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Kate Bosworth: Back in Los Angeles!

Kate Bosworth: Back in Los Angeles!

Kate Bosworth battles the wind as she leaves the Byron & Tracey hair salon on Wednesday (April 13) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress is back home after spending some time vacationing in Cancun, Mexico.

The day before, Kate showed off her bikini bod while taking a dip in the ocean with her pal, stylist Cher Coulter.

Kate recently auditioned for one of the female leads in the reboot of Total Recall.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth leaving the Byron & Tracey salon…

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kate bosworth back in los angeles 01
kate bosworth back in los angeles 02
kate bosworth back in los angeles 03
kate bosworth back in los angeles 04
kate bosworth back in los angeles 05
kate bosworth back in los angeles 06
kate bosworth back in los angeles 07
kate bosworth back in los angeles 08
kate bosworth back in los angeles 09
kate bosworth back in los angeles 10

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  • shoegal

    really? the exclamation point was necessary?

  • Public opinion


  • Public opinion

    “recently auditioned for…”
    :( poor lost prayis mantis

  • Mamabear

    Again, no mention of the boyfriend.

  • Public opinion

    Kate on great danes:
    “Great Danes are just, like, so great, aren’t they? They’re just, like, big dogs! I know! Yeah, yeah, Great Danes are great. Oh, my God, they just so are!”

  • Public opinion

    See the horrible, tacky and overprices garbage that is Jewelmint:

  • Mamabear

    @Public opinion: She’s “big into fate” you know.

  • Mamabear

    Has she made any kind of statement about blowing off the Children’s Charity Event? Have they been able to get a statement from the boyfriend concerning the severe boobage we were all subjected to this week?

  • Public opinion ;)
    Kate on tea: “God, I’m hot from that tea. Woo. All the sudden, I’m like, woo, warm! That actually happens to me if I have a hot drink? Yeah, yeah.”

  • LisaM

    WOW!! No one cares!!!!
    I like how jj keeps posting that she is trying to get a job in the remake total recall. i really don’t think that’s going to happen. she’s the world’s worst actress!

  • ENR

    i really think the faux-mance is over.

  • ENR

    and she forgot to bring a book…..

  • Public opinion

    What really creeps me up, is her body (this toples pixs )
    I mean she has an old face, but her body looks like she’s 13.. How can a 33 years old man get aroused by that!!!!
    Is Alexander a bit of a pedophile??? LOOK at the pictures and then answer.


    Ahhh! SuperSuck is back in town. Funny that she can come back to get her 3 hairs done but couldn’t bother to show up for the charity even in NY that she co-chaired. I’m sure the foster kids are happy to know she was able to do her topless tanning / famewh*ring at a Mexican resort. Nothing say “F*ck You” to foster kids like people blowing them off for an exclusive Mexican resort.

    Thank goodness she had her priorities straight and decided to take a much needed rest from her US famewh*ring to rest up for the 3 day music festival Famewh*ring and swag grab than seeing to the needs of foster children.


  • Peanut Gallery

    More nuts anyone?

  • Mamabear

    @Peanut Gallery: Hi Peanut Gallery, you like to watch things unfold, so have you heard any kind of statement from either one of them concerning the events this past weekend?

  • http://veryverysexy!! sharyllee

    ugly legs


    If Skars shows up at Coachella with this creature, it’ll tell me all I need to know about him. Bad enough being involved with this HW famewh*re pariah but the fact that she ditched a charity event for foster kids to blatantly famewh*re topless on a Mexican beach denotes her lack of class or compassion. His future involvement with her will only confirm he’s fine with the kind of lowlife that would screw foster kids over.

  • no no no

    why are paps always taking pics of her while she aint doing or promoting anything while my fave Natalie who has movies coming out rarely gets papped DAMN it’s so irritating that these Dlists are being shoved on us constantly by gossip sites

  • mimi

    why are paps always taking pics of her while she aint doing or promoting anything while my fave Natalie who has movies coming out rarely gets papped DAMN it’s so irritating that these Dlists are being shoved on us constantly by gossip sites

  • H.

    balding ho…

  • H.

