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Alexander Skarsgard: Lunch with Kate and His iPad!

Alexander Skarsgard: Lunch with Kate and His iPad!

Alexander Skarsgard rushes to his car after eating lunch at Chateau Marmont on Thursday (April 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor dined at the luxury hotel with his girlfriend Kate Bosworth, and also brought along his Apple iPad!

The couple departed the restaurant at separate times to avoid prying eyes.

Alexander‘s newest film Melancholia, also starring Kirsten Dunst, recently premiered its first theatrical trailer. The film is set to be released later this year.

Bigger pic inside…

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    ITA that there will be paps asking for a shot of the McNuggets. If he goes I hope he stays sober because they have a lot more ammo to get him riled up this year. The ta-tas, Ryan Kavanaugh, Kevin Spacey, Chris Martin, fake award, The Warrior’s Way flop, Tackymint, blowing off foster kids, etc, etc, etc…. One drunken scuffle was bad enough, another one he might as well pack his bags for Sweden.

  • dream on!


    His fanbase is growing and that’s bugging Moyer’s and Manganiello’s pr peeps. They give their best shots to bash Alex on the gossip forums like this and the purse freaks forum. I’ve lost ALL the respect of SM and JM because of their famewh0ring!

  • Di

    Can you say “business lunch”? Come on. They’re negotiating the terms for custody of Coachella this weekend. If he goes, I think it will be because he doesn’t want to humiliate her completely, if comments on the previous “back in LA” thread about her “freaking out” about the weekend are true. Or perhaps he’s fulfilling a professional obligation. Check out comments from “Kiki” on pages 4/5 of the last KB thread.

  • wtf

    Here’s another question. There have been rumors that there is trouble brewing in the Paquin-Moyer marriage. The new season of TB promises some hot scenes between the Eric and Sookie characters, do you think this new reinforcement of the Skarsgard-Bosworth relationship is to offset rumors of Skarsgard causing the breakup of their marriage? Not trying to start anything, just really interested in how people feel on this.

  • chicca

    trouble in Paquin-Moyer marriage? really? where you read it?

  • wtf

    @chicca: CDAN hinted at it on his column. It’s in the caption on one of the pictures of Anna.

  • inside info wronge again!!

    well that insider from kates post who said that alex dumped her flat ass, well that bit of info has just been flushed down the toilet for fans, and that rough patch US weekly artical CRAP
    once again it has poven that alex is still with her, just because they have not been seen together/photographed does not mean BREAKUP!!!!
    I am no kate fan nor do I hate her she just does nothing worth while, this relationship is what it is, and I see the real man not eric northman
    alex likes GIRLFRIENDs who are
    pap lovers
    alex def has a type in HW

  • Hans

    Anna loves Alex no questions about it…. You always get that awkward feeling when the three are together….

  • Skarsgard wannabe

    Nice try! One lone picture of Alex has me convinced that he and KB had a private, intimate lunch full of “I missed you’s” and flashes of his favorite twins. They either had a negotiations lunch or she showed up knowing he was there with some TB people, since they share the same agent. If the lunch was pre-planned, and they didn’t want to be seen together though, why not some take-out food at someones home. And we knew they didn’t want to be photo’d together how? Thanks to her association i’m getting pretty sick of him, too.

  • Seriously

    @inside info wronge again!!: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t give a flying cr*p anymore. He’s as f*cked up as she is, I hope he marries her, they deserve each other.

  • Eresyn

    Seriously, you have to be really boring to bring your iPad to a “romantic” lunch! LOLOL. After seeing her topless pictures, my brain just can’t comprehend how can he stand to sleep every night with a bag of bones????(among other things)…No matter what they do or how many pictures together they take, to me this whole thing is a BIG charade and i hope it ends soon!!!

  • chicca

    Anna is too smart for Alex…he’s a Yeti, Alex is the male version of kb

  • @Seriously

    @Seriously: I just finished shutting my fansite down. I encourage everyone here to do the same, if you have a site, post a message that you’re shutting it down and why. He doesn’t deserve the fans he has, we were far too good to him.

  • wtf

    @@Seriously: I’m curious, why exactly did you shut your site down? And what would everyone shutting their sites down accomplish?

  • @Seriously

    @wtf: I don’t know who you are, but you’re little moderator cr*p is starting to p*ss me off. I shut my site down because all his fans know the truth about that famewhore, we all felt sorry for him, thinking he was trapped in an obligation. But after everything that’s happened in the last week, it gave him a perfect opportunity to break away and no one would have blamed him. Instead he went right back to her, so he must be okay with all of it. If he’s okay with all of it then he’s no better than her. I can’t stand bosho, if I won’t put a site up for her why the hell should I put a site up for him. They are one and the same. Chicca got it right, he’s just a male KB.

  • Lilla

    That headline is hilarious!!! Of course he left in a hurry, the stalker showed up! He was with the TB cast, she probably stalked him there. Anywho, to answer why I’m a fan of his…I’m a fan of his work. What he does, or doesn’t do in his personal life is none of my business. Also, Stellan didn’t really reach this level of fame, that’a why he didn’t have to play the PR game.

  • wtf

    @@Seriously: Thank you for answering my question, I didn’t mean to upset you. I’ll stay in the background now and just observe.

  • Whatever

    wtf: How can anybody here know the real man? Each of us – even the pro KB fans – make up our own minds how we believe he is in reality. Yeah, some might have met him but I have x colleagues but do I know them really although I get to meet them every day?
    I like his craft – not just Eric Northman. I think he was absolutely brilliant in GK and if he continued this path he would be the serious actor he always wanted to be. His association with KB – no matter if you like her or not – has done him no good. Some think he is a douche because he is not owning up to her. Even if you like to tell yourself he is so private then it does conflict with the places he goes to. Upon this you’ll get that argument that he doesn’t need to change his life, then fine but why living an unhappy life scowling like there’s no tomorrow? I don’t believe the paps follow him but he still follows his routine but he’s now on their radar when some years ago he could go to places Joans undetected. If he still wants to fine but we all know that he can go ninja most of the time if he wants to.
    Regarding his girlfriend, I dislike Kate because of her smirk when he is being restrained by police, because of walking TB’s read carpet as if she was a lead overshadowing the real cast, because of abusing private dates to show off Tackymint, because of linking pap pics on her very own site even when her BF scowls like there is no tomorrow, because of stealing Skars’ buzz by showing off her assets, because of extending a holiday thus missing out a children’s charity event she promised to chair and last but not least because of wearing the same old stinky boots.

  • Tanter

    I think he is a great actor. Anyone who has seen Generation Kill would say that, I think. He’s also good as Eric – obviously – but not used enough. I’ve been following him because I think he seems to be a nice and talendted guy and I hoped (still do from time to time..) that he’d make it big with good and juicy roles where he could show off his talent and not just his butt.

    This whole KB-thing has been a huge letdown for me though – for the obvious reason that she is almost the definition of a Hollywood famewhore and it seems almost unbelievable that he can’t know that and thus also be one too. That makes me sad and also a bit annoyed because I actually thought he was different. She’s just getting worse and worse – all these rough patch rumours now just seem like even more playing up to the paps – so yeah – my interest in him is getting smaller and smaller because he really cannot know that she’s a part of this crap.

  • truth is…?

    So – he’s at Chateau and she is too. Supposedly they are at lunch. And JJ knows this because…her publicist called to tell him so although we don’t see them together? Like their sushi date was supposed to be some romantic moment together, but then turned out to be a group thing? Hmm. Not buying it. Who does bring their iPad to a bfriend/gfriend lunch? And were they alone because they sure haven’t ever been before. I’m guessing we’ll get a weekend full of Coachella photos, but I wouldn’t be so fast to dismiss the on the rocks story. It’s everywhere, and her off showing her chi chis in Mexico doesn’t exactly dismiss it. She seems so desperate for attention these days, and he’s made no effort towards her (her award, any other outings as of late, and no, I wouldn’t count the Joan’s driveby). But as many of you have said – he gets what he deserves. He wants to keep linking himself to this desperate fameho, he’ll get the cr*p that goes with it.

  • Cara


    I was a huge fan until this. I have no patience for this kind of crap. I also cancelled my HBO subscription, I only kept it for TB. I refuse to have anything to do with Bosworth, she is trash, and I think anyone who associates with her is trash as well, I was hoping Alex was different, guess I was wrong.

  • Here we go …

    Adding her name to a Skars post is just another way to jam that Hollywood wannabe trash down our throats. If you search for him, you get her. And JJ just gets more posts. Romantic lunch my a$$. Nice try.

    Whatever they are, if he goes to Coachella with her, I hope he gets what’s coming in spades – lights, cameras, flash bulbs, rude questions, and being over-shadowed by the cheap jewelry smelly boot wearing, pap loving, home wrecking, smugging, self-entitled, shallow, vapid, bones protruding spectacle that is Bos.

