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Angelina Jolie: Style of Jolie Exhibition!

Angelina Jolie: Style of Jolie Exhibition!

Check out this video preview of Angelina Jolie‘s new jewelry collection, Style of Jolie, in collaboration with designer Robert Procop.

“This is a collaboration between Angelina Jolie and myself in designing beautiful jewels as a piece of an art form,” Robert said. “What we’re showing here is a collection that Angelina and I have been working on for the last nine months or so.”

The collection was displayed in a museum quality exhibition earlier this week for an invitation only crowd.

Angelina Jolie: Style of Jolie Exhibition

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • NAN

    Wow ! soon JJ will take ” Red ” ( Jho’s old pic) side by side with Angie ,Jho can sleep well tonight ,

    Norman’s friends from UK used her old photo to compares with The real beautiful Angie,heheheheheheeeeeee.

  • perhaps perhaps perhaps

    some people are saying marypoppinsmyass is in fact beverlyhills under a different name…what say you?


    Was just over at Mega 4 reading the posts about Angie’s ‘Style of Jolie’ collection. Read this:
    OMG! So romantic – the description of Brad’s prized necklace which Angie and the jeweller designed and inscribed a private message from Angie to Brad.

  • Jen’sosadonherbackwithNorman,

    After 6 + years in the market and failed with men.

    Jenhifer Hecky Anuston will loves her dog forever,

    Norman is the love of her life .

  • crazy Julia aka GULI

    Dulcinea 13 got gang r.a.p.e.d yesterday by Guli and her behind kissers.
    PT was sooooooooooooooo right!


    That is so romantic. Love it.

  • gracie

    I love the bracelet and emerald necklace in Angie’s jewellery collection. They’re absolutely gorgeous.

  • sav

    @crazy Julia aka GULI:
    After your post yesterday I went to M4A to read the posts and my impression was the opposite. Dulcinea13 and some poster I can not remember name called other posters idiots and morons and Dulcinea13 attack poster Niwatori for not give her a credit for some posts. That was my impression.
    One question for you. You do not have to answer: Why don`t you use your real name here when you talk about M4a ? Peace

  • http://justjared Bradley

    Time for new fresh Meat ;);) Bella-Bella -Bella:):)

  • perhaps perhaps perhaps

    @crazy Julia aka GULI:

    yep, guli1, beverlyhills and niawtori all attacked dulcinea13.
    not sure if betsy was on guli1 side or dulcinea’s..

    beverlyhills posted ALL of the tourist trailers, spoliers and almost ruined the tourist by blabing about the twist, yet as soon as dulcinea13 posted GIF’s FROM THE TRAILER THAT EVERYBODY HAS SEEN ALREADY, beverlyhills moans about it..

    beverlyhills would not have moaned if anyone else but dulcinea13 posted the gifs, beverlyhills was just looking for an excuse to attack dulcinea13.

    chilly tries to earn brownie points from guli by attacking guli1 arch enemy, dulcinea13.

