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Bar Refaeli: New York Arrival with Leonardo DiCaprio!

Bar Refaeli: New York Arrival with Leonardo DiCaprio!

Bar Refaeli arrives at JFK Airport with her boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio on a flight from Paris on Thursday (April 7) in NYC.

Leonardo kept his face hidden as they made their way out of the airport.

The 25-year-old model spent time in the French city while Leo shot a commercial for Chinese company Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp.

Earlier in the week, Bar did some shoe shopping while Leonardo was at work.

Bar was later seen hopping a flight to Miami for the popular Summit Series younger leaders conference, Summit at Sea. Kristen Bell and Sophia Bush are also expected to attend!

FYI: Bar is carrying the Jimmy Choo “Rosalie” bag.

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Credit: StClair/Butterworth; Photos: Splashnewsonline
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  • FrumptheStump

    Wanna know the funniest part of Bar getting a twitter?

    she’s following Vogue Magazine. LMAO! she wishes!


    new leo thread see you there!

  • lala

    @Nicki: How could she be uninteresting if she gets more than 100 COMMENTS?!
    Self-convicting issues……

  • @103

    She doesn`t get so many comments because she is interesting. Because she is not liked. Because her boyfriend is interesting. Duhhh!!!!

  • R.C

    dedicated to Bar.. i hope she feels the same! she has sadness in her eyes all the time.. so it hears it goes.. Bar here’s ur song..

    There is plenty of anger inside of me,
    It has to stop.
    Why is there so much anger inside of me?
    My anger is part of my frustration,
    I have to control it now.
    My anger causes me plenty of trouble,
    There is plenty of anger inside of me.
    And what is anger do I know?
    Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure,
    It is a grief that I have inside of me.
    How can I control it?
    What triggers my anger?
    Can I recognize it?

  • R.C

    Richard Branson? so like what? it’s all very clear. read between the lines here, it means that “he did first and she followed” c’mon! grow up! she always is looking to find ways to be with him. he wouldn’t let her in publically so she follows people around who r his people. GREAT! what a woman! i have never seen or heard of a bigger BI@TCH! she must get this from her mom. i hear she was with warren beaty, like mother, like daughter. LEO run! while u still can, or be dragged into a miserable life!

  • haretz

    He niret kol kach atzoova. Miskena. Yalla, tazvi oto, ve et ha chaim ha mefagrim haelu, ve bechazera le hod hasharon em ema ve aba ve chaverim. ze lo ose lach tov. he kol kach chamuda, yafa ve he niret hal hapenim, ki he atzoova. ze lo bari la, miskena.

  • R.C

    @sweet, u r trained well.. can’t be her or her mom, her PR maybe.. this time it luks like things have been taken under control by educated people, who know wht to say n wen to say.. good goin! but this ain’t gonna change our feelins about crappy.. v know wht she is and alwasy will be.. and u can’t do anythin about that.. even if he marries her – which we hope he duzn’t – it still wudn’t change.. i think guys like girls who r dumb, n bitchy.. now, wht does this tell us abt MR. in the picture?

  • since it makes no sense

    @frumpy (or whtever ur name is) – bar fan pretendin t b nt her fan, hmmm… this duzn’t make sense at all. y pretend wen u can b real/true abt it oh! no wait! cuz thn it becumz an ovasized-macabre, a rotten-n-overflowin-spew. sure, it’s all real 4 him, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio v’r talkin abt, a real human bein tht is. everythin is real in this world. everythin is real, just tht some realities r pleasant while others r a cascade, a neva endin labyrinth. it’s how u deal wid thm or at least TRY to deal wid thm n ur personal choicz effect the outcum. can make it better if not perfect but everythin is real. he’s wid her it’s real, she’s wid him 4 his status n contracts n d money, tryin t land him 4 personal gainz, she brings him down, not helpin him gain any respect in fact he’s losin it more n more day by day. it’s all REAL n TRUE. i hope he doesn’t win any oscars as long as he’s livin a low life, bein KING SHLONG, n bein wid tht russian adulterer, tht psyched-up former model n ths golddigger. i hope he doesn’t win it 4 hoover or any other movie unless he finds some1 else.. some1 suggestd a muslim girl, mayb.. i can’t stand this one! she’s like a repellent.. gives vibz of bein a top-class-model, but in reality is just Leo’s on/off girl.. he needs t step outta this ****.. but who’s gonna push him? y dusn’t his mom do anythin? friends aren’t loyal t him i guess either? just bein wid him n bein all YES SIR is not wht true friends do.. guess u need t d sum re-evaluation of everythin in ur life man b4 it’s too late.. i’d hate to c him endin up miserable like many of the present n past actors.. so what r u gonna d abt it then LD? JUST TAKE A STAND 4 YOURSELF 4 ONCE, HEY YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE AFTERFALL..