    Loyal friend/boyfriend, famewh*re, or just plain stupid Swede? I’m going with D – all of the above.

  • Cafélady

    ..well, all I can see in this pic is….only AS, walking alone…no KB miles away….nor other people going next to him…just him, and dot.
    Interesting the remaining text from jj, but no other pics to proof that…..
    **The couple departed the restaurant at separate times to avoid prying eyes.**

    …hahaha best joke ever…and the pap’s are actually now too stupid or incapable to make some pic’s of this ominous “dining together” and “separate departing”, or what they want us to believe?? hahaha best joke ever….may be they ate both at seperate tables (he probably with others of the TB-cast at his table) who knows? May be that’s the reason for no pic’s of this ominous “date” or “dining together” or whatever it was actually?!? May be they arrived on separate times at ChM too? Just like these recent “date” at joan’s on third? And even if it was a date, what’s the matter?

    But I think it’s interesting how much one interprete in one pic and all one can see (in this pic) is AS walking alone (to his car?), and a statement (that they are supposed dined together) without any proof for that…please…
    However, it would be something really, really new if pap’s would respect that celebs don’t want any “prying eyes”…hehehe….I could bet on it, there exist other pic’s of this “diner”…
    Anyhow in THIS pic no one can interprete something about alex and her…sorry…not with the best intentions…

  • Di

    @wtf: CDAN looks pretty low-rent–just an observation–and I’d never heard of that blog until today. I think it’s sad that any BS about what is or isn’t happening with AS/KB is spilling over into rumors about someone else’s marriage.

  • He is dumb


  • boop

    i don’t get them. they think they’re brad and angie, or something. like no media outlets outside of this site really care if they’re photographed together. why the secrecy? why doesnt he own his relationship? in the past, kbos certainly hasnt been shy about showing pda in public, so askars is obviously the reason why they arent like that. its just mind-boggling. accept your gf of over a year, & move on sheesh. he looks like a douche & she looks like a doormat.

  • Hans

    Hopefully you guys stay away now… But who are we kidding here…

  • Skarsgard wannabe

    If SM & AP are having marital problems, it’s doubtful that it has anything to do with ASkars- at least not anymore than it would with other male castmates. Love her or hate her, most people admit AP is a dedicated actress who works hard. She may show onscreen chemistry with AS but she’s shown it with all her male romantic leads in anything i’ve watched of her. Heck, her chemistry with JM/Alcide ain’t bad either. I don’t think they’re having marital problems anyway, more than just the one site and definitely bigger sites would’ve been burping that out by now. Not even the National Enquirer or Star rags have bothered to go there.

  • Fame tour

    Joan’s on Third
    Chateau Marmont √
    Equinox gym
    Fashion event

  • Something’s Fishy

    And it aint just KBoz’s cootchie. I smell stalker mode. Remember what poor Orly had to go through to get rid of her? If other TB cast members were not at lunch with him, I might have believed this garbage.

    Also, those rumors circulating around Anna & Stephen are ridiculous. People magazine has selected Anna as one of there Sexiest People Alive and in her video interview, she says she feels most beautiful when her husband looks at her. Here’s the link.

    A blind man can see how much in love they are just as he can also see how fake AS & KB are.

  • Ladybug

    @Skarsgard wannabe: I thought they shared the same publicist, not agent.

    Either way, he needs to run far away from both publicist and KB.

  • laugh

    Die on a Fire? WTF? I’m going to wet myself with laughter, are you kidding you idiot?

  • Skarsgard wannabe

    You’re right I think. I know they share some professional person in a business capacity. Got busy typing and didn’t check to see who, don’t care enough to check now that i’ve posted. The KB fans will correct me.

  • Jade

    I don’t know why you people are so mad, we all know they won’t break up until Straw Dogs’premiere. Robin Baun wouldn’t let him get out of this mess any minute sooner. I just find it interesting that there are no pictures yet of them lunching together as a normal couple since the paparazzi were there at the hotel, anyway. It’s very telling that at this point their publicist can’t get any sincere couple picture out of this relationship.

  • Camille

    I’m just curious, how does everyone know he is cheating? I mean, there were stories published about KB cheating but I’ve not read anything about Alex doing so.

    As for the lunch, it wasn’t romantic so everyone should relax a bit. He was obviously there with a big group of people. Whether she was invited or just showed up makes no difference as I’m sure he spent most of his time hanging with his castmates anyway. If he brought an IPad then they were probably working or something. My money is on she just showed up to get her name in there and submit this story to JJ and anywhere else it shows up. I mean, how does JJ know he “rushed” to his car from one photo. Obviously someone told him and that someone is connected to Kate.

