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Leonardo DiCaprio: Working in Washington

Leonardo DiCaprio: Working in Washington

Leonardo DiCaprio leaves his hotel in the passenger seat of a SUV on Friday (April 8) in Washington, D.C.

The 36-year-old is reportedly in the capital to continue shooting his upcoming drama, J. Edgar.

The day before, Leo landed at JFK Airport with girlfriend Bar Refaeli after filming an ad for a Chinese telecommunications company in Paris.

Leo may also be co-starring in The Great Gatsby with Ben Affleck, who will join the film’s star-studded cast depending on his involvement with Argo.

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Credit: Mark Wilkins; Photos: WENN
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  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    Leonardo looks cute and sweet ^^ he best

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Thanx j for news

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Thanx, i love the picutres too

  • An

    Leo the best actor in hw

  • …..

    i thought filming was over?

  • hyoid

    Love Leo!!!!!!! And since Kaz and SLigo don’t count, I’m first!!!!!! looooooool

  • hyoid

    Ok fine, I was third :((

    BTW, I’m neither a Bar fan or Bar hater, but I always wonder about all the negative comments about their relationship whenever there’s a Leo post. If after all this time he’s still w her, doesn’t it mean that’s what he likes? Why make it all about her, it should also be about him because he chose that type of person. Think about it… I know you all love Leo, me included, but if you think so poorly of his GF, that should also b a reflection on his character – Just common sense no? Birds of a feather…

  • Sun

    he should be with the muslim girl from revolutionary road. they were so cute. what happened to them?

  • Sun

    oops, I mean Body of Lies.

  • 6 barf touring her apartment…..its weird how normal this chick is, i wear a hoody and jeans all the time and im not labellda frickin supermodel!!

  • Mary

    Extremely handsome, nuff said.

  • lol

    haha im just reading about this girls encounter with leo….apparently when he was in london last filming he was out in a club which was pretty packed and he was trying to make his way thru the crowd and ended up elbow this girl really hard in the boob by accident and kinda hurt her BUT he came back and apoligized and bought her a drink…what a cool guy!! i would chop off both my boobs to get leo to buy me a drink haha, il try post the link!

  • katie in D.C

    HES STAYING IN MY HOTEL!!!! I saw him and another guy in the lobby yesterday and nearly DIED…he soooo handsome in real life, i always heard he was better in real than in pics and its true i cant even really describe it he just glows!! and guess what he was doing? EATING A PACK OF GUMMY BEARS…could that be any cuter?! hes actually really tall in person to i always thought he was short, anyway im rambling so to sum up it was the best experience of my life and plan to attack him if i see him again!:D

  • twitter watch

    some guy met leo at the awards in the bathroom and after washing his hands leo signed a paper towel for him, the pics on twitter il try post it!

  • twitter watch the one who must not be named now has an offical twitter page….interesting….

  • mmmmm

    HES SO HOT!!!!!!!! i would rape him if given half the chance :D

  • Normal

    Notice no hiding or draping the tie across his face, etc. Just cruising along in the car. Nice that these were posted but we found them last night and posted on the other thread. :P

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    Leonardo best actor ever and adam best singer

  • I ❤ GB

    @katie in D.C: I’m glad that you got to meet/see him Katie. Were you getting an award or being recognized at the event that Leo went to? If so, congrats.

  • g

    He’s only 36? He’s not aging well.

  • slurp

    hes so intense and sexy…mmmmm

  • Extremely bloated face

  • Horatio

    Hey, Jared, do revise your article, as ALL of us know he is there in regard to his being an Horatio Alger award recipient;.

    So why are your sources so clueless ????

    Filming on “J Edgar” wrapped.Thurs 3/30

  • @20

    what are u talking about he looks 10 years yonger than his age the majority of the time, dunno what your looking at!

  • CanadaGirl

    What a great experience for those involved to have Leo and other notable people at this event. He’s a good speaker (and Looks gorgeous). I wonder what he spoke about.

  • goer

    wow he must be tired as hell, he went straight from filming to shooting the movie in paris and now to this, jet lag must be kickin in

  • what ?

    Even in the photo you see the Horatio Alger Assoc sign.

    Clueless for sure !

  • samantha

    legend of hollywood. love him

  • An

    Sligo i agree and adam looks cute and i like his actios :)

  • Ann

    Jared, thanks, for pix of the handsome and talented Mr DiCaprio !

    Congrats to him on being chosen one of the 2011 Horatio Alger recipients , as well, as congrats to all the students who won scholarships !

