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Bar Refaeli: New York Arrival with Leonardo DiCaprio!

Bar Refaeli: New York Arrival with Leonardo DiCaprio!

Bar Refaeli arrives at JFK Airport with her boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio on a flight from Paris on Thursday (April 7) in NYC.

Leonardo kept his face hidden as they made their way out of the airport.

The 25-year-old model spent time in the French city while Leo shot a commercial for Chinese company Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp.

Earlier in the week, Bar did some shoe shopping while Leonardo was at work.

Bar was later seen hopping a flight to Miami for the popular Summit Series younger leaders conference, Summit at Sea. Kristen Bell and Sophia Bush are also expected to attend!

FYI: Bar is carrying the Jimmy Choo “Rosalie” bag.

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Credit: StClair/Butterworth; Photos: Splashnewsonline
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  • nick

    hehe Don`t we just love sweet weirdo`s guessing game? She is drooling over Leo and frumpy barfy idolizing them ( including Leo ) but she is stupid enough to write Leo`s name with lower case letters. Dumb as a rock! Or should I say dumb as barf? hehe
    `AS soon as Hoover was finished filming we see Bar and leo together again!!` POST THE LINK where you saw them TOGETHER, genius! Otherwise stop with your nauseating fairy tales!

  • sweet

    I just can`t help it! Bar makes me wanna vomit but I so desperately need the money that I just keep posting these stupid comments. I know very well that everyone is laughing at me and my comments are going to be hidden due to low comment rating soon but as long as I get paid I just keep doing it. I feel sorry for myself for being this shallow and stupid but what can I do? hehe

  • desperation

    it must hurt Barf and her mother so badly that she will never be good as Gisele… It must tear them up inside that Gisele is the #1 model in the world and is more rich than any model has ever been in history.. And that Leo was with her once and that he had more love for her that he will ever have for Barfy…. that must suck for her that Gisele can look so effortlessly gorgeous and knows how to dress and that anything she throws on looks so fantastic on her… God that must really suck for Barf and her desperate mother and 2 lame fans that are working for her buahahahahahahahah

  • Anna

    what summit is leo following in twitter you guys are talking about? is it @SOTSK you mean? because he’s been following that for a while now… not recently as far as i know.

  • sweet

    Both leo and Bar are following Richard Branson on twitter now. THey both strted following him today lol. Someone stupid is going to go why aren’t leo and Bar following eachother on twitter… don’t be dumb they are the most private couple of course they won’t follow eachother on twitter lol. HOwever its obvious Leo has been checking up on Bar;s twitter and she’s been talking to him about the summit! Again leo is also following the summit…. just started following it today. lol the haters and there silly coincidence talk… your trying to make yourself feel better but everyone just thinks you are being pathetic and jealous lol haha. So funny to read all the crazy talk on here lol

  • sweet

    Yeah, so funny to read all the crazy talk here which means my own comments OBVIOUSLY. Damn, I should come up with some new words because I keep using this one which is so obviously says I`m a freak. But I`m not well educated so my vocabulary is kinda limited. Man, whoever gives us the text we are supposed to post here is a crazy stalker. Stalks Leo`s twitter and of course the alleged supermodel`s. It`s kinda creepy. Maybe I shouldn`t write this but Leo`s friend, DJ Cassidy is also participating in this summit so maybe he is interested in it because of him not because of frumpy? I LOVE that name. Fits her so much! hehe Good one!

  • Anna

    I dont hate any of them, I just asked a question ’cause i’ve already seen retweets of @sotsk in leo’s twitter, so i asked if it was it you guys were talking about. peace :)

  • sweet

    Everyone just thinks you are being pathetic and jealous. Huh! Who wrote this sentence? Who is everyone? There must be several different personalities living in the creator`s head? Or maybe in mine? Who knows? hehe Come on! Jealousy again? How boring is that? But what else can I write about? It`s not like what`s-her-name has done anything interesting as a model recently or it`s not like there was a photo of Leo and bar together for how long… ? I can`t even remember. So all we have is bringing up old stuff ( yawn ) and assuming things like what would Leo do if he wasn`t in DC. Awesome! What a way to make a fool out of myself! But at least I get paid for it. hehe

  • desperation

    I’m starting to notice that Barfola’s PR angle seems to be to antagonize Leo’s fans by trying to instill “jealousy” as part of their MO…what they don’t realize is that only people who are insecure would try to make other’s jealous. .. if your a secure person and you have such a wonderful life and relationship with your cash cow than you wouldn’t need to hire two idiots to post all this crap for you!! ur PR tactic is “obviously” not working for u, it’s only contributed to make people hate you even more…don’t you see that by now you dummy!!

  • desperation

    People who try to build themselves up by making other’s jealous only show how much insecurity issues they have that they need to use JEALOUSY as a way to make themselves feel special and above the rest…

    I’m sure they’ll teach Barfy about that if she ever does intend on taking those Psych courses she is so “obviously” supposed to be studying for..uhu, right.