    Having said that, I think we should probably expect that he’ll be at Coachella. I really do think he has certain obligations to fulfill until someone says otherwise. Stupid decision to get involved but I think he didn’t realize it would be this long, or this bad and that’s why he always looks so p*ssed off.

    I don’t know why everyone gets so riled up about this stuff, we should expect this by now. It’s part of the PR plan that was set up for SD and Kate is taking full advantage.

  • Camille

    Oh and I think it’s telling that he was hidden for the past couple weeks and then she’s back and he’s got to make his appearance. It’s a set up folks. Robin what’s her nuts has to make sure her clients get coverage since they haven’t been “seen” together in 3 weeks.

  • Jessie

    You guys, I think we should all just concentrate on the fact that he looks mega hot here! Damn straight!

  • Something wrong with him

    Alexander Skarsgard likes women with 12-years-old bodies…
    And his favorite movie has a long scene of rape…

  • HMMM


    That’s very interesting. So I guess she was just using her old stalking tactics. He went to meet the other TB actors she was there waiting for him, hence the “they arrived separately and left separately” thing.

    LOL. She’s really pathetic.

  • Jessie

    Thumbs down for sayin he looks hot? LOL alrighty then.

  • Ladybug

    @Skarsgard wannabe: I have no idea why I know that information, really my brain is strange sometimes. I probably kept that in my brain because when people write ‘her people’ I think ‘but they share the same publicist!’ Which doesn’t mean that those supporting him aren’t at odds with her ‘people’ about how to handle this ‘relationship’

  • Jessie

    Did anyone read that Ted C article on Kate in Mexico? He put the word boyfriend in quotes when referring to AS. Like: Kate showed up sans “boyfriend”. Even Ted knows it’s a sham.

  • Joan

    @Something wrong with him:
    Please don’t say that, it makes you look like an unhinged idiot. KB doesn’t look like a girl , she has boobs and pubic hair. In fact she looks so busted and malnurished sometimes that we could say that she’s older than him.

    I know that he’s your imaginary husband and he’s cheating on you with her but that’s not reason to be a complete fool.

  • So laughable.

    Wow Jared must be raking in the big bucks as long as he associates KB with Skarsgard. And I’m sorry, but Kate Bosworth has never avoided a camera–if she had actually gone with him to lunch there would be pictures. Can’t the guy even hang out with friends without that twat following him?

  • Di

    @Camille: “Robin what’s her nuts” – LOL! I will always appreciate Charlie Sheen for coining the phrase “what’s-his-c*ck”. At least I’m assuming he coined it because I’d never heard it before. And for the ladies? “Who’s that girl who was in that surfing movie? Kate what’s-her-tits? Oh, Bosworth. Right…” Love it.

  • Doreen

    The title of this story should read: Alexander Skarsgard has lunch with TB Cast!

    Everything else after that is a load of bunk.

  • annalisa

    He will never be a JOEL KINNAMAN who is getting rave reviews for The Killing and won awards for Snabba Cash. Oh, and Joel would never be seen with the likes of someone like Kate. He knows the jig. Poor Alex, lost the role for Kon Tiki and his BROTHER got a major part in the movie and now Mr. Kinnaman is poised to swipe the hot Swede in Hollywood from him. Everything Kinnaman touches in acting turns to gold. He is the next Ralph Fiennes, Daniel Day Lewis, or Gary Oldman. Amazing talent. After True Blood it will be Alex Who. Oh and he is HOT don’t let how he looks for roles fool ya. And heard he can really deliver in bed. Give me some of that any day!!!

  • Jessie


    Merrick, what time were those tweets posted? It just said that it was Kate who was there for drinks. I assumed that was an evening thing.

  • Reality show nightmare

    Why is there only 1 photo of him- don’t paps usually take several shots? I’m thinking this wasn’t a pap who took this one photo…maybe KB had a friend or PR contact show up to take the photo- someone obviously spoke with JJ letting him know that KB was there too, they decided to leave separately, yada yada yada…This is all so staged and pathetic. It seems that since KB has no acting roles right now she has decided to turn her personal life into a phony reality show. Yesterday they were filming on location at Chateau Marmont, and tomorrow they’re on location at Coachella! Let’s vote her off the island! Kate, the tribe has spoken!

  • Camille


    LOL! Thanks, yeah I’d never heard of that before Sheen either but it’s funny.

    On a side note, the yuku girls will be having a field day with this.