  • haretz

    dude/babe? ENGLISH please?

  • since it makes no sense

    Bar zona = Bar Refaeli

  • since it makes no sense

    Bat zona = Bar Refaeli

  • suspicious

    I ‘m maybe suspicious but I have the impression that it brews something….. an idea?

  • @suspicious

    wht?.. about what?…

  • lea goldman

    @haretz speak in english or get out!!!!! you speak in hebrew .it’s not a surprised that you defend your sh!t . people from usa hate her so she is not welcome here. she should get out.

  • guess

    it will really be funny if she starts following justjared on her twitter, than you really know Bar is the one posting here sticking up for her fat self….

  • @guess

    o she duz, atleast uzd t.. there were a couple of teets 4m her on her NOT-HER ^LMAO^ twitter acc.. o she keeps comin here.. n i hav a feelin tht she still duz n thez fans posts is HER.. u can c the STRANGE anger in them at 1stt glance.. it’s the way she writes – whoeva she is – full of anger/madness.. she probably cries too, which is sad.. i feel sorry 4 her right now.. she reminds me of myself – not so long ago, in a way – the relationship duz.. my man was doin the same.. he recently married som1 else.. som1 he really lovz.. i cried n cried n cried, i was ready t d anythin t just hav him lov me, but he wudn’t.. he didn’t lov me.. i realized it sooner in abt 6-7 months of our relationship.. i guess i was lucky! i was let go of in time.. n now! i’m happy though i’m single right now.. but bein alone is far more better than bein wid som1 n wishin t b alone.. She but, isn’t programmed t THINK abt such things n HE knoz but duzn’t want t.. that’s y they both luk miserable in this relationship.. it’s funny how we, who don’t know them, know them.. n wht’s bes for both of them.. n they r the onez who r livin in denial.. Life is a constant struggle, but t hav som1 who wud d anythin t help u get through it wid love n care n understandin is somethin every1 should be wishin 4.. not just the material things.. afterall they can’t bring u peace n love..

  • my heart will go on

    there isn’t ONE picture of them together at the airport.. how did tht happen? didn’t they come in d same flight? strange!.. wouldn’t the paps hav taken any of his no-i-m-not-THE-leonardo dicaprio-who’s-bar’s boyfriend.. it’s quite strange.. n none in paris either.. not even one.. strange.. very strange..

  • the Barf camp strikes again!!

    just so you know the Barf camp invaded Gisele’s thread again, as per usual!! looks like the relationship or shall I say “arrangement” she’s had with Leo for the past 5 years is all they have to build her up and that’s all they can use anymore. Matter a fact, that’s all they’ve ever been able to use, because it’s the only thing that has ever stood out about her. They must be so upset that Gisele has always been so successful and has never needed a rich, famous man to make her all those millions. And they probably can’t stand it that she looks so fantastic in everything she wears because of that svelte figure that has made her all those millions and one the the most successful models in history!!!

