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Katie Holmes: Suri's Birthday Plans Revealed!

Katie Holmes: Suri's Birthday Plans Revealed!

Katie Holmes takes control of the driver’s seat as she and her husband Tom Cruise head to The Sports Club/LA for a workout session on Sunday (April 10) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 32-year-old actress recently told Ryan Seacrest how she plans on spending her daughter Suri‘s fifth birthday later this month.

“[Suri] wants a piƱata and [for] her girlfriends to come over,” Katie said. There will be “swimming, and we’re going to make a cake together.”

“This is my favorite day of the year,” Katie added. “We’re going to have a tea party, and we’re going to girl it up.”

Suri turns five on April 18!

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katie holmes takes the drivers seat 01
katie holmes takes the drivers seat 02
katie holmes takes the drivers seat 03
katie holmes takes the drivers seat 04
katie holmes takes the drivers seat 05
katie holmes takes the drivers seat 06

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  • kerri

    WOW!!!!! Tom is letting Katie drive. I thought he liked to be the one in control.

  • H

    Poor Suri… almost 5… She’s gonna be so brainwashed by her cult parents for years to come.

  • Mike

    That really doesn’t look like Tom.

  • kizbit

    Tom’s hiding because he doesn’t have his makeup on! Too funny! And Katie as his chauffeur. Like Driving Miss Daisy! LOL!

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^______^ cute


  • Moron


  • JC

    My guess is that she wishes for normal parents before she blows out the candles.

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Suri sooo cute, and why tom hide?

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    I Love my fave baby dannielynn and zoe

  • Hahaha!

    A 5 year old has girlfriends!?!?!? Wow, just wow. In Suri poor little case it will be paid friends or ther Scientlogy clones.

    They have treated little Suri from day one as an adult and not a baby or child. So sad to see this I pray she is not but I don’t see a good outcome coming of all this when she hits puberty/teen years.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday Little Suri! We know it’s not your fault.

  • L

    Kaz stupid to love anna nicole baby

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Lol i love her my fave baby

  • Mile

    I just wish Suri to have a nice birthday party with her ‘girlfriends’. We all know about this difficult situation.

  • Romeo

    Just goes to show you shouldn’t believe everything you read, #1.

    They are normal, #7.

    Yes, #10. Girlfriends. As in friends that are girls. Nothing too mature about that at all.

  • Moron

    Kaz?? Noo

  • katarina

    Wow, they’re not being chauffeured in the SUV limo? What gives?

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    shut up , and don’t read my comment

  • More BS from Jared

    I don’t know where Jared gets this crap about them heading to a “gym” (how would he know where they’re going if they haven’t arrived yet….unless they told him).

    They are coming out of the underground garage at the Scientology Celebrity Center which is the only “gym” Cruise goes to. They are there every Sunday morning for breakfast and to work out. If you don’t believe me and you live in LA, go to the Center and wait outside the entrance to the underground garage at about 8AM and you’ll see them enter. How do I know? I used to work there. I have also protested there and I see them coming and going regularly.

    Also, you will find that other sites like X17….etc. will tell the truth and say where they really are (Scientology CC). Check last Sunday. Everyone else told the truth and Jared lied about where they were. I guess he figures y’all are stupid and won’t know better anyway. Guess he’s afraid to tell the truth about where they hang out.

    One final note……Cruise looks VERY unhappy in the pics.

  • Moron

    Kaz bad :(


    “They are normal, #7.”

    Excuse me but how do you know that?? Because u WANT to believe that doesnt make it true. Normal people do not belong to a cult. Normal people are not movie stars. There is nothing normal about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and you can’t prove otherwise. You just like to tell everybody what to think when you don’t have any idea yourself so why dont you STFU and let everyone have their own opinions. If you want to say I THINK THEY ARE NORMAL, then its up to you, but to say it as a statement is just a lie on your part since you don’t know anything for a fact.

