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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Sheer Genius!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Sheer Genius!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and boyfriend Jason Statham shop for furniture at Mecox Gardens on Monday (April 11) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 23-year-old British model and Transformers actress paired her sheer dress with a fur jacket.

Over the weekend, Rosie and Jason grabbed lunch with his parents at Malibu’s Taverna Tony.

In case you missed it, check out a new still of Rosie and Shia LaBeouf in Transformers: Dark of the Moon!

FYI: Rosie is carrying a Ferragamo peach suede envelope handbag from the Spring Summer 2011 collection.

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rosie huntington whiteley jason statham sheer skirt 01
rosie huntington whiteley jason statham sheer skirt 02
rosie huntington whiteley jason statham sheer skirt 03
rosie huntington whiteley jason statham sheer skirt 04
rosie huntington whiteley jason statham sheer skirt 05

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  • http://A Sligo lambert ^______^ cute

    Rosie looks very cute and very sweet^^

  • Bernard Tilman

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is amazingly gorgeous. This sensual young woman is indescribably beautiful. As much as I am a fan of Jason Statham, Rosie should be with someone closer to her own age.


    wow is she wearing another dead animal?

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Boring crap :S

  • Music101

    Fur w hore!! How any DECENT human being could proudly walk around (and on red carpets too) knowing that they’re wearing the fur of innocent animals that were gruesomely killed just to make them look fashionable is beyond me. Im no PETA member but most of the times I ever see photos of her she’s always wearing fur clothing. Pathetic.

  • Moron


  • Ehm

    She looks like a teenager in grandma’s clothes and he looks like a creepy cradle-robber.

  • James Francos #1 fan!

    @Ehm: How many grannies do you know that wear see through dresses?!!!

  • Justin Beaver

    God, you have great legs.

  • John

    Seriously, no joke, what is up with her face????

  • John

    Seriously, no joke, what is up with her face???

  • Yurena

    I heard she wants to do transformers 4 and I have to say this:
    Dear Rosie, I have 3 things you can do and 1 thing you MUST to do:
    1: you can go to pose in topless and show your ass like you usually do.
    2: you can go to have sex with your ugly bald boyfriend
    3: you can go to play basketball with your giants friends of victoria’s secret
    1: get the hell out of transformers franchise, and don’t worry about it Megan Fox will do Transformers 4.

  • Sarah Cox

    Who is she? oh yeah Megan Fox wannabe

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert^_______^ cute


  • Mary

    @ Yurena


  • Mary

    @ Yurena

    play basketball with her giant friends????? ROFL

  • uhm

    I really don’t care about who is in these horrible films, but I have a serious question for the Megan Fox fans.
    Why would the Transformer franchise take back someone who was stupid enough to bad mouth the director to the press?
    I’m sure that there are a LOT of actors and directors who have their tiffs, and maybe even hate each other. But most are professional enough to keep it ‘in the family’ as it were, and NOT air their dirty laundry to the press.
    Even if other directors, producers, etc, agreed with everything she said, she hurt her career in Hollywood by making it public. Now people who would normally have hired her, will think twice before signing her on to any project. They will always wonder what she will say about THEM to the press.
    Her big mouth, and her record of box-office bombs, may have permanemtly damaged her career.

  • s

    She looks gorgeous no matter what she wears.
    Short and fat girls are always hating on models or beautiful, slim and tall girls.

  • sotrue

    @s: very rue. they worship Tina Fey or other average looking women but models get called every bad name you can think of, ROFL! Its almost like if you get criticized alot we know youre gorgeous (no one cares to talk about the short fat ugly chicks) and when you get praised you know U UGLY! haha.


    You Megan Fox fans are ful of bitter feelings and full of it. This girl is not responsible of Megan’s professional suicide. She didn’t do anything towards megan. Megan did it to herself. She was offered the opportunity to take a new role in thr movie and most of you would have accept it that role if it was offered to you.
    So why not blame her for something that you would have accepted yourself ? Isn’t that hypocricy ?.
    Just because megan is stupid enough to commit professional suicide, doesn’t mean that Rosie has to say no to this opportunity.
    In any case, T3 will be much more sccessful than any other movie megan has done since T2. And Rosie will ultimately be the female star in it wether you like it or not.

    You want to blame someone for it ? Blame stupid Megan for it ! It’s all her fault.
    And this girl is STILL a successful model before being an aspiring actress. What is Megan nowadays apart from David Silver’s plastic wife and former IT girl? Oh yeah, she is persona gratta in certain Hollywood circles and is trying desperatly to come back to a somewhat decent acting career while having her last movie going straight up to DVD at barely 24 !.

  • H

    She’s boring and he’s gross.

  • http://damn Mann

    Why didn’t all you megan fox fan’s see her last movie ‘Jonah Hex’ it bombed so bad it may have ended her career (47m budget, 10m gross… ouch!!);;

  • Dea

    Ugly face, no talent and sleeps around to get herself jobs. What a role model for retards.
    And no matter how her team pays gossipers to keep posting about her, she can’t act and she’s not even a good model so she will fade away as soon as her skill at servicing executives to get cast will grow boring.
    Thing that in HW happens pretty fast.
    Good pr team, ugly face with flabby long legs.

