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Jennifer Aniston Directs Short Film for 'Project Five'

Jennifer Aniston Directs Short Film for 'Project Five'

Jennifer Aniston leaves the set of her short film on Thursday (April 14) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old actress is directing a short to be a part of Project Five, a five-part anthology series for Lifetime. Other directors include Alicia Keys and Demi Moore!

The five films in Project Five will all be related to breast cancer, in order to raise awareness for the disease.

In Jen‘s film, Patricia Clarkson plays a cancer victim. Jeanne Tripplehorn plays an oncologist who appears in all five segments of the film.

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FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Ohm necklace and Jennifer Meyer small leaf earrings.

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  • bieber fever

    nice lip injections,they look good!

  • mak.__

    so desperate…. oh so desperate.

  • rusty

    SO she is growing the hair out again.

    she never changes.. I want to see Alicia Keyes.. she is directing too. But of course the media makes it look like only Aniston is doing this. Demi.. where are you girl.

  • ()()()()

    yeah, WTF is wrong with her lips? SHe looks like she’s beeen stung by a hornet.

  • mak.__

    I see she has her security blanket (long chunky scarff) dragged behind her….of course, only insecure and pathetic woman like Chiniston would do that.

  • Klara

    doesn’t she look piss.ed. off…

  • dahlia1947

    Ugh I hate her hair! It’s soo short and it makes her look homely.

  • Izzy

    get lost, stupid woman. ENOUGH OF YOU!!!

  • cherrie_s

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    annoying maniston

  • john

    god I thought she’s taken off the scene.. she is back! Nooo

  • john

    please someone lock this creatura up! FOREVER

  • iman

    i love how even if she is doing something for a good cause, haters will find something negative to say. anyway, i’m very happy for her.

  • Jul

    Breast Cancer Awareness is very important. Get your annual exams women, and encourage those in your life to do so aswell.


    brandgeloons hate Jennifer cos she reminds them what a SL*T angelina is. hahhahah

  • iman

    @Izzy: no one is forcing you her.if u’ve have enough of her, why dont u and the rest of the hating stalkers GTFO of her thread. i mean its just common sense

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    @………….: there is no one more obsessed than haters on this site that come EVERY jen aniston’s story and bash her and thumbs down every comment that compliments her. GET A LIFE LOSER!!

  • iman

    @………….: there is no one more obsessed than haters on this site that come EVERY jen aniston’s story and bash her and thumbs down every comment that compliments her. GET A LIFE LOSER!!

  • iman

    @Izzy: i would but u are too busy kissing brangelina’s asses

  • lc

    hahaha haters are sooo stupid!!
    I mean what’s the point of cry away your pathetic life by bashing her?

  • Anna

    Why does she keep trying to pretend she has full lips? We all know she has paper thin lips.In all recent photos she is pukering up her lips trying to look sexy.Its what teenagers do in high school but at 42 its really pathetic.Her face was already unfortunate looking but now after all the recent botox and fillers her face is looking terrible.

  • iman

    @Izzy: there is no one more obsessed than haters on this site that come EVERY jen aniston’s story and bash her and thumbs down every comment that compliments her. GET A LIFE LOSER!!

  • Gretal

    A pathetic woman with a dumpy body.

  • Andrew

    Im crazy fan of Jolie, no doubt about that ….but Im happy for Aniston to find something meaningful to do with her life . God bless .

  • bob

    Don’t make negative comments about her or you will be fired ! (LOL)
    People have to say : Jen is a nice girl, pretty, healthy, and very rich
    Because you know she’s better than US, she’s not fake….. no no no !!!

  • teri

    nope still think she’s a doofus

  • teri

    For someone who smokes, tans and drinks like a fish it’s like a smack in the face to real cancer survivors. STFU Jen!

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  • rusty

    Hey.. those shades look familiar..

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  • Sun

    she’s not the prettiest but at least she doesn’t look like an anorexic stick on crack like angelina

  • ugh

    she is the only one of these women who is merely CO DIRECTING her short film. where is her co director? i want to hear about alicia keys…she is a SINGER and yet directing by HERSELF. THAT is more impressive than Jen ‘s second co directing of a short film gig..

  • I’m joking…or am i?

    I wish brad pitt would take pity on this woman and take her back so their fans would get off Angelina’s case and Aniston can stop copying her. next thing you know Aniston is gonna be sporting veins and pimping jewelry for charity. Angelina would be fine… she will find a real man with less botox and no crazy stalker ex wife and her fans.

  • bob

    I have a great body, beautiful hair, beautiful house, great friends.
    Why don’t you LOVE ME !!!!

  • Kara Lynn H

    I certainly don’t have the hate on for Aniston that some do, but she does seem so desperate for some reason. She also seems to be messing with her face. She is 42 and does look good but she is not a young girl anymore. She seems unable to break from her “it girl ” image that she had 15 years ago. It is good to move on but she does not seem to have evolved as a talent or as woman and that is kind of sad. Also, people who bring up Angelina Jolie, she and Brad have been together as long as Jen and Brad were and have built a family and have moved on. It is time for Jen to as well. Relationships don’t always work out and that is just reality.

  • bob

    @I’m joking…or am i?: totaly agree with you, Brad and Jen = two fake people in a fake wedding.

  • Mili

    Brangie’s Fans Continue dreaming with Jen.HaHaHa!!

  • A. Marchesano

    I am shocked at all the negative replies about Jennifer Aniston. WHY?
    I think its because she doesn’t give a hoot what anyone thinks of her.

    She knows she is a good actress, and, I.m waiting for that movie that will propell her to the top “as a great actress” ….she has everything
    you need to be great, great looking, and all the confidents in the world.
    Our next Ingrid Bergmann!!

  • bob

    @Mili: Dreaming ? are you sure ? (lol)

  • bob

    @A. Marchesano: thank’ve learned your lines !

  • Oh please #44

    She gives a hoot a BIG hoot! If she didn’t she wouldn’t have to pay millions to Huvane to make sure her name is out there and that you like her I mean really, really like her. Yeah, she cares and she knows what is being said about her. Listen to her interviews very closely and you will hear her tell & acknowledge her own tabloid stories.

    Oh, and keep kidding yourself. Her fans are just like her living in a fantasy world that she is some huge movie star, she is a tabloid fodder and nothing more. This a 5 minute film that is being co-produced, again hand holding for whittle Aniston because her pea brain can’t think to do something original on her own.

  • Helen

    Who let the dog out?

  • me2me2

    There are sure so many of them directing this SHORT film. And Aniston who cannot be left behind had to attach herself to the talented women. I’m sure she’ll want to take full credit in the end too. That’s our Jen.

  • PH

    @A. Marchesano: Oh please, don’t insult the memory of the beauteous, luminous, Award-winning Ingrid Bergman, She was not a rom-com star, she was a dramatic actress who made Casablanca such a memorable movie. Bergman would be turning over in her grave to be compared to this untalented woman who couldn’t even make Derailed a memorable movie.