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Jennifer Lawrence Strips Down for GQ

Jennifer Lawrence Strips Down for GQ

Jennifer Lawrence strips down to her bra and panties in this sexy new shot for GQ.

The 20-year-old actress, who recently nabbed the lead role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, wore a Chloe bikini in the shoot and rocked D&G sandals!

Jennifer‘s Winter’s Bone director, Matthew Vaughn, told GQ, “”There are a lot of young American actors right now who haven’t got any technique. And to be blunt, a lot of these kids assume that just by having a good set of teeth and t—, smiling for the camera’s gonna be enough. I needed someone who could act.”

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Photos: Alasdair McLellan/GQ
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  • Jack Easton

    Jennifer Lawrence is incredibly gorgeous. I love her. She’s really beautiful and a really sweet girl.

  • Dantius

    God, you have great legs. Excellent body overall. She’s just so sexy with her toned, shapely legs and has such a curvy and juicy body! LOL

  • Nicole Lindsay

    Jennifer Lawrence has an amazing figure. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to real women around the country. She proves that curves really are sexy! I’m not skinny, I’m curvy, but I think that’s the best way to be. Womanly. It’s sexy!

  • Di

    Yes, she’s gorgeous. I just watched Winter’s Bone last night and she is extraordinary in it. However, DEBRA GRANIK directed her in Winter’s Bone. Just sticking up for the ladies in H-wood.

  • kerri

    Another half naked person! Same old same old NEXT

  • annasaurus

    So unnecessary. She’s already proven herself as an actress. I don’t get why she’s always posing half naked like in Esquire, Rolling Stone and GQ. She should let her work stand for itself.

  • Halli
  • Lorraine

    I really LOVE this girl! And whomever calls her ugly must be blind! The girl is very pretty and has the most beautiful eyes. She will have a very successful future and making a bigger name for herself down the line. She deserves to be so happy and have lots of babies. Really lovely girl.

  • Halli


    I agree 100% She has proven herself to be successful already. She was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar. This whole thing about come actors stripping down to their undies is used for lesser known or more desperate actresses. She should have an interview in GQ, not pictures for horny older men.

  • kat

    Matthew Vaughn directed her in X-Men, not Winter’s Bone.

  • mulan

    she’s beautifull and natural. no photoshop! finally

  • lilly

    She looks miserable in her pics. I love her though

  • Celia

    Why does she keep taking her clothes off in photoshoots? It’s making me like her less. She did the same thing for Esquire.

  • lilith

    why are you doing this girl? Oh gosh, I hoped she was smart and would never sell herself in men’s magazines… but it looks like antoher Hollywood bimbo has arrived

  • lily

    I’m not a hater, she is a pretty girl…but something in her face is kinda negative, same thing that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have.

  • Cheery

    She looks hot as hell and I’m not hating, but to pull off 16-17 yr old Katniss she’ll have to lose at least 15 lbs.

  • pigbearman


  • Kirsten

    Gorgeous girl and a fantastic actress but she shouldn’t sell herself out. Let your acting do the talking, girl!

  • rudy

    I love the director’s quote about t*ts and teeth — not necessarily a licence to act. Jessica Alba, take note.

  • Maggie

    these pictures are stupid! nothing against her body, as everyone seems to be jumping to, it’s her face and the posing. There’s no expression in her face and her posing..I can’t even look at these long. You ever take pictures of yourself on your Mac or something, trying to be sexy for fun? These pictures remind me of the bad ones that get deleted.

  • Marisa

    Why are people who pose for sexy photo shoots automatically labelled bimbos? When you become a successful actress, going on magazine covers is simply part of the job. If you’re not in the industry don’t judge it, you don’t understand it. These actresses are selling an image for the magazine – it’s not Jennifer Lawrence randomly deciding she’ll wear pink and white lingerie and pose against a door and on a couch. She goes into the shoot with the concept already decided and it’s in the photographer’s hands. A great newcomer actress especially will get offers like this. It’s like playing a character and did you not hear what the director of Winter’s Bone said? She can act. She has talent, she’s not some bimbo who can’t act and coasts on good looks to get parts. That’s the definition of a bimbo, not a talented new actress whose future projects only prove that she’s in this business because she cares about the acting craft.

  • HerCalledTheRain

    she’s not even actually filmed in the “hunger games” yet, but already strips down for a magazine’s. she’s going to play what – 15-16 year old girl? damn good influence on the teenagers this one is gonna have. & “good” for her. stupiiiiiid

  • Gilmore

    I don’t understand how this is tacky. If this were a man who was shirtless in a photoshoot girls would be gushing about how hot he was. Why is not okay for a woman like her with a good figure to take photos like this? It’s not like she does it all the time.

  • annasaurus

    @Marisa: When you agree to photoshoots for Men’s Magazines, there is deliberate intent to project a certain image for the target audience, 18-45 year old males. Nobody is labelling her a bimbo. If anything, it makes her seem really desperate when she doesn’t have to be. She’s an Oscar-nominated actress. There’s no need to target the male fanbase again when she’s already posed in wet swimsuits in Esquire and Rolling Stone already. Embodying the role of Katniss should make her an empowering figure, not posing like a half-dead sex doll in bathing suits for men to drool over.

  • annasaurus

    @Gilmore: She shouldn’t have to pose around scantily clad just to get attention from males. She does do this all the time. Just look at the wet videoshoot for Esquire and the wet bathing suit shoot for Rolling Stone.

  • lala

    @HerCalledTheRain: Seriously, What’s your problem!? She’s not on a nickelodeon show! She’s a mature actress! She is selling “Mature Actress” not “A Disney Star”
    Grow up, stupid baby.

  • annasaurus

    @lala: Calling other ppl names doesn’t seem very mature either. She’s an Oscar-nominated actress. She doesn’t need to pose provocatively just to get male fans. You don’t see Carey Mulligan doing this.

  • ethel

    looks gorgeous!

  • Warren

    She looks ready for some hot love! Sexy woman for sure.

  • lily

    She has an amazing and healthy figure

  • IjnNah

    She’s gorgeous! I can’t wait till the movie. :)

  • Lily

    Jennifer is showing off the figure she is comfortable and proud of. Female fans already like her because she is talented. Male fans will like her because she is hot. This is her publicity team working her image. There isn’t a niche for talented, sexy actress in Hollywood. Blake is all sex appeal but no talent, Ellen Page is all talent but no sex appeal. One caters to males, the other to females.

  • Lily

    I mean there isn’t a talented and sexy actress in Hollywood. Jennifer Lawrence can fill that niche. She won’t have any competition for roles.

  • kikay

    her next picture would her in just skiviez with both of her hans on her tits,you watch,another desperate actress.

  • Sara

    She looks old… c’mon 25…
    she looks Charlize Theron

  • joejoexx

    Many male actors do shirtless “beefcake” photo shoots, and no one complains. Gyllenhaal­, Jackman, etc. But an Oscar nominated former model who is very comfortabl­e with her body does the female equivalent and the bitter prudes come out in force. Double standards anyone?
    I guess female actresses should wear a burka to remain respected. Right?
    Jennifer Lawrence is quite simply a brilliantl­y talented, gorgeous, sexy actress who is much in demand. She doesn’t need to do this, but obviously she wants to. Just enjoy.