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Catherine Zeta-Jones Checks In to Mental Health Facility

Catherine Zeta-Jones Checks In to Mental Health Facility

Catherine Zeta-Jones has checked in to a mental health facility.

“After dealing with the stress of the past year, Catherine made the decision to check in to a mental health facility for a brief stay to treat her Bipolar II Disorder,” a rep for the actress told in a statement. “She’s feeling great and looking forward to starting work this week on her two upcoming films.”

Our thoughts go out to Catherine as she takes care of herself after a stressful year as her husband, Michael Douglas, successfully fought cancer.

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  • Remi

    Never saw this one coming.

  • Jack Easton

    I hope she’s okay.

  • Lurker

    Well, good for her. Hope she takes some time off and not rush to do two movies this year.

  • laab

    Why did she feel the need to release a statement. No one knew and no one cares.

  • cancer

    I support her 100%. Get well Catherine!!!

  • Rita

    This is the second WTH news of the week, after Kim/Benicio baby news… but good luck to her.

  • Wesie

    Oh, hope she get’s better, dealing with cancer can be very stressful to the whole family.


    Bet the EX-Wife lawsuit against Michael didnt help. Poor Cath, it never rains but it pours. keep ur head up girl

  • Jo

    God Bless you Catherine..

  • Kirsten

    I wish her the best. I’m sure she is very stressed.

  • yaaasssss

    wtf?! CZJ done lost her mind? o.O

  • I’m from Vietnam

    I’m bipolar too :(

  • jilllyro

    Never saw this coming either. My husband’s sister is Bi-Polar and let me tell you BPs are NOT easy to live with, they are way up and way down, can be needy and unfocused and the moods and behaviors are pretty extreme (good luck to Michael and their kids, not easy on a family).

  • anonymous

    I here I thought she was just a moody Bitch.

  • ghgfd

    sounds bad but bipolar is more common than you think……
    its just glorified mood swings.

  • ck


    I’m guessing she released a statement because someone in the media found out about it, and instead of it being splashed on the front pages of some tabloid, she released a statement to control the situation. Sure she would have rather kept it quiet.

  • Rocky

    All that best Catherine.

  • kerri

    Shame i never would of guessed it. I hope that she is ok.

  • Halli

    I thought she was just high maintenance. I had no idea she was bipolar

  • I’m from Vietnam


  • NHT(now hear this)

    This is exactly the way to handle a mental condition. It is to be treated the very same way a physical condition would be treated, with not the least bit of shame or reluctance to share.
    We were all privy to her very public crisis and now she shares that she needs help so it doesn’t get the better of her. I have an admiration for anyone who admits they are human and vulnerable and unashamed to say “I need help”. Hang tough honey, this is a courageous move.

  • Audrey

    Does she really have a bipolar disorder? Can you just get it just like that? I am sorry but I really don’t know… I thought bipolar disorder is something that gets diagnosed fairly early in one’s life…

  • to 22

    I would like to suggest to read some good books about bipolar disorder instead of posting such nonsense.

  • Amber

    I’m very glad she revealed her illness. I have bipolar disorder, and it would be nice if this stigma against mental illness could be lifted. We should be able to talk about mental illness without being called freaks or crazy. To add to some of the comments above: bipolar II is a milder form of the disease. From my personal experience, I take my medication, and am fine. No mood swings, no erratic behavior. If any of that were happening, it would be a manic episode, and I would need to get my medication adjusted. I know it would hellish to live with someone who was undiagnosed or unmedicated, though. I found out my diagnosis after a severe manic episode.

    I’m glad she went in for treatment, and even more impressed she revealed her illness. I’ve gained new respect for Catherine.

  • Hun

    actually I was diagnosed with bipolar 6 years ago, I’m 35 but since HS I suspected something was wrong. I was moody and withdrawned. I’m on meds and suffer from insomnia….additional stress makes things difficult

  • jilllyro

    Likely the media got wind of it and she did release this because she wanted to. Not just because of the “she’s crazy’ stigma, but because it can affect her getting insurance for films, so she can lose out on roles, especially for small budget movies. Likely why Britney Spears keeps her alleged BP quiet, insurance rates for her tours would skyrocket.

  • Eliza

    I didn’t have a clue that she had problems this way. Best of luck to her.

  • anonymous

    It’s a horrible disease (and it is a disease). Even when diagnosed and on meds it can affect one’s life as there alot of side effects from the medication (weight gain, zombie/numb like in facial expression, dazed and “dead” eyes, years of taking medication can affect other things, ect.). But medication does help ALOT and can control the extreme swings, except when one’s brain gets used to their “cocktail” of meds and needs an “readjustment” of medication. Then the doc has to try a few “cocktail” of medications to see what will work. Or when a “big” life event (like Michaels’ Cancer), stresses them out, they can go WAY down in their thought pattern. They stress out even more than the average person. It’s up and down FOREVER even with medication and it’s for a lifetime, it doesn’t go away. Hard, my heart goes out to her and her family.

  • CanadaGirl

    Oh, sweetie. Be strong and get well. You and Michael have been through so much this past year. I hope for health and happiness for you.


    my cousin works there!! Silver Hill in New Canaan! She’d never tell me she’s a patient because of confidentiality but it’s a beautiful place and hopefully she goes and gets the peace she deserves while healing as well! There was a point she thought she was going to lose her husband so could you imagine what that did to her mentally? People saying alcohol was used to cope, but either way she is doing the right thing! Wish her lots of love and happiness!

