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Sean Penn & Scarlett Johannson: Jogging with Owen Wilson

Sean Penn & Scarlett Johannson: Jogging with Owen Wilson

Rumored couple Sean Penn and Scarlett Johannson go for a jog on Sunday (April 10) in Malibu, Calif.

The 26-year-old-actress and 50-year-old actor got in a workout with Owen Wilson trailing closely behind.

Back in February, Scarlett and Sean were spotted grabbing a Cuban meal at Versailles after a romantic getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

UPDATE: A rep for Scarlett told People she “is not pregnant,” adding, “she’s outside running and it’s simply the placement of her shirt that is misleading.”

10+ pictures of Scarlett, Sean and Owen jogging…

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# 1

She looks pregnant in every single one of these pictures.

# 2

Is she pregnant? And if so… please don’t tell me she’s pregnant with Sean Penn’s child. That is sick! Poor kid.

# 3

Is she pregnant? If she is… please don’t tell me she’s pregnant with Sean Penn’s child. That is sick! Poor kid.

# 4

Grandpa and granddaughter exercising together. Thanks JJ!

# 5

Whassup with the tummy scarlett?

# 6

@elle: She’s pregnant with Benicio Del Toro’s baby.

# 7

Oops soory, wrong H0.

# 8

what’s going on with her tummy?

# 9

Does she look pregnant or is it just me? In no way am I saying she looks fat, just looks like she has a little bump. Just saying!

It looks like she is very pregnant.

no more rumors coz this is the CONFIRMATION

Penn is in love & Lust or both ……… Penn into jogging hmmm , never seen Penn Jogging Before with X wife Robin. As for her Tummy … Is it just the camera angs. I dont think she is prago …lets hope not

Wow, no one can believe that a “celebrity” can have a sliver of fat on her body without being pregnant. Idiots.

Woah, she really does look pregnant.

the last shot she does not look prego’s but she’s hot anyway’s.

she is DEFINITELY pregnant.

lovelydee @ 04/12/2011 at 1:01 am

That’s gross he’s old enough to be her father.
I HOPE it’s Ryan’s.

I saw Sean Penn on a date with a model in NYC late last year..I guess that lasted all about 2 hours.

Should she be jogging if she’s pregnant?

that’s belly fat !

So every time a celebrity is bloated or looks a little bit bigger than normal they are pregnant? And we wonder what is wrong with this world…

What she see’s in a 50 year old man is beyond me.

That is NOT a pregnant belly. Get real people.

celebrity also have those tummy fat. it’s natural. LOL

can’t believe scarlett does have her own, i mean how gorgeous she is in
the magazine and advertising, oh well, welcome to the photo shops world, nothing is real.

That does not look like bloat or tub, that definitely looks like an early baby belly. I’ll be suprised if she’s not pregnant. She looks good (except the sports bra hides her amazing ta tas)

she looks fat not pregnant . b i. t. c. h.

This looks more like a “fat” stomach than a “baby” stomach

i can’t believe she would replace a hot, handsome, cool and young ryan with an old, wrinkly, divorced man like Penn ! WRONG MOVE GIRL
you’re gonna regret your actions in the future

Is this the same hot girl we see in the mags? I can’t believe it. I see plenty of girls better than this one hitting the gym or walking the street. This is not just some stomach fat. Look at her legs. They are huge. And short. And where are her legendary b o obs? Fake doll.

Just hoping she is not pregnant ? And if with Sean Penn’s child, that is sick! Poor kid.

TWPUMPKIN @ 04/12/2011 at 2:48 am

#13 and #21- We are not idiots. She is not fat but this picture does make her look like she could be preggers. so lighten up!

I don’t think she would be jogging with those stupid ass toe shoes on if she was pregnant. Who knew she was hiding such fat belly under there?

Shauny Betitey @ 04/12/2011 at 3:20 am

I think that she is looking pregnant her stomach showing that… good news for her because every girl want her child ..


Poor Ryan he couldn’t get her pregnant but this 50 year old could. I am sure that has got to burn.

my goodness i just can’t imagine this two having sex…….. yikes to Sean Penn’s dickkkk ewwwww Scarlett

I always see age as a number, if she is happy than wats wrong wit tat.

Real women have curves, they gain a few pounds, they lose a few pounds. No big deal. All of Hollywood can’t be scrawny like Bosworth. Give Scarlett a break.

What a shame if she is preggers with Penn’s baby. He has so many issues. Poor Ryan Reynolds, now that would have been one heck of a baby daddy.

I love Owen Wilson and all of his movie. I also love Scarlett Johannson but where did that belly come from I totally did not expect that. I do not think she is pregnant.

I don’t understand why she is with him. She can get a lot of men, so why him?

Don’t know if she pregnant, don’t think so. But you can go jogging if you are pregnant. It’s even good for the baby.

Maybe yes, maybe not pregnant… I’m suprised that scarlett is with sean penn, that’s weird,

I can’t even explain why it seems strange

Scarlett must wake up and realize !

I remember that in several pictures, britney spears appeared pregnant, she had a belly like that and yet she was not pregnant

Surely the medicines (drug) and food
They have the right to let go a little!

Of course you can jog pregnant. You can run until your about seven monthhs. Gotta talk with your doc but yeah you can and you should. I hate the
Women that think pregnant= lazy and stuffing their face. Disgusting and dangerous. Gaining that much weight and not exercising Is actually bad for the woman’s system and nutritionally worthless for the baby.

