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Demi Lovato: Love is Louder!

Demi Lovato: Love is Louder!

Demi Lovato shows her support for the Love is Louder movement in this new photo, provided exclusively to

The 18-year-old actress and singer teamed up with Seventeen magazine to spread the message that love is louder than the pressure to be perfect.

“There’s a ton of pressure out there to meet impossible standards,” Demi dished. “To look right, be smart, be thin, talented, and popular – and many of us feel like we have to be everything to everyone, but it doesn’t have to be that way.”

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Demi Lovato – Love is Louder
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  • Barney


  • Hypocrisy much?

    Anyone else see a Weight Watcher’s ad underneath this article about Demi Lovato who is battling an eating disorder?

  • kerri

    Stay strong Demi. Brittany Snow, Vanessa hudgens also preach Love is louder. I LOVE VANESSA!!!!!!

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute

    How’s want this girl

  • Kels

    I wonder how loud punching that girl in the face was. Didn’t “love is louder” get started because of bullying? I think she should talk about her act of violence before running her mouth about her eating disorder.

  • Karih

    @Hypocrisy much?: The advertising is only shown because of keywords in the article ;-)

  • Zahra

    @Kels: an act of violence caused by all these coniditions she’s had before, stop being so ignorant! some of us have actually experiences depression and eating disorders and what not and ACTUALLY know how a person feels during that time, you’re not entitled to hold this one thing against her for the rest of her life!!

  • Yo-landi

    Am I the only one who thinks she has the most beautiful face?…. I’m not even a fan of hers (beginning to be too “old” for that) but I love her features. And she has the cutest perfect smile :)

  • mj

    Shes so pretty

  • mj

    Shes so pretty

  • tatiana

    i love Demi !!!!
    she’s so strong !!! and i love her more and more for talking about her issues !!
    Love is louder

  • lili


    demi is the best for me !!! <3

  • LILI


    demi is the best <3

  • wowzas

    OH cmon!! Do you guys think that an eating disorder / depression CAUSED by getting bullied led her to punch that girl in the face??

    Seriously, take a psychology class or just take a deep breath and think about this.

    The chick had a serious coke problem and had a lot of promiscuous sex–everyone in Hollywood knows this. The former led to her punching that girl.

    The video of her snorting & her alleged sex tape were bought by Disney.

  • jess

    this girl had anorexia, bulimia, depression, and anxiety. she was cutting herself, binging and purging. she had/has a mental illness.. all of that CAN cause a person to explode/breakdown/lose it and punch someone. i’m taking psychology, thank you very much. she’ll tell the whole story on friday on 20/20. she may have been doing drugs since that help with your appetite and makes you lose weight+makes you feel good.. many people who suffer from depression self-medicate, do drugs, turn to alcohol, etc. having sex with deifferent man can also be cause by low self-steem. only she knows the truth and she doesn’t have to tell the whole world if she doesn’t want to. those are JUST rumors, not facts. you must be one of those idiots that believes everything you read on the internet. cut the girl some slack.

  • James

    @Kels: Kels what you need to do is inform your dumb ass about the logistics of “Bullying.” Hate to break it to you but her actions albeit illadvised is not categorized as “Bullying”. Based off of the recollection told by shorty herself, it seemed like demi, for whatever reason, was angry and acted out in a fit of rage. Not that I condone violence or anything like that. But I think after reading shorty’s accounts and seeing her interviews and her deplorable actions and what not, I can see why Demi would have socked her. Again not saying it was right but…I have a hard time feeling sorry for someone who was a crappy friend to begin with.

  • Ego

    @wowzas: You obviously know nothing about general psychology, the molecular make up of our bodies as well as the thoughts that formulate in our minds. After reading tour post it is safe to assume that you’re a blithering numb skull with a lackluster education. You honestly think that long term bullying, as well as having severe mental issues with the added preassure of being a disney princess had nothing to do with a co-morbid action after she was stabbed in the back by a lousy friend? Unlike you I KNOW general psychology and it’s a common FACT that an unhealthy mind, especially one that is plagued with mental illness and stress causes these types of co-morbid actions.