  • pitussa

    i am mad, i will post utter rubbish to annoy fans because i hate them

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Good day Neleh here.
    Good day every1. What An Amazing Beautiful day it is..
    Oh Im in Blissfulville 2.d.a.y..booo yaaah..
    Only here a bit 2 post & Say Hollah.Had 2 check 2 see if any New pics-News..
    The JP Jewelry is Stunning..I love the Citrine, as it looks like Topaz-Scorpios-Birth stone..The EMERALDS- A Stunning shade of Brilliant Green color-Luv it..Yep those 2 are soo In love& Respect the other..Beautiful..
    Okey I best get 2 posting..
    My family is here & we are out & about…in & out..Right now..a break..going 2 the Movies..yaay..
    Btw must digress..I log on 2 see if any new news on the JPs- sighting ect..& booo uptop smokingevery2ndston in an older looking pic of herself..
    Just have 2 point this out..I lol 2 fun..
    JA SAID…READ THIS MESS..dont STONE ME fans..her words are a barfest..ugh..
    On fame:
    JA said:
    Because you’re only one person like everybody else … yet you’re projected as almost superhuman.”
    She thinks People are thinking shes SUPERHUMAN- lol with tears- booo-
    NO we think you are’SUPERDUPERUGLY’ dont keep getting it twisted lol..
    whooo shes soo Delusional.& Narcissistic- of her Self Percieved FAME..Laughingstock of Hollyweird..she needs 2 book her spot on the Real fakes of Beverly Hills.. whoo 2 fun..btw I couldnt stomach the rest of her incoherent babling..what a Narcissist…loser..
    & thats a B.I.N.G.O SUPERDUPERUGLY Inside & Out..
    Without the Bleach weaved shes wearing -blue contacts- an 80 year older face- shes mirroring her Leprechan days on that pic..lololol..
    Anyhoo Roll calling 2 wish you all warm thoughts & Blessings.
    Enjoy your flies by 2 fast…
    Hey Dark Angel.Beremy.Catsup.Elizabeth.Marina.Mongo.
    JPs in N.O.L.A.
    Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Okey..just saw posts upwards regarding Mega4A.
    Im Not sure whats the story or IF their is 1.
    As ask -Please Use a Name Fans here know.IA.
    I havent been 2 the Megas in a bit- I usually when lurking which isnt often &when I have a bit of time look 4 the pics & articles, videos & most times its sent 2 me.
    but When Im on the Megas, lurking or posting-the fans are warm & friendly.
    Im sure the Adults will handle their business..if there is or isnt business 2 handle..
    done dotta..
    Blessings 2 All on Jareds & the Megas..Muaah..
    Life Is SHort..Live..enjoy..
    The JPs in N.O.L.A. from Sara. thanku Sara

  • http://computer Susan

    @PJ: She sold the house in 2005 or 2006.

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Neleh 1:
    Skip Please if You Are Not Interested ..
    Roll call In Honor of Our Beloved Missouri Fan or Ate Char.Hi Ate Char,Muaah.Good day my good People-Takes a CommunityWorking 2gether 2 keep the Boards Striving..+fun.
    Ate Char or Missouri Fan/Anu /AngieRocks /Achel18 / Astra /Ali /Adriana/Angela25 /Ami AWHODAT /Ann_Howard /Alex99 / Aj /Angel/ Alia/ Angfan1/ Anjolie/ Alice Maria/ Angheal/ Akim/ Andromenda or Nenufar2 / An Oldie/ Ale/ A Total Fan/ Aeon / Ariel / Alessia / Anustin /Ameena/ Abigail/ Ana/ Amy/ Alister/ Andy/ African Girl or AG / Andamen2that/ Allaturca/ Alexanderina/ Abigail/ Addictedtobampzs/ Anoble / A2b / A&b Fan / Alexia1975 / Autumn M / Alice88 / Aga / Anna Devane Scorpio / Aussie Girl / Angie Fan / Anja / Ajpfan / Ayj6m6l / Alice / Agatha / Abcd / Ajbp / 81a / Original Aussie Gurl / Ayrin / Aqueline1 / Anon Fr Kan-Oz/ April88 / Anna Scott/ Anon / A JP FAN /Anon /Anastasia /Aseret64 /Angelina /Annie /Acronia /Andre Marquez
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    SALT Memories RC..gosh love 2 see those 2 love-
    sooo Romantic-ssssteaming

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Good Day.
    Cannot wait 2 see Angelinas Movie Debut.Angelina is Multi Faceted.
    JPs have Movies ah-coming-& the RC will be here yaah.
    Love4four / Layla / La Madrelingua / Leo / Lenlt / Lulu / Lady G / Lady T / Luvangie4ever / Luceabb / Lylian / Luckyl / Llm * Butterfruit / Love Angelina / Lana / Librabear Ariel / Love Them / Life Is Da Pitts / Lips,tits & A$$ / Lucy / Lookwhaticando / Love Bampzskv / Lexa70 / Loe / Lilly / Lol / Lynn/ Ladylurksalot / Lexi / Lisa / Lili / LYNN / Laila / Love the Jp’s / Lurker / Ll / Luvangie / Lola / Lover /Lucky Charm / Liz / Liki / Lurker L/ Lola /Lil /Lottie / Lora /Lovejoliepitt /LillyRP07 /Louis V / LilBrad /Laurabcn /Ladylaracroft / Newest lynn
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    Thanku Carmen from Mega4A:
    Blessings 2 the trollops/ & faux fan trollops thumb downers.
    Haters gonna
    Dont worry boo-boos youll get back 2 JA bashing in a

