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Alexander Skarsgard: Lunch with Kate and His iPad!

Alexander Skarsgard: Lunch with Kate and His iPad!

Alexander Skarsgard rushes to his car after eating lunch at Chateau Marmont on Thursday (April 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor dined at the luxury hotel with his girlfriend Kate Bosworth, and also brought along his Apple iPad!

The couple departed the restaurant at separate times to avoid prying eyes.

Alexander‘s newest film Melancholia, also starring Kirsten Dunst, recently premiered its first theatrical trailer. The film is set to be released later this year.

Bigger pic inside…

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  • Ha

    Merrick & Co are going to go crazy!

  • Rachel()

    God d*mn it!!! It had been so long! Why Alex? Didn’t you see the famewhore’s little peep show? Have you no sympathy for the foster children? I had gotten my hopes up. Ba-sterds!!

  • $hit$torm

    Forums going into meltdown in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…….

  • Sandra

    KB and AS are lovely people. If they’re a couple, I wish them the best.

  • H

    ASkar can do so much better than her.
    Ugh, why is he with her?

  • http://A Sligo lambert ^______^ cute

    This man lost

  • Charlie Sheen


  • Marieme

    Jeezus!! Still her?!

    Gawd, Alex…time to move on – and UP! Get rid that bag of sticks and bones already!

  • Hans

    Like what did any sane person expect… IPad though… Hmm…

  • tami

    i think i’m done with him. i thought he was a person who had good standards. he is just a famewhore like kate. he has to know what his “girlfriend” is really like. :(

  • Whatever

    So he needed his iPad to entertain himself while having lunch with his “girlfriend”? Way to go Skars! His posse probably couldn’t be there physically so attended via Skype…. ROFL


    Jared forgot to mention that a lot of TB cast were there. Why no pictures of Khate? An intimate lunch like the intimate restaurant date that turned out was yet another group event? All this time and no solo outing…unless you count buying beer at Bristol Farms that’s swarmed by paps. True love..

    jtotheMax jMax
    Chillin at Chateau Marmont. Brad Pitt is here and some Trueblood actors just left. #WelcometoLA
    1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    drinks at chateau marmont aaand Brad Pitt & Kate Bosworth r here.. so awesome!
    38 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

  • Yao

    It looks like an Ipod touch in his hands lol

  • HotInLA

    Alex is losing fans everyday thanks to his parasitic life force/energy sucker.

  • Seriously

    @HotInLA: He doesn’t care about his fans.

  • Seriously

    He has all these sites dedicatd to him and doesnt give a dam about what anybody thinks of him. As long as the fan sites exist he stays relevcent but as the fan numbers decrease you might see a different askars.

  • wtf

    She must give really good head.

  • black mail

    Don’t expect!!!!!! Alex never dumps the dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Question

    How many times does she have to cheat on him before he gets tired of it? Is cheating okay in Sweden? That’s screwed up.

  • wtf

    They’re both cheaters, don’t judge one and not the other.


    Maybe it’s not cheating if you’re just FWB.

  • Khater

    Was the iPad swag from the party?

  • wtf

    @MERRICK: Who? Him or her? Besides, cheating is cheating, no excuses.



    FWB is mutual. If both parties are fine with it, so what? They know what it is and isn’t.

  • wtf

    @MERRICK: So it’s okay to be a skank as long as the other person is too? He’s no better than Paris or Kim. Nice to have his fans clear that up for me.



    If it was from a party he’d have the box or a gift bag. I don’t see how bringing an Ipad to lunch would be romantic. It’s not like he’s a stockbroker or someone who might need web access all the time.



    Why do you care? Do you care that she blew off foster kids to famewh*re toplessly in Mexico? That bothers me more than what two consenting adults do in private.


    Why didn’t JJ post pictures of the “lovebirds” departing? Did Khate all of a sudden get camera shy? The last “lunch date” we got a picture…so whaddup?

  • chicca

    Stupid Big Man

  • wtf

    @MERRICK: Okay, first, what she did with that charity event was pretty sh*tty, I’ll agree with you on that. What I’m trying to figure out is why his fans are so quick to jump to his defense. You all act like he’s some dumb naive foreign guy that got taken advantage of. His Dad was working in HW long before he got here, so he knew how the game is played. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care for Kate Bosworth one bit, but man you guys just flail on her and seem blinded to the fact that he’s just as bad. It’s not cheating if he hooks up with a friend but it is if she does, makes no sense to me.

