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Christina Aguilera: I'm A 'Huge Supporter' of Britney Spears!

Christina Aguilera: I'm A 'Huge Supporter' of Britney Spears!

Christina Aguilera carries her 3-year-old son Max while arriving at LAX Airport on Friday (April 8) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old singer and The Voice coach caught a departing flight with boyfriend Matthew Rutler.

Christina recently opened up to about her tweets congratulating Britney Spears on her new album, Femme Fatale.

“I am a huge supporter of her in light that both of our careers started off together and are still going strong,” she said.

“I think it’s extremely important to be supportive of fellow artists and especially females who get pitted against each other and torn apart. As an old friend of mine from the Mickey Mouse club, I think it’s important at this stage in the game to really show my support,” she added.

FYI: Christina is using her Orbit car seat!

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  • floptina

    “I am a huge supporter of her in light that both of our careers started off together and are still going strong”

    lmao, ummm…………..

  • ifuseekamy


  • Kev

    Trying to promote her new show.

  • LMFAO!

    She thinks her career is going strong?


  • fake bish

    “I think it’s extremely important to be supportive of fellow artists and especially females who…”

    yet she dissed gaga.

  • go

    she looks amazing¡

  • mj

    shes sexy :)

  • kiki

    she seems so desperate for attention. she was better ten years ago. i wish she would make good songs like “beautiful” and “hurt” unlike the trashy crap she makes now

  • Lyla

    Shitney’s album is a flop.

  • Nathan

    Floptina and LMFAO, it is really sad and pathetic that you still make comments like that because it is old. Christina looks amazing there with Max. Christina and Britney tweeted each other, good to see they remain in contact.

  • Nathan

    @Lyla: I haven’t heard it, I guess it wasn’t good by your comment.

  • untrendy

    Yay! reemerging old ashes!

  • criminal

    Godney’s album is perfection.

  • tatum

    she is so ugly these days, ok forget the bad makeup and hair
    i don’t understand why her face always looks so bloated and her nose got bigger suddenly

  • cute.

    awww :)

  • Nathan

    @tatum: Seriously she is wearing minimal makeup there, she doesn’t look bloated and her nose doesn’t look bigger, it is sad people criticise her at every waking moment.

  • Nathan

    @criminal: Oh ok, well I’ve seen two different comments about it yours and Lyla, I guess I will have to find out for myself, since two different reviews of it.

  • lol

    @Nathan: She deserves all the hate she spews out. If she was a nicer person don’t you think people would be warmer towards her?

  • Nathan

    @lol: Well, I’ve met Christina at a CD signing she was warm and welcoming then, everyone makes mistakes yet she may do amazing performances it is never good enough for anyone, it is idiotic.

  • Lucas

    @Nathan: Brit’s choreography and energy levels in her videos are the only things lacking. I read she had knee surgery though so if that’s true I won’t hold it against her. The album itself is great — I only skip one song.

  • Nathan

    @Lucas: Ok awesome, I seen her new video something world ends, can’t remember the name exactly she looked amazing in it. Thanks for the comment about her album must go check it out, which song do you skip lol.

  • shut up haters!

    this is cute!

  • Lucas

    @Nathan: Big Fat Bass. LOL I hate it. Some people like it though.

  • Nathan

    @Lucas: Lol will keep that in mind, I loved Circus even her ballads were great on it, pity she didn’t perform them apart from Everytime.

  • wow

    O.o It’s weird seeing fanbases actually getting along.

    I love all the girls in the game. Seriously though, I love ALL my divas.

  • Nathan

    @wow: I have always been a Christina fan, Britney is ok I don’t mind her haha same with Gaga she is ok as well, weird hey we are getting along.

  • df

    I hate all this team jacob/edward crap. LOL if Britney and Xtina can get along than why cant fans be more supportive? grow up!

  • bgcd

    oh she got real fat face now… steroids?

  • daniela

    “I think it’s extremely important to be supportive of fellow artists and especially females who get pitted against each other and torn apart”

    Funny quote…wasn’t Christina the only one that had said bad things about other female artists??? she talk bad about Britney, Beyonce, Lady Gaga. While the other 3 girls always have said nice things about each other.

  • http://. Attract time

    Ther both cutes’t

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Family crap

  • she’s “going through”

    Even I can have some compassion for people when they are ending a marriage. It’s stressful. Sheesh! You guys need to grow up! I just think she should take care of her son first. If she doesn’t do that, I will lose all respect for her. As I thought would happen, her little boy is getting cuter the older he gets.

  • Lalalove

    She looks chubby…=/

  • Samy

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  • Helena

    why is she putting on weight?

  • ro

    @Lyla: Britney is no 1 in USA, Canada, Korea and Australia and in the top 5 everywhere else! With two no 1 smash hit singles already.. from the album. hardly a flop

  • grace

    ive been a christina fan since her debut album and ive been a britney fan since the blackout era. i would love to see a collaboration between the two of them.

  • Sagittarian25

    Always classy and amazing. I love her!

  • Sagittarian25

    No one gets the haters more upset than Christina. LOVE IT.

  • America

    Love xtina so much… Muahhhh haters lol

  • Anne

    She is a bloated, bow-legged drunk clown who drags around this young man for a beard. Jordan already spilled the beans about her being a Lesbian so she should stop trying to hide it.

  • B

    @kiki: Are you that stupid. “trashy crap now” you obviously didn’t listen to the album did ya?? Please shut up because she has only released 1 album since back to basic you act like it was a series of albums and it was so long ago because you obviously missed “you lost me” “lift me up” “I am” etc off bionic go listen to it before you comment.

  • B

    @tatum: You just came on here to talk out of your sorry ass, because you just need some attention. Lame ass, get a life!

  • http://@seanfullsail10 Sean

    Xtina looks amazing here as she always does

    i cant wait for the 5th album, world tour, and possibly continue the voice if it is a success in the USA

    Xtina 4 EVER!!!

  • LopezToday

    Xtina looks gorgeous! Flopney would never look that pretty!!!!

    Love the quantity of haters Legendtina has, jealous much?

  • lila

    You can call her fat. You can make fun of her personal life. You can say she doesn’t sell. You can call her a wh*re.

    But you can’t deny ….. ‘that voice’.

    Stay strong Christina.

  • ryannnn

    flop fatale is awful.

    bionic is the most underrated album of the decade and christina is so unfairly judged, it’s beyond ridiculous.

  • LovePeace

    She is smart, strong, confident not like some other silly singers out there, some are overrated

  • Gaga

    Hello, love you, girl