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Charlize Theron: Starring in 'Snow White' with Hugh Jackman?

Charlize Theron: Starring in 'Snow White' with Hugh Jackman?

Charlize Theron wears a pair of sunglasses while landing at LAX Airport on Thursday (April 7) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actress kept it casual in a pair of ripped jeans, a white tee, and a gray cardigan.

Charlize is set to play the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Huntsman and she may also be co-starring in the film with Hugh Jackman!

Deadline reports the Wolverine actor has been offered the role of the huntsman after Viggo Mortensen dropped out of the project, which also stars Kristen Stewart.

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  • sasha

    charlize is perfection!love her!!!

  • mj

    Why is it almost every actor and actress do not get their big break till their early thirties?

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Charlize Soo pretty

  • A

    Can anyone id her sunglasses? love them! :)

  • http://A Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    She looks cute and sweet

  • An

    Charlize always beautiful

  • Jamie

    She is wonderful which is why everyone is wondering why Hugh and Charlize don’t make a movie together. Who needs a second late to box office snow white remake with Stewart.

  • linda

    Love this actress she’s down to earth out of the spotlights tabloids….and she is a very good actress.

  • Help, please

    this nigga is so pretty! love her!!

  • Fashionista


  • bobbiebee

    She needs a hit. Her movies have not done well at the BO..despite her Oscar win.. She is another Halle Berry..

    She just can’t carry a film.

  • goldy

    Where can i find a bag in that same style ???

    She’s terrific.

  • bobbiebee

    I think she would like it much better if people stop talking about how perfect she is or where they can get her shoes or bags.. and get off their ass*se and go and see her films.

    She is a great actress.. Loved her in The Road.. but all some are talking about are these sillies superficial things.

    She is an actress. Go see the films and stop the silly ramblings about her cloths..

    Women do that.. they talk fashion but don’t support the films..

  • bobbiebee


    she’s not in the tabloids because the public is not interested or obsessed with her life. that is why. If they public wanted that information we would see her face on the rags.. It has nothing to do with her being down to earth or “private” get a clue

  • Dieter

    I love the gorgeous ass of her’s !!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    She is so beautiful and talented.

  • boycott

    What is the lure of wanting to see a movieThis second Snow White movie has bomb written all over it. Why would intelligent people over the age of want to see a movie about Snow White? I hope every female of color Asian Blacks Hispanic boycotts both these ridiculous movies about this a fairytale character called Snow White. Hollywood is purposely brainwashing people that white girls are perfect by producing another ridiculous movie based on a silly Disney character.

  • Anna

    Yep sexy but look 60 year old

  • ajaja

    loooooooooooove her. Beautiful woman, great actress.

  • A

    I am Black and a young woman and I think what you wrote is silly.
    What’s wrong with Snow White? I happen to like Snow white and disney princesses, although snow white isn’t my favorite disney princess, i’m not going to boycott the movie just because it rubs over the top PC people like yourself the wrong way.
    Pick your battles.

  • funny

    To bobbiebe/ Ummm the one who needs to get clue here is you my dear, she could be an attention whore easily, she could hung out/f*ck with any other famous actor for the attention she could creat scandals to creat buzz, she could hung out on parties and get drunk she could be a homewrecker in other words an easy famous attention ho like the rest, the ones who do the dirty tabs are the ones who are contributing to it, but she has chosen the clean road avoiding the trashiness, and keeping her private private to do her work and leave quietly without parties on yaghts and scandals.

    Charlize Theron get famous world wide only for her talent and work, she get her name graved on the walk of fame , get her avalcnhe of awrds oscars nod ,, the only actress in this last decade to get nominated at the oscars for North Country in a short time after her oscar win in Monster, Berry hahaha please you’re almost funny, she worked with one of the most talented actors directors, and still working with the best, right now she is the most in demand actress, she just finsihed her film with the talented director Jason Reitman, she will be in the Ridley Scott movie, she got at least 5 movies coming up this year, she ven turned down clint eastwood, got the highest fashion brand contracts…………………….oh as for opening a movie she carried Monster all by herself an indie movie who cost 1 million dollar and bringed 60 million dollar WW, with no special effect no big studios behind,i haven’t seen any other actress of her generation who carred an indie like monster and do the same result .

  • laura


    60? what are u taking to get that high? you know jealousy is an ugly trait, you’re ridiculous , maybe with some daily excercises a healthy food , you will look younger, don’t blame beautiful ppl because of your issues.

  • bobbiebee


    honey you need a clue.. Charlize has not had a hit in 3 years.. 3 years.. and that only came because she was in a film with Will Smith..

    I like her a lot. but stop writing fiction. she is not a big BO draw.. go look at her BO stats..

    She needs a hit baby.. and that is the fact. not a knock down but a fact.. She has to put asses in the seats. and she has not been able to do that. Just because she turned down Clint does not mean a thing. she is doing a remake of Snow White. seriously..and only because she need a hit.

    So you get a clue.. I already solved the mystery.

