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Pia Toscano: Record Label Visit Following 'Idol' Elimination!

Pia Toscano: Record Label Visit Following 'Idol' Elimination!

Pia Toscano is all smiles as she heads into the Warner Music Group/Elektra Records building on Friday (April 8) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old singer was reportedly visiting a record label after being voted off American Idol the night before in one of the most shocking sendoffs in the show’s history.

Pia had been one of the season’s frontrunners and got positive feedback for her performance of “River Depp, Mountain High” earlier in the week.

Celebrities have been sounding off about the elimination on Twitter, with Tom Hanks, Ashton Kutcher, Alyssa Milano, and former Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson and more giving Pia their support.

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Credit: Kevin Perkins/Pedro Andrade; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Chelsea

    She’s an amazing singer! I am so shocked she was eliminated! :O

  • Raki

    Get Real.

  • rhonda

    she was actually my favorite to win it all!

  • duh

    she has the best voice of all contestants. the guy with the big ears needs to go the hell out of the competition. man, he sucks

  • craig

    Thank goodness. This girl needs a record deal ASAP!!! This’ll probably be better than her winning american idol anyways (The winner can sometimes get screwed being force to sign a deal with American idol) GO PIA!!!!!

  • J

    The USA is so weird.

    She is AMAZING.

  • tweets

    RT @tomhanks Don’t have an IDOL habit, but how could the USA vote Pia off? I may be done for the season! HANX

    RT @aplusk Who are the people that vote on American idol? That’s just crazy! That Pia girl is dope! #almostcriminal

    RT @daxshepard1 This did not just happen!!! How??? I’m going to do something radical. I love you Pia!

    RT @BetteMidler They dumped Pia!! How did that happen?? Taking up a collection for Iggy to buy a shirt…

    RT @Alyssa_Milano What in the world? Pia? Pia was sent home? How is that possible? I’m so confused. #AmericanIdol

    RT @RyanSeacrest Can’t get over last night’s #AmericanIdol! So bizarre. After I read the results I thought to myself, ‘did I get that right?’

  • heartsupreme

    The people who are eliminated early usually do well. I think she will be fine personally :)

  • wow

    I can’t believe America, how can you not keep a voice like this!

  • london2ibiza

    she has the most twitter followers now
    if that’s any consolation…..

  • Donelle


  • someguy


    Sign the petition to get Pia Toscano reinstated on American Idol!

  • http://mami3584 malena

    Not surprised at all. She wasn’t my favorite. She’s a beautiful girl..great voice but little stage present. I didn’t find she was very entertaining. I want to see more sass and personality in the idol contestants.I thought of her as more of a beauty pageant contestant. Now lauren and haley have that piss and vinegar attitude I love to see. I also like casey abrams and scotty.

  • Mel (B)


    I couldnt agree more she is very pretty and her voice …wow

  • Ben

    I thought she was gonna win.

  • awww

    at least she looks happy :D

  • Jermaine

    I see America doesn’t like talented, attractive females..

  • layla

    sexy shoes! & beautiful summery top
    i agree with jhud as long as she has her voice
    she will go places, i hope so

  • hmmm

    @tweets: I bet none of them voted for her.

    I would have voted but I live outside the U.S

  • nko

    she was voted off because it was a clear case of people thinking she was such a clear winner/front runner that they simply didn’t vote. they voted more for their 2nd or 3rd favorites w/ pity votes instead. (I am even guilty of this as well so I know other ppl do it too) Even Randy said the same thing….her fans thought she was safe and didt vote. Pia was the best vocalist BY FAR. Lord knows why Jacob,Scotty,Paul one trick ponies are still there and Pia one of the best singers on this lame show was voted off. Pia was the clear favorite on every news blog,facebook,twitter,gossip show etc…I even watched the repeat of Extra today from last night before the results and Mario Lopez was interviewing people who they think will win and everyone said PIA! literally every single response was Pia, lol. something is SO WRONG!

  • lc

    They can’t sign with anyone until 18 months, or something

  • smh

    Fangirls vote.

    If you’re not a generic, white MALE, chances are you won’t win.

  • kimmy

    @Jermaine: have you seen the little jealous girls on justjared bashing the attractive females all the time but saying the less than attractive ones are pretty? lol… I think they are clearly jealous of Pia because she has talent and looks.

  • mariahlove

    to me she is 10millionX better than carrie underwood (who i love!) & co.

    so sad to see her leave. she is destined to be star
    i think something greater awaits her.

  • Adam

    Talented beauty! Girl sang her face off every week!

