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Jennifer Aniston Covers 'Red' May 2011

Jennifer Aniston Covers 'Red' May 2011

Jennifer Aniston graces the cover of Red‘s May 2011 issue.

Here’s what the 42-year-old actress had to share with the U.K. mag:

On fame: “[It's] an odd beast. Because it’s not real. There’s nothing real about it. Sometimes you wake up and think, ‘I don’t know if I’m as big as this beast. Will today be the day when it gets me?’ Because you’re only one person like everybody else … yet you’re projected as almost superhuman.”

On the attention surrounding her personal life: “I’m not a big fan of dating. I have dinner with male friends and it’s instantly, ‘that’s the new man.’ The phone is ringing off the hook from your publicist saying, ‘Did you have dinner with so and so?’ and it’s, ‘Yes, I did and no, I’m not.’ So you sort of just meet people.”

On her ideal weekend: “With your nearest and dearest. You know me, I always love a little beach getaway. I’m a creature of habit and I just love the sound of the ocean. A place where you can go and throw it all away.”

For more of Jennifer‘s interview, including her favorite book, movie, TV show, designer and friend, check out!

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    I dont want to see >_<

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    She just vapid

  • ja

    well, it isnt her best photo but its not 100% photoshop like Allure

  • lyla

    great interview!

  • Rio

    she makes me happy :D
    Thanks JJ!!
    more Jen please!

  • lovejen

    @ ja @ 04/08/2011 at 5:27 pm . I agree with u

  • AJJA

    Nice cover photo. I wonder how she’s liking living in NYC again?

  • HOT

    lookin’ good

  • Sweet Justice

    That’s an honest interview. I’d find it hard being a celebrity and dealing with the beast. I’d probably get mad at photographers if they bugged me.

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    Cheap old

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    How’s want that :@

  • Chris

    “I’m not a big fan of dating” … she isnt living her life. she doesntt have family or a man .. and she is 42 years old,..Thats bad Jen

  • Sara

    Lovely and so down to earth.

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Liar old woman

  • World traveller

    It’s a really natural looking cover. She’s not all done up and artificial looking. I like her style normally cause it sticks to basics which works for her.

  • not accurate

    Chris is living in the stone age following a guy around like a dog. woof-woof

  • Suck

    Go away you fake old selfish out of touch with reality and real problems dumb liar

  • 1950s

    @Chris: hey throw back. get a life.

  • troll doll

    Hey Chris do you sit like a stone faced troll when your “man” is not around??? cause apparently you need a man in order to live life . woof-woof

  • Ms Independent

    It’s refreshing to see a woman who is comfortable with life and enjoys her time with family and friends. Jen doesn’t wallow in being single because there’s no shame in it… right ladies. It’s nice to have a b/f but you don’t need one to survive!

  • Fitness Buff

    I prefer the way her arms look to Cameron’s. Jen’s are toned but not too buff.

  • The Switch

    I saw the Switch on the weekend (rented it). It was funny. Jason and Jen play off each other well.They should do more work together.

  • Tommy Boy

    Absoultely love the interview! Great article and great comments by Jennifer. And the cover, wow! Even without a lot a makeup on she looks fresh and pretty. Glad it wasn’t photoshopped. Jennifer is a natural.

  • Next

    Can’t wait for Horrible Bosses to come out. I can relate to that title. My job has one or two. LOL

  • Tommy Boy

    Her new film, Horrible Bosses with Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey, Jason Bateman et al, will be the big summer hit. It is garnering so much great buzz since the special screening this past week. Cannot wait for July 8th!

  • luv jen

    jen u r my idol…u r sooo honest and outgoing…plus classy and very true to yourself….u ll be forever always my fav actress….cant w8 to see your new movie..:D

  • A

    her face looks kind of manly here

  • Celia

    So photoshopped.

  • Dawn


    How is life back in 1955?

  • @ Dawn

    LOL. No kidding. According to Chris a woman’s worth is only based on having a guy. Welcome to 2011 Chris.
    Chris… isn’t that a guys name. Did women get a name like that back in 1955. Maybe you should post under “Mr. So-and-so’s wife” and not bother with a name of your own.

  • iris

    she makes me happy , i love her

  • Tommy Boy

    @Celia: You are out of your mind, Celia. That picture is not photoshopped but a natural. I think you’re just jealous that Jennifer can take a natural fresh lovely picture without a ton of makeup and look great. Jennifer Aniston ROCKS!

  • Marieme

    I think they meant to say “Dis-graces.” Other than that here’s Fugs looking manly as always. Btw Fugs the ocean isn’t your emotional dumping ground. It has enough problems to deal with already.

  • JL


  • someone

    I think shes lovely, honest and down to earth..and why do some women associate happiness with a man and children, its not for everyone.. Some women are perfectly happy without a permanent man in thier lives…I wish her well!

  • vodka

    @A:ITA She looks like she has just shaved her mustache OMG bwhahahahaha

  • um

    how old is this picture? she doesnt look at all like this any more/ her hair has been blonder for a long time and is much shorter, plus her face now looks fuller now due to fillers/

  • Faby


  • Knupp

    how dont love her ?

  • Marina


  • Megan

    I like her, she’s honest, it has a relaxed vibe.

  • sav

    OK people, Maniston officially admitted that she`s screaming at the ocean. Her words not mine

    On her ideal weekend: “With your nearest and dearest. You know me, I always love a little beach getaway. I’m a creature of habit and I just love the sound of the ocean. A place where you can go and throw it all away.”


  • guffaw

    Believe me, jen no one thinks of you as super human…..super homely yeah super needy maybe, super annoying.. ok but not super human,,,,what have yu ever done to deserve that title? Your acting is just ok while you sstill have an acting coach..the same for for a decade or more and you cant even direct a small film without help. you blame everyone but your self for your bad fortunes…you are a whiner boring and lame


  • lose huvane

    Here is a thought, lose your publicist. That’s a win win for everyone.

  • lose huvane

    Here is a thought, lose your publicist. That’s a win win for everyone.

  • nene

    never heard of this Mag, is in a commie mag? And why not have a current pic of her this one looks to be years old, not that she looks good i it but still.

  • anybody?anybody?

    I love how haters get on here to post s**t on her and the best they can do is harp on her single life. Um, I’m pretty sure she’d rather date around than be known as a serial homewrecker. that’s why she has friends, cuz she can be trusted with their husbands (and her male relatives, while we’re at it).
    Jen, you’ve always been classy and poised. You’re a WONDERFUL person, and you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. Live your life and God bless you for having a good soul. Can’t wait for your movies!!!

  • 2Park5