  • missy b

    @More BS from Jared:
    Calm down. A gym is still a gym even if it’s at the Celebrity Center. Why does it bother you so much that jared didn’t specifically mention Scientology?

  • More BS from Jared

    @ missy b

    Um….I am calm dear and why does it bother YOU so much that I commented? Would you rather I didn’t call attention to Scientology as well? Why don’t you try commenting on the photo’s or the Cruise’s rather than commenting on ME? Are you here to regulate who says what?

    I shared my OPINION and made statements I know to be true. I don’t like deception and I decided to call attention to something Jared does regularly. If you don’t like it, too bad.

    Rather than critique my post, share YOUR opinion and deal with the fact that others feel differently.

  • to questions for Romeo

    calm down a little! yes, katie and Tom belong to a cult. but it’s not the only cult in America. there are many who believe that the Morman church is nothing more than a cult as well. the thing is that in America people have the freedom of religion; read the first amendment. as for normal people not being movie stars; that is only your opinion. since you’re so pedantic you should have said as much. and if you don’t like what i post deal with like an adult not a child

  • pam

    They’ll probably give her another pacifier for her birthday.

  • ck


    Nah..that will be for her Sweet Sixteen ;)



  • Romeo

    Get a life, #18.

    And it was right for your friend to say those people they don’t know are abnormal, #20? You are right that they aren’t normal due to their movie star status but I don’t see why Suri Cruise, who seems so happy, would want it any other way.

    Because he’s a bigot, #21.

  • To #23

    First of all, you keep ASSuming others on the board need to calm down. I think you’re the one who needs to calm down.

    First of all, because there are other cults in the world does not make Scientology any less of a cult.

    Secondly, I have no problem with what Cruise or anyone else believes. What I do have a problem with is the laws his cult breaks on a daily basis, the people they hurt, the money they steal, and the fact that they are being investigated by the FBI right now. I am an ex member, so I’m very well aware of what goes on behind the curtain of Scientology and I have testified to the FBI along with thousands of others.

    Are you a Scientologist?? Are you familiar with the ins and outs of the cult? Do you know what Scientology is and what is expected of you as a Scientologist? IF NOT, I SUGGEST YOU GET INFORMED BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR HUGELY UNINFORMED AND UNINTELLIGENT MOUTH.

  • Romeo is a MORON

    My God Romeo, you are a complete and utter CRETIN.

    First, other people on the board are not my “friends” here, you imbecilic moron. I stated my opinion only FROM AN INFORMED PERSPECTIVE. Don’t blame me for the opinions of others. Are you informed about Scientology?? Are you a Scientologist?? Then I hope you’ve done a ton of research on it and know exactly what is currently happening with Scientology and what they are guilty of before you open your mouth and call others Bigots. I’m not a bigot. I’m just not a fan of a corporation masquerading as a religion who steals money, destroys families, is responsible for numerous deaths, is involved in human trafficing….etc. ALL OF WHICH IS NOW BEING PROVED.

    Unless you’ve lived it as I have, I suggest you STFU and stop calling others names, you uninformed idiot.

  • Shelly


  • annie

    I believe Katie is the new face for H.Stern jewellery of Brasill. Her face will be in his 160 shops in 12 countries. Previous ones were Catherine Deneurve and Kate Moss.
    It’s obvious nobody gives a tish about Scie, only you lot here. And it’s obvious in the way everyone wants her to represent their brand. The photos are lovely , understated and very classy , just like Katie.

  • katarina

    A lot of people give a tish about Scientology. Katie had to sign up in order to marry Tom, but do you honestly believe she would have given that org the time of day otherwise? Get real…

  • Wow

    Emergency landing emegency landing king alien wants to land

  • Go Ask Alice



    Playmates would be a better term. Relate terms to this child that are child fitting. She is a child, not a small adult, former adult in a previous life or anything other carzy bs.

    Anyway,the kid has no playmates. She does not go to Pre-K.
    We can assume these other KIDS will be higher up Scientologyfiction people’s kids.