She’s ALWAYS had a fat belly, look:

She’s not pregnant, just bloated, she’s been bloated on-and-off since 2007, her weight was constantly fluctuating, she was stick-thin one month and then a couple of months later ‘curvy’/fat.

remember da truth @ 04/12/2011 at 6:25 am

You people are nuts. This is obviously some sort of key-holder that is like a mini-fanny pack. Pregnancy is not one tiny two-inch bulge in the middle of a body.

As for what she sees in him? He’s got a hot body, and is very intelligent and doing something with his life, He has also worked hard in the industry and played a variety of roles that showcase his talent and not just rom coms. I think she wanted more intellectual stimulation to go with a six-pack.

A pregnant belly is higher. That’s just some chub! This couple is gross!!!

I don’t think this is a pregnant belly. I have no experience, but from what I’ve seen, pregnant bellies are kind of tighter and not saggy. This one is a “fat” belly. Like normal people.

If she’s pregnant, she carrying awfully high.

is she pregnant??

so she’s not having a baby with her husband for years but with her mexico-lunch-lover? strange way of making decisions in life

Ok, these are the weirdest set of photos I’ve ever seen…haha first of all, how random is it that these three are jogging together. It’s so gross to me that SJ is dating SP…but then throw Owen Wilson into the mix for just an extra dash of WTF….on top of that, Scarlett looks like she’s pregnant with an alien baby, Sean looks like a drunk homeless man who just casually decides to take off his shirt to add to his undeniable ‘sex appeal’.

I agree! Besides if she was really pregnant do you think she would be jogging? seriously?!

# 58

seriously? LOL. a lot of women jog when they are pregnant- nothing new about that. (in the early months of course)

Lots of hollywood bimbos …naturally

Is this for real? Are they really dating? I kind of dont believe it. It has to be a publicity stunt or something. I love Scarlett and her quirkiness but this would be too weird even for her. She is not preggo, just one too many donuts! She is still beautiful and stunning as always though.

Yeah, she does look pregnant here but I don’t think she is. I think it’s just stomach fat (that’s why she’s jogging)! Scarlett has never been extremely thin. She’s always been curvy and had a little meat on her.

I know the family. Scarlett and her sister just have big tummy’s. Always have. It’s where she gains her weight. That’s her tummy folks.

That is one unattractive couple!

Not preggo – that’s just a chunky untoned belly. A pregnant belly would be firmer and rounder, plus, she hasn’t gained anything in her boobs.

They dont make a good couple!

CanadaGirl @ 04/12/2011 at 1:18 pm

I’m not a fan of Scarlett’s, but I think it’s commendable that she’s getting out there and working out. And, why would a woman jog while pregnant? It’s advised to do light exercise, which this does not look like.

Her belly seems emerged, because she runs

A pregnant belly is far from this shape, in my opinion

Impregnated by Grandpa! How vile….

i don’t know if she’s pregnant or not. but i do know this answers the question as to whether these two are together.

this is … berk !!

“Grandpa and granddaughter exercising together. Thanks JJ!”

nice one !

She does not look pregnant. Look at the last couple shots. It’s called a “muffin top!” Give her a break, she’s jogging not shoving food down her throat and people are allowed to have imperfections!


LadeeTudor1*9 @ 04/12/2011 at 4:03 pm

Not pregnant.

Typical body shape of woman with her figure. This is prob where she stores the most fat in lower belly.

The girl STILL has rocking body, very womanly and a Hollywood hot camodity…every man out here wants to star with her…or be with her.

And she and Sean have only been dating for a few if she were wouldn’t be his.

She Is Blind! @ 04/12/2011 at 4:24 pm

She left Ryan Reynolds for Sean Penn???? It is true- love is blind!

They are about as an odd a couple as Kimberely Stewart and BDT!

NO Scarlett NO!!!! Not Penn!!! You can do soooo much better- you are talented and absolutely Gorgeous! Let’s hope that’s not a preggo belly, she would then be in a contest as to who has the ugliest offspring- her or the beckham daughter.

Spanx is a wonderful thing under the red carpet gowns. Perhaps she needs to skip Cuban food.

wheter she is pregnant or not.. I still can’t believe that these two are dating! Biiiiig WTF!!

by the way, I agree lil-r, these are the weirdest photos ever!

it’s kinda funny (sad) that even the super nice bloggers are commenting on her stomach looking pregnant…not the nicest thing to hear! Normally you just read about it on one or two sites, but it’s seriously been all over every blog site since yesterday…the thing is scarlett has always had that look and candid picture in tight tshirts, it’s just her posture, she is pigeon-toed, as an arch in her back so her butt sticks out and her tummy hangs out a bit.

Robin Wright must be so happy she got away from
this nasty Ba$tard
Scar Jo can have him.
Scar Jo looks bad.

kurious kitty @ 04/13/2011 at 1:30 am

she is WAY sure she’s not preggo, just looks like an everyday person..

kurious kitty @ 04/13/2011 at 1:30 am

she is WAY sure she’s not preggo, just looks like an everyday person..

just fat? thats all

Either way she is gross. It’s annoying all the hype she gets when she’s one of the WORST actors.

If Scarlett is dating Sean Penn, I hope she knows karate.

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