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Natalie Portman: No Longer a Vegan!

Natalie Portman: No Longer a Vegan!

Natalie Portman and her fiance Benjamin Millepied narrowly dodge a cab while crossing the street on Friday (April 15) in New York City.

The 29-year-old expectant actress showed off her growing baby bump under her coat while heading to the gym with Benjamin.

Natalie recently said that she stopped being a vegan when she became pregnant.

“I actually went back to being vegetarian when I became pregnant, just because I felt like I wanted that stuff,” Natalie said. “I was listening to my body to have eggs and dairy and that sort of thing.”

10+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied heading to the gym…

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natalie portman benjamin millepied workout couple 01
natalie portman benjamin millepied workout couple 02
natalie portman benjamin millepied workout couple 03
natalie portman benjamin millepied workout couple 04
natalie portman benjamin millepied workout couple 05
natalie portman benjamin millepied workout couple 06
natalie portman benjamin millepied workout couple 07
natalie portman benjamin millepied workout couple 08
natalie portman benjamin millepied workout couple 09
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Credit: PPNY / GSNY; Photos: Splashnewsonline
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  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Goo go

  • Mellisa

    these people are so stupid… where are her moral principles then? She is such a shallow hypocrite…

  • mak.__

    she is such an uptight i.d.i.o.t

  • Liz

    Way to go there Nat! Nothing like ingesting bovine pus for you and the little one!

  • thetruth

    she’s full of contradictions and hypocricy isn’t she. What a dumb s.l.u.t.

  • Sun

    dumb woman

  • SammiSweetheat

    Does she ever look different? I know she’s pregnant, but she is always wearing that coat and always has her hair back in a pony. Quit posting pictures of her Jared.

  • Hanne

    She annoys me now.

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • Frozoid

    This has happened to many friends of mine who were vegan and vegetarians. They went back to eating chicken and beef.

  • Frozoid

    I meant to add that they started eating meat when they were pregnant. They weren’t getting the right amount of nutrients for their babies.

  • marnie

    so smart – a heavily pregnant woman not using the effing lights to cross.

  • Casey

    If all the photos look the same, it means that paps and their agencies cant get as much for the photos as theres no way of proving different days etc etc, so maybe shes thinking theyll leave her alone if all they get are exactl the same shots.
    Then again maybe shes just really dull
    that said, who the hell does he think HE is with the big glasses and hoody pulled way up like hes trying to stop them taking HIS picture?? Noone care about you, you idiot!! Only reason people seem to care about her is Black Swan whch was ok but really really DIDNT deserve the oscar. it really didnt. over hyped, underthought, underacted overdone. it was sooooo blah and as a psychologist, psychotic breaks like that, dont just happen like that. she went from normal if repressed to totally looped in about 20 minutes. BORING. Poor Jennifer Lawrence was robbed. Now thats talent


    I swear, I’m starting to believe JJ purposely posts these types of stories just to get some sort of debate going on.. I’m even surprised that they didn’t bring up the whole Sarah ordeal, just for good measure. Most of these comments here have been so negative, so I’m sure JJ is totally aware of it.

    Natalie picks up after her dog! This just in: Nat only did 5% of the dancing in Black Swan! Nat’s doing some window shopping.. Now she’s heading into a cab! She NARROWLY dodged a cab! Oh no, now Nat’s no longer a vegan because she chose too.. !! Okay, now she’s heading to the gym with Ben!

    Seriously, JJ, Whose side are you on?! It’s clear you don’t accept her. Are you guys going to stalk her child, too? You people are just WAITING til something worse happens (*knock on wood). Maybe that’ll get you guys to seriously stfu. Let’s hope that won’t be the case!

