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Vanessa Hudgens: Conde Nast Traveler Hot List Party!

Vanessa Hudgens: Conde Nast Traveler Hot List Party!

Vanessa Hudgens rocks a white suit at the Conde Nast Traveler Annual Hot List Party held at Soho House on Monday (April 11) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress helped the magazine celebrate its May issue, which is an insider’s guide to the hippest hotels, restaurants, and spas that have opened around the world this year.

Vanessa recently returned from Europe where she had been doing promo work for her latest film, Sucker Punch, and also squeezed in a mini vacation in France.

Vanessa told People she felt “great” coming back from Paris where she and her mom Gina “enjoyed eating crepes.”

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Casadei heels with a Mimi Plange suit. She also wore a Low Luv x Erin Wasson‘s Cross Pendant Necklace.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at Conde Nast Traveler Annual Hot List Party

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Credit: Chris Weeks, Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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  • Mj,best entertainer that lived

    Love the outfit, it’s diffrent but lovely…and it’s suits her perfect!

  • go sox

    Looking lovely, Vanessa! Gorgeous, sexy suit……can see those nice curves, and the color brings out her amazing dark features and skin tone! Very pretty, and very chic.

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    She like something miranda & both average

  • http://job Mann

    Wow she smilies!! no more of the ugly duck face she does all the time!! Maybe she is growing up!!

  • morel mushrooms

    Lovely lookin gorgeous smile. A top beauty in my humble opinion.

  • traveltoTanzania
    i love venessa but i hate that suite… doesnt look good on her

  • kerri

    Cool she has long hair even if it is extentions. I missed her hair long. Now she just needs to get back with Zac then everything is perfect. I LOVE YOU NESSA!!!!!! I AM A BIG FAN YOURS. You bring sunshine and happiness to my life. All the haters are just bitter or jealous.

  • Zanessochka

    WOW! She look so pretty! her smile..i live it!

  • Rose

    Wow!!!!!!!!!she soooooooooooo beautiful ,I love her.

  • kerri

    I read this somewhere is this true at the age of 16, 80% of people have already met the person they are going to marry. I found it from

  • kerri

    Dang it i think it was the wrong website rather just go to and go to the person on there who is following RomeoandJuliet.

  • maria

    @kerri: Funny, I loved it short…..more sophisticated and fun! She did more with it. When it’s long, she usually just parts it down the middle and that’s it.

  • Nana

    Something’s different about her face! Am I the only one noticing?

  • kerri

    @Nana: What do you mean?

  • jean

    I love her. She is so cute .

  • kerri

    @Jean: How old are you?

  • nikikustos

    @Nana: your right, i noticed it too, its like she had a surgery or something :O

  • luula

    so gorgeous

  • luula

    it’s the hair

  • http://A Sligo lambert ^______^ cute


  • luula


  • kerri

    @SLIGO: Are you talkng about Vanessa? seriously go spread your hate somewhere else.

  • kerri

    @SLIGO: Are you talking about Vanessa? seriously go spread your hate somewhere else.

  • gracemarie


    LMAO her face looks exactly the same but as with everyone hair and make up does make a difference.

    You people are so dumb it’s funny.

  • peggy
  • Chelsee

    She’s a little cow. She’s partying all the time and hanging out with her friends and ignoring Zac! She was the one who dumped him in the FIRST place!

    I don’t care if I get thumbs downs but I can’t support someone so vile and conceited. She goes out and gets drunk when she has a sick ex-boyfriend, she should be at his house taking care of him. What the fXck is she doing?

    She doesn’t care about anyone but herself and her new 12 year old bf. Like, who the fXck does she think she is? Seriously, I feel sorry for Zac, he has NO-ONE now Vanessa bailed on him.

    She knows Zac’s not feeling well, she could at least drop medicine to his house or something but noooo. Miss Vadgeface Hudgens thinks she’s all that. She think she’s something. Well she aint nothing!

    Keep your legs shut and stop taking dirty pics, no one wants to see your privates Vadgenessa.

  • peggy


    Kerri she trying to make a snide remark implying she got work done or something. Stop being so gullible and asking her what she means.

    Stop giving every V hater your attention. Either you are a fan or you are not. It’s often hard to tell with you.

  • kerri

    @Peggy: Excuse me i am a fan of hers. I have been a fan of hers since Hsm and i always stood up for her when people said shit about her. I love her more than anyone so don’t say i am not a fan because i am. Sorry if i am being rude but i do care for Vanessa.

  • luula

    she’s always smiling

  • http://A Sligo lambert ^______^ cute

    Yes frog

  • Taylor

    Love the necklace, a great edgy option for prom right, what would work from ??xo

  • shhh

    @Rose: How old are you? 5?