  • funny


    Honey you need a clue and forget something, Theron prefer and privilege a lot of indie films rather than just your usual pop corn blockbuster, she has turned down many blockbusters, by ” choice” from Casino Royal to Pearl Harbor to Legally Blonde to last year The Tourist good choice btw for turning this empty plot crap, it’s a choice, she’s alwys been free never been a hollywood slave, she could pick one blockbuster after another if she wants to, she always privilege challenging and different roles take risks in her films, she is a chameleon with large variety of roles, a talented versatile actresss, great talented actresses doesn’t have to accept every hollywood pop corn movie to proof anything the kind of movies and roles than any tv reality ho could do, kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron, Kidman…are the kind of actresses who would get a longer career a la Streep because they count more on their performances they’ve built their career on a challgening powerful indie performances, rather than their asses and bikins and stupid action films…they don’t have the limited warning timing that the product action actresses have…

  • E

    Has her head gotten longer? She’s like a one hit wonder for actresses . Monster is her only hit

  • ajaja

    “Monster is her only hit” i totally disagree, I love her movies with K. Reeves and the one with Johnny depp. And also she was amazing in “Trapped2 with Kevin Bacon

  • I agree

    Sorry, but I have to agree, This has “come back” written all over it. She needs a BO hit in a bad way. We all know HW revolves around money and if you are not BO draw, you are out.

  • hmm

    So I guess that it’s official that Hugh Jackman will be the hunter.
    I like Hugh, but I’m disappointed that Viggo did not get the part.
    Viggo’s head has gotten too big for his britches. He wanted 8 million for the role. 8 MILLION. He priced himself out of the running.
    There are only a few actors that would get that kind of money, and Viggo is NOT one of them. He has not had a box office hit since LOTR, and he expects that kind of money? Sheesh.
    Ego, party of one, your table is ready.
    Maybe he is just jealous of Orlando’s POTC paycheck?

  • purple poet

    It’s a shame how shallow people are. Why do you care so much if she’s a box office draw or not? There are only like 5 people in hollywood who are anyway. If she says she’s happy doing juicy roles in smaller films and only occasionally dabbling in mainstream fare, than leave her alone. Some actors, it may surprise you want an actor’s career, not a star’s career. No one is hasseling Laura Linney or Julianne Moore about being box office draws. Just because Charlize is beautiful and glamorous doesn’t mean she has to be freaking Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie.

  • Mari

    Although they’re only friends now, I think she and Leo would make a beautiful couple. She’s his type – tall, leggy and beautiful – plus they actually have something in common, both being talented actors. From interviews I’ve seen of Charlize, she appears to be intelligent, too.

  • Celia


    Charlize got her big break long ago. What are you talking about?

  • Celia


    I think Viggo just got a better offer than some movie about Snow White. And he had box office hits after LOTR: History of Violence and Eastern Promises leap to mind. Viggo is a brilliant actor that gets a lot of quality work, so 8 million isn’t that much money for an actor like him.

    Viggo dropped out, because he got offered the role as the villain in Superman, which is a much more high profile project and most likely will be better.

  • jl

    she has never been very pretty to me. average blonde. amazing actress though

  • @32

    Sorry, but Viggo has had nothing but box office disappontments, or all out bombs since LOTR.
    (all amounts in domestic take -where studios earn their money)
    -The Road cost 25 million, took in 8.1
    -Eastern Promises cost not released, but probably in the 20-25 million range, took in just 17.2, even with Viggo’s Oscar nomination.
    -History of Violence cost 32 million, and took in 31.5 (the movie needs to gross appx double the production costs to recoup the studio its money)
    -Appaloosa cost 20 million, but took in only 20.2 (see above)
    -Even Hidalgo, which was released when he was riding high on his post LOTR fame took in only 67.3 million, when it cost 100 million.
    And this isn’t including his independent movies like Good, with its VERY limited release, and Altariste (sp?) which did not make it to the theaters (as far as I know). Those will not be held against him, because of their limited, art house appeal.
    But to claim that he is a box office draw, and worth 8 million is ridiculous and unrealistic.
    He is not worth that kind of money.
    Very few actors are worth tha kind of money these days.
    Viggo is not one of them.

  • purple poet

    again, why so obsessed with box office status? Viggo Mortensen is a great actor too. Why are you so concerned with him being a box office draw? You think that’s the only measure of greatness. Only Hollywood executives who produce big movies should worry about that. Just appreciate good art for what it is and good actors for what they are, not how much money their films gross. That’s the problem with today. Wish it were like the 70s when real actors were measured by their talent.

  • purple poet

    @jl: Sorry but Charlize is one of those people who is so beautiful you can’t ever say she wasn’t pretty and be taken seriously. Whether she’s your type of beauty or not, you can’t deny that she’s a pretty woman.

  • @35

    Actors who are not box office draws cannot demand 8 million dollars. That was the point.
    IMO, he’s a good actor, but not a great one.
    And he is not worth the money he was demanding.
    The fact that he did demand that much means that his ego has gotten out of control.

  • @35

    Box office is all that matters when you are the one paying the bill.
    That’s why the studio told Viggo to take his 8 mill demand and ‘stick it where the sun don’t shine’.


    This post couldn’t be more factual!!

  • Jackson

    her arms are like sticks! eats some cheese burgers woman. She was mad in AeonFlux.