  • H

    They’re the no talent twosome.

  • @Dea

    wow, you sound so JEALOUS.haha! you didn’t even see her acting.

  • @H

    aren’t you the same H who slams Gisele on every her post? STFU and get a life!

  • Woman

    I like Rosie and wish her all the best . She and Jason seems to feel comfortable with each other and I say good for them! As for Megan and Rosie competition ,they each have their own fans


    @Dea @ 04/12/2011 at 8:36 am

    wow, you sound so JEALOUS.haha! you didn’t even see her acting
    ITA !
    And that some Megan Fox fans would act like they know what talent is, is laughable. They can talk about beauty, i give them that, but talent ? Please. Megan was a semi nude model before acting and her acting as always been atrocious !
    Isn’t that ironic, Megan, the wanna be Angelina Jolie that her fan were all selling as such and who was supposed to become the next big thing is now regressing into a lingerie model (her former job) while the successful VS model is upgrading into aspiring actressin big productions that Megan spat over !
    And since her f*cked up face and boobs are keeping on betraying physical laws of gravity, i can’t see Megan in none of those roles (model or actress) in three to 5 years from now.
    She is as stupid as f*ck to have wasted all her physical potential which was the sole material she had to offer while disrespecting some high caliber personalities in the profession thinking in her egomaniacal mind that she, MEGAN FOX, could get away with it cause she is the new Angelina Jolie.
    Yeah right, sit down little girl and learn your lesson !

  • dieu

    oh more infestation of the vacuous, the grandiose people. thanks for your “entertainment” jj.

  • Not a Fan

    @Dea, Thank-You, You made my day. All your comments were on point. Her PR team works overtime for her. She must pay well!!!!!! Or do something and we will not discuss that.

  • CTO

    Rosie is beautiful, she is a successful supermodel and she’s going to be in Transformers movie, I don’t think she cares about dumbs and losers who hate her for no reason.

  • Lover

    Its very true all the attractive women get bashed online but the ones who look like Gabourey Sidibe are loved, lmao. Quite funny actually! Ugly average women are told they are beautiful and the beautiful women get told they are ugly. Something is way wrong here….

    ugly girls = haters.

  • Annon

    They look so hot together.

  • Dea

    Jalous of a retarded chick who has the expressivity on her face of a dead corpse? Lmao… No thanx.
    And sadly I have see her “act” in ugly commercials, not to mention had the awkward “pleasure” of hearing her in intervies with her monotoned vouce so void and lifeless.
    And as gor modeling, she’s a underwear model who rarely gets cast in real runaways.
    She’s short and untoned for real fashion, she’s totally unable to act, a d she does cast couch.
    I can’t stand those people stealing real actresses of good roles to give them to people who values humanly and professionally a zero.
    And if you wonder, Megan Fix is a dreadful actress too.
    But at least she was cast in something other than Michael Bay’s bedroom before getting a role.
    Your Rosie is a retarded ho with daddy issues.
    Now if you think that qualifies her for being respected, I think you may have same troubles she has.
    And her face is UGLY.
    Sans fard, she looks like an alien.
    Let’s see how many will pan her “acting”.
    She can’t lip service all critics, right?

  • zing

    Josie is pretty no doubt but I prefer exotic looking girls like Megan Fox. She has that unique beauty that sets her apart from the rest. Rosie on the other hand is plain jane – looks like any other boring blonde. Judging by Michael Bay’s casting choices – he is only after looks. I will wait for Rosie to prove herself, but something tells me she’s no better than Fox with her acting abilities.

  • Andie

    Yes, the Megan Fox wannabe. Of course she wants a T4, so she can suck Bay’s dick once more and pretend she will have the same success Megan has. Even with a career at risk, Megan is still in every magazine, every list, every talk, being photographed, etc, etc, so people still have a lot of interest in her.

    And Rosie got a role while posing almost nude to a director and to Shia. Great “acting test”. Transformers is not about acting for the leading ladies. It’s about looking hot while you’re running around in high heels screaming.

    And to “Who’s is Salt?” (clearly a Jolie kiss ass), Megan “may” have commited career suicide but at least she has personality and guts to tell the world how sick perv Bay is. And TIME will tell if her career is over or not. It’s over when she abandon the industry and from what I heard she has 3 movies coming up in 2012. And her movie will not go straight on DVD, read the news. It will get limited theatre release before that.

    Team Megan for sure.

  • EMMA


  • jasmine

    She has a great body (can’t say the same about her face) but no one and I do mean NO ONE ever looks good in that kind of outfit. I don’t think that dress can be less unflattering.

  • @WHO IS SALT ?: Get a f*cking life you obsessed Angelina Jolie stalker.

  • scyl

    She can wear anything, nothing ruins her beauty.

  • mariamaddy

    The model-and-actress – who topped Maxim’s Hot 100 list earlier this week – denied Cheryl Cole the top spot for the third year in a row and beat off competition from Katy Perry and Rihanna, who placed second and third respectively in the British publication’s annual poll.