  • @118

    I have seen photos of Leo leaving the airport in Paris and guess what? No photo of frumpy. He seemed to be in a good mood.
    I read Gisele`s thread. It`s funny that in her case everyone believes she is in Paris for shooting a campaign for a fall or winter collection. In barfie`s case it was all about Leo shooting a commercial and …. shopping alone. How funny is that? LOL! Milking her cash cow is what she does in Paris this time of the year meanwhile REAL models actually work. Not on coffee and hummus campaigns! LOL!

  • read comment # 23
  • @dealy

    @dealy: Most of the pathetic haters here would chew off their right arm to be his sexbaggage lol

  • @dealy

    @R.C: Dedicated to Tinkerbell and all her poisonous team

  • gone fishin’

    I overheard the owner of our model agency tell Bar to do what needed for to secure marriage or baby with Leo. He told her it was what was needed for her career, that she was popular only for being with him. He say ” why do you think you are in sports illustrated swimsuit magazine”. He said she should do it soon because she shouldn’t want to dissapoint her parents.

    this just corroborates someone else from her agency who said the same thing on just jared,

    like this too

    Tom Brady wouldn’t look twice at this girl! NOT EVER!! I hear that he and Gisele have had a few good laughs about Leo’s choice of a replacement for Gisele. But mostly they just feel sorry for him for settling with this “gisele wannabe”. Bar has copied Gisele’s hair, ear piercing among other things and persued Leo because she is obscessed with Gisele. Pathetic, but mostly just CREEPY!! But even stranger is that he chose someone who looks somewhat like Gisele! Get over her already! You can do so much better Leo! Your perfect girl is out there somewhere and I can promise you she doesn’t resemble Gisele. Find her before you knock up this stalker/gold digger/ fame whore.

  • Lina

    Leo is a jerk hiding! He looks more dumb doing this shit. Ppl with look at him even more when he is hiding!!!! I diot

  • gold digger central


    nobody is going to chew off anything to be his sexbaggage. Most women have too much pride to be like Barfola. It’s called having self-respect and not being a gold-digging user that will do anything to stay relevant. I’m sure you wouldn’t know anything about that, since you and your camp are all of the same mentality, that you use rich, famous men to get yourself ahead in life. it’s a sad way to live and it will get you nowhere but dumped eventually… !!

  • R.C – @122 n @123

    calm down girl.. it’s not like i ws writin abt u.. or ws i? bar is tht u? lets c wht exactly did i say t flare ur rage? ah! i spoke ze TRUTH! didn’t i? hit where it hurts d most, right? YES! I DID! go now, u r borin me.. ביי ביי

  • FYI: Bar is carrying WHAT?

    FYI: Bar is carrying the Jimmy Choo “Rosalie” bag ——– looks like Shi-t to me. the clothes, the bag, the shoes and not to forget the one holdin and wearin them. Leo went from giselle to this? to this? i can’t believe it. she dumped him for she was not stupid unlike some1 to whom this thread belongs to. why is he with her? i fail to understand this? why? he can do much much better than this thing. how many break-ups have they had? and she’s OK with him not acknowledgin her publicaly? that disgustin SITUATION photoshoot and her nonsense interviews and to top it of draft doggin and sham marriages (2-3 i heard) and known to be a fuc-kin golddigger and a SL-UT in Israel, and he still has her with him? for wht? if it’s love it’s wayyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooo blind!! open ur pretty eyes LeoDiCaprio, she’s not right for u in any way.

  • from israel

    i know bar is a big whor in here israel peple dont likey her he sleeps rich men in israel he n her boyfriend came in heare we dont likey peple who aar nott real in there words but he mother is vary bad he will do anny thing to get leonardo dicaprio i wish him well that he gets owt of her bad hands beefaur its late she is golddigar

  • anonimo

    For what sound so idiotic the two? It seems to me so ridiculous what it does I read that it infuriates me instead of being a native this way this calling more attention.

  • anonimo

    For what sound so idiotic the two? It seems to me so ridiculous what it does I read that it infuriates me instead of being a native this way this calling more attention.

  • http://@dewinatony Rose DeWitt Bukater-Dawson