    In fact if the later WERE true, then THAT would not have caused her to hit her. Cause Sex doesn’t cause people to punch others. Also you said her “Alleged” sex tape was bought by disney. SO that means you doubt that they exist. Well do they exist or not? WHat kind of moron logic is that?

  • James

    @wowzas: You obviously know nothing about general psychology, the molecular make up of our bodies as well as the thoughts that formulate in our minds. After reading tour post it is safe to assume that you’re a blithering numb skull with a lackluster education. You honestly think that long term bullying, as well as having severe mental issues with the added preassure of being a disney princess had nothing to do with a co-morbid action after she was stabbed in the back by a lousy friend? Unlike you I KNOW general psychology and it’s a common FACT that an unhealthy mind, especially one that is plagued with mental illness and stress causes these types of co-morbid actions.

  • sanny

    She look so pretty, a little chubby, but still pretty !! i wanna new music from her !!!

  • Lola-Anne

    I feel as though we’re being played by the media. I feel as though Demi’s camp is trying to distract us from her wrongdoings by bringing up issues that she dealt with in the past ( keyword: In the past ( this is according to them)). They did not state that Demi was a victim of these issues at the time of her admission. I think that the breakup, Demi’s bad choices, (especially having bad friends) and the frustration that resulted from the consequences of her hard partying caused her to punch the girl, not mainly because of her personal issues. Alex said that she didn’t even know about the partying, Demi just came up and punched her. I’ll admit though, she really dealt a low blow to Demi while she was down.I like Demi and all, but i think she needs to publicly own up to the fact that her bad decisions played a major part in why she was in rehab.If she hadn’t punched the girl, she probably wouldn’t have gone to rehab in the first place. I understand that past experiences and mental issues can scar one for life, but that doesn’t seem to be the primary reason for the choices she made. I think staying pure is all about staying around ppl who will edify you and staying close to God. My opinion is just an opinion based on information, but I hope that the true story comes out in her interview and wish her all the best. I’m happy she’s out and seems to have learned from her mistakes. Still a fan tho.

  • faith

    You know what? I like her. She’s comes off as your average girl. She has struggled with her weight when she was little, just like her little sister is presently. I like her more than Miley or Selena, she just seems less pretentious than Selena, and less ‘trying so hard to be cool that I’m annoying’ than Miley. She could be the next Christina Aguilera. She has real talent, and she has so much emotion behind the songs she sings, like “Did You Forget”. It’s like she wears her heart on her sleeve. Seeing that she hangs out with a way older, influential crowd, I can see how she went astray. She has a history of depression and body-image issues which made her vulnerable to begin with. She needs to make sure she’s hanging out with a solid group of individuals with a positive influence. Ultimately every choice she makes is up to her, but we all know how much our friends can influence us, and how much we all try to fit in. She’s only 18. Honestly, we all forget that sometimes. I don’t know what it is with these Disney kids, but I guess with all the press and adult responsibilities that come with their jobs, they grow up quickly. By the time they are 18, they’re all burned out, because they’ve pretty much seen and done everything life has to offer. Hopefully, she’ll make it through. Also, Joe Jonas is the biggest douche ever.

  • miapocca

    whatever happened to her, its sad t o know that she had to go through something that bad at age 18.

    My childhod seems so blissful in comparison to these folks

    Fame demands a high price but I guess its Hos will give up any and everything including a blissful life!

  • Zoe

    I adore her because she is talented and beautiful, but she has dealt with issues too. She’s had problems with her biological father and I guess body image issues. I find her incredibly relateable and I wish her all the best for the future. xoxo

  • http://deleted F.A.M.E

    you haters really dont know the feeling dont you … ?
    i’ve been through what she’s been through ( but now im okay )
    its the most horrible feeling in the world !
    i cried when i saw Demi doing this and im so happy for what she did

  • Jordan

    She looks like a fat pig.