    Balding ho……………

  • mari

    @shoegal: LOL

  • burn it!

    Kate, your feet must stink.
    Burn those ugly boots!

  • DT2

    Merrick – All these posts are yours. You don’t have enough to do since you’ve been booted from the Askars fansites. Take your meds and go to bed!

  • Peanut Gallery

    @Mamabear: Hi Mamabear, I’m just an observer, living on a different continent. I really enjoy the comments and speculation, sitting back munching my nuts ;-)

    I find KB to be a, how can I say this kindly, I can’t….. a waste of space.

    Am I a ASkars fan? Well at least he can act, something KB struggles with.

  • Rose

    She’s so beautiful.

  • seriously

    I like her sweater, but I hope she didn’t pay much for her hair because it looks exactly the same.



    Do you think the foster kids she blew off think so?

    Sh*t wrapped in a pretty package is still sh*t.

  • Rachel()

    Hmm…I always wonder how Kate manages to win her battles w/ the wind. Maybe those fugly boots she always wears have some kind of suction cups on the bottom of them? Perplexing.

  • Just Kidding

    Back for her show/performance at Coachella, but not for a charity event.

  • Elora

    Selfish B*tch. Guess foster kids are beneath the blue blood.

  • I’m not Merrick

    I have a question for Kate. Here is a picture from her t*ttie trip fiasco. Who the h*ll is the guy you’re hanging all over?

  • Mamabear

    @I’m not Merrick: Well, well, well. So much for this being a “just the girls” getaway!

  • Whatever

    Oh Katie, Katie… and here I though you’d surprise us with The Boots comeback at Coachella. Another shot coming from her hairdresser and nothing’s changed. Why would you pay more than 300 bucks for looking the same as before… colour me confused!
    Now we’d better get ready for the weekend. At least I’ve seen the Peanut Gallery is around already taking care of the nuts.

  • Mamabear

    @I’m not Merrick:On second thought. Looking at that picture carefully, I think the guy she’s hanging on works at the restaurant there. Either she’s really stepped her expectations down or those are just fans wanting a picture.

  • chicca

    OMG her legs!!! legs looks horrible…jj use photoshop for Mexico pic! becouse her body looks completely different, really unhealthy!

  • danielik25

    Old boots are back in the town! Isn´t it Alex´s car?

  • Mamabear

    @chicca: I agree that the photos she posted were touched up. I tried to bring that up before but I got shouted down by her fans.

  • Tanter

    More hard posing. She must be getting desperate. Wonder why? Is the Total recal part or Alex?

  • AnnmarieZ

    She makes me sick and so does Cher C! I mean how old is Cher C?

  • WTF????

    Desperate and pathetic are not becomming in a lady. Oh wait, I forgot. This article is about Kate Bosworth.
    Bareing all in Mexico and personally leaking the private photos to the press. Blowing off a children’s charity commitment to just to extend a vacation…I mean PR campaign. Rushing back home to get that balding hair done which BTW, still looks like overprocessed straw Secretariat wouldn’t touch. Oh yeah, I’m sooooooo jealous. NOT!

  • Allie

    inspiration to thinspo girls everywhere. EAT!
    I honestly miss the days of her and orlando bloom getting high together.

  • AnnmarieZ

    I’m beginning to think JJ hates her. All the coverage and useless photos of her are just embarrassing at this point. Don’t tell me any publicity is good publicity-everyone hates her and it has infected ASkars.

  • Coachella here we come!

    Coachella checklist:
    1. base tan acquired at Mexican resort
    2. roots bleached
    3. free designer clothing
    4. tackymint jewelry to promote own business
    5. bought and paid for friends who will tell me how great I look
    6. fake boyfriend who refuses to acknowledge I exist
    7. speed dial # for paps
    8. check for JJ
    9. ugly smelly beige suede boots to wear in 100 degree heat
    Yup, I think we’re ready!

  • FFer

    The wheel shot is hot…

  • Lilla

    No, Alex drives an Audi. That’s a Lexus.

  • pigbearman


  • Camille

    She looks like sh*t yet again. Nice WINTER sweater with short skirt and boots. WTF?