  • MangerBouger

    Being a vegan is stupid because you forbid yourself to eat dairy products,. I am a vegeterian and I feel like there is so much more to being a vegeterian that being a vegan. I don’t understand why I couldn’t drink a cup of milk, have cheese or even honey only because it is derivated from an animal. By doing this, I am not oppressing the cows … am I ??? And I doni’ talk about the other extremes in veganism, which make no sense to me.
    Plus, she is just annoying ! SHe annoyed me when she didn’t give any credit to the danseuse étoile who did most of the hard work on Black Swan. Everyone knows, that doubles are used for these scenes. She should have been honest and not followed the producers and the director and her man’s calculated opinion … the public would have appreciated it. SAD !

  • sasha

    You are so wonderfully uneducated. The milk industry doesn’t treat cows any better than the meat industry. And yes, you DO oppress animals by buying regular milk, even many organic brands aren’t quite different except that they feed the animals organic food.
    Go and educate yourself!

  • Alex

    Sasha you have said exactly what i wanted to say to MangerBouger ! I am vegan and Nataly disappoints me.

  • ThinkFirst

    @MangerBouger – Actually, yes you are. Dairy cows are only kept for at most 5 years (but can be as little as 3 yrs) after which they’re sent to the butchers like any others. They’re pregnant more than how often they would be in the wild so they can lactate and produce milk.

    And what do you think happens to the offspring? The calfs, if they are males, will be sold to factory meat farms and the females (not necessarily all of them) will be kept for dairy. But some are killed young for meat (called veal – that’s calf meat) and also for calfskin leather. There are still places that will abort a fetus to use the unborn skin for a very expensive type of leather that is used on some book covers. I forget what it’s called but it was used for a long time in the olden days and now book restorers use it as well when fixing up old books.

    Cheese is not a slaughter-free product. It uses rennet (microbial enzyme) that is harvested from the animal’s stomach. It is not only used in the production but is also present in the finished cheese itself. Something not a lot of vegetarians know. If you eat cheese, you’re not even a vegetarian. There is a plant-derived enzyme that works just as well but most companies don’t use it (subsidized slaughter products cost cheaper).

  • Courtney

    at least do her the respect of spelling her name correctly. you need more protein when your pregnant than when your not. She’s a talentless snob who doesn’t need all the press attention she gets the oscar was brought for her not earned by her. Nina in Black Swan is a poor Mans modern day Eve White in Three Faces Of Eve and the actress that played Eve actually earned her oscar though yes the studio lobbied for her to be nominated neather will Natalie have a career has long and varried as Ms Woodward’s. Neither is being a Vegaterian/Veagan anything new in Hollywood Paul McCartney has been for nearly 40 years

  • maggie

    love her. “leon the professional” is one of my fav movies of all time. She, Jean Reno, and Gary Oldman were fantastic. Nat is beautiful and a good actress. And i love her laugh

  • Finanas

    Guys, the girl is pregnant… don’t you ever heard that you need to eat more and rich food when you’re in that condition? It would be better for the baby’s health to eat some animal proteins than from veggies.

  • Pretty Ka

    It’s good to see there are other vegans here besides me! It’s also very encouraging to see that some people are very well informed about the cruelty of the dairy industry!!!

    I too am very dissapointed in Natalie…
    No, she’s not my role model or anything, but I think she’s sending out a negative message about veganism. Although this decision is understandable in her current situation, it speaks very poorly of her ethics.

  • Pretty Ka

    @Finanas: That’s very true! But protein ingestion (and that of other nutrients) is not a problem for vegans who eat well. There are a few nutrients that are of special concern, but these can be covered by ingesting more of a particular food, or using a supplement.

  • Nana

    Vegetarian cheese exists so stop saying someone who eats cheese isn’t a vegetarian! Plus when you become a vegetarian, you try to know what you can and cannot eat (there are thousands of websites you can read) so most vegetarians are very well aware of that cheese situation!

  • Love4SAMCRO

    I think this Vegan blogger worded it well in defense regarding Natalie’s TEMPORARY switch:

    “Portman isn’t telling people to load the kids into the minivan and hit McDonald’s for dinner. She’s telling people that, for now, she has decided to add eggs and dairy back into her diet. She’s still a vegetarian, she still promotes conscious eating and recognizing that what you choose to eat speaks volumes about what kinds of actions and policies you support and encourage.