  • Y

    @Hypocrisy much?: Um, it’s probably because she sought help for this disorder and is in the process of healing that she wants to reach out to other people.

  • Hypocrisy much?

    Wow. Now there is an ad for plastic surgery showing.

    “Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect” indeed.

  • kburk

    You haters are really stupid. If you knew anything about Eating Disorders, Depression or anything in that matter you would know that hitting Alex was a cry for help. Now I’m not saying that Demi should have hit her she shouldn’t have but anyone who is experiening any sort of Depression act irrationaly. I know this because my mom has battle depression her whole life and she even now after my sisters and I are grown still struggles with it everyday. Depression is a life long battle. She will have it the rest of her life. @Jordan yeah thats the mature thing to say to someone who has an Eating Disorder and will the rest of her life. It is comments like yours that sends people to become reckless with their own body AKA: Eating Disorder. Please think before speaking.

  • wowzas


    You sound like you’re all books and no experience. Coming down from coke is very unpleasant and being addicted to coke for a long period makes people crazy, edgy, spastic. I live in LA and word gets around pretty fast, especially when you have friends in that scene. I said “alleged” because I don’t know what the contents of it were, but I have heard whispers of her being into that stuff. And I’ve seen screenshots of some video of her in lingerie.

    The psychology was geared towards the fact that if you get bullied when you are younger, you’re going to hate violence/bullying. She said how much she hates bullies, etc. and then hits a girl for no reason? How does that make any sense? I believe that she got bullied, but the outburst was caused by the coke. You are a complete idiot if you think what she’s telling is the whole truth. The truth is Disney has so much money that they can (and have) hid(den) so much sh*t concerning your beloved idols that would make your head spin.

    Oh yeah and concerning my “lackluster” education. I go to one of the top 10 public colleges in the nation. Since you’re defending her, I assume you’re a fan of her show on Disney, where the demographic is like 10-15 year olds(?). Congrats on learning big words in your high school English class!

  • reggie cruz

    shes so pretty………….. ugly.

  • Kristen

    this will help many people!

  • Emma

    great, congratulations Demi think everyone should help

  • loveislouder15


  • crazyGirl

    @Jordan what’s wrong with you. She doesn’t look like a fat pig. She is beautiful. Jordan I’m sure that you look like an elephant and that’s why you’re saying mean things about Demi

  • kika


  • http://38cords Oliver

    She says no pressure to get a good body yet she has just released a pic of her showing that she has been working hard to get a good body. How does that work.

  • http://@SototLissette Lissette

    Demi Lovato can do whatever the hell she wants. You don’t know what she’s going through. Okay, so she’s pretty, famous, and talented. PRETTY PERFECT, right? Wrong. You do you. She’ll do her she doesn’t need a bunch of people judging her life on stupid little blogs. She gets enough of that. The Demi haters just don’t post on here if you don’t like her. You just make yourself look bad and as if you had no manners. Remember what mom always said, if you have nothing nice to say then DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. Gosh! Demi I love you<33

  • val

    Wow @Jordan pretty classy ein, you most be pretty miserable to say something like that, but anyway you can hate her but you will never be as strong as she is, ( you think she is a fat pig) well guess what the fat pig has 3 album, 3 big hits, she had her own tv show, she was in many movies, she’s been nominated for many awards, she has the best fans in the world and a great family am pretty sure you don’t even have one you poor thing. are you rich jordan, are you popular, let me answer that: “NO”
    STOP HATING, anyways talk to you later “CLASSY GIRL”.(NOT).

  • DarlingMe

    Demi Lovato has been my role model for years (:
    No matter what happens to her I will always look up to her because she hasn’t let fame get to her she’s just like all the other stars have ! Stop hating on her because you guys don’t have any reason . She had an eating disorder she didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin that’s why she went to Rehab not because of anything else .So stop hating on her . There is no reason to ! Let her be her self and you guys just do you . Don’t try to put other people down to make your self feel bigger it’s stupid .. I Love You Demi <33 (: