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Mariah Carey: I Wish My Babies Would Get Off My Bladder

Mariah Carey: I Wish My Babies Would Get Off My Bladder

A very pregnant Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon cover the UK version of OK magazine, posing together nude.

Mariah says Nick is so excited about having the baby and is so nurturing and fun. The couple reveals that they have had their baby names picked out since they first met, but they are waiting until the twins are born before finalizing their choices.She says it’s a whole new beginning and that she’s beyond excited.

Mariah also posed topless and showed off her baby bump for the cover of Life & Style magazine’s latest issue.

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  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh shut up you lazy b!tch!!! We know you didn’t get pregnant naturally so stop complaining!!! I’m surprised she didn’t hire a surrogate so she didn’t ruin her body. She’s so lazy she’ll probably have a C-section b/c she’s too lazy to push!!

  • lindsey

    these photos are way too much…. why would anyone releasse something like this to the public? obvious fame w h o r e (s)

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …she’s a corny space cadet.

  • JT

    I love Mariah, but this is really grossing me out.

  • Elisilla

    So many pictures on that cover! I hate it… and Mariah’s photoshoot is not pretty, specially the cover picture. I think that black & white photo is the best.

  • Celia

    Awkward!!!! This belongs on that Awkward Family Photos site.

  • Afan4ever

    I get the thought behind them, but they are a major fail. for one I can not picture she and Nick even being intimate. And her face looks so old right not. She does not have that pregnant glow. I could name a few couples that these poses would have been freaking hot and we would all be swooning because we got a glimpse into a private moment.

    but these shots look contrived and just WRONG somehow. There is no passion caught between them and his holding her breast is just gross and I know that was not the intent..

    Just no. have your babies and just stop the need for the public to be fascinated about you. WE are not.


  • Lena

    Toouch! I don’t need to see these intimate pics. They r practically showing us the conception. No class.

  • Roxy

    This is like a…TMI..OMG..WTF moment. That’s a big a** tat. How does he plan on covering that one up. The entire thing is just weird and tacky

  • Lena

    Too much! I don’t need to see these intimate pics. They r practically showing us the conception. No class.
    @reply | flag this

  • MY EYES!!


  • Lena

    Toouch! I don’t need to see these intimate pics. They r practically showing us the conception. No class.

  • Lena

    I keep messing up my post! Mariah, Nick, Put some clothes on!

  • snow

    I felt like barfing when these pics were released but instead I mostly farted.

  • MY EYES!!

    It should have been Buble&Lopilato wedding in the cover, much more prettier.

  • Elowyn

    They are the most awkward couple! I think the only reason Mariah gave into him was because the clock was ticking and she wasn’t going to be able to have kids soon. :-/

  • jasmine

    Yes, these are intimate pictures but more importantly, they are completely classless. No shocker there–it’s Mariah. What would you expect? The woman has no class at all.

  • lexy hates bilson

    True…it’s sad Mariah is such a fame wh0re and can’t be happy with her success. And I agree – no one wants to see her and her “husband” the groupie groping each other!!

  • Jazmine

    Ewww your pregnancy portraits are suppose to be intminte (can’t spell lol) sweet and artistic. Not that. SMH That shit just llok nasty. She all naked and he draped all around her body naked too. Like please we don’t need a visual. That is gross. She should have kept them to herself. All that makeup is hiding her pregnancy glow. Pregnancy glow is the most amazing thing ever. It’s just sick…

  • LadyB

    That is not a classy cover at all.

  • Lynn

    is anyone else as disgusted as I am after seeing these pics?

  • MY EYES!!

    Poor kid: your parents in a magazine cover looking like they’re aroused by you (the bump).
    Poor, poor kid :D



  • Jory


  • Endrid

    And people were grossed out by Miranda Kerr pregnant and naked.

  • Envii

    I obviously dont see anything wrong with her pics and Im not gay im just saying, because these are her pics and Im guessing she’s overwhelmed with joy and excitment about her babies so just ease up off of her! Why dont yall just stop worrying about other peoples lives and worry about your own? If its grossing so much of you out then simply just dont read it because Im sure she’s caring less about what you all have to say or think because neither of you could make what she could make in your lifetime so RELAX!!!!!