  • hell no

    oh my god this makes me wanna cry. seriously, when will the tall one make a run for it? he can’t be that stupid! i’m still hoping for the bosho to present a new boytoy at coachella.

  • Sun

    don’t go to Chateau Mormont if you don’t want to be seen bitch

  • chicca

    they are alike.
    2 bad person
    they sure go to coachella..and he’s not naive, he’s stupid and immature and a liar!!

  • out of hiding?

    Why are there no pictures of Kate? Why is there only one of Alex? How does JJ even know Kate was there since there are no pictures of her? Are his people trolling twitter? This is just a huge, f*cked up situation and she is so not worth Alex’s time. He’s really making himself look like a p*ssy whipped b*tch. Wonder what they’ve got planned this year for Coachella? I can’t wait to see.

  • ipad

    Sorry don’t buy it JJ, she turned up on him again just like at Joan’s. JJ is one of her paid bloggers. Where are the other pics? So much Bull out there. She gave him back his ipad and used it as a gag to get close to him. He was there with his cast member but whatever keep spreading the lies.

  • wtf

    @out of hiding?: Coachella is going to be a clusterf*ck, you can bet on it. The paps are going to be screaming ‘show us your tits’ and it’ll only get better from there.



    Maybe you need to read some of the other threads and see what I’ve said. Don’t put words in other people’s mouth. I call him on him BS all the time.

  • wtf

    @MERRICK: I’ve obviously struck a chord with you and I’ll apologize for that. So tell me, why are you a fan of Alexander Skarsgard?

  • wtf

    That question wasn’t directed only at Merrick, I’d like to hear from any of you. Why are you a fan of Alexander Skarsgard?

  • avoid

    Love how you are so into letting the public know JJ what is going on…

    “The couple departed the restaurant at separate times to avoid prying eyes.”

    You sure do know alot for a blogger, avoid prying eyes, uhmm KB?!? I guess you didn’t see her san top in Mexico of course you did, you posted the one not so long ago. What’s the matter, did the other pics have him telling her off to stop following him around or something why just one pic? But anyways being seen with her “bf” should be a piece of cake considering you got your clothes on but maybe it is just me. But please do keep informing us on this situation since you are in with the source. *wink* wink*



    I think he’s a good actor with potential that should have never played this stupid PR game. I hold him accountable for his actions, just like I do Khate. I’m not a blind follower of anyone. We’re all fallible and make mistakes. People who don’t want to be photographed do not go to pap hangouts. Others have said he shouldn’t have to change his routine and I say then he should stop looking all pissy when he gets papped at those places.

    Regarding people cheating , no one is being held hostage, they choose to remain in the whatever.

  • wtf

    @MERRICK: Thank you

  • wtf

    So, what about the rest of you? Do you see the real man, like Merrick or are you a fan of the illusion, Eric Northman?



    : )YW

  • Confucius Say

    Why dine with someone and bring an ipad uhmmm, Confucius Say Alex dined alone and left alone and lives alone.

    Confucius Say Alex is looking very hawt indeed.

  • the truth

    They always took pictures together before why stop now.kate never use Alex like that.You all know that.Alex and kate are breaking up.JJ just don’t want to say it. They are not together anymore. Prying eyes please. JJ stop lying about what be gong on with kate and Alex. Iknow that they are your favorite couple. But be real they haven’t been together in weeks ,And he lives in hotel now.Kate and Alex was never shy about being together in public.You don’t know who he having lunch. why was there no picture are her leaving too in her car? That;s because tey not together anymore. They done,

  • @ Ha!

    you were so right! LMFAO! 15 looneys gave thumbs down to this:

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    Merrick & Co are going to go crazy!


  • http://mjingohasina Tanzania
  • @ $h1t$storm

    This was good too:

    Hidden due to a low comment rating Click here to see.

    Forums going into meltdown in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…….

    Lol Why all the thumbs down? Are you CRAZY? No need to answer. LMFAO

  • the truth.

    @Confucius Say: Agree on that point.