  • Faye88

    Angie’s jewelry collection is exquisite. The attention to detail is evident by the cut & clarity of the stones in addition to the designs encasing them.
    Would love to have that emerald necklace in addition to the white quartz tablet bracelet, and the green beryl & red rubellite tablet earrings. Just stunning.

  • Faye88

    Thank you Neleh!

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Hello.Have a lovely weekend.Be good 2 yourself& others.
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    Ot video ..Love this Animation.
    Lavatory Love story.
    There are glimpses of heaven to us in every act, or thought, or word, that raises us above ourselves.

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Checking my posts..Thanku Jared& works..Muaah.
    What up Faye..happy 2 see you..Muaah..
    Headed out 2 see A Movie& din with my sisters yaay..
    Have a lovely weekend my dear..
    Later Neleh..

  • jaliah

    anustin @ 04/09/2011 at 3:00 pm +3 #250

    whats her life again?all about the beach? crap!!! sharks wer are you….guyz

  • gracie

    Hi Neleh, how are you? Angie is one hell of a multitasker, don’t know how she is able to do it all and still manage to look gorgeous. Have a fantastic time at the movies with your family. Happy weekend. Love and God bless.

  • cee

    No one should even give the story about Brad and an apartment in UK a second thought. When has the rag the DM ever been right about Brad or Angie?????? The only trolls that will pick up this story are the usual suspects like Fuller, IT, Lamey, Huffnpff, L&S and the like. Even if Brad did take a small flat in UK it would be for during the week while he is working and I have no doubt he will be home with Angie and the kids on his days off. The story is so silly too. There is no way Brad will ever be away from his family unless he is working. Another JP hater trying to hurt them and their kids.

  • one

    joyas ran cias
    nada originales
    no aportan nada …
    perdida de tiempo…

  • http://travelandliving gingerBread

    awesome design…..

  • anustin

    just read the red fugzmagz. and jesus luz!!!! the fuggyniston is all about herself!!! her friends are her family…..lamey see lol i mean, her royal dummy azz got a half sister who looks better than her fuggy face,and a half brother that looks more like a woman.ok sure.really.

  • Kat

    Notice how Jared shows pic of AJ in her Grandma Dynasty dress. I think he is a closet Brangelina h8r.

  • sprite

    Kat-she wore that dress and owned it!! No one sees Dynasty when looking at Angie!

  • sprite

    Kat-she wore that dress and owned it!! No one sees Dynasty when looking at Angie!

  • http://n/a Marcus

    Angie you go girl!!

    Love ya!!

    Always thinking of someone else!!

  • sprite

    Opps, sorry about the X2. But it is worth saying again,lol.

  • I salute you Angelina Jolie!!

    Angelina, you never cease to amaze us!!!

  • Kat

    Joan Collins wants her look back.

  • Not a fan of dating=ANISTON!

    Of course she’s not a fan of dating anymore because NO ONE Wants to date her!!!! Ohmigoodness!

  • Not a fan of dating=ANISTON!

    And notice too why this “REVELATION” (none revelation anyway) has to come out when Angelina Jolie is in the news!!! Beats me why she always try to wedge herself with AJ’s popularity.

  • busted

    @Not a fan of dating=ANISTON!:

    Angelina has millions of fans.. so nothing the haters nor anyone else has done or said has changed that nor damaged it in any way.. which is what pisses the haters off the most.. over 6 years and they still lose.

    Well I don’t see Angie with another acting project yet. at least not until next year, but she may surprise us all and write another script and she could direct something again. I think she has discovered another passion.