  • G-Girl

    I can see corny Mariah wanting these photos done but Nick?!!! Nick?!! What are you doing?? The cover is soft porn dude. Not tasteful at all. In fact, inappropiate on every level. 1 photo would have been great and certainly not the one of him covering her breast. The black and white one would have been so perfect. Just hurry and get them off the stands so we can forget this ever happened, okay?

  • Mike Costner

    I agree – VERY unflattering, made me sick. Completely UNsexy. I am not sure why – I think its the way the boobs are being grabbed. When Britney did Bazaar, she looked soooo sexy.

  • Cheryl

    Enough is enough. This is really gross and proves once more that the girl is an exhibitionist from hell. Please, stop publishing these gross photos. PLEASE!

  • allspice

    Thanks JJ for ruining my supper with these GROSS looking pictures!

  • Courtney

    yes Mariah is having a c-section no it’s not for vanity issues her doctors reconmended one because one of the twins is breach. yes she did conceive naturally not all women over 40 need help coneiveing she had to take progesterone because of a miscarriage get off her back. Nick is a good man and will be a great dad. get over yourselves your supposed to gain more weight with multiples than you are with a singleton so her having gained over 70lbs is nothing out of the ordinary. please with me a singleton my mother because of a difficult pregnancy gained 65lbs and 12 days late I weighed 7lbs 11oz naturally twins are ging to be smaller than that they’ve been through alot to have children let them celebrate it any way they want babies are a blessing. just because she waited until she was older to have chidlren doesn’t make her irresponsible it was because she wanted a nurturing marriage and she has that with nick bug off

  • jasmine

    @Envii: Idiots like you need to be thrown off a bridge. Did it ever occur to you that not everyone has a goal to be a classless famewhore in life? Not everyone cares to be that obscene. I’d rather have self-respect than money, any day. It’s about being subjected to these disgusting photos that bother people–it has nothing to do with her money. You complete moron.

    Mike Costner: No, Britney did not look good on that cover. No celebrity does. It’s great that pregnant women feel sexy and confident, but no one needs to see bare pregnant bodies.

  • S28

    She posed naked on the cover of L&S last week and before that she posted a picture of her stomach and now this how much attention does she need.

  • Jime

    it looks so tacky. And selling them to “OK”, seriously?

  • Helena

    This is absolutely fine if you do it privately for yourself, but for the world to see, is way too much. Also not something you should put in baby’s nursery either, too much!

  • Gossip girl

    Wow! My gag reflex fails me once again!

  • sue

    I’m sick and tired of her moaning and whinning over this pregnancy, she’s not the first woman to go through all the discomforts and such and she won’t be the last.
    She’s so vain I’m really surprised she’s putting her body through a pregnancy.
    Shut up already and keep your clothes on as you aren’t pretty to look at.

  • Nanci


  • Nanci


  • tina

    Mariah is just “trying” to be controversial! It just doesn’t “fti” her!!

  • tina

    Mariah is just “trying” to be controversial! It just doesn’t “fit” her!!

  • http://deleted F.A.M.E

    wow i didnt think whe would ever go LOW like that o.0 shocking

  • gigi

    oh my gosh do some celebritys have limits, ok we get the point ya overwhelmed wit ya pregnancy. But seriously tat is just tacky and too much.

  • Marna

    they supposed to be BEAUTIFUL, but this is NOT beautiful!!!

  • Sheri

    I am not a prude … but these photos border on pornographic! Especially the one with Nick grabbing Mariah’s boobs. Good Lord … have a little dignity and discretion!!!

  • mozhgan

    what? the cover is disgusting ! it’s sick sick sick

  • sea

    zzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzzz RONF

  • kerri

    Somethings are better left unshared.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Please Nick is president of her fan club – he’d do anything she wants. He’s just some groupie who Mariah married b/c he worships her and does whatever she wants.
    Wow for an older woman who’s baby’s are in breach you’d think she’d be relaxing and getting ready to give birth instead of trying to milk her pregnancy some more.
    I wonder if she’s tried to sell the rights to having the media AT the babies birth??? We could see pics of the docs slicing open her stomach or her attempts to push a kid out of her v-jay-jay. Anything for a buck!!

  • coconuts