Katie Holmes: Top Ten List on Letterman!

Katie Holmes: Top Ten List on Letterman!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes leave dinner with their daughter, Suri, on Tuesday (April 12) in New York City.

The happy family dined on Italian food at Il Cantinori, one of their favorite spots in the city!

Earlier in the day, Tom and Katie were spotted holding hands as they arrived at Magnolia Bakery for some sweet treats.

Katie also stopped at the Ed Sullivan Theater for an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, where she read the Top 10 List!

Katie Holmes – Top Ten List on Letterman
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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • jasmine

    I only NOW see Tom’s features in Suri. That took a while.

  • MeMyself&I

    @jasmine: Me too. I used to think Suri looked like her mom but today I see only Tom. She looks pretty angry. Is the poor kid acting out towards the paps or was she just having a bad day?

  • regrets101

    LOL what a face…I think she just didn’t like all the camera flashes..she’s a cutie :) and I think she looks like both her parents…Katie is gorgeous and you can def see some features in Suri :)

  • amanda

    when a kid starts to mean-mug you know it’s time to keep her out of the spotlight.

  • You’re kidding

    Look at the mug on that kid! I would say she is going to grow up to be a complete b.i.t.c.h, but I think she is already there.

  • blue

    suri is definitely cutie when she’s in the good mood LOL

    but, she’s growing up with the constant pap’s camera shoved to her cute face and seeing her mug face, yep, she’s doing all right. she’s more smart than i’ve imagine of her. katie is right, suri is smart girl.

  • Marie

    F ucking ugly kid. Her gestures and expressions are pure ugliness. 5 year old and still carriesd omfg.


    TomKat = <3

  • maria

    Holy Smokes!! What a face! That kid is priceless…I love it. Why can’t they keep her at home.

  • Tampon Jen

    spoiled little brat. she will be a horror once she reaches the teenage years.
    she will be another paris hilton.
    but she will prob get knocked up early and have temper tantrums when society doesnt always give her what she wants.
    she will learn life’s lessons the hard way since she is never told no.
    i wonder how they are gonna make her learn and do homework when she throws fits and does whatever she wants.
    and she is ugly like tom.
    she aint gonna grow up to be pretty (inside or out), thats for sure…

  • http://A Sligo lambert ^______^ cute


  • kerri

    Suri looks like she is going to explode.

  • annie

    Give it to them Suri!
    I would much rather see her pulling faces at them and showing her dislike of them that way , than being upset by them .At least this is a start , and maybe she’ll get used to them being there.
    Also think that as she grows , she’ll be more Tom than Katie, those blue eyes, but Suri and Katie have the same hair.
    Like her casual wear , and hair in a ponytail. And that is one cute Holmes/ Yang dress.
    Katie went through the complete transformation bit, and has now gone back to the original Katie…… which I think is just great!

  • Jamaima

    boy – is this kid angry!!! But then, no wonder if its clueless parents drag it through the nights like a little puppy!!!

  • Karih

    The little brat looks like possessed… vade retro!

  • headache

    Suri — what a brat

    katie’s appearance on david letterman — LAME!!!

  • Suri Sucks

    @Tampon Jen – LOVE the comment! LOL! i couldn’t have said it better myself. i’ve always thought she was weird, spoiled and unattractive.

  • Tulip

    Like her famous father, Suri likes to be in control. She’s not just a subject or a victim for the paps. She strikes back and I love her attitude. I just wait to hear what she will tell the paps when she’s older. Beautiful and dangerous that’s how we like her.

  • Sun


  • Grandma of Four

    Good for Suri! I think it is a riot that she is making faces at the paps! Kind of like Gwen’s Kingston sticking his tongue out all the time! People need to lighten up. She’s five for goodness sake….give her a break! My own “grands” have made faces when they have had it! Were not any of you little kids??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Suri! :- )

  • Tinkerbell6

    Lol!! Well done Suri!!!

  • Nanci

    Suri is so cute … She will always get her way, her daddy is rich

  • Nanci

    Suri Does what ,,, She does.. Her daddys Rich and she will never know sruggles of life

  • camillus

    Why is that child at what age 12 never walking, they are always carrying her. Cant see walk.????