    @Katie in D.C.

    I’ve been fortunate to have seen Leo in person several times ,and I definitely agree he is even better looking in person and tall.

    Glad you had the chance to see him :)

  • CanadaGirl

    Hi @Ann:

  • katie in D.C

    hey I ❤ GB, i personally wasnt being awarded no but two of my friends were and were staying at the same hotel as leo is, my friends havnt emerged yet after the night but once they do they’ll be grilled on it hehe, everyone was super excited about leo coming and they’re was a dinner and leo gave a great speech thats about as much as i know right now…on seeing leo i didnt actually meet him :( i did get a good gawk tho he was standing then sitting in the hotel lobby with a group of his friends i think they may have been waiting for someone, the gummy bear thing was possibly the cutest thing iv ever witnessned however:) i dont know if hes hanging around as its a 3 day event hopefully he will so i can possibly get to meet him! on the young/old thing he looks very young in person it suprized me alot if you dressed him in certain clothes he could pass for 21…anyway again im rambling but if u have any q’s throw them my way!! :)

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • http://Adam Sligo lambert^_______^ cute

    Yes ^^ agree he at all

  • Ann

    @Canada Girl

    Hi, glad to have a new thread to discuss the talented Mr DiCaprio with you and others :)

    @Katie D.C.

    I enjoyed reading more about your encounter with Leo.

    Also I agree he can easily play a twenty something. After all in “CYMC” he was believable as a 16 year old when he was actually 28

  • I ❤ GB

    So, SO, jealous. Was Lukas Haas with him? What was he wearing when you saw him? LOL…. Did you get a picture? Can you post it on an anonymous site and we can see it. :)

  • Fantomas

    @katie : SO jealous too….. Take advantage, please…

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    leo soo handsome :-)

  • katie in D.C

    forgive my ignorance but im not to sure who lukas haas is…when i saw him he was sitting with 3 guys one was bald and kind of heavyish, another was tall with longish brown hair tanned and was in a leather jacket and the other guy was medium height short brown hair tanned aswell and was wearing a new york hoody , maybe one of them fits the bill of lukas! :p leo himself was wearing a blue bball cap with red writing a tight black t (HOTNESS) and jeans didnt see his shoes he was carring a black jaket with him too, my i just add he looked extemely fit and tanned to in that t, drool worthy!! i unfortunatly didnt get a pic or did i even meet him but if i see him again i will take FULL advantage and grow a pair and go greet him hehe, and hopefully il get a pic that’d be AW-SOME!! if i do get one il post it here for u guys no probs! :)

  • I ❤ GB

    @katie in D.C: @katie in D.C: @katie in D.C: you must ALWAYS have a camera with you!!! lol j/k Yep, one of them was Lukas.,,20219333_20496235,00.html
    I’m still jealous, but what a wonderful sighting.

  • Duh

    I love leo

  • bald guy

    the bald guy was probably his bodyguard Jay

  • katie in D.C

    @I ❤ GB haha i know right and i usually always have one with me, so typical i have countless pics of family outings, holidays etc and when the time comes where the camera is actually needed of course i dont have it!lol YES that was the guy with the longish hair leather jaket fits that pic perfectly actualy haha quite hot also may i say, ya it was a BRILLIANT encounter and ill definantly never forget it, never in a million years would i have expected to walk into a hotel lobby and just see THEE leo dicaprio sitting there chillin’…it was surreal thats for sure!

  • KittenJ15
  • black t hotness

    omg im sooo jealous ur so lucky :) tight black tshirt like below HOLY CRAP i think i woulda wet myself right then and there

  • sly sam

    i just read an extemly intereting article about revolutionary road and how mendes apparntly removed all the scenes that leo acted best in. there were appartently three scenes where leo was supposed to be outstanding one was after he finds out what happend to his wife at the end and he runs home (which we got to see) but then the scene continues as his neighbour comes into the house looking for him but he hides in the shower crying etc im doing it no justice talking about it here but its supposed to be outstanding, theres several important scenes like this and if they were left in leo definantly would’ve been oscar nominated, so my question is why did sam edit them out? hmmmm…

  • Karen

    darn. i was just in dc a week ago. I dont find him cute but he is an amzing actor. in what area of dc is he staying in?

  • H


  • Help, please

    rectal infection
    that’s what I have
    my anus is sore.

    leo, can you help? it hurts :(

    Should I call 911? My anus is on fire, UGH!

  • xXx

    And the safety belt??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!