  • Go Ask Alice

    @More BS from Jared:
    ARE you serious? Pleasetell us you are not? LOL!!How can we say crazy enough or how many times can we say crazy.
    Something is very strange. They cannot go to a regular person’s gym?
    Oh yeah, a cult sure fits this Sicentologyfiction thing.
    A cult controls your life. You don’t debate it.
    Religion ,a faith is used by regular people in their lives to gain some order, control in it.

  • asian alien

    katie wants attention and she;s using tom to get it

  • rhonda

    Watched the “Kennedys” Katie was really good as was all the acting far better then the A-listers caricature of W. This was very good, if you love history.

  • Wow

    Rhonda is a bigger idtiot than tom and katies’s acting coach

  • C’MON
  • Kimmy2

    rhonda@ Really I’ve read lots of reviews and the people who like it which was very few which is why on its second night of airing it lost 35% of its viewers they say she may have look the part but her performances was not up to par. Other say that if anything Katie was the weakest link in the cast and that her accent keep coming and going, it was boring, too many commercials or they have seen better movie/show about the Kennedys .

  • annie

    @ Rhonda
    You should know that you are not allowed on this thread to say anything good about Tom Katie or Suri.
    I’m curious to know what the ratings were for the rest of the week.
    For whatever it’s worth, Jane Fonda said Katie was really good as Jackie, and I heard Jackie Collins (actually saw her say it) that the media makes up a lot of stories where Tom and Katie are concerned, and that the Kennedys mini series very well acted and a very good series . So it appears that there are a few people around that are now sick and tired with sections of the media and are coming out in their defence.

  • laura

    Woww suri almost 5.. She will be a young girl…Cute more n more

  • Lina

    @Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!:

    Ur English is f ucking embarassing f ucking Greek or Turk Kaz and Sligo…die

  • Brit

    In other news…Skank Natalie Nunn is at it again. Mad because Wiz pulled a hit and run

  • Sasha

    I agree with u Annie, this is the temple for hating, specially hating this couple. Other boards are much less one sided, and with less anger and stupidity. What I dont understand is how you keep coming here?? Its toxic and fustrating. I come every now and then and its sickening. By the way, I am also a big KH fan, not so much of TC.

  • LOL
  • Go Ask Alice

    The thing about The Kennedy’s is HOWMANYTIMES can yousee the same movie with different actors. How many movies have been about Pres.Kennedy with the various actors and the writing is all the same.
    You cannot change the facts of events like being on the verge of war with Russia.

    Only one movie , I think was very good and different and that was Olivier Stone’s , It was about that single event.
    No need for some actress to paly Jackie talking in a whipser voice and stuff.

  • Moronic oomments


    LOL moron comment! DO you think Shiloh and Zahara have ‘girl friends? I doubt it, never long enough in the SAME country.
    Don’t worry about little Suri, she’s fine, better then fine! She’s loved and that’s what counts.

    Every little girl has little girl friends. This board is sickening, cult this, cult that. you should ALL be so DAMN HAPPY as this couple seems to be! Morons, unreal!!!

  • Fans on here


    Annie, Katie was EXCELLENT as Jackie, many scenes I thought it was Jackie. She got raves from other stars, and it’s a Blockbuster according to what I read.
    Your so right, this stupid thread is only for the lovers of Brad/angie, they cannot like ANYONE else. Even other stars kids! Meanwhile, the Brangie brood gets taken all over the world and they say here Suri has troubles? Ha! Suri and Katie and Tom are extremely happy, and they can’t stand it.
    And I’d rather be Katie anyday compared to Angie. Katie has a sweetness about her that I’ve never seen on any other actress. and she’s BEAUTIFUL! And Tattooo free…LOL.
    Let them bad mouth, this thread is known for it. big time! Boarders on Nuts too!

  • HA HA


    Sure a 5 yr old has friends! Unless your “poor little Shiloh and Zee” who aren’t in same country long enough.