he needed to tell the entire sad story.

  11. 86
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    i’m say everthing truth now ,, not troll

  12. 87
    Manny ElCheapo Says:

    Lovely ! Leave it to Angie to come up with such a great idea.
    Angie is so big hearted . She puts many of the el-cheapos to shame.

    #1 being Jennifer Maniston. She lies and makes promises about giving millions to Haiti. She was showing off in Mexico and while getting some much needed attention the HO without a word of a lie promised this wad of money to the devastated ppl in Haiti. Sounded good..hmmm

    That was last yr. She came home and never ever mentioned it again.
    Cheap K.unt.!!

  13. 88
    Jen Says:

    Thank you Jared for this beautiful thread on Angie’s Jewelry. We appreciate it.
    Perhaps you can add this link as well?
    Or perhaps those who know how can email Jared and see if he will be kind enough to include it.

    Nevertheless, we are very grateful for this new Angelina blog Jared.
    Thank you again.

  14. 89

    Jared, in your write-up above please mention that all of the proceeds go to “Children in Crisis” and that this is a humanitarian venture.

  15. 90
    someone Says:

    Wow!! I saw the same pair of earrings on the jewlery channel!!!

  16. 91
    sue Says:

    @someone….. Me too! Joan Rivers and her fug daughter were pushing the same crap jewelry

  17. 92
    loiu Says:

    cool…but its also sad because just rich people can buy this :(((

  18. 93
    ang Says:

    This jewelry is gorgeous. AJ is one heck of a classy and creative woman. This is the second line of jewelry for her and she does it without pimping the product as so many other celebrities. I wish I could afford to own one of these pieces. The jewelry would be on my yearly wish list in a jiffy to my hubby’s dismay.

    100% of the proceeds to charity is very rare. Kudos to everybody involved.

  19. 94
    absent Says:

    These people are silly. You arent hurting Angie, you are hurting those children.

  20. 95
    Laya Says:

    Brilliant idea Angie and extremely generous. No wonder we love you.

  21. 96
    sav Says:

    This is the video for Maniston and her hag brigade – Chelsea Handjob, Cross-eyed Lainey, Gayphen Huvane and other drunk ugly trolls.

  22. 97
    Generous AJ Says:

    There is nothing sad about this. It means children who have never seen the inside of a school will become educated and when they get older they have chances just like everyone else who is educated
    to start a business or basicly make a good life for themselves.
    As i said nothing sad about this. It’s all good.

  23. 98
    tru Says:


  24. 99
    lurker Says:

    I am beginning to think that 100% of the proceeds from dumbwater goes to the haters/trolls here at JJ.

  25. 100
    tru Says:

    @sav: Lainey is a B & A fan she just embarrassed about it now so she goes extra when posting about Angelina. she used to write terrible B & A fan fiction and she hates Angelina working with other male actors. YEP sounds like a brangel00N to me.

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