    “Instead of attacking people who may not live up to the model of the “perfect” vegan, why not celebrate anyone who is willing to seriously explore these ideas, learn more about where the foods they eat come from, and make any kind of change for the better?”

    Think about it people. Give the girl some credit. She doesn’t represent all Vegans, only herself and for what’s best for her child; a mother’s instinct.

  • Elisa

    we are carnivores and we need some proteins and vitamins that are only in the meet.
    Im glad that she decide not putt her child in risk to born with problemes of nutrition. the solution of the problem of animal abuse is not become a vegan. the solution is to be moore aware and responsable with what you eat

  • Berr

    @Elisa: Exactly! But we are actually Omnivores(!) like bears, like monkeys.
    - We need to eat meat ! (not necessarily red meat¡ just living creatures in general)
    – We DO NOT need to consume milk product/ dairy . We are mammals, and no mammal on earth consumes milk after babyhood. So- only babies (and even oldsters) need to consume milk. After that time- You don’t need it. It’s just a hormonal food that is better off.

  • ThinkFirst

    Uh no, we don’t need to eat meet. There is nothing, not one thing in meat (vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc.) that can’t be found in plant-derived foods. I’d love to see you @Elisa (or anyone else for that matter) name even one.
    On the flipside, meat is endlessly deficient (or completely lacking) in many nutrients, vitamins, polyphenols, phyto-nutrients, antioxidants, etc., etc. that can only be derived from plant foods.
    The only one vitamin that can be difficult to get enough of is B12, which can be supplemented by B12 Methylcobalamin (a vitamin supplement) and B12 deficiency is becoming more prevalant in everyone including meat eaters.

  • A big fake
  • caro

    Loving my red bloody meat right now !!!

  • Berr

    @ThinkFirst: NOBODY SHOULD consume vitamin supplements ¡ Oh you so stupid!
    Human beings are Omnivores(!)

    - We need to eat meat ! (not necessarily red meat¡ just living creatures in general)
    - We DO NOT have/need to consume milk product/ dairy . We are mammals, and no mammal on earth consumes milk after babyhood. So- only babies (and even oldsters) need to consume milk. After that time- You don’t need it. It’s just a hormonal food that is better off.

    Simple knowledge, simple thinking.

  • ohwell

    Maybe she can make other moral exceptions, and buy a slave to serve her while she’s pregnant? Because of course pregnancy can be used as an excuse to exploit others. Oh wait… it can’t.

    I wish celebs would keep their vegan experimenting to themselves, because I dont want people like her to speak for our movement, but unfortunately someone like her speaks volumes when she says that she is entitled to animal products during pregnancy, and doesn”t seem to mind the torture that comes with it. It only shows that she never understood what veganism ISN’T about: mememeee…

  • Rosie

    I love Natalie, but I am a bit disappointed. At least she is still vegetarian, though. Some vegans go back to eating meat when they’re pregnant. Anyway, I’m sure she’ll go back to veganism once the baby is born.

  • Rosie

    I love Natalie, but I am a bit disappointed. At least she is still vegetarian, though. Some vegans go back to eating meat when they’re pregnant. Anyway, I’m sure she’ll go back to veganism once the baby is born.

  • kandize barger

    one to speak….

  • kandize barger

    @mak.__: @MangerBouger:@Mellisa: you should know…

  • kandize barger

    @mak.__: @Love4SAMCRO: WELL SAID! keep it coming!

  • kandize barger

    @thetruth: REALLY? such a bold statement. i think you may be projecting.

  • kandize barger

    @sasha: how do you know where she gets her milk from?! prove she gets it from a store and we can talk but i know of many grass fed, free range beef farms that sell “pet milk”… lots of veggies buy this to have a low impact… seems like you need the education.