  • Jane

    I hope she gets well, this was actually one of the best kept secrets in showbiz! Her whole management/family knew all along about it, and trust me, there have been several “episodes” which were kept out of the press thanks to their amazing PR!

    But maybe her telling the world up front at last now, is a good thing, a good way to recovery, and getting your life in check i say.

  • Penny

    I had no idea she was bipolar. BP II is different in that people have hypomania, not full blown mania, and don’t have the poor judgment that bipolar I suffers do. I give her a lot of credit for being so honest.

  • interesting

    @Jane: interesting.

  • miapocca

    glad she coudl woman up and call it before it hits the fan! aka britney and charlie

    Prayers are with her family

    Get well soon!

  • Hun

    I wish her the best of luck. It is a disease, and I wish people wouldn’t put that stigma on it of people being “crazy”. I wouldn’t wish these feelings on anyone. It’s very frustrating. Most people doesn’t know I’m bipolar, I have carry on a regular life, but it has affected some of my relationships with people.

  • growup

    oh is that what we call bi.t.chy attitude these days? Bipolar disorder? ROFL people try to find an execuse for their behavior and stupid idiots who give them drugs feels the need to give it an official label..grow up.

  • groundcontrol

    Jane @ 04/13/2011 at 4:05 pm 0

    I hope she gets well, this was actually one of the best kept secrets in showbiz! Her whole management/family knew all along about it, and trust me, there have been several “episodes” which were kept out of the press thanks to their amazing PR!

    But maybe her telling the world up front at last now, is a good thing, a good way to recovery, and getting your life in check i say.
    This just proves how little gossip columnists and tabloids know about celebrities. Catherine has had enough money and access to the very best mental health assessment and treatment since she was very young. This was probably diagnosed a very long time ago and yet it never leaked. Not even whispers.
    I wish I shared your good thoughts about Catherine’s being open about it now as far as the media goes. Unfortunately the gutter tabloid and gossip media will just use it to fabricate more lurid lies about her. We are not talking about enlightened or even moral people when we talk about participants in that part of the media. They have no soul.
    I guess it’s easier and lazier to make up stories even about something as serious as mental health and medical issues than it is to actually uncover the truth about people.
    A close relative married a young woman affected with bipolar disorder and with a father afflicted with schizophrenia. Unfortunately the genetic predisposition for it has been passed down to their son who was diagnosed at a very early age. She is a lovely woman who has managed a hectic and productive life with very few debilitating episodes. Once she accepted that she must always take her medication even those infrequent episodes have ceased.
    It is particularly painful for a child to experience since it can be very isolating for them. I hope that neither of Catherine’s children will be affected themselves.

  • CZJ fan

    The “exclusive” statement given to Just Jared is the same “exclusive” statement other sites and news media are claiming as theirs.

    Psst. I think the publicist just issued a general press release and various media picked it up.

  • kathy

    ghgfd@ 04/13/2011 at 2:45 pm

    its just glorified mood swings.

  • kathy

    ghgfd@ 04/13/2011 at 2:45 pm

    its just glorified mood swings.
    tell us all please. where exactly did you graduate from Medical school. and where did you do your residency in Psychiatry

  • kathy

    growup @ 04/13/2011 at 4:42 pm

    i only hope that if your child is diagnosed with a bipolar disorder the first thing that is done is that Child Protective Services step in and immediately remove that child from your custody for his or her protection. because you will obviously not do what is required to make sure child remains stable.

  • Lynn

    Just goes to show that even celebrities have problems of common folk like us. Chin up Cath!!!

  • Artofwar

    ….All should know that the Surgeon General has recently issued out a warning in conclusion to a twenty year case study. The conclusion to this comprehensive study is definitive– being rich by way of marrying an uber-rich man, and therefore doing much of nothing with exception to multiple daily shopping excursions, receiving more than 20 pedicures and manicures per-week, undertaking more than 52 cosmetic surgeries per-year so that your rich husband will stop lusting after/or f#cking 19 year olds, can/will cause stress and/or bipolar disorder.

    The results of the Surgeon General’s study has already been confirmed by a number of top mental health authorities, as to the proclamation that when women marry rich men just for their money, then become useless, bored, shopaholic, pill-popping, purposeless gold digging leaches, bipolar imbalances may/will ensue…..Artofwar

  • Kiki

    Very sad…hope she get’s better:)

  • Alexandra

    @laab: You may not care because you’re head is up your own aaasss, but I can assure you plenty of people do care about Catherine. She is loyal, caring, dedicated and a great person, something that you are not.

  • maggie

    she reminds me of Vivien Leigh. . (for her beauty and now because they had bipolar disorder) I love Catherine and i wish her the best.

  • Alexandra

    @Audrey: That’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard, go educate yourself.

  • Alexandra

    @growup: You are nothing but an arrogant, ignorant idiot. There is no use in trying to explain this illness to you.

  • lindsey

    i wish her the best…and this might have had something to do with her paparrazi outburst in london a few weeks ago.

  • jaye

    Most people who have bi-polar show signs of it around puberty. The stress of her husband’s illness didn’t give her bi-polar, but it certainly could have made the condition more difficult to deal with. Many people who have bi-polar can and do live very productive lives.
    I’ve seen some childish comments made on other sites about this woman’s serious condition; some people need to grow up and educate themselves. Yeah, you’re on a blog, but no need to let people know how ignorant you are. You have a computer at your disposal use it, you might learn something; like compassion.