  • sweet

    I mean why is it even such a big deal who Leo is following on twitter? He has people to run his website and most possibly his twitter account as well so it`s not like he is doing it personally. He is supposed to be at a dinner in DC where he is an honoree so why do we have to sell this like he is checking out her every step? People are not this dumb. Boy, I don`t know how long I can do this pathetic part time job. I`m making a fool out of myself not to mention I make myself sick with all these nauseating comments. And if I have to use the word `obvious` one more time I`m gonna scream.

  • busted

    so I guess the Barf camp just let one slip by the goalie…wasn’t it that Bar’s twitter account wasn’t really hers, it was some supposed Imposter? i could have sworn that’s what I read here a while back…so I guess it was her who said that about models who starve themselves…. hmmm, interesting..

  • sweet

    Oh sooo remember back in February / early March when leo and Bar were spotted together at the Vanity party, the grammy party, the Nba all star party, Kanye west party, we saw a vid of them at the 2 kings party… so that was all coincidences too?? lol
    If leo and Bar are not doing something together you guys make a big deall but duh they both have extremely busy careers as well.. its impossible for them to be side by side 24/7 or else they wouldn’t have those careers.

    AS we saw the time Bar was in Israel she had a FOX commercial to do, a hummus commercial, appearances with a child who had cancer, soda stream etc and some event for a premiere. Plus she also has to make time to see her family and friends. At the same time Leo was extremely busy shooting Hoover in LA nd then DC and Arlington. At that time Bar was in Israel we NEVER heard anything about leo partying or saw pics of him with his friends or anything outside Hoover pics. He was clearly EXTREMELY busy filming

    Now as soon as that was done they both spent some time in Paris even though Leo was shooting that commercial. So again we saw them at all those parties together not too long ago so why is it such a shock that they spent some time together in Paris and flew together to New York??

    You guys have alot to say about Gisele but look… we hardly ever see pics of Gisele and Tom together either. Gisele has many events she goes to that Tom does not attend. They both have careers as well. It doesn’t mean they never spend time togther. We rarely get pics of Gisele and Tom so when they are both in Los Angeles is that a coincidence too lol. Gisele was spotted leaving the gym in LA a few weeks ago and Tom was spotted elsewhere with his trainer does that mean they are not a couple because they weren’t photgraphed together, They answer is a big no!! Did we see pics of Tom in Istanbul? No. Does it mean they don’t care about eachother? no

    Miranda was photographed shopping without Orlando recently… does that mean they are not a couple now?? lol

    The story is the same even though Leo and Bar are wayyyyyy more private of a couple. I think you already know all these facts you just don’t want to open your eyes because you hate the idea that leo and Bar are still together after all these years.

  • riri

    Why all the hate?
    IS she the first gold and fame-digger?
    Is she the only person who tries to exploit an actor’s fame?
    So why the hate?
    Gisele use Leo in the same way, is using Tom now, and even using his ex’s kid to get interviews and attention.
    If Leo is fine with that, then good for them.

  • sweet

    I keep using the word `we` but who the h*ll is we? And they keep telling me to write `we saw them at parties….` etc. We? Saw? Why don`t they give us a link to the photos? I mean for an intelligent human being see means something you can actually see with your eyes. Or am I just too dumb to understand all the cr*p we are supposed to post here? And what happens when one of the `jealous haters` asks for the link? I`ll just ignore it since obviously I don`t have any.
    hehe. Leo was extremely busy filming so `we didn`t see him partying`. Like every time he goes to a party there`s a sighting. We all know that he is very discreet when it comes to his wondering ways… hehe. Naughty boy! But I`m just going to continue pushing out the nauseating fairy tales because that`s what brings in the big bucks. hehe
    Miranda and Orlando? How stupid are these people? They have a CHILD together unlike Leo and frumpy who won`t even make a public appearance together. It comes handy that Leo is very private. Just look at the photo at JFK. He is covering his face meanwhile frumpster doesn`t mind the photographers just like in Paris … TWICE. Private my b*tt! hehe
    Boy, I re-read my last comment and I have just thrown up in my mouth. Did I really write all that cr*p? Wow, that`s embarrassing! hehe

  • sweet

    I get all the thumbs up when I speak my own mind and all the red ones when I post what I`m told to post. I wonder why is that?????