    I hope a good label signs her.

  • nko

    I can’t believe Jacob who will never have a career outside of a church is still there….or Paul who makes my ears BLEED and can’t hold a note or Scotty who can’t do nothing but boring country..are still there yet PIA is gone? WOW…

    Pia was getting boring singing only ballads but um what does jacob and scotty do? they ain’t showing NO versatility either yet the pretty one with the best vocals goes. I am done with this show. LAME

  • sick

    she was the only one i really liked this year. paul is cute but i hate his performance style. i was a fan of haley until last night where she smiled at the results wtf.

  • http://www. V

    @Jermaine: I love this comment. It’s so damn true.

  • duh

    The girls like Scotty one country note Mccreedy , james big ears and sucky voice durbin, Stefano boy bander, and paul wannabe Rod stewart more than they liked Pia. lol

  • monelle

    That dress color is v. flattering with her skin tone :)

  • Isaac

    American Idol has never been about quality, it’s about popularity.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …Yea, it’s pretty unanimous that she’s gorgeous with a really good (great?) voice.
    …she was one of the hottest contestants ever on the show, and vocally probably the best singer on this season.
    …she’ll be signed in no time.

  • piawasthebest

    Yeah I agree the fangirls have taken over the show and the people who once liked the show have moved on. Pity but no surprise. fangirls like a kid called Beiber…..

    I thought it was going to be Pia,Casey and Haley. To me they are the best singers in the comp. I like Haley but vocally she is NOT better than Pia. She growls too much.

  • sweet

    Don’t fret, I bet Pia will go on to have the biggest and better career than all of them! She is the whole package. She could easily have a career as big as Carrie Underwood.

  • Rachel

    This is probably the biggest AI shocker EVER no? I can’ even remember a results show this shocking. Usually the lowest talented singers always leave pretty early. Maybe when Chris Daughtry left but even he at least lasted way longer.

  • camera

    I bet the judges will never use a “save” that early again…

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^______^ cute


  • Sara

    While I think Pia is an AMAZING vocalist (in all honesty, the best vocalist on Idol this season), she is not an amazing performer. I completely agree with the overwhelming number of comments stating that Pia was voted off too early and that should not have gone home last night, I believe she failed to get votes because America could not get past her robotic moves and her inability to “connect” with the audience and not because she’s an attractive female.

    That said, I think Pia has an extremely bright future and I wish her the best of luck in her artistic ventures.

  • lily

    I think connection is important too but that being said; this is a singing comp at the end of the day and come on, her voice was impeccable!
    I always pick a favorite by who ever can give me chills (I dont get chills easily) and Pia has been the only one to do so this year, so I do think she connected to the people if she could give me chills.

    Her fans thought she was safe so didn’t vote. That’s all this is. they got a little “arrogant” too early.

  • ryan

    This is great news & I sense only the start of things to come for Pia. She’s got it all – Beauty, style, talent, charm, personality, & most of all, that INCREDIBLE voice! This isn’t the last we’ve heard of Pia, not by a long shot. Still in shock from her elimination last night on Idol, America got this one WAY wrong.

  • yeezy

    Notice how the bottom 3 consisted of 2 Italians and a black guy.

    Whilst all the white people were safe, regardless of talent.

  • J.Taylor

    All those celebrities complaining that Pia got vote off.. did THEY VOTE? I bet not.

  • Ellie

    Done with American Ido. PIA was the best. Could the judges or the main man/owner can save her of course……..

    Well, PI cheer up you the best anyway

  • criminal

    i was so sad
    i cried with her

  • ada

    I agree @J.Taylor: the CELEBS complaining like …. any way she did not deserve to go home his show is rigged. they obviously know she was going to be eliminated they could of just did something more reasonable since we know these future teeny bloopers voting don’t know shit, i mean who ever type the american idol name Pia in that envelope is downright wrong.

  • padme

    When I first saw these pics of Pia, I thought she was one of the Kardashians or worse…Rachel Bilson. Pia has an amazing talent, but I hope she changes her looks if she doesn’t want to get mistaken for the talentless Bilson, the mother of all famewh0res!

  • PureTalent

    The only thing you can do now to support her (petitions are all fine and dandy too) but the best thing would be to stop watching and let them see the ratings slide. All Pia fans please don’t watch the show anymore.


    OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!

  • Natalie

    Apparently when someone is that good and for sure that beautiful, viewers get complacent figuring she can never get voted off.

  • wow

    Now only one of the best this whole season but probably one of the best I have ever heard on that whole entire show ever!!!!! WOW still in shock.