  • Britney

    Such a cutie pie

  • Lucy

    I really think there is something off about swaddling a 5 year old in a blankie still. They treat her as both an adult, out at adult venues at adult hours, and as an infant, with bottles, binkies and blankets, but never like a little girl. She often looks so disheveled and so out of it. And I don’t think it’s just the paps – even the pics from a distance rarely show a smiling kid. Katie herself is just as out of it 95% of the time.

  • Jo

    I wonder if she’s still sucking the bottle and wearing diapers, this kid is raised strangely, not 6 months ago Katie was holding her like a baby giving her a bottle..

  • Taylor

    Am I the only one who feels for this child? THIS IS NOT NORMAL!!! Going to these fancy restaurants, adult broadway shows, etc. is just plain wrong! I would not expect her to grow up in a conventional world considering who her parents are, but do you see any other star toting their children out at all hours of the night. UGH!!!!!!!!!

  • Shawna

    Wow! Her performance was horrible. She was totally dead. I could have done the top ten list better than that.

  • iknow

    Tom is definitely gay, no straight man looks like that. Katie is a beautiful woman, oh what a waste being married to a gay man! You know Suri was created in a lab, there’s no way that man has sex with women. I mean, can you seriously picture him doing it with Katie?

  • Doll

    Surprised Suri is actually in a dress and not pajamas. Katie is bundled up from head to toe and Suri is a mess in pajamas…so weird!

    Nice face! Tom must be sooo proud!

  • Doll
  • bubbaness

    LMAO @ “happy family” when the kid is obviously in a lousy mood.

  • tami flaco N.Y.C. and NJ


    and that is true when they are making a mean face even to a public cam i say KEEP HER AWAY FROM SPOTLIGHT KATIE.
    and loving her mother katie holmes on the show cable THE KENNEDY’s

    she play jackie kennedy o nassis very well and even look like her i m also seeing alot of tom in suri, and katie,both,but wow she almost look exactly like her father.and a hair do again messy on a child is not cute,comb it or brush it down katie.

  • Plaza
  • hella brat
  • Cecelia

    Young children have very specific sleep needs and their natural sleep patterns would dictate a much earlier bed time for them.It is very different for adults.Ignoring this can have a negative impact on their cognitive development. Of course routines get disrupted on occasion but Suri Cruise is up at all hours constantly and always looks exhausted. As for people calling her disheveled, most 5 year old kids have that tendency. I have no doubt that her parents love her but she certainly would have been fine at home in bed while her mother was on Letterman. It is not like it is a fun environment for a 5 year old. They spend plenty of time with her, why keep her up so late so often?

  • lame

    All of your negative comments about Suri, a child, is lame and unfair.
    Paps are annoying to her sometimes. Seems normal to me.
    She is such a beautiful girl, I wish they would have another baby.
    I love TC

  • connie

    Clueless parents! OBVIOUSLY, Suri hates the papz but they continue to parade her out at night. They must bribe her with cupcakes to get her to go out for the photo op.

  • Oh Please!

    HUGE blanket alert!

  • Pooter

    crazy..this brat is still carried and bundled up like a baby. She will soon be five if not already!

  • Tulip

    Well, she learned to read and she’s angry about all the bad things some people say on JJ about her and her family. In five days she’ll be five so we should wish her well as Suri really is a gorgeous little girl. I bet she loves Michael Jackson’s song: “I’m bad!”

  • Romy

    GOOD GRIEF! I can only imagine what this kid says to her parents, if she can talk that is….

  • laughable!
  • LMAO !!!!
  • http://h H


  • kiki

    Oh please, I bet if hundreds of paps were following you and your kids you would pick them up to ensure their safety as well. Maybe that’s why Suri was not in a good mood, she didn’t want to be carried but when you’ve got cameras flashing and people following your child I think any decent parent would carry them to protect them.

    And if Suri was just in a bad mood then big deal! All kids have tantrums, famous parents or not, it has nothing to do with anything and its what kids do!! And why I mostly avoid them :) Suri is a cutie though and Katie is obviously a great mum.

  • roachn

    What ‘great mum’ drags there kid out late at night to go eat, knowing hundred of paps are out??? Wackjob Holmes and Little Tommy Boy are STUPID FAMOUS PEOPLE!

  • WoW