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Jennifer Garner: Saturday Fun with Violet!

Jennifer Garner: Saturday Fun with Violet!

Jennifer Garner and her adorable daughter Violet pay another visit to the Brentwood Country Mart on Saturday (April 9) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 38-year-old actress grabbed coffee and treated Vi, 5, to ice cream before doing some shopping.

The day before, Jen was at the Country Mart with Violet and her younger daughter Serafina, 2, where she met up with her Alias co-star Victor Garber.

FYI: Violet is wearing Skechers Twinkle Toes light up boots.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Violet at the Brentwood Country Mart…

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jennifer garner saturday fun with violet 01
jennifer garner saturday fun with violet 02
jennifer garner saturday fun with violet 03
jennifer garner saturday fun with violet 04
jennifer garner saturday fun with violet 05
jennifer garner saturday fun with violet 06
jennifer garner saturday fun with violet 07
jennifer garner saturday fun with violet 08
jennifer garner saturday fun with violet 09
jennifer garner saturday fun with violet 10
jennifer garner saturday fun with violet 11
jennifer garner saturday fun with violet 12
jennifer garner saturday fun with violet 13
jennifer garner saturday fun with violet 14
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  • Garner

    ugh, i want to knock this bltch out cold

  • Clarification

    Her name is Seraphina, not Serafina. I caught the mix-up on another post, too. Just thought you should know!


    Jen playing single mom again for the paps while Ben is off with someone else…whatever makes your marriage work i guess ;)

  • Lina

    The kid looks pure retarded and it only get worse. Her ears and teeth omfg

  • Sarah

    so sick of seeing these trashy people all the time

  • Maya

    Violet is so cute with her glasses and hanging out with her gorgeous mom. Looks like her doll lost her pants. Such a great family so down to earth.

    Glad to see Arthur is doing good at movies. She only work about two weeks on it and rest of time she spent with her family. Looks like she will win best mom again this year.

  • Laura

    Why is Ben never seen out with the kids?!

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    This old woman go school

  • Pie


    He was with his family in Atlanta in past two months and many locals spotted them. Jen also told Regis that Ben was good at being Mr Mom when she was working.
    Now Ben is in Turkey preparing for his new film Argo which is supposed to be directed this September. Even though he isn’t forget his lovely wife. Read this cute story about him buying rugs:

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    Crminal woman in shcool

  • Toni

    Hey Sligo. your English and spelling is always incorrect – concentrate on your school studies!!!

  • Jacki

    Hey Lina – let us guess – you’re a ravishing beauty yourself LOL. I believe you are plain, overweight, and obviously lacking in any personalty, otherwise why would you knock a cute little innocent child? She will grow up to be a stunner. As for you? oh well….

  • xxx

    Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba. Two unemployed actors who are only famous for taking the paparazzi √§hm.. I meant their children out for a walk.. how cute.. But i like Garner more. At least she didn’t want her child to be brown and act like she’s a brilliant actress and a genius.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Some of you need to get a grip – Jen’s got a movie out and she’s the Neutrogena spokesmodel – she’s NOT an unemployed actress. She’s a hands-on mom and has her priorities straight. Nothing wrong with that!!

  • Grandma of Four

    WHERE is Ben? We almost never see him! Jennifer is a beauty and so it little Violet!

  • lindsey

    i thought she didnt like her kids getting their photo taken by the paps, but then she takes them to the paparazzi hot spot twice in a week?…. and for those of you who says she doesnt work- she puts out a terrible rom com every couple of months

  • Aigooooooooo

    @Sarah: Do you realize how stupid you sound?

    “Ah, I am tired of seeing them, but I always follow them on every single blog!”

    Aigoo, I am also tired of stupid netizens!

  • Aigooooooooo


    Her next movies “Better Living Through Chemistry”, “The odd life of Timothy Green” as well as “Back Roads” are far from being rom coms :D
    And to “xxx” , how can an actress who has signed up for five different movies (starting with “Buter” and finishing with “Back Roads”) be considered unemployed? And she is also spokesperson for Neutrogena in USA and UK

  • Aigooooooooo

    maent to type for x x x

  • Violet is ugly

    jen looks like a b*itch. wish someone would punch her lights out. violet is weird looking.

  • Alias Addict

    @Aigooooooooo: Exactly, this year Jen must be busy because Back Roads will be filmed in June and Better Living Through Chemistry in Augest. I wonder when Butter will be released. Quite exciting for that!

    Personally, I don’t like most of Jen’s movies – always romcoms (they required less days to make), yet I have to admire her choice to make family top priority and her change from workaholics to be a devoted mom/wife. Hope Jen’s career would bring up to a new level through her diligent work!

  • lindsey

    @Aigooooooooo: fine, they might not be rom coms, but im sure they will still be terrible.

  • Annie Dows

    Like the sweater – fits well. Might be better suited for winter not spring. Does anyone else think Jen may be a shop-a-holic? That’s all she does it seems.

  • Tazlena


    Yes, it’s pretty much agreed on here that you must be a dog. No guy ever looks at you because you are ugly. Violet has great potential to be very pretty. Teeth and ears? Both easily fixable if they even really need to be. But nothing can fix you – a loser.

  • shelly

    She only makes movies cuz Ben advised her on creating a production company so she can star in them. The only reason Hollywood gives her the time of day is because of Ben and his A-list connections. Without Ben, she’s nothing and she knows it. Ben was in Congo last month, now in Bulgaria and next trip to Jordan. She admitted she was a control freak and had huge expectations in her FIRST FAILED marriage to Scott. Seems like she totally went the other way with Ben perhaps to keep him since he’s an ex-gambler, sex addict, alchoholic. Can’t imagine she’s THAT happy that he’s never around but these Hollywood marriages are WEIRD. She might learn a lesson from Nicole K. and Reese W. – there is love after a failed Hollywood marriage and you’ll probably be happier because of it.

  • Odd looking child

    Is that kid a special needs kid? Her tongue is always out of her mouth and she looks like she’s cross eyed. Weird looking kid.

  • Maya

    @Lina: @Odd looking child: You creeps seem to get your kicks picking on kids who have special needs do you? This kid is special to her parents and a lot of other people who care about her and I guess because nobody cares about either of you and your mean-spiritedness you find joy poking fun at helpless/innocent kids.

    JJ only posted pics like this when there were at least 200 pics taken of that outing so he could get hateful hits like the ones you posted.

    I hope when and if you ever have kids they won’t be affected by your comments regarding god’s chosen ones.

    Violet is a beautiful angel child and you are not fit to look upon her sweetness. Go to h e l l and rot there.

  • Benjamin

    I can’t believe she has an herpes! Noooooo!!!!!

  • Maya


  • Aigooooooooo
  • Aigooooooooo

    Sarah, Lindley truth hurts…Stop being jealous of Jen