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Bar Refaeli: New York Arrival with Leonardo DiCaprio!

Bar Refaeli: New York Arrival with Leonardo DiCaprio!

Bar Refaeli arrives at JFK Airport with her boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio on a flight from Paris on Thursday (April 7) in NYC.

Leonardo kept his face hidden as they made their way out of the airport.

The 25-year-old model spent time in the French city while Leo shot a commercial for Chinese company Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp.

Earlier in the week, Bar did some shoe shopping while Leonardo was at work.

Bar was later seen hopping a flight to Miami for the popular Summit Series younger leaders conference, Summit at Sea. Kristen Bell and Sophia Bush are also expected to attend!

FYI: Bar is carrying the Jimmy Choo “Rosalie” bag.

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132 Responses to “Bar Refaeli: New York Arrival with Leonardo DiCaprio!”

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  1. 76
    uhmmm Says:

    @who cares:

    well actually these people you’re calling brainless do count cause they are the reason he is where he is…So yeah, they matter… all his fans matter. If you think those thumbs don’t matter, than you forgot that it’s the fans that can make you or break you… I thought that is why actors and bozos like Barfie have PR to work on their public image? they hire those people because what we think does matter!!

  2. 77
    xXx Says:

    @sweet : Are you stupid ? The possibility of returning all the private messages exists if we prefer to use Twitter only to communicate with a private circle thus they can communicate without that you know it…

  3. 78
    sourpatch575 Says:

    Where’s Leo?!?!?!!??!?!

  4. 79
    Wake up from lala landkiddies Says:

    Why arent leo and bar following each other on twitter cause Leo don`t want bar to have access to all the other dates he sends behind the scene messages to privately ,also she is just a paid stand in till ………

  5. 80
    hI Says:

    All they need is that you wrote about them. All she needs is that you hated her and envied her. That’s all she needs from you!

  6. 81
    Wake up from lala landkiddies Says:

    I don`t hate or envy anyone truth is light and thats all the kiddies need to wake up from laa laa land

  7. 82
    oh yeah Says:

    @lol: Totally agree,she sits all day tap, tap, tapping away, I bet her little room is covered with pics of Bar with her eyes cut out, wonder what has happened in her life to make her so bitter.

  8. 83
    who is she ? Says:

    Bar personally is not relevant and is expendable so for the mis -informed and gullible Leonardo has been following Branson on twitter for sometime

  9. 84
    Sarah Says:

    I love her! she’s so beautiful & sexy.

  10. 85
    gg Says:

    Can anyone please provide the link to her twitter ?

  11. 86
    gulaseng Says:

    Haters gonna hate, Bar. I think you look gorgeous here!

  12. 87
    cash Says:

    the sex must be great

  13. 88
    fatso Says:

    old and manly

  14. 89
    eww Says:

    Those arent legs those are tree stumps!

  15. 90
    Pia Says:

    besides being leo’s garbage disposal does she have a job?

  16. 91
    natalia Says:

    wow. you guys are incredibly mean, its shocking.
    they have been together for years so i dont think she’s just a current flavour, and she is totally stunning – just because she dressed casually and comfortably for a flight does not always make her frumpy. ive seen her look nice, if not always chic. she has a fantastic curvy body (not stocky as someone stated), and most of you probably would look like fat ugly slobs next to her.

  17. 92
    nina Says:

    she ia amazIng!
    i think there is a very jealous fan of Leo who writes all these bad thing about Bar. its pathetic.

  18. 93
    dealy Says:

    bar is a sexbagage for leo he just take her for sex that’s all. hahah i really love leo. it’s like when you take your make up and clothes when you are travelling, leo take sexbagage so barfiethesexbabage

  19. 94
    lea goldman Says:

    she is from israel and she is racist.

  20. 95
    blob Says:

    she’s just a poor man’s model. the exclusive exquisite fashion snobs would turn their noses up at her (and do). I can see why.

  21. 96
    You all are just jealous Says:

    I swear all you commenters are HILARIOUS! You are all just jealous that you can’t have Leo for your own, and you all would be unhappy with who ever he is dating! Plus I don’t know what you all are talking about ugly?????
    Do you guys think SI would put an ugly fat girl on their cover? No.
    Do you think VS would have her do modeling for them if she was ugly and not a good model?No.
    Do you guys think Elle magazine would put her on countless covers if she was not attractive?No.
    Do you think Leo would have stayed with her this long (and yes they are together) if he did not like her adn thought she was a *****? No.

    So you all should at least be happy he is dating soemone he oviously likes or he would have broken up with her months ago.

  22. 97
    poorleo Says:

    she’s really ugly in her face. yuck.

  23. 98
    smashed Says:

    Looks like someone sat on her face. She is too smashed looking. I hate how her mouth sags too, makes her look downs syndrome.

  24. 99
    plruz Says:

    @You all are just jealous:

    Funny because Im sure you do your fair share of hating on people…..
    and call models ugly who have been on 1000 covers or more yet you are going to say ” would she be on countless Elle covers if she were ugly?” haha what a hypocrite!

  25. 100

    see you back on the leo thread, not wasting time with them.

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