  • Gina

    lol good point about all those parties they were spotted at not very long ago. The problem with the haters is that they keep thinking leo and Bar broke up not realizing that if they are not spotted together that they are just busy lol.
    Leo and Bar just recently spent time together in Paris and went to New York together before going to committments they both need to attend to. Don’t tell me that just because leo has to go to event in Washington and Bar has to go to Miami for a summit that you believe that means they broke up? So what according to you they need to cancel their commitments ?? Which means that destroys their reputations. If leo didn’t make the effort to go to Washington you think the people at Horatio will appreciate that? Heck no and it will look bad on leo’s part. Same with Bar she can’t decide she won’t go to the summit.. that’s a part of her responsibiles further proven by the fact that her agent Scott Lipps is with her to go to that Summit.
    They already got that time together in Paris now they have other matters to attend to. Not too long from now we’ll see pics or sightings of them together after they are finished whatever they need to do.

    And cut the coincidence nonsense. This same person said the same thing last year when Bar went with leo to Paris when leo had to do promotion for SHUTTER ISLAND.. then the same thing when leo had to go to Rome… we even saw a vid of LEO grabbing Bar’s hand to hold! I think you all remember that lol. THEN when they went together to the Cinema of Peace you still had to say a bunch of nonsense.
    NOW your saying the EXACT same thing when Bar went to Paris to see leo.. then why on earth would they take the same flight back to the sAME PLACE? stop being ridiculous lol. THE same thing was said when Bar and Leo were in Cabo at first you refused to believe leo was in Cabo even though it was pretty obvious seeing as how leo was with Vlad in LA and then we saw Naomi with Bar in Cabo…. clearly the pics were from different days and then it was very obvious when we saw Bar with leo’s bodyguard. Even when it was said in the news that leo held a pre new years party in Cabo that Bar attended….. that proved everything all along about the fact that leo would be in Cabo with Bar.. but you still said stupid reasonings about that too lol. Same thing when both leo and Bar were pictured on that motocycle togther just a few days before valentine’s day. And don’t forget when Leo went to Israel and spent his birthday with Bar in Cairo!! STILL STUPID nonsemse after that too!

    I don’t get why its such a big deal that the spent time togther they were obviously not broken up seeing as just a little over a moth ago there were several sightings of leo and Bar out together. Plus they was even a sighting of them being all lovey dovey from two different sources.

  • Gina

    Ok, let`s switch names again. I`m so good at that. sweet, tweet and now Gina. It`s obvious that it`s the exact same person posting but who cares? As long as I get paid? hehe
    I still have no idea what `we` stands for but I`m just gonna be dumb and keep posting all the stuff I was given to post. Who cares that nobody gives a d*mn about my novel? hehe It`s all about putting things into a different perspective and try to sound so smart and convincing even though I know this stuff won`t convince anyone. I mean come on! If someone cannot stand frumpy after all these years and someone cannot accept the fact that Leo is dumb enough to take this bar seriously is gonna be convinced by … my blabbing? hehe STUPID! But I keep emphasizing that I just post whatever I was told to post because that`s what brings in the cash!!! hehehe


    do you have any idea how stupid and desperate you sound???

    see you at the last leo thread,

    btw worked with a real model today, tall,black and beautiful, sweet girl lovely face, long beautifu bone structure, lovely face. just born with it. much prettier with barfie,

    let’s post about bar’s life instead. Is it true he once broke up with her because she was trying to get pregnant behind his back? how desperate is that. I saw an episode about teen prostitiutes yesterday and they all looked like barf. same dyed hair, same clothing, same style. starring hayden panettiere, picking up rich guys in hotels for designer clothes.

    see ya back at the leo thread

    he doesnt follow her twitter because he knows she has nothing to say. his facebook relationship status is still single too, not “in a relatio ship.”


    what you are missing it that a good portion of leo’s fans HATE bar and are waiting for the breakup. whether they do or not (they have before) the thing is that there are quite a few people out there who hate her because of valid ethical issues -which is the real problem you face, not people nattering on just jared. bar doesnt play well internationally because of the draft dodging thing and other issues, as well as dumb comments she make. she also comes across as an opportunist and gold digger any way you cut it, bar is a “love to hate” character internationally and that is your real problem. people dont admire her
    or want to be her because they dont see her as deserving of anything on her own.

    you just dig your own grave here too.


    the twitter wasalways obviously hers
    she aint going to do those classes at open university,or she aint going to finish or pass.

    we dont care anymore whether they are together or not, we dont like her and she has only you and herself to blame.

  • who cares

    @sweet: Tinkerbelle, nobody gives a crap about your sodding thumbs! some bozo saying “Leo Me Likey” had 18 thumbs up at one point, just goes to show how brainless people are that thumb up and down, just saying

  • lol

    yes this hater always has alot of bizarre stuff to say that makes no sense. Last year this person said something about how Leo is keeping Bar locked in a closet and that she won’t attend cinema of peace lol. No one takes this hater seriously… this person just uses several names on here pretending that people agree with her but in reality everyone is just laughing at the silly imagination this person has.