  • shhh

    @gracemarie: Looks like someone can’t handle someone expressing their opinion about their precious idol. We’re not funny, you’re hilarious because you can’t handle anyone criticising your precious idol. Run along now kiddie.

  • Teen

    Vanessa go back to Zack

  • brit

    Oh GOD, Vanessa said this: “Teenagers come up to me and are obnoxious about the whole thing, like ‘Oh my god, you’re that girl! You’re that girl from the Disney Channel.’ And I’m Like, ‘I was that girl.’”

    Ungrateful, much? I’m a teenager/tween whatever they call it and I loved her, but saying stuff like this makes her sound like an ungrateful brat. Just Jared Jr cut that part of the interview out.

    This part of the interview from LA Times:

    ”On Her Tween Fanbase: “Teenagers come up to me and are obnoxious about the whole thing, like, ‘Oh my God, you’re that girl! You’re that girl from the Disney Channel.’ And I’m like, ‘I was that girl,’” she said, twirling a strand of her hair.

    On Zac Efron: Another moniker she’s eager to drop? “Zac Efron’s girlfriend.” Or, make that ex-girlfriend: In December, she and her former “Musical” costar broke up after a years-long, much-publicized relationship. “It was interesting,” she said of being half of such a high-profile couple. “But we got to a point where it was just like, we just can’t pay attention, because one week we’d be married and then the next week we’d be broken up and the next week I would have a baby. It was just the most obscene things.”

    She’s TOO ungrateful. Screw her! i hate her, she was never talented to begin with.

  • brit

    Vanessa also said:

    On Her New Age Philosophy: “It has honestly changed me, almost,” the actress said, pulling a cap down over her eyes that was bedazzled with rhinestones spelling out the word “Faith.”

    GAG.. SERIOUSLY? is she this cheesy?

  • brit

    Vanessa also said:

    On Her New Age Philosophy: “It has honestly changed me, almost,” the actress said, pulling a cap down over her eyes that was bedazzled with rhinestones spelling out the word “Faith.”

    GAG.. SERIOUSLY? is she this cheesy?

    On Her Nude Photos: “It’s just silly because I’m a very present person, and that’s the thing that has been so in the past.” she said, burying her hands into the sleeves of her hoodie sweatshirt: “The fact that somebody keeps bringing up the past is just selfish. I mean, it sucks. I already released a statement the first time it happened. It’s just unfortunate that it keeps reminding people about the past and not the present.”

    Her nude pictures always come out when she has a new movie coming out. ALWAYS. Doesn’t anyone find that strange? her fans clearly don’t because they’re blinded by superficial stuff.

    She’s probably leaking them herself, I saw her B-roll for Candie’s.. she likes posing sexy, being pictured in a bikini in the freaking cold and what not. Based on that video, she likes wearing the least amount of clothes possible and she comes off as really inane in interviews.

  • brit

    LMAO. I just love how she calls people “selfish” for repeatedly bringing up the fact that she predictably drops a new batch of nude photos every time she has a movie coming out.

  • http://jj telma

    love her

  • luula


  • luula
  • Danielle

    Love her smile =)

  • theresa


    You are going to believe what you want and nobody will stray you any different; so be it but unless you know them personally you don’t know exactly what happened behind the split; as for the taking care of him just WOW; why should she they’re not together anymore it’s not her responsibility to take care of him; you never know he may have someone already doing that; as for your going out all the time comment sorry but I think you have her mistaken with someone else.
    You can say what you want but think about from a little bit of a different point of view; obviously she is grateful for her role in HSM which she has stated in previous interviews; now put yourself in her shoes for a moment; if you made those movies plus others but you aren’t being in a sense recognized for those others roles honestly how would feel; plus if you’re not there when she is approached you don’t know how the person making the comment sounds; as for the leak of the pics why in the world would someone think she would leak them herself; I mean come on obviously the first time it cost her a lot when they surfaced; knowing that, how can you and others honestly believe that she would leak them herself that’s crazy all in it’s own. I mean everyone is entitled to their opinion and not everyone is going to agree but I have to say some of the opinions that are said on here and not just about her are just downright hateful and rude.

  • Bambia

    @Nana: i notice it too :O first thing i noticed, hmm.

  • Nana

    I don’t know what’s different but I didn’t recognize her at first! It might be the make up, I’m not implying she’s had anything done, but looking at the pictures, I see someone who looks like Vanessa but who’s not her! Could it be the eyebrows?


    noone can deny she’s wearing hair extensions right now right??? lol

  • kgg

    There’s nothing wrong with Vanessa’s face. She is growing and maturing and looking less like a young teenager and more like a mature adult. Nothing wrong with that….it happens to everyone in their 20′s.

  • luula


  • Inferno

    How is Vanessa able to wear a cross and not burst into flames?