    I hope she writes and directs more.. Can not wait for her movie to come out. I saw that she is going to preview it for the main cast in a week or so. Brad must be so proud of her. Such an amazing woman. And how beautiful it is that they support each other so much.

  • Five Years Ago

    Five years, the JPs were waiting, waiting, waiting for Miss Shi to arrive- here is sweet picture from the desert shoot…look how tiny Z is!

  • http://n/a Marcus

    Hey busted

    I think Angie is going to star in Cleopatra.

  • Passing Through

    # 214 CLINIQUA @ 04/09/2011 at 9:40 am
    Frankly, the Motion Picture Academy should strip Natalie Portman of her Oscar for that awful accent. And it also spells more trouble for James Franco post-Academy Awards hosting.
    ROTFLMAO. I had the saem reaction when I saw the trailer. Then again…I saw part of The Other Boleyn Girl on USA a few weeks ago and NP used that same atrocious British accent in that. I’ve always maintained that she shouldn’t have won the Oscar because she’s sucked her entire career. She made Black Swan in 2009…and right after that she filmed 2 god awful permances – No Strings Attached and Your Highness…and a 3rd one, Thor, doesn’t promise to be any better.

  • Passing Through

    # 212 Pitt’s New London Bachelor Pad @ 04/09/2011 at 9:26 am
    ROTFLMAO. Let’s see…according to the tabloids over the last 6 years he was also buying “bachelor pads” in Berlin, NYC, LA and Paris. And guess how many stories were real? ZERO. Like I keep saying – the tabs are 0 for 6 years. Nice to see them keeping their streak intact.

  • Mrs. Chancellor





  • bwwwwwhaaaahaahaaa

    “”I am a writing a book that will never get published
    I started many moons ago.It’s so hard.
    I write daily for 2 hrs.
    It’s about a fabulous woman’s life and her escapades.
    From Paris to NY to Uruguay to L.A. to Tahiti , etc, etc.

    what is funny, I could have written a polite sweet knowlegable piece on Style of Jolie.

    curious what that girl will write.
    She was in such a hurry. No passion. IMO”"

    anyone want to buy the book of beverlyhills life? no-one, anyone?? lulz
    what is the betting US weekly won’t have any report of angelina’s art, and/or no angelina appearance?


  • bwwwwwhaaaahaahaaa

    “Sunday? but that’s kids day. Unless they take the kids.
    my Mom thinks last day.
    She might take People & give an exclusive because it is charity
    and that is imperative to them.”

    beverlyhills acting like a insider again, SMH
    sounding more and more like a paparrazzi aide.

    people magazine exculsive? yet chilly claims US weekly already went in before?

  • t.m.delafonda

    Hi, Neleh and all JP fans. I am NEVER surprised at the lengths Ticky will go to stay relevant. It only amazes me that she thinks no one notices her pathetic attempts.

  • nani

    Love the jewels. Love Angelina.

  • busted


    I know but I don’t see that happening until 2012.. So if she starts early in 2012 or late 2011 that is almost a year off..

    But she and Brad are really good at keeping their next projects under wraps. I remember when Brad was promoting IB with Quentin. They did an interview in Spain (?). Brad was asked about future projects. He said that he only had 2 things in play that he wanted to complete. One was Moneyball and WWZ or that other film he decided to not do.. about some explorer. Anyway Brad has or will complete both those films this year. Moneyball is done and he is doing WWZ next. Cogan’s Trade is an Independent film and came up and no one knew because it was not on his IMBD page or anyones radar until not long before it was about to shoot.

    Angie could be eying something. She did mention something about a character she was thinking of playing. This was not Cleopatra. I actually like that neither of them really have any projects stacked years in advance. They both seem to keep the slate clean so they are available for something interesting. Quentin commented on that about Brad when he wanted Brad to do IB. That he was surprised Brad was available.

  • busted

    @Passing Through:

    OHSHIT. i remember them saying Brad was buying some pad in LA to get away..and nope..

    oh wait..he did buy that property next to his and Angie’s home. They just never get it right. ever.

  • groundcontrol

    PT, news for you at your email. You’ll love it.