    Even when Leo went to Isreal the idiot had something stupid to say about that too lol.

    leo is dating Bar not you … deal with it lol. sooo amusing the sillyness you come up with haha

  • lol

    And name change again. Now I`ll try to sound less nauseating but just as stupid and pointless as before. haha Noticed? Instead of hehe now I use haha. I`m so tricky! haha hehe Like anyone cares about my blabbing! haha hehe

  • lol

    Nobody really cares about my comments I know. Just like people don`t care about barfie unless she is around Leo. haha No wonder she needs people to post about her all those silly stuff. haha

  • ur PR tactics suck

    only people who feel insecure would try to build themselves up by trying to make people “Jealous”..If you thought you would win people over and get people to like her by calling his fans Jealous of their relationship, than guess what, you were sorely mistaken!!! If anything most of us wanted to see him with someone that is successful like him and that has her sh*t together and that is truly beautiful, inside and out and that is at his level career wise that’s not gonna use him up like the Barfy….so how that can translate to jealousy to you small minded (JEALOUS) idiots is beyond me… Only people who are inherently jealous themselves try to call others jealous or make others jealous..!!! just saying!!!

  • uhmmm

    @who cares:

    well actually these people you’re calling brainless do count cause they are the reason he is where he is…So yeah, they matter… all his fans matter. If you think those thumbs don’t matter, than you forgot that it’s the fans that can make you or break you… I thought that is why actors and bozos like Barfie have PR to work on their public image? they hire those people because what we think does matter!!

  • xXx

    @sweet : Are you stupid ? The possibility of returning all the private messages exists if we prefer to use Twitter only to communicate with a private circle thus they can communicate without that you know it…

  • sourpatch575

    Where’s Leo?!?!?!!??!?!

  • Wake up from lala landkiddies

    Why arent leo and bar following each other on twitter cause Leo don`t want bar to have access to all the other dates he sends behind the scene messages to privately ,also she is just a paid stand in till ………

  • hI

    All they need is that you wrote about them. All she needs is that you hated her and envied her. That’s all she needs from you!

  • Wake up from lala landkiddies

    I don`t hate or envy anyone truth is light and thats all the kiddies need to wake up from laa laa land

  • oh yeah

    @lol: Totally agree,she sits all day tap, tap, tapping away, I bet her little room is covered with pics of Bar with her eyes cut out, wonder what has happened in her life to make her so bitter.

  • who is she ?

    Bar personally is not relevant and is expendable so for the mis -informed and gullible Leonardo has been following Branson on twitter for sometime

  • Sarah

    I love her! she’s so beautiful & sexy.

  • gg

    Can anyone please provide the link to her twitter ?

  • gulaseng

    Haters gonna hate, Bar. I think you look gorgeous here!

  • cash

    the sex must be great

  • fatso

    old and manly

  • eww

    Those arent legs those are tree stumps!

  • Pia

    besides being leo’s garbage disposal does she have a job?

  • natalia

    wow. you guys are incredibly mean, its shocking.
    they have been together for years so i dont think she’s just a current flavour, and she is totally stunning – just because she dressed casually and comfortably for a flight does not always make her frumpy. ive seen her look nice, if not always chic. she has a fantastic curvy body (not stocky as someone stated), and most of you probably would look like fat ugly slobs next to her.

  • nina

    she ia amazIng!
    i think there is a very jealous fan of Leo who writes all these bad thing about Bar. its pathetic.

  • dealy

    bar is a sexbagage for leo he just take her for sex that’s all. hahah i really love leo. it’s like when you take your make up and clothes when you are travelling, leo take sexbagage so barfiethesexbabage

  • lea goldman

    she is from israel and she is racist.

  • blob

    she’s just a poor man’s model. the exclusive exquisite fashion snobs would turn their noses up at her (and do). I can see why.

  • You all are just jealous

    I swear all you commenters are HILARIOUS! You are all just jealous that you can’t have Leo for your own, and you all would be unhappy with who ever he is dating! Plus I don’t know what you all are talking about ugly?????
    Do you guys think SI would put an ugly fat girl on their cover? No.
    Do you think VS would have her do modeling for them if she was ugly and not a good model?No.
    Do you guys think Elle magazine would put her on countless covers if she was not attractive?No.
    Do you think Leo would have stayed with her this long (and yes they are together) if he did not like her adn thought she was a bitch? No.

    So you all should at least be happy he is dating soemone he oviously likes or he would have broken up with her months ago.

  • poorleo

    she’s really ugly in her face. yuck.

  • smashed

    Looks like someone sat on her face. She is too smashed looking. I hate how her mouth sags too, makes her look downs syndrome.

  • plruz

    @You all are just jealous:

    Funny because Im sure you do your fair share of hating on people…..
    and call models ugly who have been on 1000 covers or more yet you are going to say ” would she be on countless Elle covers if she were ugly?” haha what a hypocrite!


    see you back on the leo thread, not wasting time with them.